Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Days

This weekends brief trip to Macau was pretty fun! I managed to take a cheeky day off on Monday so I could tag along on the trip to Macau with my family.  It was pretty much a repeat of our last visit, the same gorgeous hotel, pretty much the same food but I can't complain. It's a bit of a treat to be back so soon and It's not somewhere I visit often when I'm in Hong Kong. As soon as we hopped off the Ferry, we headed towards the dessert shop where there was a queue waiting for it to open. Traditional Chinese desserts are one of my favorite things ever! 
I had the same as last time, Waterchestnut dessert with egg white and coconut milk and other family members had almond dessert with egg white. We also had a bowl of Peanut tong yuen to share! Generally, Macau is pretty well known for it's traditional dessert shops and I've never had waterchestnut dessert outside of Macau, so it's a bit of a treat!
Afterwards we checked into the hotel where I proceeded to take photos on the balcony. Lots of pretty pink flowers...
Oh and of course I want to show you guys my best flying squirrel impression. This blouse from Bauhaus is super comfy and to be honest was pretty perfect for the feast we had on the evening. Perhaps it's not very ladylike for me to say...but it's the truth!
Blouse (Bauhaus) Top (H&M) Jeans (Uniqlo) Shoes (Converse)
Before dinner, we went to find the famous Lord Stow's bakery for their yummy freshly baked Portuguese tarts. It was super out of the way and when we arrived we found out that they were exclusively avaliable in the Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay, a stones throw away from the apartment back in HK which was a bit annoying!
The area was pretty and had a slightly more rural feel to it, despite it only being a 3 minute taxi ride away from our hotel. The parts of Macau I've seen before are the busy city, the large purpose built shopping malls, hotels and the glitz of the casinos so it was nice to breathe slightly clearer air in this area of Macau. Actually, the air was FAR cleaner than HK (which is super polluted) and makes me appreciate the crisp, clean air back home in the UK.
While waiting for the taxi back to the hotel, I spotted a couple taking pre-wedding photos (super popular in Asia) on the small jetty. Though it has to be said, I'm sure a lot of photoshopping will be involved because it wasn't exactly picture perfect down there, still it was pretty sweet to see.
After managing to hail a taxi we headed back to the hotel where I indulged in the Portuguese Tarts and of course took a photo before anyone had a chance to eat them!
They went perfectly with some Lemon and Ginger tea (oh how I miss Twinnngs!) which I happily sipped on next to the shallow 'relaxation' pool in the room which of course, I dipped my feet into.
Before Dinner there was a lovely Sunset but soon enough, we headed downstairs where we decided to have a Thai dinner in the award winning restaurant, Saffron downstairs. It certainly didn't disappoint. Oh the Thai green curry and Pad Thai were deeeeelish.
After dinner, we retired back to our hotel room where I had a bath in wooden bath tub (gotta use all the amenities right? (See this post!) and watched some Cantonese TV shows with my family. After a decent night's sleep we indulged in the breakfast buffet in the morning where I had my fill of Honeydew Melon juice and breakfast pastries.
We then checked out and spent the afternoon buying a whole heap of Macau baked goods to take back to HK. Everyone that comes to Macau seems to stock up on their biscuits, pork jerky and other foods. These are probably the best kind of souvenir shops everrr. After stocking up ourselves, we stopped by our favourite Portuguese place for some dinner. I really do love Macau's mixed cultural background and history!
Their 'African Chicken' was really good and the Lemon Clams are now a firm favourite!
It was a lovely weekend and I wish my parents/sisters back home could have been there with us! It seems strange that I've been away for a month now. Right, I'll be back soon with an Instagram round up post!


  1. Waaaaah I want to some sweet-soup T_T that is one thing I missed out in HK!!!! I saw a similar blouse iin the Gmarket - you put it off really well!!! Loving all the food shots, and great to hear you had a great time in Macau!!

  2. aaa i love reading your adventures and look at all the different photos, like waterchesnut dessert...i've never heard of any of these things, I want to try them!!!
    can't wait for your next post
    XO stephi

  3. Oh dear Winnie you are so
    blessed to visit Macau
    so fast!

    The food.. I miss that the

    Bauhaus clothes are great c:
    I love that shop! I go to
    Bauhaus everytime I visit
    HK! xx

  4. Yet more delicious looking food. The custard tarts look particularly delicious.

  5. Awesome and delightful. Still want to see if I can create a top like that from one of my Dad's old flannel shirts. It would be perfect for chilly spring nights here.

  6. Such an amazing foodie post. What a cool place to be!

  7. Wow. So WOW...what interesting things to find and do. Love'n this post.

  8. Winnie you luccky lady! It looks beautiful! the bouganville is pretty indeed... hehehe I've also seen a couple taking pre wedding pictures in Okinawa! so cute :) how warm is it over there? it looks su sunny!!

  9. Sounds like so much fun! Those tarts look delicious. And I love the blouse. Bonus points that it's plaid as well.

  10. Wow those foods! Looks like you had a lovely trip :)

    e x

  11. Ahhh you're making me super hungry :) those custard tarts look yum, and well it all does. Glad you're having such a lovely time with your family whilst you're there. xx

  12. I always imagined Macau would be like Las Vegas, but it definitely seems classier than that. Gosh, I LOVE egg tarts! NOM. :)

  13. That bouganvillia is so pretty! And that blouse looks awesome!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  14. Aaaah you're so lucky! and you seem your wish to stay in the fancy hotel again came true haha XD Man I just want to eat everything you post!I love pastéis de belén, aren't they great? XD

  15. Suuuuch a great post - more food! mooore!! We've booked a sunday yum cha for my family's easter weekend meal. Reppin' it for the UK/HK girls.


  16. Flying squirrel LOL you're so adorable, Winnie! Glad to see you're having a great time. Wish I could visit sometime and experience LEGIT Macau food.

  17. Beautiful pictures & the food looks so YUMMY!

  18. Roar I am so jealous of you right now.. I WANNA GO TO MACAU SO BAD.. except I have to wait for my friends to be free so we can go! And I wanna go before the summer so avoid the heat and humidity.

    I'm glad you took a bath in that bathtub- gotta work all the perks in that hotel especially if it's 'free' unlike their spa...

  19. i always get so hungry looking at your food photos! ummmm yummmmm!


  20. Wow, everything looks amazing! :)

    xoxo Daphne

  21. Very nice trip, I wish I could come. Hehe

  22. Amazing photos and you are so cute!:)

  23. Mmmm so much food porn! That top is awesome. I have one very similar to it and it's really comfortable :)

  24. awww Macau?! i'm soooo jealous!!! i agree, traditional chinese desserts are so yummy! they make me feel so "chinese" and unique ^o^ lovely photos! (seriously, oober jealous atm!)that photo of the bride and groom is gorgeous btw! i hope to go to HK & Macau one day!!!

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  25. Such beautiful photos and all the food looks so yummy! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  26. winnie you're so cute! we have to go on that tea crawl when you come back :) xx

  27. Ahhhh egg tart! Gimme, gimme, gimme!!

  28. Lovely pictures- your photo's always manage to make me hungry hehe :) Have a wonderful week! XX

  29. I REALLY want to go out to eat with you... you always have the most incredible looking food! #slurp

    p.s. I LOVE your flying squirrel impression... seriously freaking adorable. I'm all for clothes that are comfy during big meals! Lady-like is overrated.

  30. Love peanut tong yuen! *drools* Looks like you had an enjoyable weekend off. (Psst, I'm seriously loving all the food pics hehe)

  31. I love the shape of thi shirt! What a great experience you're having Winnie!



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