A Certain Shade of Green

21 April 2012

Hi Guys! I've finally found my shopping mojo in Hong Kong which is about time since it's almost 2 months into my stay here (one more month left!). It seems that they're mostly green purchases (the colour rather than the ethical kind unfortunately) which were all bought after work one evening when I visited Kwai Chung Plaza (open from 2.30-10pm) and picked up a few things. Kwai Chung Plaza is located opposite Kwai Fong MTR and is a little out of the way from my usual haunts but it's nice to be back in this chaotic and random mall which is full of street food, phone shops, a SaSa outlet, dentists, Chinese doctors as well as clothes shops. The picture below is a shot of the lowest level which is the most markety of them all so probably not the best example but it gives you an idea of how crazy/random this place is.
Kwai Chung
Aside from the markety type shops there are a myriad of boutiques which are all maze-like and retracing your steps to a shop you saw earlier is no easy feat. I visited last summer with my sister (mentioned here) but only picked up some Instax film back then. This time, I discovered that among the cheap, poor quality shops there are a few places which stock better quality clothes from Japan/Korea. Perfectly suited to the part of me that is a sucker for prints, collars and girly styles.The best floors are the highest levels 3 and 4 which are similar to the usual malls in Causeway Bay/TST/Mong Kok but er...a little less orderly.
 Dress (HK-Kwai Fong), Cardi (M&S) Collar (HK) Bag (HK- Kwai Fong) Shoes (Zara)
Ahh terrible picture quality I know, my little camera really struggles with the lighting in HK but you get the gist with the dress. The high rise apartments here have little natural light and is overlooked by skyscrapers and other residential buildings. A part of me quite misses the clearer air, clearer skies and lack of skyscrapers in the UK...but only a little! It pretty much sucks to take outfit photos indoors here so I've taken some slightly better detail shots below. 
I really love the print and the detail on this dress which was totally worth all the rummaging around the shops. Especially how the pleats are a little more sparse at the bottom, creating a bit of a flare to the skirt. I wore the above outfit to work on Friday which is our dress down day- I usually opt for jeans but I HAD to wear my new dress which is smart enough for normal work wear. Such a pretty colour and cost me $279/£22. Not too shabby.
I managed to take some outdoor shots in a spot my family and I always pass when we have Dim Sum in the Tai Koo area. Not that my outfit is anything special but I wanted to show you the new bag I bought which is also from Kwai Chung Plaza.
Cardi (Topshop) T-shirt (Monki) Jeans (BDG) Earrings (GoGo Philip)
My bag is a bit of a fast fashion fix and it was a meager $199 which is about £15. It's not going to last me forever but I really liked the colour and size and well, it was pretty cheap!
The mall is FAR cheaper than the malls at Causeway Bay/TST which is probably reflected in the fact that it's located further out from popular shopping locations. I mentioned last Summer about the very local vibe about the place and that it's a bit hit and miss. However it's worth a visit if you have time and patience to navigate around the mall and ignore all the cheapy boutiques. You're unlikely to leave this mall empty handed even if it's just a street snack of Siu Mai on skewers (yummm) and  a cup of Taiwanese bitter melon juice (so tempted to try this) it's definitely better to visit on a week day as it gets busy during after work hours and I personally wouldn't choose to visit at the weekend. I had a much better experience this time compared to my last visit and I am definitely making a return visit at some point. I would quite like another pretty dress!
SDC12069Lastly, these umbrellas aren't mine unfortunately but they're pretty darn cute. They're random purchases my Aunt bought today at Apita (Japanese dept. store) as cute gifts for other people. The frog design is pretty adorable and their little faces are guaranteed to make you smile!


  1. The bird print and colour of your dress is really pretty! Love the satchel too :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. Such a cute birdie print dress...like my ice cream print dress hahaha. Man I should check out the market, there's so many I've not been to minus the super busy Ladies Market.

    I hear there was a freak weather a few mornings back, when the sky turned into darkness at 11am.

  3. You're living and working in HK now?? awesome! these pictures and your description of shopping here reminds me of Singapore where it was exactly the same - you do need to go through a lot of cheap stuff to find the gems

  4. Hello,

    Sounds like you're having a great time :) That first picture is just amazing ! So so colourful, I just want to leap in.

    I love the detailing on your new bag, and the colours are quite unusual. I hope it lasts longer than you expect it to.

    Those frog umbrellas are too cute.

    Enjoy your last month :) I hope it doesn't go too quickly for you !!

    Molly xo

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  7. lol, you should purchase
    some cute umbrella's ^^
    Love that blue dress with
    the bird prints!


  8. I love that first photo so much! Beautiful dress, too.

  9. Aw, such cut frogs! What a cool post! I'm happy to hear you are doing so much. I love the color blue on you too.

  10. Ohhh.. I wanna go shopping there when i go to hk!!

  11. My friends and I used to go to a sort of a very crazy local mall like that in Beijing and Shanghai. If you look hard enough, there are some gems + good deals! :) I LOVE the cute umbrella~

  12. My friends and I used to go to a sort of a very crazy local mall like that in Beijing and Shanghai. If you look hard enough, there are some gems + good deals! :) I LOVE the cute umbrella~

    (sorry didn't mean to comment anonymously!)

  13. Your outfits are so nice! And that market/mall place sounds so cool!

    - Olivia xx

  14. first, i am SUPER jealous. that market looks amazing.

    second, your outfit is adorable - and the purse and dress caught my eye at first, but even more in your detail shots, i love that bird print! and the prices are excellent. lucky girl!

  15. yay shopping mojo is back! Such cute purchases, you look lovely in that dress :)) That is a crazy-looking mall indeed! I wish I can go to HK someday XD

  16. you are super cute you know that!? :) i love your outfit! so witty and fun. <3

  17. I love your purchases! Green is my favorite color and I would LOVE to have that bag.

    Stop by our blog and enter our Giveaway for a personalized necklace by Sima.

  18. Wow shows how long I haven't been on here for .. Didn't know you were in Hong Kong - how fab! Sorry I'm only just checking in! Hope you are having an amazing time??

    Loving the green dress and the bag!! :)

    Sal xXx

  19. Aw I love that bird print dress, Winnie! Hope you're enjoying HK and the work scene (:

  20. I so adore those umbrellas! And the bird print dress is so lovely too - the colour is gorgeous on you!

  21. ahh the talk about Siu Mai and Taiwanese bitter melon juice really make me wish I was back in Taiwan! yummy, right? Cute bag. funky colors =) really vintagey which is awesome and it suits your style! the dress + cardigan + purse combo is my favorite look on you. looking pretty girl! <3


  22. super cute outfit. you look adorable. xx


  23. Oh how I love that dress winnie! and it looks so adorable on you! That colour suits you nicely I think! The same goes for the shirt with the bird print.. it's so cool! the cardigan you're wearing with it is adorable too.. =)

    love the first picture of the mall..

  24. Love the print on your dress, very pretty. I seem to be having a bit of a green thing going on at the moment too, I got a green dress and scarf today.

  25. LOVE your fashion finds.. wished I had more luck in HK.. I think spent too much on beauty prods haha

  26. Looks like you had a fab time! What I wouldn't give to go shopping in Hong Kong! The print of that dress is absolutely adorable! :)


  27. The bag is awesome.!
    Visit me please and enter my ROMWE giveaway if you want :*

  28. your new purchases are lovely- the print on the dress is divine! Green definitely suits you xx

  29. i agree the umbrellas are really cute and i love thedress :3

  30. I love the green theme! Between the gorgeous little birdie print and that cute little satchel, I'm in love! So cute. :)


  31. LOVE YOUR BLOG <33
    i'm following you
    mind to follow back? :)


  32. Glad I stumbled on your blog! I enjoyed reading it—so full of inspiration! Following you!

    Travel à la Mode

  33. I love the colors of that satchel! I have a lot of cheap bags but sometimes they're so adorable I can't resist! :)

  34. Finally finally I am catching up with your travels!! Love the print on the dress & another gorgeous bag.

  35. I love the bag, gorgeous! x

  36. oh my goodness. it's been so long since i've seen your blog! missed it so!
    i wish we had a cool shopping district like that in Hawaii. I love your outfits as usual! and the colors of that bag are perfect! i need to find a "colorful" bag someday because all I have are black bags (go figure). haha

  37. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

  38. I wish I were you! I love reading all your adventures in China...I'm definitely a fan of markety type stores, well any place that I can rummage through for hours upon hours and I love your new bag, the color blocking is perfect
    can't wait for the next post babe
    XO stephi

  39. The dress is so cute and I love the purse!

    I am your new follower!




  40. I don't normally rate green, but this colour is sooo pretty! I love the print as well. Ahh sui mai on skewers, this makes me crave dim sum so much since my local one in Manchester closed down *sob sob* x

  41. I just found your blog and I'm so glad you found your shopping mojo and I love these photos. You look so cute in that dress too, it's a great pattern.

    Following you now,

    xoxo from San Francisco

  42. omg..i can't believe you've been here 2 months already!! Time flies!!! It's been great seeing your life thru HK's view for the past few months on your blog:) Great tips for me too for where to shop and eat, hehehe

    I really should check out those malls, markets that you mentioned! But you are right, it's so jam packed during the weekend that i cant be asked,lol....

    Cute dress you got too, love the birdie prints:) and u should so try the taiwanese bitter melon juice! i tried it when i was in taipei as i = had major sore throat when i got there,argghh.

    Anyhow, happy Friday and hope you have a fab weekend!!!

  43. im a little obsessed with green at the moment too xxxx

  44. Your outfit is so lovely Winnie and photos are amazing!:)

  45. love the bird print on your blue dress :) so pretty! x

  46. Wow look at that place! Your dress is beautiful too x

  47. I love your dress and that satchel is so cute!

    Maria xxx

  48. Love it!!!!

  49. I'm suffering from some serious bag envy! I love it! xx



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