A new favourite...

30 October 2010

Vero Moda is a store that I occasionally visit since it first appeared in the Bullring shopping centre. I had no idea that London did not have their own Vero Moda but fear not Londoners, Vero Moda are finally opening a store in London on Oxford Street and it's going to be their flagship!

The lovely people over at Vero Moda (thank you to Karrie!) sent me some goodies and my birthday (next week) definitely arrived early. I absolutely adore this jacket from their premium Very range.
It looks perfect with a vintage faux fur stole and I've been wearing this jacket a lot recently.
Jacket (Vero Moda) T-shirt (Zara) Skirt (Oasis) Shoes (Oasis) Scarf (Vintage)
The big day is on my birthday on Thursday 4th November (I'm turning 24 which is a scarily grown up age) which means unfortunately I can't attend their grand opening because well...I'll be stuffing my face with birthday food instead! Not so bad either hey?
knitted hat on kokeshi
If you're reading this Nat, Thank you!
Perhaps a little random (but that's nothing new for this blog!) but my friend sent me a card saying congrats for finishing my masters and inside was this little knitted hat! I thought long and hard what to do with it but it fits this little kokeshi doll perfectly!


Happy Food

26 October 2010

There are some snacks that just put a big smile on your face and they are most definitely treats that you are never too old for...

Making onigiri or bento puts a whole new spin on 'playing with your food' These rice balls have seaweed faces with bunny cut outs for the eyes!
smiley rice balls
Freshly made sushi and pickled ginger at my favourite Japanese restaurant...
The Hummingbird bakery never fails to disappoint...
Hummingbird bakery
I tried one of their Woopie pies which I think looks like a very fat macaron or oreo. Yummy but not quite as good as a proper cupcake!
A quick trip to the supermarket for some cupcake ingredients and I revert back to a child in the sweets aisle..
We're all big kids really.
Homemade lemon and ginger cupcakes with lemon frosting. The daisies are an ugprade from the instant Tom and Jerry cake mix with the rice paper decorations that I insisted on buying when I was younger!
What are your happy foods?


Paisley and Crackle

23 October 2010

I almost didn't want to write a new post because I loved the last one so much. However it makes me realise that I should do something about framing those old photos for my parents.

These days my favourite thing to do is wear knee socks layered over tights...which means tmy legs are extra toasty! I've got a bad habit of ripping these kind of dot tights so I'm glad to have discovered super cheap ones over at Primark (£2!). Guess I was a little late catching on!
Jacket (Pepe Jeans) Top (Heattech by Uniqlo) Skirt (UO) Belt (Accessorize) Scarf (H&M) Tights&Socks (Primark) Shoes (H&M)
There's still no escaping those granny ankles!
After rave reviews all over the blogosphere over the Barry M Instant Nail Effects Nail Polish, I had to check it out when I went into Superdrug today. There really is no need to shell out a hefty £10 on the OPI version, the Barry M version is only £3.95 and I loooove it.
So many colour combinations!


Vintage Family Portraits

18 October 2010

This is probably one of my favourite blog posts ever. Mostly because it's one I had a lot of fun putting together. It all started when my grandma brought round some photos for my mom and among them, was this photograph of my mom (seated) and one of my aunts. There is such charm with old vintage photographs and they are just extra special when they are of people you know. The photos were taken c.1963 in Hong Kong. I adore the little bit of blush added to their cheeks and lips.
Armed with this photo, I hunted around the house for some old photos that I recalled seeing when I was little of my dad and his family. It's so strange seeing my other grandparents look so young! Those woven basket chairs seen above and below are so incredibly 60s. Must have been quite standard for family photos! This photo would have been taken in 1960.
I found more photos of my dad, chilling at the beach next to a little boat with his little bucket of sand. Cute huh? I love the raggedy edge of these photos and they double up as a postcard on the back!
Lastly, a group photo of my dad, my uncle and my two aunts. Their little white socks are adorable. My aunts in Hong Kong like to keep up with me on this blog and I think this will definitely be a surprise when they read it later!

Vintage photos always make me think of a time long gone but these are so incredibly sentimental. They remind me that my parents had very different lives growing up in Hong Kong, compared to my sisters and I in England! Incredible.


Collar up!

14 October 2010

I was sent these lovely collars from Beaumont Organic. The brand which is environmentally friendly and ethically minded is the brainchild of Hannah Beaumont and in 2008, she won the natural and organic awards. Not only this, she set up the Beaumont Organic Foundation where a small percentage of profit to a school in Fiji. Pretty cool stuff.

The collars are really fun to play around with and change up outfits in an instant. My youngest sister immediately put the bib collar on her head like a flowerpot baby, so I guess they have many uses haha!
beaumont organic collars
I love Peter Pan collars so I was immediately drawn to the simple little collar. I turned it inside out and wore it the other way in this all grey outfit, I didn't realise until after I looked at the photo, that it matches my skirt perfectly! Please excuse the granny ankles though...
cllar 1
Cardigan (Hand Knitted by my Grandma) Tee (Miss Selfridge) Belt (H&M) Skirt (Brick Lane Market) Shoes (TopShop)
I adore the second collar too and it injects a little bit of fun. I was inspired by the pretty layered petal shapes and ended up wearing a layered outfit too.
collar 2
I'm definitely looking forward to incorporating the collars into more outfits, so thank you to Beaumont Organic for sending these my way!

This illustration that was sent to me also features a peter pan collar and it's pretty awesome! Sandra over at Dolls and Guys is the talented lady behind it and was inspired by this post.
Print by Sandra Campbell
I love it and totally made my day when I saw it among my emails. Thanks so much Sandra!!


Bubble Tea and Perfumes!

11 October 2010

One of my favourite drinks in the world is Bubble tea. Something that I haven't had in the longest time but the other day my mom surprised me with a Taro flavoured one that she bought from a new Chinese cafe that has opened in town. It wasn't quite as good as what I'm used to in HK but it was still yummy!
bubble tea
I also went out at the weekend to a (re)freshers party which was animal golf super hero school themed. I avoided wearing a white shirt and stuck with my sheer one instead and found a pink tie from my little sister's room. I wish I was still a fresher!
october hkoctober
Yes, I'm still a sucker for Hello Kitty.
Sheer shirt (H&M) Skirt (Topshop) Socks (Topshop)
Anyway, like most girls, I love my perfume and I have a few favourites that I use regularly. I want to know what your favourite perfumes are! I'm always hanging around the perfume counters and testing out my favourites.
Lancome(Miracle So Magic) Ghost (Deep Night) Chanel (Chance en fraiche) Body Shop (Love etc) Lanvin (Jeanne)
In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the 'Be Delicious' fragrance and a special competition to New York over on the DKNY facebook page, DKNY kindly sent me their iconic green apple perfume which now sits proudly among my small stash of perfume.

However, it's not just me who has a new perfume...you guys can have one too! I've got a 30ml EDT and a make up bag to give away!
This could be yours!
The giveaway is open internationally! To enter:
  1. Leave a comment below.
  2. Be sure to leave a contact email address.
  3. I'll randomly pick a winner Monday 18th October and I'll let you know by email if you've won!
Good Luck guys!


Pretty Colours

06 October 2010

Yup, I'm going backwards to LFW again to share a few snaps from the exhibition at Somerset House. The exhibition at LFW was an opportunity to check out some of the collections up close and personal and I look forward to it every season. I took far too many photos there to not share with you guys, so expect a few more posts like these to come!

First up is the lovely Bryce Aime. Bryce Aime's patchwork element with the incorporation of different types of fabrics was fun and allows for a much more tactile experience. I 'd also love a pair of those two-toned sheer leggings. I've been contemplating whether to get rid of my footless tights but a quick DIY with two contrasting colours doesn't seem like such a bad idea now!
Bryce Aime 2
Bryce Aime
Next up is Felicity Brown. I actually took photos of her dresses last year but I didn't share them! However there's no time like the present and her pretty pleated dresses were on show once again, this time in the TOPSHOP Newgen part of the exhibition. I really adore the dyed pleats from the softly dyed pastel ones to the more intense, dark navy colours and I eagerly snapped away...
Felicity Brown 4
The dresses have clearly been through a lot- from magazine shoots to being displayed for two seasons. However it was a shame to see that some of the dresses had Biro marks on them, a result of someone who had obviously been a little thoughtless in the handling of these dress.
Felicity Brown 3
Felicity Brown DETAIL2
This is probably my favourite detail shot ever and definitely worthy of desktop wallpaper material if I may say so myself!


Summer layers and installation art

03 October 2010

This outfit was left from the slightly warmer days that meant tights could stay in my ever-increasingly messy tights drawer and Uniqlo Heat techs were bit a distant memory from early in the year. Those days seem like so long ago now as I am now piling on the layers, trying to fight off the chill that will inevitably ensue. So while I attempt to see how long I can refrain from wearing my Winter coat, here's a look back to my Summer layering...
Shrug and Drapey vest (Hong Kong- probably from Island Beverley, Causeway Bay) Dress (Christopher Kane for TopShop) Skirt (Topshop) Belt (New Look) Shoes (Oasis)
Here are a few extra shots that I couldn't fit into the last post. When Kristabel visited Birmingham briefly for the day, we ventured over to the Custard Factory (the original home of Bird's Custard) and we explored the newly refurbished building that is slowly being filled with lots of creative types (there are plenty of artists studios here). I'm excited for the place to become filled with independent, creative shops but for the time being, there are some nice details to see and evidently, take photos of!
One of the first things you see upon entering the 4 storey Atrium is a floating scultpure , 'The Deluge' by Toin Adams. If you've visited before, she was the same artist who created 'The Green Man' sculpture which stands proudly at the entrance of the factory. 'The Deluge' is a little creepy and perhaps a little foreboding but it's impressive against the stark white walls and height of the Atrium.
Toin Adams, 'The Deluge', Foam, Aluminum and paint, 2009.
Another sculpture that makes an impact is 'Chaos' and it was the subject of a little fun editing on my part.
Philip Watts Design, 'Chaos', Steel tubing and glass, 2010
Despite being made from white steel tubing, the sculpture takes on an organic life form and seems to grow out of the floor of the central courtyard. The steel tubing rises up from the floor and reaches right up to the 5th storey where a innovative little glass bridge is just about visible. It's definitely my favourite feature of the custard factory so far.

It's the early hours of Sunday morning which for me, means our family tradition of yum cha (dim sum) and lovely lazy afternoons! What will you guys be up to?

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