HK: The Summary

16 August 2011

So here is my long awaited post on Hong Kong! A month passed by in the blink of an eye and before long, I flew back to the UK and away from the land of 24hr dim sum, late night shopping and where taxis are as cheap as buses! Hong Kong is a city that feels like home because up until the age of 18 my parents still lived there and where some of my family still reside. My dad has always said that when he retires he will move back there, I guess he'll just have to convince my mum! Maybe I'll live there some day or maybe it will forever be a holiday destination. Who knows?

I took so many photos (mainly consisting of my meals) that I thought I would put together a picture post of what best represents HK for me!

Starting with the epic 12 hour journey from Heathrow to Hong Kong International Airport.
cathay pacific
This is the most awesome feeling when you realise you are about to arrive and the map is hovering over the city. Plus I quite enjoy getting to use my HK ID card with a quick scan of a fingerprint to enter the country, rather than join the long queues at immigration. The long process of getting that organised when I was 18 was a bit of a pain but worth it in the end. However it meant that I didn't get to add any stamps in my passport, oh well!
plane map
Hong Kong is of course famed for it's Dim Sum and even though I have Dim Sum (or 'yum cha' as we call it in Cantonese) every Sunday, it is so much better in HK! The Cantonese love good food (as is obvious from the many food shows that they broadcast there) and in HK there is every single Asian cuisine you can think of. Asian food is my absolute favourite (not that I'm biased or anything haha) so I have several more food posts which I will definitely be sharing!
東海 dim sum
東海/East Ocean Restaurant, Tai koo Shing.
In HK, my sister and I spent about $200 (£16) on Sushi Lunch a couple of times and we could barely move from the amount of sushi we consumed. So coming back home to the UK where Yo Sushi can easily set us back £40, it's kind of ridiculous!
soft shell crab sushi
Soft Shell crab at Mi Ne Sushi, Causeway Bay
It is also the land where table reservations must be made! In HK, while you do have occasional meals at home, it's the norm to eat out so restaurants are always bursting with people. I also love buying such fresh tropical fruit from the local fruit stalls...lychees by the bunch!
利苑 reservations lychees!
It is also the land of Chinese pastries and it was awesome to walk downstairs from my family's apartment to buy freshly baked pineapple buns.
pineapple bun
I also miss the beep-beepbeep of the octopus cards in the MTR and er...spending the colourful HK dollars.
octopus cardshk dollars
I love Instagram and I'm Diamondcanopy on there!
mtr map
Hong Kong has the best public transport. There is the MTR (underground) and below you can see a bus, light bus, taxi and tramlines. All of which are pretty cheap and convenient to use.
I miss hanging out at the apartment where my aunts and grandparents live. They live pretty close to the Sanyo sign on Hong Kong Island.
the view
Hong Kong is pretty built up and commercial buildings can look right into residential buildings which means blinds/curtains are a necessity! Even though it's easy to forget when you're there, the majority of HK is pretty green and you can see the mountains peeking through in the background of the photo below.
apartments and mountains
Speaking of the apartment, one of my favourite things to do is shelter from the insane heat outside (36c and 90% humidity while I was there!) and have traditional Congee (rice porridge) at home. Usually we add a few side dishes bought locally including noodles, rice noodle rolls and the chinese version of croutons (油炸粿).
congee at home
I also love the fact that ice tea is served everywhere and I've been obsessed with recreating it in the UK but it's never quite the same is it?
plenty of lemon ice tea
I love the little cafes that solely serve Chinese desserts, mainly consisting of sweet soups. I am a sucker for anything black sesame flavoured and this black sesame sago Tofu pudding with black sesame ice cream is right up my street.
tofu sesame sago
甜姨姨/Sweet Auntie in Tin Hau
As we live relatively near the shopping mecca that is Causeway Bay, I inevitably spend a lot of time wandering around in the local malls there.
causeway bay mtrcausewaybay sogocauseway bay at night
We ventured over to Mong Kok on several occassions. My dad loves it for the streets that specifically sell model toys but there are also streets that sell soley flowers, trainers, aquarium supplies, pets, lighting and home improvement. It's a fun area to shop (until you get a whiff of the stalls that sell stinky tofu). I bought a fair share of iPhone cases there and spent far too much time browsing stationary at the famous Ladies Market. I also stocked up on cheap Fuji Instax film at the electronics/computer mall which is a must if you own the Instax.
hello kitty phone cover
I wasn't going to visit the Peak this time round as I've been up there so many times. However since I had friends visiting HK for the first time it is definitely the no.1 Tourist attraction. I asked my friend who lives in HK if she ever gets bored of the skyline and she smiled and shook her head. Yeah. it's pretty awesome.
the peak
We always order local favourites in HK including the Red Bean Ice drink. We also love the butter rolls which are known as 豬仔包 or 'piggy rolls' and no wonder because they're rolls which are 'buttered' with condensed milk. I know it sounds strange but it's so good!
red bean ice and butter rolls 豬仔包
I mustn't forget won ton noodle soup either. It feels wrong if I go back to HK and don't sit in a local cafe restaurant and slurp these with my family.
won ton soup
I also love drinking Bubble Milk Tea and eating the HK favourite of 雞蛋仔 aka egg waffles! Wow, Hong Kong really is ALL about food huh?
milk tea time!egg waffles 雞蛋仔
There are soooo many other things I adore about HK but I think the most important to me is my family! Hopefully I'll be back there next Summer...


  1. Winnie, you are totally one of my fave bloggers ever ever ever! I have been waiting for this post! You did not dissapoint. I didn't want this post to end!!! More, pleeeeaase!!

    Seeing the pics of the harbour, i could almost smell the streets of hong kong! I refused a free trip to hk this october (plane fares courtesy of parents!).... i'm staying home alone to work on temp:sec instead. Booooooooooooooo!!!

    I miss the "doot doot" (octo card), the food and the fact that there's something to do every hour, every minute of the day. we heart hk. xxxx

  2. Love!! I can never tire from reading posts about HK!
    I would love to live there for a few months or so :)
    I'm noting everything down from your post, so I can eat and visit the best places!
    I remember coming out from the MTR for the very first time and the humidity hitting me literally POW! Haha!
    I love everything about it, the atmosphere, cheap and delicious food and endless shopping!!
    Can't wait for your other posts :D <3

  3. Ah man this is an awesome post! Thank you for sharing. I'm not sure how I'm going to post mine about :S I still have my Octopus card from 2 years ago...hope it's still valid :D

  4. Oh god all that food is making me so hungry I really want to visit HK again sometime! I loved The Peak we spent a good day there just admiring the views.

    It's funny you mention condensed milk on toast because for years I never realised it was an Asian thing I just though everyone ate it like you know jam on toast. It wasn't till I went to uni I realised it was only my HK friend and I who ate it as everyone else thought it was weird LOL it's damn yummy though! xoxo

    p.s. if you are there nxt summer when I'm in Thailand I'll have to pop over for a visit for a couple days :D

  5. It looks like you had such a great time in Hong Kong. I'm so jealous! It would be amazing to visit there.
    And all the food looks so interesting and good!

    Deer. Lady

  6. OMG! Thanks for sharing, darling!


  7. I love this post! HK is an incredible city. I've lived here 9+ years and I love it even more as the years go by!

    Your picture of the wanton noodles make me hungry. And, I just had my lunch!

  8. i really want to visit HK soon!!!

  9. This post really made me miss HK! Looks like you had such a fun time! All the food looks delicious.

  10. such an amazing post, although I've never visited Hong Kong you paint such an amazing picture of it, the food looks awesome! xxx

  11. Oh Winnie, it sounds so wonderful! Any holiday centred around food is good by me :P x

  12. ARG!! Now I really really really REALLY can't wait to see HK again - I'm practically squirming in my seat in anticipation of that wonderous land of buns and bright lights...

    I will purchase a camera like yours methinks, and terrorise my students by taking constant pictures of things the weird laowai finds funny - boys with phone charms and permed hair... and such.

    Awesome O.O

    PS: I posted again, in my boredome and procrastination...

  13. Oh my word, you don't understand how much this post makes me want to go back to HK!! It definitely is the city with the best food in the world, in my opinion. I'm always still in disbelief at how cheap it is. I miss the ridiculously cheap bubble tea! I've not found anywhere close that sells it here and Manchester is too far to go to just buy a drink :( Aaahh this may be my favourite blogpost I've ever read. I love HK so much!! x

  14. I really want to visit HK one day, it's pretty much on the top of my list! x

  15. Oh wow, what an amazing trip. The food look so so yummy. Def makes me want to go.

  16. Looks like such an amazing place- the food, the buildings, the shopping. Just the food is enough for me, another on for my list of must go places.

  17. Thank you so much for this post! Its so exciting and beautiful. Love the foods too!

  18. Thanks for showing us around, in a way. :) I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong, and I hope I get to go one day!

  19. ahh now you make me feel like visiting HK in Oct! My mum is visiting then and she really wants me to go.. Love your foodie pics! I absolutely adore sweet soups - any sort, red beans, tapioca you name it! I also love egg tarts - luckily you can still get that in brum and my mum still makes the meanest sweet soups haha. looks like you had a brill time!

  20. Looks like a great trip! All the food looks delicious!


  21. wow! Ive always wanted to travel to Hong Kong!.. with food being a major factor lol.. love your blog xx

  22. Your trip looks so amazing, and oh the food! It's definitely made me want to visit one day!

  23. fun fun fun!! how amazing is the light show? :)


  24. my goodness what an amazing trip.
    your pictures are fantastic dear.<3

  25. It's funny to read this post as i see the stuff i see almost on a daily basis, lol. But yes, HK has its beauty and food is defo a highlight!!!!!!!! U know the right stuff eh? bubble tea, egg waffles and pineapple buns! yum yum...i love that condensed milk buns from Tsui Wah...delish! i used to frequent it a lot after my crazy nights of partying,lol

    Hey, that pic of you drinking lemon tea, is it in Pizza Express? The coaster kinda looks like the logo! lol and and u tell me where that dessert place is? I've been meaning to check out some yummy local dessert places, so tired of the commercial ones like Hui Lau Shan,hahaha
    Cute Hello Kitty case btw! I just bought my iphone 3 weeks ago and i've already bought 2 cases! I recently got one from Femme De Pivot, and u can download their free app to get matching floral wall papers to the iphone case you bought! check it out if u got time:) its really floral and girlie so not sure if its to your liking but i think its cute!

    Hope you're settling back in the uk alright and that you have no more holiday blues,hehe

    and omg, i just saw 2 Jap magazines with Namie Amuro on the cover and they're like HK$85 (with those free beauty bags in it)!!! A bit expensive compared to Vivi eh!

    Wow, i just realized what a long comment! lolz better wrap it up!


  26. Ah makes me miss the time I spent in HK all those years ago - the yum cha, the busy streets, Mongkok!

    This post is just lovely and makes me so nostalgic.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    seeing steel magnolias

  27. Such a great post - makes me want to go back to HK immediately and NW London suddenly looks very boring! I'm glad you had an amazing trip!

  28. This looks absolutely fantastic! I am definitely going to have to go to HK at some point :)

    Maria xxx

  29. Oh yum! All the food looks delicious and scrummy. I would have been exactly like you: taking photos of all the food I was going to consume ;p I am an Asian food fiend too - can't get enough of it. All that sushi... Me and my friend are planning to go HK soon so we will be eating sushi all day, every day!And bubble tea - I need to be there already! I love congee with the black eggs in it. I'll take traditional Chinese and Japanese food ;p over other cuisines any day.

    Great pics and it looks like you had so much fun! You never know, you might live in HK in the future. At least you will be close to your family which is important. My bf wants to move there in a few years so I might be eating dim sum, slurping down some bubble tea every day! Im thinking I would love it there! Really enjoyed this post. Just reminds me how much I love being Chinese :D

  30. Wow, Hong Kong looks amazing.
    It's nice to see it from a 'local's" view as it gives the city a much more alternative tourist opinion.
    HK is now on my places to visit list. :)
    This is my first time on your blog and I will definitely be visiting again.

    Have a great night,


  31. Yay! A fellow DC fan!! Check out Spoon!

    I know exactly what you mean with not paying much attention to being Chinese when you were younger; I was too busy trying to get through childhood and my teen years! Now that I'm older, I just love that I'm Chinese and try to embrace my heritage and culture as much as I can. Its alittle bit more difficult as I don't speak Cantonese like my boyfriend, I speak a different dialect (thats why I couldn't remember what lin gao was called; if it was in the dialect my family speak, I would have remembered immediately) which is the reason why I said 'black eggs' when I knew it was thousand year old eggs as I only eat that at restaurants. I'm thinking you do too? As my boyfriend and friends don't have thousand year old eggs in their congee when eating at home!

    There are so many funny little tradions and superstitions. My mum makes me laugh with the stuff she says... I still follow these anyways! With all of this, I think thats what makes us different and is something we can pass on to our kids. Haha. I can't go a day without eating rice or holding chopsticks!

    Yeah I know, its very torturous as you take so many photos and then have to decide what photos to post up. I did the same when I went to Paris a few months ago. Yep, definitely exciting - its like you live there anyways if you go every year!:D

  32. The food looks really good.

  33. Love all photos :) looks so fun!

  34. Thanks for the comment! I'm so jealous hong kong is one of my dream destinations, it looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing all the photos x

  35. I am so hungry from looking at your posts!
    HK deffo has to be a place I have to visit. Your trip looks wonderful, I also loved the pictures you posted on tumblr!
    Hopefully we get to see a bit more!

  36. looks like you had an amazing time, i'd love to visit HK... that food looks so yummy! love the hello kitty case too!


  37. Sounds like so much fun. I would love to go to Hong Kong on day. The photos are beautiful and the food looks delicious.

  38. everything looks absolutely amazing!

  39. these are some incredible shots. makes me want to come to hong kong even more.

  40. i would LOVE to go to Hong Kong! Just the food alone makes me excited!

  41. I want to go. I want to go. I want to go now. Thank you for sharing. Xxxx

  42. Glad you liked my post and thanks about the new followers, it still surprises me! I love this post, the food, the sites and the happy memories you have there. Hong Kong sounds lovely. My friend always said it was nice there. xxx

  43. I love this post so so so much. I'd love to visit one day. x hivenn

  44. so great, we like your blog:)
    let`s visit and follow us:)

    XX K&M

  45. I would love to visit Hong Kong! It looks lovely!

  46. Aaaaah I had to scroll really quickly through your food pictures because I haven't had proper Asian food in months and I was getting serious cravings!

  47. Your HK food posts are my FAVOURITE posts of yours! It all looks so delicious and tempting! :) Not surprised your friend doesn't ever get bored of that view... it's definitely my favourite urban skyline I've ever seen ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  48. It looks so cool!

    Love it !


  49. all i have to say is that i'm mad jealous!!!!!! look at all the food. . . looks amazing!!!!!! and all the hello kitty!!

  50. What a cute post! You killed me in the end with the Hello Kitty photographs of you and your family :)
    Also, I'm drooling! As I suppose I'm not going to Hong Kong anytime soon (unfortunately!) I'll just have to make a trip to my city's Asian neighborhood haha XD
    It's not the first time I hear about shopping in Causeway Bay! Wait, a whole street selling only aquarium supplies? O_O

  51. Envy with ur HK trip winnie :)
    great photos...

  52. oh winnie! too yummy, and i can't believe how cheap sushi is over there! i payed like £30 for a sushi lunch the other week and i got was spicy tuna, tuna maki and duck gyoza :( brill, brill post :) xxxx

  53. Holy smokes, looks like one heck of a place to visit. I really want to go to Kowloon for a bit of a photography visit actually.

  54. great pix! i stopped by hk but didnt get to explore, looks like a great city tho

  55. HK looks amazing. I've been to mainland China and loved it - would love to visit Hong Kong. xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  56. This made me positively drool, what a trip of a lifetime!!!

  57. Lovely photos, ahh the food! Spent three weeks there this summer and had such an amazing time!x

  58. Dying to make a trip over to HK - seems like so much fun! I can't believe I havent been yet :( Hope you're having a blast!

  59. wow cheap instax film?! i need to go to HK! my best friend is from HK and she keeps telling me its like an asian new york city, but i have yet to go still. looks like you had a great time! xox

    ♡, Rosa T.

  60. I never been to Hong Kong but i always wanted to go! that ice cream looks sooooooooo good!

    I really like your blog!
    we should Follow eachother :]

  61. nice shots..
    am a new follower here, am a big fan of all fashion bloggers, check out my blog and follow me too if you like.. I hope too see more of your post

  62. Oh, I think I would die of happiness with sushi that cheap! I so badly want to go to Hong Kong. My husband lived there when he was a kid... so it seems only right that we should go back and visit.

    Love all your food snaps! Looks like it was an awesome trip. xx

  63. wow!! delicious everything in this post. And what a pictures. I wish go to Hong Kong very soon! :D I'm jealous haha


  64. I have literally never had dim sum. I should definitely get round to it!

  65. Oh man, I am wanting to go back to HK so badly, it's so amazing there. So much to see, do and eat! I LOVE the dim sum and I love the views. It must suck coming back here when over there is so amazing

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  66. Ah HK! I miss it so much now I'm back! What a wonderful city.

    I loved the public transport! So much better than the tube in London. I love the way the stops light up as you move along.

    I hope I can go back soon!




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