Through the Looking Glass

28 April 2011

So it's time for another one of my rare Art posts. This time, it's an artist that I am all to familiar with and that's Peter Blake. I spent a whole Summer researching the archives at Tate Britain, unearthing all sorts of newspaper clippings for my Art History dissertation. Often touted as the founder of British Pop Art (which precedes American Pop Art), he is infamous for creating the cover for The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely hearts club band album.
Not only is the album art work one of the most iconic covers of all time, Blake was paid a one-off fee of £200. Meaning that the subsequent popularity of the record did not benefit him in any way whatsoever, so as you can imagine, it's not his favourite of conversation topics. While I am a fan of his brightly coloured and often, collaged 60s art, I am quite fond of his later work too where he took inspiration from nature, fairytales, old masters and more traditional forms of art. I could go on, but at the end of the day, I am a sucker for a pretty watercolour and fairytales.
Girl in a Poppy Field, 1974 (screenprint on paper) Liberty Blake in a Kimono 1971 (Watercolour)
I've saved the real gems for this part of the post. Inspired by fairytales and a visit to the Simon Rodia Watts Tower in LA, Blake painted this image which is probably one of my all time favourite paintings by him. I'd like to have a print of this in my own house someday, where else but in the dining room?
A Mad Tea Party at Watts Tower (1968 and 1992)
Following on from the oil painting, Blake was later commissioned to paint 8 watercolours for a special edition of Alice Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1970). An edition that I would LOVE to get my hands on.
['and to show you I'm not proud, you may shake hands with me!'] [ 'and the two knights sat and looked at each other without speaking']
['But isn't it old!' Tweedledum cried] [ 'It isn't manners for us to begin, you know' said the Rose]
['For instance now, there's the King's messenger'] [Just at this moment, somehow or other, they began to run]
[So Alice picked him up very gently] ['Well, this is grand!' said Alice]
All images were scanned from Peter Blake: A Retrospective, 2007
Now, I feel a bit silly having to admit that I've never read Alice through the Looking glass, well nor the original actually. Oh man, I've let myself down after all this artsy talk but I've only ever watched Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Um, street cred? me? I've never had any in the first place....


Upside down 'M's, books and a weekend full of chocolate

24 April 2011

Ah I can barely believe that it's actually no-tights weather. The Easter weekend has been really beautiful so far and I hope you've all been making the most of it! Lots of talk of Summer holidays are in the air with friends booking them here and there and I'm counting down the 2.5 months till I leave the UK to the more humid climes of HK. Have you guys got any lovely holidays booked?
Sunday's Child
Blouse (River Island) Skirt, Shoes (Oasis)
Speaking of the warmer weather, I am itching to go shopping for a lighter Summer wardrobe. I can't help but be inspired by all the florals, pastels and colour blocking that is everwhere at the moment.
Wardrobe colours
Yes, I do attempt to keep my clothes in colour order...
Earlier in the week I took my little sister shopping and she went ahead and found all the letters for her name at Urban Outfitters. I am always very jealous of people who can do that. Stores NEVER EVER have the letter 'W' and I always have to settle for an upside down 'M'. See, maybe I really am destined to be 'Minnie Winnie' after all.
It's funny how some things don't suit you but they suit other people. I tried on these floral patterned oxfords from New Look and wasn't sure about them. Becky ended up buying them and they're so pretty on her!
Rebecca's Shoes
I was so tempted to pick up one of these beautifully bound novels. I love it when classics are republished with beautiful covers. I do love a bit of Jane Eyre.
Pretty Books
I couldn't help but buy a couple of books at Waterstones. They're all great reads apart from maybe Cloud Atlas. After reading a few pages I'm not sure whether it's my kind of book. I guess I'm glad that I bought it with an offer. Sometimes you know when books are destined to go to the charity shop but I'll have to give it another go eventually. I should probably renew my library card!
Reading List
I love getting parcels from HK. Even if they're not always for me, there's something about receiving parcels from abroad and seeing the foreign stamps. When I was younger, I used to peel them off and stick them into notebooks.
HK Parcels
Easter chocs
Lastly, I hope you've all had a lovely long Easter weekend. I certainly will be spending the next few days stuffing my face with the yummy Easter eggs seen above. Yum! I can't believe it's a 3 day week next week and then another 4 day weekend in celebration of the Royal wedding. I guess I'll watch a bit of it...will you guys be watching?


ViVi: April 2011 Part 2

20 April 2011

So as I promised, here are the rest of the ViVi scans! These scans feature a little more street fashion and also a certain super blogger.
Vivi April 2011 1-12Vivi April 2011 1-13
I really love this particular page. Maybe it's just the hair clip and the colours but it reminds me of how Midori dresses in the film adaption of Norwegian Wood by Anh Hung Tran. A beautiful film that I highly recommend...but I'd say read the book first!
Vivi April 2011 1-14
Surprisingly, it's been a little too warm for tights lately but I like these and the penchant for geek glasses.
Vivi April 2011 1-16
Vivi April 2011 1-15Vivi April 2011 1-17
I remember reading on Rumi's blog a long time ago about how she used to read ViVi and identify with the (predominantly) half Japanese models in the magazine. Now she is a regular feature, both as a blogger and being a brand ambassador to several Japanese brands.
Vivi April 2011 1-20
Vivi April 2011 1-18Vivi April 2011 1-19
Vivi April 2011 1-22Vivi April 2011 1-21
Hope everything is enjoying the sunshine! I could really do with a Solero ice cream...


Minnie Winnie and a House warming

17 April 2011

We're always looking for ways of changing up our wardrobes and even better when we have items that we can double up as skirts and tops. It's almost Minnie Mouse territory (or Minnie Winnie as my dad used to call me when I loved wearing a pink and white polka-dot jacket as a teen) but I like how the red brightens up the nude based dress.
Polkadots & Shirt
Blouse (A|Wear) Dress (Love, available at Topshop concession) Shoes (New Look)
New Look wedges
My grandma recently moved house and it's strange seeing her old house completely torn apart by the new owners. I don't blame them, the house had not changed at all since my first memories there. Moving on to a different kind of 'mini' Winnie, the photo of me below as a toddler shows my grandma's very retro kitchen. It never ever had a revamp and looked the same the day she sold the house. Crazy!
Me and retro kitchen
Unfortunately, my tights still do that around my ankles. Guess not much has changed with me either!
Anyway, on her moving-in day we had lots to do including moving in all her furniture. It was so strange seeing all her things put into a new location. This included her coat/hat rack. I wish I had a hat to hang on there.
Hat Rach
Lots of traditional things were on the to-do list including arranging these offerings and lighting incense. I'm always learning about these traditions and this particular one was to bring good luck to the new house and it's basically all good feng shui with a bit of Buddhism thrown in too. Either way, the brightly coloured fruit looked really pretty.
My Grandma and I knocked out what felt like a million of these little dumplings (tong yuen) ready to eat with the family. These ones were filled with lumps of brown sugar (the Chinese block variety) and my grandma recalled how she used to make the plain ones (with no fillings) all the time for my grandad who used to love eating them.
Tong Yuen
Finally it was house warming time and as always with Chinese get togethers we all feasted on lots of yummy food! In the blurry picture below there is suckling pig (Chinese roast pork with crackling), King prawns and my favourite Chinese veg, 'Gai Lan' which is Chinese broccoli.
Housewarming feast
I'm sure most families are noisy when it comes to big occasions and Chinese families are crazy rowdy. However, my mom's side of the family are all Hakka Chinese (the dialect is quite harsh on the ears and never ever spoken softly!) and well, let's just say that the night was deafening and headache inducing but that's when you know it's a good night. My grandma was all smiles.


ViVi: April 2011

13 April 2011

If I had to tell you one thing about myself it would be that I am terribly indecisive. So it comes as no surprise that with this months ViVi magazine (which I finally got round to scanning) I found it terribly hard to choose my favourites for just one post. So here is part 1 and I'll publish the rest later! Enjoy!
Vivi April 2011 cover
Vivi April 2011 1
Vivi April 2011 1-2Vivi April 2011 1-4
Vivi April 2011 1-3
Vivi April 2011 1-6
Vivi April 2011 1-5Vivi April 2011 1-7
Vivi April 2011 1-9
I have the shorts below...I just wish they looked as good on me as they do on her!
Vivi April 2011 1-11
Vivi April 2011 1-10
I am so itching to go shopping now and inspired to wear some statement jewellery with white blouses as worn by Ena Matsumoto. If like me you have a bit of a style crush her too, she has a Japanese blog (mentioned in the scan) which you can find here!


See ya later alligator

09 April 2011

Nope, unfortunately I'm not going anywhere for a good few months but as I mentioned before, my sister Hailey has gone off on her travels for 2 months. I keep meaning to take her photos more often but I managed to snap this outfit of hers before she dashed off to Thailand. We both love a bit of colour and I love how she paired her caramel trousers with the sugar pink top, all toughened up with her aviators and her jacket.
Pink and caramel
Top (Topshop) Trousers (Zara) Jacket (H&M) Oxfords (New Look) Belt (ASOS) Sunnies (Mango)
Love detail
Rings amber detail
Necklace (ASOS) Rings (Forever 21 and Miss Selfridge)
Of course, the blogger in me documented the journey from our house to the airport. Usually Hailey likes to look over my shoulder to OK all the photos that I've taken, but I'm sure she's much too happy chilling out in Bangkok at the moment to care! Hailey's backpack is huge on her and it made me laugh when she said she dare not bend over for fear of falling over from the weight!
All packed and ready to go
Hailey & Mom airport
hailey at the airport
Hailey leaves the city tomorrow venturing into more rural/beachy areas of Thailand for the rest of the month with her Real Gap crew. After this, her and a friend will spend May exploring Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Oh the lucky thing! When she returns in June, we have a mere 3 weeks before we both jet off to Hong Kong together. Which seems so soon when I put it like that!

On a random note, this is the novelty Panda, filled with ice cream that my youngest sister Becky devoured happily after we dropped Hailey off at the airport. It was too cute not to photograph!
panda ice cream

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