Old and New!

30 November 2010

It seems like ages ago since my last outfit post but I'm back with an old favourite and some new ones too. Unlike some people who buy a new Winter coat every year, I have a hard time buying coats and own just one warm jacket and one warm coat. I'm definitely a firm believer in as long as you choose wisely, the garment will serve you many many many years!

This is definitely one of them and if you're long time readers, it's the only real coat you've ever seen me in! I'll probably wear it until I'm old and grey haha. OK maybe I'll HAVE to buy a few more coats by then...
Nice and Cosy 2
Coat (Vivienne Westwood)
Black and Coral
Cardi (Topshop) Dress (Topshop) Necklace (Bexy Lady)
Black and Coral Detail
It's also definitely time for 100 denier thick cotton tights...and what better than to team them up with some new shoes? I bought these booties in the sale over at Urban Outfitters (you can still buy them here) and I adore them! They have really great grip on the rubber sole. So at least my mother can't complain but then again she's always pestering me to wear heels because I'm so short. Unfortunately my 13yr old sister is now my height and still growing. Nooo.
New Shoes
Boots (UO)
Oh lastly, I bought a ring from the newly opened Forever 21 store in Birmingham where I bumped into fellow blogger Sandra! Sometimes when you're out and about you forget that you're a blogger...it's like some kind of secret alter ego.
Pearly Bow Ring
Nails (Barry M- Gold) Ring (Forever 21)
The Forever 21 store is humungus which is kind of an understatement. It feels like a department store. When I visited one of their stores in New York a few Summers ago, I thought it seemed a little like New Look except less trend led. Now that it's in the UK, I still feel the same, except with wayyyy more product. Since it's so big, It's the type of store I would go to with a specific item in mind, because it would take HOURS to browse. Price-wise, at first things seem really cheap but the longer you spend in there the less noticeable it is! Verdict? It's most certainly fast fashion when we're talking about quality which is no real surprise but I'm also glad that there is even more choice on the high street!

Have any of you guys visited yet and what do you think of it?


ViVi: December 2010

26 November 2010

Let's keep this post simple. These are my favourites from the December issue of ViVi!
Vivi Dec10 cover
I still want to find a beret like the one below, with a great big bobbly furry pom pom....
Vivi Dec10 1
I adore this faux fur coat and they're the perfect companion in this chilly weather that has taken hold of the UK. I'm yet to find one that suits me. Also the brand is a little unfortunately named.
Vivi Dec102
ViVi loves Rumi and for last couple of magazines I've picked up, there have been a few pages dedicated to her and looks that have been inspired by her. For a magazine that's predominately filled with half Japanese models, it's really no wonder and Rumi looks like she belongs in there!
Vivi Dec10 3
I need to get hold of a leather jacket in a charity shop and sew on great big pearls on to it!
Vivi Dec10 6
Vivi Dec10 8
Still loving the shoes and socks combo. I've STILL not really given this a go.
Vivi Dec10 9
Miliyah Kato's (Japanese singer) fashion page is one of my favourites!
Vivi Dec107
Vivi Dec10 4
I've just noticed that almost ALL of these scans contain some kind of variation of leopard print. I actually don't own any leopard print apart from some purple printed tights and a scarf. Looks like my unconscious self is trying to tell me something!

Also. I set up a Tumblr on a whim because I was curious. I'm now addicted.


Fashion, Art and Food!

22 November 2010

Last Friday I popped down to London for the day as Kristabel had some tickets for Kenzo:Fashion In Motion at the V&A and er...how could I say no? Unfortunately I have zero photos of myself...apart from my purple clad legs from when I was waiting for my bus. I can assure you that the top half of my outfit was also purple and grey. Definitely a favourite colour combo of mine!
Jeans and ConverseWaiting for train
more waiting for the train...
I read this Metro article on the train and it reminded me of when my grandma asked an evaluator to her house to look at some things that my granddad had collected over the years. She believed that some were antiques but sadly this was not the case. My granddad was a lover of junk and had clearly been conned into buying a lot of tourist tack....and definitely not worth £43 million.
crazy news
When I arrived, I met Kristabel at the Japan Centre where we ate delicious and cheap sushi. I also stocked up on my goodies from the post before and soon after we headed to the V&A to check out the show! Kenzo is pretty iconic for it's bold prints and the mixture of fabrics and the show showcased the labels designs from the last 40 years.
The show was held in the Raphael gallery in the V&A and as an Art History grad I did question the bright lights and the delicate art works but I soon forgot when the bold looks hit the runway. I have to say that the venue was fantastic for the show and created a level of drama that I think is well suited for LFW shows too! Kristabel took some fab shots of the runway too and Jazmine who attended the event in the evening, took some style.com worthy shots and can be seen on her Facebook blog page. Definitely go and check them both out for even better pictures!
I adore the V&A and it's my favourite museum in London. I'm a huge fan of Art Nouveau ever since I studied it for GCSE , A-Level Art and then briefly for Undergrad so I had to take a photo of the iconic posters from this era.
Art Nouveau Posters V&A
Mucha, Cheret, Toulouse-Lautrec, Meunier and Bradley.
In the materials and fabrics part of the museum I came across Anne Wilson's 'Topologies' piece. I loved the landscape that she creates through embroidery. I only wished that the piece was more prominently displayed, it seemed a shame to see it in the corner of the room. It was placed under glass so when I took this photo from the level of the art work, the reflection looked like another landscape. Kinda cool.
Anne Wilson Topologies2Anne Wilson Topologies
Anne Wilson, Topologies, 2008, Lace, cloth, thread and pins
Lastly Kristabel and I were reunited with our favourite Irish blogger, Fi from SOS Save Our Shoes and we bonded over yummy food in Spitalfields. So while I didn't take any pictures of myself, here is the food I ate!
mint tea
Yummy mint tea, obviously not quite as good as the real deal I had in Morocco.
burger and chips
Lastly, they'll probably hate me for putting this picture up but to prove I wasn't dining on my own here are the lovely ladies who were my company!
KB and Fi
It was such a good day and hopefully I'll be back soon to catch Future Beauty: 30 years of Japanese Fashion at the Barbican!


Kitschy goodies

17 November 2010

So last Friday I popped down to London for the day for a very Japanese filled day with Kristabel where later Fi joined us for dinner. I'll post more about it in my next post but first some goodies that I picked up at the Japan Centre.

You might have noticed a lack of ViVi scans around here but I managed to get my hands on the latest copy with their favourite cover girl, Ayumi Hamasaki. I'll be scanning my favourite pages in soon!
As a kid, my mom would buy Pocky and Lotte Koala Cookies from the Chinese supermarkets and when I saw the 8Tokyo post on the Pocky panda packaging I really wanted to get hold of some. No panda for me but I found a penguin one!
penguin pocky 2
The packaging is super kawaii and his little hands fold out to hang on the outside of your bag. I'd take him everywhere with me if he wasn't just an empty cardboard box now...sadly void of all it's Pocky goodness.
penguin pocky
Just hangin'
Moving onto more kitschy impluse buys. I saw this little plastic tub of gomashio (toasted black sesame seeds and salt used for onigiri etc.) and I just had to buy it. The seal is totally adorable and makes my sushi time EVEN cuter than it already is, what with my bunny and heart seaweed stamps and my character bentos seen here and here
My Fuji Instax photos seem to show that I have a clear obsession with all things cute and preferably with faces. A seal, penguin and an owl? Oh my....


(Almost) A day in Pictures

13 November 2010

Earlier in the week I attempted one of those a picture an hour posts that Rebecca and Pink Bow do so well. I failed (I kept forgetting to take photos every hour and there isn't always the opportunity) but you can still have some photos to look at!

Since my grandma has moved in with us for a little while, she brings back all manner of things to fill our fridge and fruit basket. This tomato-like apple looking thing is a Persimmon fruit. The taste reminds me faintly of Chinese pear...if you've ever had one that is!
I met some friends and sampled a new South American restaurant that had opened called Bodega. The food was really good! I highly recommend those sweet potato fries. Delish!
tacos and nachos
Of course I had my new love- the Fuji Instax with me. So I posed with some chilli sauce and my friends pulled silly faces.
tobascolaura and Carys at Bodega
I also went shopping with my mom. These escalators always baffle me. They were paint free up until a few months ago. How else are you meant to stand on an escalator?
I pondered for a long time whether to get this Zara jacket. It's gorgeous but I decided that it was too expensive and looking back, I've got quite broad shoulders so the very pointy shoulder pads are not so much my cup of tea! Still lovely though.
We had dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant. I've been visiting this place since as long as I can remember and my dad has made quite a lot of friends here over the years- always plenty of banter when we visit. It's amazing for Dim Sum too.
Like so many, I'm hooked on The Apprentice and after the dinner out, I had to catch up on the old iplayer when we arrived home on my other new love...our shiny 27" iMac. Yay!
It might seem like an entire day in pictures but these were taken over 2 days! Ahh will have to put more effort into it next time!


Grandma knits and bag...

10 November 2010

Taking outfit photos lately has been a bit of a nightmare. The weather has been awful and since I no longer have uni (sob) I am indoors searching for jobs on the computer which means lots of lazy day outfits!

Anyway, I love the fact that cable knit cardigans and sweaters are all over the shops at the moment. This means I have even more reason to wear my grandma's lovely knits. Who knew that I would be wearing cardigans and jumpers that she knitted for my dad and aunts all those years ago? Money certainly couldn't buy these! She's the same grandma in these Vintage photos I posted not too long ago.
Tunic (Zara) Cardigan (Handknitted by my grandma) Skirt (H&M) Belt (H&M) Tights (Primark) Shoes (Topshop)
Both the cardi and bag are not strangers to this blog but I do wear this Vivienne Westwood bag a lot when I go out with friends. I've had it since I was 18 and it's definitely starting to look a little frayed around the edges. I should probably take more care when using it now.
I remember when I went into a Vivienne Westwood store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong all those years ago. There, my aunts persuaded me not to buy a little black bowling bag with the infamous slogan, "Too fast to live, too young to die" emblazoned on the side. I'm so glad I listened, this one is definitely more classic and chic! It was also bought with the help of my grandma...so a lotta grandma love in this post!
Hopefully, I'll get to catch up with my grandma and HK relatives next Summer. It sucks that they live on the other side of the world.


Another year older...

04 November 2010

There's not long left of my 24th birthday but I've had a nice quiet week of celebrations with my family and friends.

I actually had my cake super early on Sunday since my family were all together and it's family day in our house. My mum and I always share a birthday cake since we share the same birthday.
The cake says Mum, my Chinese name and then Happy birthday underneath!
birthday shot
On Wednesday my grandma treated my mum and I to a newly opened Chinese buffet restaurant. I'm not the hugest fan of buffet in general but the desserts are always fun. The jelly tasted like Rowntree's fruit pastilles!
buffet dessert
Waaay too much cream but pretty to look at!

My grandma bought me this really cute red cropped blazer. I plan on wearing it tomorrow with a black dress to party it up with friends. Pictures will definitely ensue! Unfortunately outdoor pictures have been impossible these few days...terrible British weather for you!
red jacket
Blazer (H&M) T-shirt (Realitees at TopShop) Jeggings (UO) Boots (Blowfish)
My parents bought me the Fuji Instax Mini 25 that I have been tweeting about a lot! I didn't think I would get it in time for today but amazingly, the postie delivered it first thing! I'm obsessed with it already. Waaa. It's amazing.
hello kitty instax
fuji instax hk
Of course I had to take one as a momento of our birthday with my mum and then I got pretty snap happy.
Today I had lunch with friends at Wagamamas and I tucked into some Seafood Ramen. Not that you get much seafood. Still yummy though.
seafood ramen
We finished off the day at Starbucks where we succumbed to our old age and bonded over some tea and hot chocolate!
Looks like I will be spending a lot of money on film! I can't wait to share more on here. I'm already on the hunt for some of the novelty hello kitty film...after all I have the hello kitty cam!

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