29 September 2010

With LFW still fresh in our memories (it had only finished a few days beforehand), last Friday, Birmingham hosted a little fashion event of their own called Style Birmingham which lasted the weekend. Emma from the Bullring Mall kindly invited me to check out a special high street runway show (aptly named 'The Show') held in the middle of the shopping centre and another show held in the Town Hall.
Those who are familiar with Gok Wan's TV show would probably recognise the space since he seems to like filming in the Bullring. The show showcased all the brands available in the Bullring shopping centre.

The looks were really accessible and along with my partner in crime that day, Kristabel we both really enjoyed the show.
I need some gray knee socks in my life.
Those amazing heeled creepers are from Office.
After this, we wandered around the shops and as always, cutesy kitschy things caught my eye. These salt and pepper shakers from Urban Outfitters are definitely my kind of thing!
Next up was a show at the Town Hall, hosted by the very dapper George Lamb. My photos of the suave presenter were sadly very blurry. We were treated with a look at Osman's AW10 collection, who was is originally from Birmingham. It was a real treat as neither Kristabel or I had been to see his show in February.
The rest of the show showcased other brands in Birmingham (not just confined to the Bullring) ranging from brands from Harvey Nichols and House of Fraser. The show lasted about an hour and with most shows like this, there was nothing minimal about the looks and were styled like mannequins in shop windows, laden with accessories.
It was fun and definitely a world away from the fashion shows that we're familiar with. Plenty of wolf-whistling for the boys in boxers...which I didn't get any photos of. Sorry to disappoint! Perhaps it's not quite 'Birmingham Fashion Week' but I would really love to see local graduates showcase their designs eventually and somehow be incorporated into the city's style weekend.

Not quite runway worthy but this was my outfit of the day! It was quite chilly as it became dark and I soon envied Kristabel's layering...scarves, jumpers, tights. Oh the Summer has well and truly left us.
Cardi (UO) Dress (French Connection) Belt (H&M) Lace Top (New Look) Socks, Shoes (Topshop) Bag (Vintage)
Before Kristabel left for her train back to London, we stopped off for Dinner at my favourite place, Mount Fuji for some good ol' Bento boxes. The food is simple but delicious. I could eat here everyday!
To prove that I didn't spend the day alone, here is the lovely Kristabel enjoying her Bento!
Mmmm. I could definitely eat another Bento right now!


Ashish SS11

26 September 2010

Seeing as I only went to one show this year (note to self, be more organised next season!), I better share these photos before the chaos of fashion week is forgotten!
Ashish checked shirt
Ashish Polka fringe
With the theme of Rodeo-Drive, the collection was emblazoned with sequinned cowboy shirts, animal print, spots and plenty of fringing all set to the beat of a great soundtrack. It was all definitely in your face and well, it was always meant to be right? It's Ashish! So as I said in my previous post, when I left the tent I heard some mixed reviews. Yeah it can appear a bit crazy but I really think that with a collection like Ashish's, you need to consider the pieces independently of the whole ensemble.
Ashish dog print
Ashish fringe
Final walk Ashish SS11
End shot AsHish SS11
These were my favourites! The over-sized, striped sequinned rugby/poncho style top was show-stopping when it appeared on the runway. You could hardly miss it! The western cowboy style top also caught my eye and reminds me of the many denim-jewel encrusted shirts that I've seen in charity/vintage shops.

The fringing was over-sized too which meant that they moved freely and had a life of their own and so they became statement pieces in their own right.

Regardless of whether it was your style or not, you have to admit that it was in true Ashish style; Fun, vibrant with plenty of his trademark sequins! I can't wait to see what he comes up with next season!

PS: Made some minor changes and resized the photos on the blog and I'm loving the bigger pictures!


Daytripping it LFW style!

22 September 2010

Before the 22nd is over, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! to those who celebrate it! Here is the famed mooncake that is eaten during this festival.
Oops for the blurriness...wrong setting!
Typical filling=Lotus seed paste with double egg yolks
Anyway, onwards to a run down of what I got up to yesterday at my one and only day at LFW. Bit weird only being there for one day this season but it was still good fun soaking up the LFW atmosphere!
LFWSS11Somerset house
I hung out with Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary...who the street photographers absolutely adored!
Jasmine's Outfit
We also hung out with Kristabel from I want you to know who is a familiar face on this blog now. I am totally loving the knee socks and we discussed the very apparent need for some sock glue! Popular with Irish dancers as well as Japanese girls dontcha know!
kristabel Outfit
I never take good outfit shots for other people, I get all fidgety and giggly. Fail.
Faux vest (H&M) Top (Heattech by Uniqlo) Lace Top, skirt (Topshop) Shoes (Office)
We explored the exhibition together (more on the exhibition in the next few posts).
Louise Gray
Louise Gray prints
Very luckily and courtesy of Village Press, Kristabel and I made it into the Ashish show (big thanks to Alice). As soon as I stepped out of the tent I heard some pretty scathing reviews but I thought there were some fun pieces amongst the crazy mish mash of colours, prints and fringing. Personally, I'm not a fan of cowboy hats, boots and trucker hats but I did see some great pieces! I'll be posting up more some more pics on this and some of my favourites in my next post.
Ashish flame dressAshish walk
LFW is always a fun place to hang out with fellow bloggers. We chilled out in the press tent with Shini where we indulged in Vitamin water and scones! I also finally met the ever so lovely Clare from I like Tweet, Yishyene aka Smallcrazy and had a brief chat with the ever-so busy Susie who was constantly being asked for interviews and papped by admirers.

After all the LFW madness, I met up with my friend for some good ol' Pizza Express...
I very luckily managed to get a night time tour of the houses of Parliament seeing as she works there. I never visited on school trips but it was really cool (and actually a bit eerie) wandering along the corridors and soaking up the history. Fraid I couldn't get any photos because of the strict security policy!
So that was my brief visit for LFW SS11 over and done with!
See you next year!
See you next season!


Hello Autumn...

17 September 2010

This week has been full of goodbyes but before I leave for yet another farewell dinner here is a quickie outfit post.

I wish I had worn this faux leather vest I bought from H&M more often this summer but there are some things you tend to forget about. Right now I'd rather get my hands on something long sleeved for the breezy weather that has definitely returned for good. Yes, hello Autumn and hello Autumn colours. Sometimes this skirt is a little bit Hawaiian shirt-like and other times it reminds me of Autumn leaves. I'm going for the latter this time...
Top (Heattech at Uniqlo) Faux vest (H&M) Skirt (DIY Vintage) Belt (Topshop) Shoes (Nine West)
Speaking of Autumnal colours, there were some really beautiful shades over at the Marc Jacobs show from earlier in the week. Seeing as it was for SS11, the warm tones were probably meant to evoke summer sunsets and the like but as you can see from the outfit above, these are colours that I would wear all year round. I adored the backstage shots and the constant tweeting from Robert Duffy over at Marc Jacobs International leading up to and during the show. If you're a follower of theirs on twitter then you would have seen these but I just had to save my favourites and share!
backstage SS11 MJ 1
backstage SS11 MJ 2
MJ SS11 MJ 3
backstage SS11 MJ
It was a great show but it seems that a lot of bloggers are similar to me and prefer Marc by Marc Jacobs for it's much more wearable pieces.

I'm actually quite lazy with tuning into fashion week but now with NYFW done, the world has it's eyes on LFW! Can't wait to make a brief visit on Tuesday to soak up the atmosphere.


A whole lotta cake.

13 September 2010

It seems that these days it's almost a requirement to be a cupcake/cake lover if you're going to call yourself a blogger. They're present at all blogger events and to me it's a bit like men who drive convertibles, they seemingly have to be middle aged and preferbly bald (so true right?!). But I digress, what I'm trying to say is that like most bloggers, I'm quite fond of all things cake shaped (as if you guys haven't noticed haha).

I bought some cakes today from the Chinese bakery and if you've ever tried Asian cakes, they're a different consistency to the 'norm'. Super soft and spongey but also calorifically cream laden.
I chose to eat this Taro flavoured one, purely because I love the colour. Probably not the best flavour, but it looked pretty!
Lil' sis Becky ate this one with a sweet chestnut filling. This filling is quite popular in Birthday cakes too.
We also bought some of my favourite buns including yummy Pineapple buns which even though it's named after the fruit, it doesn't have any pineapple in it at all! Some of the others have fillings like cream, custard, pork and red bean paste.
Though nothing quite beats the amazing patisseries found in Paris. I took these shots of these shop windows when I visited a few years ago. I really need to dig out some more photos to share soon. Amazing displays!
Yummy but so much cream I know. I need to stop looking at food blogs too but Cutest Food blog is just too darn cute. I feel fatter just from looking!


Catching up!

09 September 2010

It feels like ages since I've worn contrasting colours like this but I feel much more myself when I do! Finishing up the masters has made me lazy with outfits, but I'm definitely going to bring back the patterns and clashing colours some more and hopefully fewer blurry pics too!
Tee (Neurotica) Purple Frill Vest (HK) Cardi (Oasis) Skirt Topshop) Shoes, Belt (TopShop)
So the past week has seen me catch up with friends. There has been plenty of fun party times...
...and farewells too.
Oh and yes that is a giant nipple near my head in case you were wondering. It's a giant poster covering the new Hollister store that is set to open in a few months time.
On a side note, Music and Burberry definitely go hand in hand these days and I had to post this video of George Craig even though I'm not the hugest fan of his band, One Night Only. I can't help but watch the video for that amazing shearling jacket and actually, it's not a bad song either! I've clicked play quite a few times now...
(Performed for Vogue's Fashion Night Out)
We all know that Burberry is quite hot on technology these days and they've just launched the Burberry Retail Theatre across 25 stores worldwide, allowing online and in-store events during the live streaming of the womenswear show SS11 which is kind of cool. I just love the technology savvy direction of Burberry. As if LFW is just around the corner!

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