Sunday, April 24, 2011

Upside down 'M's, books and a weekend full of chocolate

Ah I can barely believe that it's actually no-tights weather. The Easter weekend has been really beautiful so far and I hope you've all been making the most of it! Lots of talk of Summer holidays are in the air with friends booking them here and there and I'm counting down the 2.5 months till I leave the UK to the more humid climes of HK. Have you guys got any lovely holidays booked?
Sunday's Child
Blouse (River Island) Skirt, Shoes (Oasis)
Speaking of the warmer weather, I am itching to go shopping for a lighter Summer wardrobe. I can't help but be inspired by all the florals, pastels and colour blocking that is everwhere at the moment.
Wardrobe colours
Yes, I do attempt to keep my clothes in colour order...
Earlier in the week I took my little sister shopping and she went ahead and found all the letters for her name at Urban Outfitters. I am always very jealous of people who can do that. Stores NEVER EVER have the letter 'W' and I always have to settle for an upside down 'M'. See, maybe I really am destined to be 'Minnie Winnie' after all.
It's funny how some things don't suit you but they suit other people. I tried on these floral patterned oxfords from New Look and wasn't sure about them. Becky ended up buying them and they're so pretty on her!
Rebecca's Shoes
I was so tempted to pick up one of these beautifully bound novels. I love it when classics are republished with beautiful covers. I do love a bit of Jane Eyre.
Pretty Books
I couldn't help but buy a couple of books at Waterstones. They're all great reads apart from maybe Cloud Atlas. After reading a few pages I'm not sure whether it's my kind of book. I guess I'm glad that I bought it with an offer. Sometimes you know when books are destined to go to the charity shop but I'll have to give it another go eventually. I should probably renew my library card!
Reading List
I love getting parcels from HK. Even if they're not always for me, there's something about receiving parcels from abroad and seeing the foreign stamps. When I was younger, I used to peel them off and stick them into notebooks.
HK Parcels
Easter chocs
Lastly, I hope you've all had a lovely long Easter weekend. I certainly will be spending the next few days stuffing my face with the yummy Easter eggs seen above. Yum! I can't believe it's a 3 day week next week and then another 4 day weekend in celebration of the Royal wedding. I guess I'll watch a bit of it...will you guys be watching?


  1. A new vantage point for your outfit photos my dear? A very lovely one indeed, except that, weren't the neighbours nosing through their lace voiles?

    I've been wanting to read that Murakami book for a while... You wouldn't exercise a little poor-person charity and lend it to moi when you're done with it, would you? No pressure >- teeheehee!


    PS: You have just admitted to stamp collecting. Excellent.

  2. Oh I so want to create my name or some other word out of those Urban Outfitters letters, luckily my name isn't too long so it shouldn't be too expensive!

  3. There is def something about parcels from other countries, the stamps are so pretty! I like your colour coordination too :-)

  4. Happy Easter Minnie Winnie! I always used to get so angry at tacky bookmarks and bowls and stuff, they NEVER had my name spelt right...very upsetting!
    Your closet looks so intriguing..i'm such a nosey person!

    I started Cloud Altas too and thought the same, but it's got such great reviews..i might start trying at it again...hmm.

    Annah xx

  5. You should totally shop when there are sales!
    Urban Outfitters is so awesome, too bad we don't have a store in Holland :(

    Yummy looking chocolate aswell! Aww the bunny even got a ribbon around it!
    Happy Easter xx

  6. Sounds like you got some great buys
    "w"s are the worst to buy, I've been looking for one forever and still haven't found one! Let me know if you do
    Your egg and bunny look delicious, hope you enjoy the weekend munching them!

  7. loving the skirt :)
    I've been looking for some good letters - so hard to find!! x

  8. Such lovely photos! Its still so chilly here..but it might be a heatwave tomorrow. I envy those shoes so much.

    Just a cook out here. I did get a chocolate egg this year from a co-worker...=)

  9. I love those book editions. My obsession is the three E M Forster ones, particularly the Howard's End one with the umbrellas!!! =D


  10. Such a yummy bunny! Love that shopping picture too. Wishing you a fun day.

  11. What a lovely SPRING post! Such color to all your pic. I love that.

  12. Yay Lindt bunnies! Happy Easter xo

  13. So pretty. I did see Water for Elephants this weekend. Much better than I expected. Eyeing The Evolution of Bruno Littlmore and A Discovery of the book department.

  14. Happy Easter Winnie! Have a choc on me...your oxford are really cute!

  15. Happy Easter weekend - hasn't it been glorious?!

    Those books you photographed are so beautifully bound, I would definitely have found them hard to resist!

  16. why do uo just have random letters?! i love the picture though! i always have the opposite problem, s is always taken!
    I hope you've had a lovely Easter Winnie, I'm very jealous of your golden bunny!

  17. The weather has been amazing! I love how it's non tights weather!!
    I love your skirt as well.
    I'm so inspired by colour blocking as well. I haven't tried it properly yet.
    Hehe, I do the 3 for 2 at Waterstones and 2 of them are good, and the 3rd is just one I pick up because of the offer and never end up reading, lol. I'm reading a dead-end book right now.

    Hope you're having a great Easter. I love the Lindt bunnies.

  18. I've never been into an urban outfitters, I didn't know they did things other than clothes? Must go visit one! Love your outfit, especially the blouse - also you should definately nick those brogues off your sister they are perfect for spring! I know what you mean about prettily covered books, I always used pick up the flimsy green £2 classics in Border's but it wasn't quite the same as a nicely bound one.

  19. I love your wardrobe! I am a colour lover as well. And jealous that you can go to HK, althou I was there for CNY! Still miss the food, try the Frozen Yogurt with Monchi, I love it!x

  20. Lovely photos! I adore the Lindt bunny :)

    Maria xxx

  21. your oxfords are really pretty. and jane eyre... such a good, thought-provoking read. love the movie :)

    Empire State of Heart

  22. You're right there is something special about getting parcels from abroad, unfortunately all I get in he post is bills...not very exciting! I've demolished a few mini Lindt bunnies myself today :) x

  23. What a cute outfit! I've been looking forever for a polkadot blouse, but without success so far. And I've just bought Jane Eyre, what a coincidence! But my edition isn't as pretty as that one though :( hmm chocolate eggs! Happy Easter!
    (haha inverted m!)

  24. Sigh! my brother gave me the exact same bunny and I ate it all in one afternoon. I regret it so much :( I love seeing those stamps from Hong Kong too. Reminds me of the parcels I got from my folks. I am current in such shopping mood for spring/summer outfits too! Cute post :)

  25. I love all the random things you put together in a post. Can't wait for my trip to florida next month!

  26. You look adorable in this outfit!! I love it when they bound classic books in beautiful covers too. Since I have a nookColor, I have a hard time buying regular books now. haha!
    Love jane eyre.

  27. wow I love those big decorated letters of REBECCA! How is your Easter weekend going?

  28. You look so cute! I love your shoes :) And i love the letters your sister got for her room! And yumm..Guylian!

  29. U look so cute! Btw I love Lindt's choclate...

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  30. great skirt! :D


  31. Happy Easter! Your goodies look yummy! We're working on Fri but hopefully the wedding wil be up on the big screen in the boardroom and we'll get to watch it. xx

  32. How cute are those shoes ! And how neat to have your clothes in color order :P
    Hope you had a happy easter :)

  33. Hi my dear-sounds like such a wonderful weekend and your outfit is very summery and stylish, I love your skirt!! xx

  34. i love it when a friend borrows or gets one of ur dresses or clothes that dont suit u but they look so pretty ^6 it makes me hapy that my clothes havent gone to waste and they have their chance to shine and look pretty :p

    and im so jelly ur going to HK im not gonna go until im at least 19 i think XD

  35. I loveee no tights-weather! good times.. :D xx

  36. haha love the upside down M idea. yay for no tights! i prefer cold weather in general, but it always makes me really happy to go bare-legged. (:

    p.s. the floral jeans peeking out from that picture with the oxfords are SO COOL looking. who's becky?? please do tell her that i love her jeans

  37. Wow, I simply adore your skirt and your gorgeous flats!!! I love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  38. so stores never have "x" either, so we feel each other's respective pain on that one. also, those oxfords and those bound books are simply beautiful! I love books, too much, I have them stacked everywhere around my house, and it's always a pain in the ass to move, but it's worth it, that stupid kindle thing can step off, it doesn't hold a candle to the touch and feel and smell and look of a hardcover book. that's my rant, sorry.

    also, you look so cute in the chiffon polka dots with the tiered mini. I taught my boyfriend that a couple of months ago while he was bored and waiting for me at the Juicy outlet... "tiered mini" so now everything he sees is a "tiered mini" but he correctly identified your skirt as such just now :) awwww.

  39. I am totally in love with your blouse!

  40. I hope you had a lovely Easter, Minnie...I mean Winnie! Certainly looks like you've had a fab time. I love the books and yes, definitely in the mood for summer shopping to get some more weather-appropriate clothing. Any excuse, really!

  41. I found Cloud Atlas quite good - you know there are loads of different short stories in it, with different genres, so it's not all like the opening pages? Anyway, happy Easter!

  42. Counting the days to my holiday too...47. Can't wait for 10 days of guaranteed sunshine and relaxation, also desperately need to buy a few summer things also as I have virtually nothing left after living abroad last year.

    Love your Easter treats, I had some Lindt bunnies, but one of them has already been demolished. Happy Easter to you too, hope yu had the same beautiful sunny weather that we had.

  43. Winnie, I also adore when classics are republished with beautiful new covers! Those are gorgeous!

    Camila F.

  44. lovely shoes and pretty books, i have the christmas carol one but i want more, the covers are amazing. had a lovely easter weekend, still got an egg left to scoff =)

  45. Not sure if I'll be watching much of the Royal Wedding, so much knitting to do! Luckily Uni is still open for us knitters...
    That snippet of your wardrobe looks interesting, so many pretty colours and textures. Might have to buy some more letters the next time I'm in Brum!
    I had no chocolate this Easter so will have to make up for it at some point!

  46. Beautiful photos! And the floral oxfords look great on your sister. Don't you just love reading novels? ;)

  47. Great pictures! You can always go to a craft store and pick up letters and then decorate them yourself :o)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, be sure to enter the giveaway if you haven't already! :o)


  48. I LOVE those beautiful cloth-covered classic books. I missed out on the Lindt bunnies this Easter and after reading this post, I am kind of sad about it...time to hit the grocery store in hope to snap some up on sale!

  49. Oh,I can't wait for summer,I say: enough studying! The weather is so nice that I can't focus on books and want to go outside...well,after all I will have to put myself together and get to work,but till the end of free days - let's have a picnic!
    I'm glad you're having a wonderful time :) Kisses!

  50. i want one of those lindt easter bunnies !
    they're the bessstttt !

    dont forget to enter my shoe giveaway at my blog !
    www.glisters and

  51. Hi Winnie!
    Lurve your flouncy skirt and your upside-down Ws ;)
    Cath and I will be up at 5 am on Friday to watch the wedding stateside. Atlanta is having a bunch of parties around the city to celebrate, but we don't actually get the day off from work- so we're telling everyone that we're going to a friend's wedding (just a leeettle bit stretching the truth ;)).
    Hope you are having a wonderful short week!

  52. GOD, number FIFTY FIVE

    Those letters can nearly spell Carebear.. and definitely Beer, Bra, and Crab

    Did your sister buy them in the end??

    Those peachy colours flowers outside your house are so pretty! You should take a close up photo and share it here, just for me!!!!!! ha haha

    and ooh.. I've seen Revolutionary Road.. it's really drab and slow and dull and boring
    sort of like living in a world without colour

    can you imagine
    your sandwiches would be grey and taste like ash

    Gotta go!


  53. Those floral oxfords are so fun! Hope you had a lovely Easter :)

  54. I'm excited for no tights weather. The novel covers look really nice.

  55. Those shoes are really pretty. And that's a shame about the M letters, a while ago my Nanny couldn't find any of those name fridge magnets with my name on, haha! And I hope you enjoy your chocolate and the long weekend! Your outfit is lovely too, how beautiful is this Summer weather? Great stamps by the way. xxx

  56. love your denim skirt. it's so cute! and i like these floral letters. just wish they could be bigger. like standing on the floor big.. thanks for sharing this great post

  57. Dreamy post! I miss thee, I started to read Cloud Atlas at uni but found the cover appealed to me more than the book! I hope you are well xxx



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