29 November 2011

Yup, Christmas is coming and our tree will be going up this weekend. I've attempted to do some online shopping for gifts but I can't help but notice that my own virtual basket of things I quite fancy for myself has been steadily increasing. Oops. Oh well, they can definitely be put to good use in another one of my collages.

I've been eyeing up that Motel Claudia dress for a little while now, I really love the sheer sleeves which is a winner especially as I generally prefer dresses that cover my arms up. If like me, you're a fan of Motel, they are offering the discount code of SEQUIN15 and you can receive 15% off all products across their site from now until 11th December. Tempted?
*Motel Claudia Dress is now £42
One of the things I'm particularly excited about is the Mawi jewellery (available on ASOS) which I mentioned not too long ago in this post. Swoon, I NEED one of those Disney pieces in my life. They are so cute, bright and sparkly! Christmas list? I think so too.

The Urban Decay eye shadow kit is such a popular palette and almost all Beauty YouTubers seem to own it. I love watching Beauty Youtubers, have you guys ever seen the 'my make up collection' style posts that are out there? They always make me feel a little horrified at the sheer amount of make up that some people own (serious bucket loads) but they also fascinate me and make me want to hit the cosmetic halls and stock up on absolutely everything!

Finally- let's forget about Christmas Shopping for a moment, I'd love to know what is on your wishlists for Christmas?


Condé Nast Heaven

25 November 2011

On Wednesday, I popped into the wonderful little space that is the Condé Nast World Wide News shop which is round the corner from Vogue House in Hanover Square. I'm so glad I did my research because walking into Vogue House looking to buy a magazine would have been the most embarrassing mistake everrr. Seriously.
conde nast magazines
Around the corner from that infamous HQ is the shop, the first of it's kind and it's pretty much Condé Nast Heaven. Building on the idea of a modern newsagents, it's an overwhelming sight when you walk in because despite Condé Nast being the publishing powerhouse that it is, you don't really get to see just how many different publications that they have. The magazine wall is such a feast for the eyes, incredibly visually stimulating and I'm such a sucker for brightly coloured magazine covers. How awesome would it be to have a room in your house set up like this?
Vogue China and Me!
Looking super happy with a copy of Vogue China, Thanks Nina for the photo!
I was amazed to see such an array of magazines stocked in such a small space but here you'll find 130 of their worldwide publications (with more titles constantly being stocked) ranging from British Vogue (of course!) to Vogue Australia, Modern Bride China, Tatler Russia and Romanian GQ all with corresponding flags noting their country of origin. Obviously many of the magazines are imported so be prepared to shell out at least £16.50 for far off magazines such as Vogue Nippon. Speaking of Japanese Vogue, I thought that the Asian magazines were all super thick in comparison to British Vogue.
Conde Nast Vogue
Vogue Korea/Vogue Girl Japan
Vogue Korea and Vogue Girl Japan
vogue bambini and Nina
I spoke to the lovely Nina who told me that one of her favourites included Vogue Bambino, which is as the name suggests, a magazine devoted to kids. Super stylish ones obviously and this goes for Nina too! I don't think she expected me to take a photo of her when I visited but I was loving her cosy blue jumper and her moustache necklace from Tatty Devine. She also told me about the editor of Vogue Brasil who once bought a staggering £300 worth of magazines for research into making her magazine the best out of all the Vogues. So crazy. I had a good browse through Vogue Brasil and looks like the research was well worth it as it did look pretty awesome. 
Vogue pretty covers
Greek, Brazilian and Australian Vogue
Conde Nast shelf
I also got to check out the hotly anticipated Style.com magazine which is full of great editorials. Given it's background, I think it was pretty smart to have an online vibe when it came to the layout inside.
The battle between Print and Digital is an interesting one. While some claim that digital is taking over, when you step into a place like Condé Nast World Wide News it's a reminder that the two can blend together seamlessly! Among the magazines, you'll be able to spot video screens showcasing the corresponding magazine websites.
conde nast magazine and videos
conde nast shop
There are also iPads for you to browse all the different Vogue Apps. I thought this was great as it does allow you to try some of the apps before deciding to buy them on your own iPad/iPhone.
Vogue Girl App
The shop has been open since February and if the store is a success then you can look forward to seeing a store like this opening in other fashion capitals! I was pretty content in there among so many amazing magazines. I loved reading through magazines that I'd heard of but was never able to get my hands on like Korean W Magazine but also discovering new ones like the adorable, Vogue Bambini. Given that it's a stones throw from Oxford Circus, it's most certainly well worth a visit but you'll leave wishing you could read about 30 different languages! Definitely a place I will be popping by whenever I am in London from now on.
vogue girl korea
Of course, I couldn't help myself and HAD to buy a copy of one of their many magazines. I have to admit, I was pretty torn with which issue to go for. In the end I settled for Vogue Girl Korea and I can't wait to share some of the editorials with you guys!


Pancakes, Cocktails and SS12

22 November 2011

A few weeks ago I was in London to check out the NEXT press day where I got to check out what the high street retailer had to offer for SS12. It's always a great excuse to catch up with other bloggers when I'm down in London and well, us girls have to eat! So we marched over to The Diner in Soho and had the most amazing brunch. You've probably noticed but this place has fast become a blogger favourite and for good reason, this place is good!
breakfast at the diner
When we arrived at the Next venue, we were greeted by yummy cocktails, lots of friendly faces and of course next seasons collections. I spied plenty of pastels and I definitely need to get my hands on some of those knits and skinny jeans. Colour blocking is still going strong and lots of cute heart and spot prints.
Next pastels
Next pastels 2 coloured shorts
Next shoes
Lace dress
This navy lace and pleated dress is definitely right up my street. After a good browse of the collections, a catch up with the Next team and other bloggers were in order! It was such a lovely chilled out day and it's always a pleasure to attend their press days. I think it's safe to say that we could have sat there and chatted all night long!
Next Bloggers
Spot the Blogger: Kavita (I heart vintage) Next PR extraordinaire (Ellie Wilcox) Jen (A Little Bird Told Me) Vicky (The Magpie Girl), Daniela (Couture and Crumpets)
I couldn't resist taking a photo of Jen and Kristabel in their co-ordinating outfits. I was actually very close to buying those River Island jeans myself and if I had, I would have worn them on the same day too. That would have been quite the photo!
Jen and Kbel
La Sardinia
I also had to take a photo of Daniela's La Sardina lomo camera. I love the Cubic edition, it's such a cool design! This reminds me, I've been wanting a lomo camera for a little while but can't decide which one to go for. Do you guys have one and which one would you recommend?


Glitter and Velvet

18 November 2011

Darker days and rainy afternoons equals photos in my bedroom, which I suppose is a nice change from that brick wall! Oh how little things change around here, those postcards and random posters have been on my wardrobe for about 6 years now. I just can't bear to take them down because they all tell a story as they're momentos from various events, birthdays and trips I've been on.
Blouse (Argyle Centre, Hong Kong), Skirt (Monki) Belt (New Look) Shoes (c/o Stasia)
You might recognise the blouse from this HK post. I do love this blouse, it's so batwingy and flappy and as you can imagine, wearing it is quite fun, well at least in my head anyway. When I was in Hong Kong, it was a little too hot in the Summer to wear it buttoned all the way like this, so I wore it unbuttoned, worn loose as a cover up. The skirt was bought on the same day where I found myself in Mong Kok and visited the Monki store in Langham place. Priced at about £10, I couldn't help put pick up this blue and peach coloured cotton skirt with geometric print. belt detail
The shoes were a gift from Midlands (yay!) based shoe company, Stasia and these blue velvet flats were definitely my kind of thing. Velvet always makes a come back in stores at this time of year so while I can't quite decide whether I want to add a Velvet dress/boots/jacket to my wardrobe, at least my toes will be right on trend this Winter.
stasia velvets
This week I met up with a friend of mine from uni this week and she gave me a little belated birthday present (Hi Carly if you're reading!). She told me that she questioned whether it was fit for a 25 year old when she added the Gingerbread man to the little package. Er, yes?! She knows me too well. I love a bit of kitsch and I actually have a gingerbread man hair clip among my treasures (see this super old post, omg how much has my blog changed and how much has my hair grown?). Funnily enough Carly was one of the first people I showed my blog to when I first began writing it, mainly because she was my housemate and I felt the need to explain to her why I had become such a recluse at the time!
little goodies gingerbread ornamentMy friend actually MADE the gingerbread ornament which makes me love it even more. Plus she added a little Cath Kidston pocket mirror and this amazing OPI polish in Gone Gonzo. It's a clear polish with micro blue glitter and larger silver discs which is hard to photograph, it's super glittery. I wore it over the top of this Topshop polish called Jewel in the Crown (a gift off my sister Hailey) and it's had plenty of compliments!
nailpolish jewel gonzo_edited-1 juicy jules
I also finally bought Juicy Jules by Models Own. So it's safe to say that I'll definitely be rocking the glitter nails this Christmas, they'e such festive polishes! Which reminds me, I better get started on this year's Christmas shopping. Please tell me guys, have you started the Christmas shop yet?


Nothing but a big kid...

14 November 2011

One of my birthday presents was this fun colouring book by Nina Chakrabarti and it is the most perfect procrastination book ever. I have it in my room and find myself flipping to a random page and doodling away to my hearts content. It's pretty much like the colouring books you have when you're little, except fashion filled and none of those join the dots activities.
book photo
studded jacket doodle
pattern shoes
shoe doodles
Another little present that I was given were these Hello Kitty Jelly Beans. As you guys probably know by now, I am a bit of a sucker for Hello Kitty. The love for the mouthless kitty has not dampened since I first discovered her when I was little! I remember when all my Hello Kitty things came from Hong Kong because it was impossible to buy Sanrio goodies over here...oh how that has changed!
hello kitty jelly beans
sunday afternoon I haven't bought a magazine in ages and I've realised that I buy most of my magazines in the Winter months because somehow, I find more time to read them during this time. I guess there is nothing better than to curl up on the sofa with a hot drink and a good read. So armed with Jelly beans, a magazine, a cup of tea (and a doodle in my colouring book if I get bored) this is the perfect way to spend a gloomy afternoon!


Shoe Spotting!

10 November 2011

After much umming and ahhing over what to write for my next post (I am one of those bloggers that don't prepare lots of posts in advance) and wondering whether to sift through more HK food posts but instead, those will have to wait as I opted for a shoe post. Mostly because well, I like shoes as much as food (I think?!) and one can never have too many shoes in my opinion!

Some of the things that I have been lusting after my go-to shoe, trusty High-top Converse. I really like the look of these Grey Suede Converse with shearling lining. Converse have never been good at keeping my feet warm but at least with the fleecy lining, these would try their very hardest! The aztec print ones are also pretty awesome too.

I like a good sturdy shoe which explains why a lot of my heels are of the brogue variety and a chunky heel is a huge bonus. The Miss KG Caroline pumps above were spotted in store the other day and they're super comfy. They're versatile too but my only gripe is that they are suede. I am always drawn to suede shoes but they do require a lot more care than normal leather shoes and getting them wet is always a fear!

Apart from my window shopping dilemmas, here are some other shoes that I've spotted and loved. Firstly, I discovered the fabulous Yull Shoes recently at the Midlands Fashion event that I've been volunteering for, where she had a stall and supplied shoes for the show. I'll definitely be blogging about the show soon.
Yull Shoes
Sarah Yull, the brains behind the shoes creates the most fun and vibrant designs and a deep rooted passion for all things British, which means of course the shoes are made in good old Blighty! I love the heel height of her shoes and the red and black ones above are my favourite, such a great classic design! I love the vintage feel to the shoes.
Yull Shoes 1
I also spotted these Marc by Marc Jacobs studded boots which were worn by Sarah Yull's friend. How awesome are they? I spotted these shoes a mile off and I had to ask her for a photo. I'm a little bit in love with the stud detail and they look super comfy too with the slight platform.
Marc by Marc Jacobs booties
Next up are THOSE Finsk wedge heels that we've seen all over the blogosphere. These beauties were worn by Kavita from I heart Vintage and they drew lots of attention from fellow bloggers that day. I also think she owns the best colour, swoon!
Kavita's Finsk wedges
Hannah's Brogues
Finally these are some lovely patent brogues with red laces worn by the fab Hannah from Bow Dream Nation. This picture has been floating around on my computer since London Fashion Week and I'm so pleased to finally include it in a post. I think adding different coloured laces or ribbon to shoes is a really great way of breathing new life into them. I love how she's worn them with contrasting blue socks. 

Oh I really want to go on a shoe shopping spree now...


Cake and Cocktails!

06 November 2011

So with my promise of more frequent blog posts along came my Birthday and real life promptly took over from the land of the blog! I had a fab birthday, spent with my family and friends. It all started calmly at home where I celebrated my birthday jointly with my mum! Happy Birthday to you too Mum! xx

birthday instax 25th_2
Our cake was another one of the creations from one of the Chinese bakeries in Birmingham. We chose a more traditional style, light fluffy vanilla cake, fresh cream and decorated with fruits! The cake was so light that I could definitely eat the entire thing to myself...
After the cakey goodness, it was time for an outfit change to spend the evening with my best friends who I've known since I was 11 years old. A time when I didn't even own a computer and had no idea what on earth a blog was!
another sheer blouse...
A friend of mine recently said that I have a thing for blouses and I couldn't agree more! I admit I have a very similar blouse to this from H&M but it's not nearly as lovely as this newest Zara purchase. It has a cute gold studded collar, the buttons are all hidden and it has a little pocket which is stitched on sideways...so it's completely defunct. It's definitely all about the details, even if it's just me who notices them!
zara blouse copy
Blouse (Zara) Skirt (Topshop) Belt (River Island) Bag (Hong Kong) Shoes (Office)
My birthday evening began in Jamie's Italian in Birmingham where we sat in one of the booths, had a delicious meal and we were served by the most enthusiastic waiter. Their posh chips which are cooked in truffle oil and topped with Parmesan is one of my favourite things in there.
Lovely friends
I can hardly believe that I've known these girls for 14 years now. I love you guys!!
Among my gifts was an amazing teacup and a yummy batch of peanut butter and raisin cookies. I was really tempted to ask if my cocktails could be served in the cup! After the meal, we went to Island Bar, which is the best cocktail bar in Birmingham and also where Aussie hosted one of their parties and where I took my friend Sally (below) as my plus one!
jamies cookies and sal
Their cocktails are actually sublime. I discovered my favourite cocktail courtesy of my friend Hannah who bought one and we all swooned at its yummyness. If you ever visit Island Bar, definitely check out the cocktails specially created by them. The one below was made from Amaretto, cherry juice and a whole bunch of other yummy goodness. I think it was called Mi Amore but I can't remember exactly...
cherry cocktails
tea and cookie
After a night of sipping cocktails and dancing the night away, we retreated home! Bit of a dark photo, but what better than to come home after a fab night out with your best friends and drink out of your brand new tea cup and nibble on freshly baked cookies? Most definitely a perfect end to an awesome birthday!

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