29 December 2010

I have to admit that I've been quite lazy with the blogging routine lately and I guess the Christmas festivities is a valid excuse! So without further ado, here is what I got up to over Xmas and Boxing day!

First thing Christmas morning the family opened their Christmas presents and we all got stuck in preparing our Christmas lunch.
PresentsChristmas Lunch-2
We all wore our obligatory party hats from the Christmas crackers which are as ever, full of bad jokes and useless plastic surprises (but we wouldn't be without them!).
Christmas Lunch
me & grandma
Grandma needed no persuading to don her party hat...
After lunch we chilled out in our living room. I've always liked how our house is a mixture of traditional Chinese and festive!
We all had our fill of Irish Coffee. We were gifted SO many bottles of Baileys this year!
baileys time!
Just looking at all the boxes of chocolate we were given makes me feel fatter!
My nails were a sparkly turquoise for the day.
Barry M (Cyan Blue) and Butter nail (Henley Regatta) polish.
We received my aunts' Christmas parcel in time and my sister and I were really excited to find Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour (lip colour/gloss) among their gifts. I love this brand and really do think their lipglosses are the best as they are super moisturising. It's a shame the younger Maquillage line is only available in Asia. I will definitely be stocking up when I visit next Summer.
However there was barely any time for resting as my parents, sisters and grandma all had to prepare for our hot pot on the evening when more hungry family members would arrive! So off to make lots of won tons...
won ton making
Peeling the 'thousand year old eggs' which look gross, smell gross but actually taste pretty good. I like them best in congee (rice porridge).
Thousand yr old egg
Hot Pot is always so much fun and once the soup is flavoured, everyone cooks whatever they like. Some of the foods we had were skewered prawns, tofu, beef, squid, noodles, beancurd skins, salmon, halibut and fish balls. Oh and plenty of my dad's special satay sauce. Nom!
hot pot
After plenty of food and drink, we were pretty thankful for the dishwasher. There were so many bowls!
So many!
After hot pot we all chilled out in the living room where we all took turns playing with the Wii.
Wii playing
Christmas day was definitely tiring but it was so much fun! The following day was Boxing day and we hit the shops pretty late in the day but still managed to buy a few things.
Boxing day sales
Sadly no bargains for me. I bought a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in Caress Pink that I've wanted for a while and the RMK Recovery gel which smells like oranges. My skin loves the stuff.
Boxing Day purchases
Me and my sisters...
Sisterly love
I still have some outfit photos that I've taken of Hailey that I need to share in future posts!
Hailey & Me
Hailey- Blazer (Zara) Snood (House of Fraser) Top, Jeans (Topshop)
Me- Shirt, Jacket (Topshop), Grey Tee, Jeggings (UO) and Ribbon
Later on in the evening we returned to the restaurant that my family has been visiting since before I was born! It's the same place that I took Kristabel in her post here. All 14 of us had our fill of yummy Cantonese food.
Boxing day dinner
The night was pretty much identical to the night before. We all drove back to our house where we had traditional chinese soup (tong) made by my grandma. We played on the Wii and stuffed our faces with more chocolate!
Before the night was over, I got one of my cousins to take a photo of me, my parents and my sisters.
Thanks Cuz for the lovely family photo!
The final photo literally marks the end of my Christmas due to the fact my parents only get 2 days off a year. It sounds crazy I know, but it's definitely the norm for most Chinese families, especially first generation Chinese like me whose parents own their own businesses. I definitely had one of the best ones this year as our house was bustling with so many family members. Even though Christmas day was tiring, it was worth it and I can't wait for next year to come along already! However, with 3 huge meals in the space of two days, it's time to think about the post-xmas diet haha. Although that's rather difficult with so many boxes of chocolate everywhere.

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and hope you all have a fantastic new years!


Happy Graduation & Holidays!

23 December 2010

I can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted! I'm afraid that I've been down with flu and since our computer is now located in the kitchen (the coldest room in the house) it's the last place I want to sit! However here I am because you can't keep a blogger away from a computer for too long. So let me catch you up on my life in a few pictures!

Last Thursday was my graduation! Woo hoo!
BBS grad
Yup I did it! I can't lie, it's been a tough year and at times I wasn't really all that sure whether I would make it to the end of the year. One of the hardest things was to have a year out from education because it was so tough to get myself back into the mentality of studying again.
Certificate detail
The uni advises on wearing white and black to the graduation ceremony. Some people think it's boring but actually, I think it looks quite smart. Especially for big group photos! I added a ribbon for a bit of cute detail!
grad day
Shirt (Zara) Skirt (Topshop) Shoes (Carvela)
Mom, Me and Becky
Mom, me and Becky
It was kind of weird to graduate twice from the same university but from two entirely different faculties. When I graduated for undergrad, I was with students who studied the Arts and this time round I was graduating with business, finance and mathematics students. I never ever would have thought I would be one of those students! Two years ago I was happy analysing contemporary theories on sixties pop art and now instead, I'm analysing marketing strategy and accepting my masters! Mind boggling stuff.

Also, Karen Brady from the Apprentice was given an honorary doctorate and it was weird seeing someone I had just watched on TV the night before!

My housemates that I used to live with back then (all Art Historians) are all postgrad students now. The two below who found me after the cermony are both studying masters and one of which is also well on her way towards a PHd! There must have been something in the water...
grad day me and claire
love our umbrellas!
Best of Friends.
One of my favourite things are late birthday presents because they are totally unexpected! One of my friends bought me the Hummingbird Bakery book which I will definitely be putting to good use!
Hummingbird cookbook
Another friend bought me some goodies from Taiwan. My Chinese is er...very very rusty and virtually non-existent because I didn't study for very long at Chinese school. At least I can always ask my mom- something I can't do when I'm trying to decipher the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana as well as the Kanji that is found in ViVi.
Emily's magsEmily's sweets
I love snow. I really do. Everything turns into a winter wonderland but sometimes it can be a nuisance. So many of my friends who came to graduation from overseas couldn't make their flights on time, some have been sitting on planes for 5 hours just for their flight to be canceled. Transportation has been a bit of a nightmare on ground too and I was unable to meet the lovely Ellie who is visiting London from Singapore. She's been keeping a great photo diary so definitely go and check it out!
Now we're heading into the busiest days of the holiday, preparation for Christmas! I'm sure all your Christmas shopping is now done and the presents all wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree! I've got so much to prepare over the next few days. Christmas dinner and Hot Pot are the two big meals that we have to organise in our house! BOTH of which are happening on the 25th this year. Crazy. I don't know if I'll be able to eat the second feast! Following this is a meal out with the family on Boxing day at our favourite Chinese restaurant. I'm off to find the elasticated waistbands as we speak...
Xmas Tree 2010
I've never had a real Christmas tree! One day...
Happy Holidays everyone!


Hidden Treasures

14 December 2010

Sometimes you can really surprise yourself with what you can get out of your little digital camera. The following photos I took one day and it required no fancy cameras or software! The subject of these photos are completely everyday things- curtains, sky, fence, blinds and bamboo.
Winter Waves
Definitely one of my favourites...
Bright blue sky
Not so ordinary
Through the blindsBamboo
Loving the sparkles...
So how did I get these photos of everyday things to turn out so abstract? Well...my mom saved a whole bunch of crystals off an old chandelier that belonged to my grandma. I picked one up and the sudden idea of experimenting with photos popped into my head.
Pretty cool huh?


It's all about the details.

09 December 2010

Converse are definitely NOT the best thing to wear when it snows but sometimes I'm not that practical. Wearing my new studded knee socks layered over my dot tights are also not ideal for such chilly weather. Despite pulling on my trusty Westwood coat, I may as well have been wearing no tights at all. Lesson learnt...I think.
Ribbons and Spots 2
Next time I'll have to layer up with more opaque tights but I do like the little details with the mixture of dots and the cutesy ribbon print.
Ribbons and spots
Cardi (Random store) Top (Uniqlo Heattech) Skirt (Sunday Upmarket Brick Lane) Tights (Primark) Knee socks (River Island) Shoes (Converse)
I found these waiting for me on the dining room table the other day. These Koala cookies definitely bring back a bit of nostalgia from my childhood and are just as fun as I remember! I was so happy to be reunited with them again that my mom now keeps buying cute boxes of confectionery whenever they catch her eye at the Chinese supermarket. No, I am definitely not complaining!
Koala Cookies
chocolate and strawberry flavour!
Koala Cookies 2
Some other nice surprises are getting a coffee (a mocha in this case) and finding something completely unexpected. Yeah it might only be a little heart sprinkled on top with chocolate but this little detail definitely made my day! In true blogger style, I snapped it up.
Coffee and Heart
I could so do with a cuppa right now...


Bright Lights and Carousels.

06 December 2010

Every year I visit the Birmingham German Market. Apparently it's the largest of it's kind outside of Germany itself and it's always fun to visit. I went recently with some friends where we bought our mulled wine and stood huddled outside of a giant polar bear shaped stall (sadly no pictures-but it sold Beer!) desperately trying to keep warm in the seemingly arctic conditions. Maybe it was the copious amounts of Wine and Beer but everyone around us were really jolly, all dancing and singing along to the the band that were playing Christmas songs.

Of course, I bought my camera along and took some photos, mainly of the Carousel. Carousels are always great to take photos of, they're so interesting and it's pretty hard to get a boring shot. Hmmm maybe just blurry shots seeing as I don't own a fancy DSLR! One day....
German Market: Beer Stall
Carousel 1
Carosel 2
I'm trying to use my Fuji Instax more sparingly seeing as I run the risk of burning a whole in my pocket when it comes to replacing the film. These are enlarged way bigger than the actual photos but they still look cool!
German market instax
German Market Carousel instax 2
German Market Carousel detail instax
I'm definitely feeling all festive now. Our Christmas tree was put up last night and everyone is busy Christmas Shopping. I've been super organised this year and ALL my shopping is done. Yay! So it's quite nice to sort of observe the frantic Christmas shoppers, are you one of them and the big question is what do you hope to receive for Christmas?

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