Just a little bit sketchy

30 March 2011

I love a good bit of illustration and when they appear in magazines, I quite often study the page for a little longer than the usual photographic editorials, taking in the pencil strokes, the careful details and how the artist has been able to render different textures. When I received Monki Magazine #3 issue (Sign up here to get your free copy if you haven't already!) I paused for a long time at these wonderful illustrations by Annelie Carlström. So of course, I have to share them.
A Place For Us- Monki MagazineA Place for us 2
A Place for us 3A Place for us 4
 A Place for us 5A Place for us 6
A Place for us 7  A Place for us 8
I love her minimal use of colour, used just to pick up details and enhance textures. When I looked her up I found that she's also an active blogger over at Annelie Carlström Illustration, so definitely a new blog that I will be visiting routinely. I wish I could sketch nearly half as well!


A perfect day

25 March 2011

I had one of those perfect days with my best friends on Tuesday when we decided to take a short drive over to Warwick (only 30mins or so away by car) and visit our friend who lives there. Stratford Upon Avon isn't too far from where I live either where I spent many a summer rowing along the River Avon with friends. Though, I find it much too touristy these days, so Warwick is a good alternative as a historic town. Plus, my friend lives there and it is also the location of one of the UK's best preserved medieval castle so it improves by tenfold instantly!

It was a gorgeous day and we had so much fun drinking tea at the Thomas Oaken Tea Rooms where everything was served in the same floral china. I felt quite sophisticated!
thomas oken tea roomsThomas Oken Tea Rooms instantsophistication
Tea time
tea time h&h
black and white
wood carvings
There are blue doors everywhere in Warwick, including this magnificent one at St Mary's Church.
church door
blue door
Dress (French Connection) Lace crop top (Topshop) Cardi (Miss Selfridge) bag (c/o Next) Tights (HoH) Shoes (Oasis)
Thanks Hannah for the photo!
We popped into the local museum, looking at the huge fossils on display and er despite being in our twenties, we passed some time playing in the children's corner.
I can never seem to resist taking photos next to giant toys and this Playmobil knight in shining armour certainly didn't escape me. I guess this shows how short I am as all my friends towered over him!
my knight in shining armour
Hoodie (Once upon a time for Topshop)
There are definitely days out with friends that you will always remember fondly and I'm looking forward to more days like these with friends in the Summer.


Ever so slightly noodles

22 March 2011

Now I don't usually promote other people's blogs like this but there are of course, exceptions for friends. Meet my friend Claire. I've known her since my Art History days at uni, when my friend, Carly told me that she was one of the girls I would soon be calling my housemate. She seemed quiet and unassuming at first but wow, I couldn't be more wrong!

It turns out that she's as mad as her beloved dolls house which reminds me of Monica's doll house in Friends. Everything is perfect but we all know that a few Phoebe-esque additions wouldn't go amiss. Giant pet dog/fairy lights/bubbles anyone?
Crazy Claire and Dollhouse
At uni we spent a lot of time eating ice cream (my hair is so short!)...
Claire and I 2008
Being silly in gardens...
Claire & Winnie c
...and staring in disbelief at people doing stretches. So ok ok, the picture below is a bit of a one off because it was taken in Central Park back in 2008 but it makes me laugh.
Central Park
These days, Claire spends her time studying for an MA in teaching English as a foreign language. She's already taught in China for a year and I'm sure it is a matter of time before she is reunited with Asia after her degree. With places like Korea as a place she would like to teach, I'll definitely be wanting to visit her when she is a fully fledged teacher! Aside from writing essays, she always has time for to share some yummy anti-pasti at Jamie's Italian.
Jamie's Antipasti
Spotted the Red Queen felt badge that she's rocking? She spends an extraordinary amount of time crafting bits and pieces and this is just one of them. She also made me a mini Kokeshi badge which has never left my jacket from the day that she presented me with it. Oooh lucky me!
Queen of hearts badgeKokeshi badge
Claire has plans to open an Etsy shop soon but in the meantime check out her newly revived blog over at Slightly Noodles! In the mean time, I'm off to hang out with friends in Warwick for the day, I have my instax with me so will be snapping some photos in the lovely sunshine!

>>update Claire is now working in China and her blog can be found here: http://www.slightlynoodles.com/ 


The little black bow

18 March 2011

Back when I first started this blog, I wore all manner of bows. From big red hairbands reminiscent of Hello Kitty to dainty little bows that I would just slide into my hair. I still have a bowl full of them but I have to say, I don't reach for them anymore. I think I could probably have a DIY session with some of the bigger ones and transform them into bow ties. The one below is a brooch/hair clip which is one of the few that I occasionally add to my outfit these days. Oh and yes, the broderie anglaise blouse is a new addition to my wardrobe. It's so clean and white and it makes me feel Summery already! I wonder how many of us will be rocking the white trend in the Summer?
Little black bow outfit
Blouse (H&M) Cardigan (River Island) Bow (TopShop) Jeggings (c/o Next) Belt (Accessorize) Shoes (Oasis)
little black bow detail
Twisted belt
It's funny how style changes over time but also how blogs evolve too. From the days when I didn't show my face to mirror shots which are saved only for fitting room photos these days. Onwards to the present day where my photos are against that all too familiar brick wall. I think after reading how other people describe my blog, (thank you Shouting ID) it's really made me think. I don't post as often as I used to and I only blog when I have something interesting to share with little in the form of filler posts. I also don't like to have constant outfit posts either...so I guess you can expect the next post to be non outfit related! I've also learnt a lot about myself and it's surprised me how personal it is but I guess that's helped to shape the blog. It's definitely taken time to find my voice and figure out who I am on this blog. How about you guys?

PS: I somehow made it on to the Most Wanted Fashion 100 2011 list again in the 'Ones to Watch - UK Fashion Blogs' category along with lots of other wonderful bloggers! It put the hugest smile on my face so thank you to the Most Wanted crew. Yay!


AW11 Felicity Brown

14 March 2011

I can't believe it's almost been a week since my last post. Sometimes life gets in the way (or perhaps just laziness) but for the past few days, like many of us, I've been pretty much gripped to the news on Japan. Sometimes things just seem a little trivial when something as catastrophic as the Japanese Tsunami happens. So before I carry on, if you haven't donated already here is a link to the British Red Cross or American Red Cross. Be strong Japan, we're all thinking of you.

OK, so onto something a little less heavy, let me take you guys back to London Fashion Week where I spent a lot of time looking around the exhibition that was on show. One of the designers that I've grown to really look forward to at the exhibition is Felicity Brown, a young designer that I've admired every single season since I started attending LFW. I wrote about her last year and for AW11 her wonderfully, intricately layered and dyed dresses were back in full force.
Felicity Brown nameFelicity Brown showpieceFelicity Brown Detail Top
Felicity Brown hanging dresses
Felicity BrownFelicity Brown detail
Brown's designs were far less whimsical this time round and where she had experimented with gentle dyes last season, they had progressed to much stronger dyes, where the colours seemed to be much more sure of themselves. They were even more intricately layered, prints were mixed in amongst the layers or used much more boldly in others and some had beautiful shredded detail. One thing that was quite apparent was the folky, tribal feel. This is no coincidence as Brown states that one of her inspirations are Bedouin cultures as well as costumes. There is definitely something about the dresses that evoke strong, powerful women which is of course no bad thing. Definitely a lot of love for Felicity Brown.

A bit of an aside but I've been featured over at Style Clone. It's fun seeing someone else's take on my outfit and seeing how an alternative outfit can be put together. Though, I'm not sure that even I spend that long analysing the clothes that make up my outfit! Anyways, check out the website for more style tips and other bloggers who have also been style cloned!

>>Update: Before I forget, I better include this competition! As some of you know, I've been part of the fab Aussie Angels where they've organised lots of fun events and of course, I've had my fair share of awesome hair products to try out.
An oldie but a goodie. Taken before an Aussie event with Fi and Emily
So do you guys want to join in the fun too? To have a chance of becoming 1 of 10 new members, answer this question on your own blog:

"Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight"

Then tweet your link @yummyhair so they can find the entry. The winner will be chosen by the Uncover Aussie team based on the most creative post, so anything goes, be creative! The competition ends on Sunday 20th March at midnight. Terms and Conditions can be found Here and is only open to UK and Ireland. Good luck guys!


My Spring brights

08 March 2011

Still inspired by the Pop Your Colour editorial that I scanned in a few posts ago, I decided to build up an outfit around these blue cords. The last time I wore cords was when I was about 15 and had adopted the grungy baggy trousers and hoody look, complete with side fringe. It gets worse. My cords back then were wider than I was tall and I had to hold them up when traveling on escalators. Oh dear indeed! Luckily I learned the error of my ways and these skinny cords from Zara are far more flattering!
Cardi (H&M) Top (Topshop) Cords (Zara) Scarf (Gift) Shoes (Oasis) Bag (c/o Next)
OPI KP nails
OPI kp nails cup
Other colours I like at the moment are these Katy Perry for OPI polishes. Aside from my nails that seem quite desperate for some good moisturiser, I'm kind of obsessed with the glitters in this mini set. Especially painted half and half like this, girly unicorn colours? Yes please!

Glitter polish is a pain to remove but Gem posted this awesome nail polish tip a while back which makes removing this glitter so much easier!


Some things are never forgotten

04 March 2011

Yes it's THAT Christopher Kane for Topshop dress. It's definitely recognisable a mile away, even after several seasons. When the dress is not tucked into skirts, people always do a double take when I wear it as it is. It makes me laugh because after someone compared the dress to that terrible horror movie, 'Teeth' it's hard to look at it the same way again. I guess you guys won't look at it the same way either now!
Dress (Christopher Kane for Topshop) Blouse (H&M) Bag (c/o Next) Jacket (Topshop) Shoes (Office)
Something else that is equally unforgettable but in a much more sentimental and nostalgic way, are these photos. My dad brought home an old suitcase which was from the late 70s/early 80s, when my dad first came to the UK from Hong Kong. Inside were old ties, socks and paperwork but when my dad dug out some photos he broke into the hugest smile. These are photos that his younger brother (my uncle) sent to him of his pet clownfish and of some Moon cakes. Moon cakes were not freely available in those days so it certainly was torture for my dad to receive this letter all those years ago. Check out the vintage moon cake box!
letters to dad
On the reverse of these cards are faded letters to my dad. It's strange seeing my 14 year old uncle's writing and the amount of care he put into writing the letters. I'm used to seeing my uncle in suits and so imagining him with a box of crayons and writing letters to my dad from his room in Hong Kong, is definitely a different image. So sweet!

It always strange thinking of the life that your parents had before you were born. I think there is still so much I don't know so I need to ask more questions! Do you guys feel the same sometimes?

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