Asian Snacks and the MSc.

27 August 2010

I hate filling the blog with dissertation news but woes they are not. I'm very nearly done which is awesome and means I can get back to catching up with everyones blogs and er...the big hunt for the first graduate job (which is probably more scary!).

Thank you for all the good luck vibes too and especially to those who answered my dissertation questions that I left on this blog ages ago. You guys helped me way more than you realise!

Anyway, here is a long overdue outfit post. Breaking out the sheer blouse and my favourite Henry Holland tights!
butterfly belt and sheer blouse
Blouse (H&M) Vest Top (New Look) Skirt (Urban Outfitters) Belt (Pop Boutique) Tights (HoH) Shoes (TopShop)
During dissertation-ing, I'm constantly snacking (hands up who does it too?). Some of my favourite drinks are Yakult and Vitasoy. Back when Yakult was not readily avaliable at supermarkets, I remember my grandad bringing packs of them back with him from trips to Hong Kong. They were such a novelty when I was a kid and they remind of me of being little.

Gotta love Vitasoy too (soya milk drink) definitely a home comfort when I drink these! My parents told me that when they were younger in Hong Kong, they were sold in glass bottles (like Coke) and they would buy hot ones and walk to school drinking them!
My mom constantly comes home with different varieties of Asian snacks that she liked the look of in the Chinese supermarket. My favourite are the spicy Shrimp crackers but these corn flavoured ones are pretty yummy too.
Korean Crisps
Plus they're fun to eat! Rawrrr!
Silly claws.
As if this academic year has passed so quickly, some of it has been pretty stressful and more challenging than I could ever have imagined. Studying for a masters can be pretty tough and it's been a bit of a learning curve. However, I can definitely say that I nearly have a MSc to my name and plenty of amazing friends from my course. I hope we're reunited again one day as most are scattered around the world!


Hailey's New Trews

22 August 2010

I have been crazy busy with dissertation work (thankfully, the end is in sight) and unfortunately I've an exam on Wednesday so have been cramming for that.

So while I gather my thoughts and put full effort into the final slog of my masters, here is my sister Hailey! I don't own any trousers and I should change that at some point because it's nice to mix it up a bit. Hailey and I were shopping a few weeks ago and I spotted these great trousers in Zara and they looked awesome on her.
hailey trews 1
hailey trews 2
Top (Topshop) Trousers (Zara) Belt (UO) Bag (Vintage) Shoes (thrifted)
hailey Zara tres detail
Ring (Miss Selfridge) Bangles (all gifts...some of which are from my trip to Morocco)
Hailey says they're super comfy and loves that they're both casual but also smart. She even thinks that they would look great with braces for that boyish look. I should fish some out so she can try that out sometime.

She hasn't said it explicitly but I bet she was glad that I spotted them. Yeah I think I did good too...!


In Bloom...

17 August 2010

When I first started this blog, I thought I would feature Art in it a lot more, seeing as I spent 3 long years with my head in books reading about Artists and Art Theory. I guess this hasn't been the case but there's no time like the present!

I'm a bit of a fan of early 20th century French prints and I came across this print at the V&A a few weeks ago. Georges Barbier was one of the greats and his prints often featured flamboyant fashion. He had also worked with Art Deco print master, Erté designing sets and costumes for the Folies Bergère. This fashion plate titled, 'L'Air' caught my eye with the woman in the bright floral print, stripey tights and matching orange shoes in the forground chasing after her hat in the wind. Quite a fun print no?
Georges Barbier L'Air
Georges Barbier, L'Air, 1925, engraving and pochoir.
In keeping with the floral theme of this post, I took some photos of the the courtyard in the V&A which is bordered by Hydrangea plants, all varying in colour from rose pink, soft lilac and pastel blue. I remember learning in school that the colours were due to alkaline levels in the soil...so obviously the V&A soil is quite confused!
pink hydrangea
blue hydrangeahydrangea nails
Ring (Alexander McQueen) Nails (Barry M-Berry Ice Cream)
I loved that my nails matched the lilac hydrangea and I realised that my ring was also in the design of a hydrangea bloom! Though, it was certainly a little more sinister than the ones gracing the courtyard.


Blouses and Ebay troubles...

13 August 2010

So I've been on the hunt for a lovely cream dress that wasn't too frilly or girly. Well, I failed to find a dress but I'm loving this blouse! My Lil' sister likens the long poofy sleeves to being 'Tudor-like'. Well, not quite, but I'm loving it, especially the peter pan collar and I chose to wear it for a lovely pub lunch for my friend's birthday yesterday. Though, the only downside is that there isn't any stretch in it...so ladies with boobage, stay away!
Cream blouse
Typical dorky Asian pose...
cream blouse detail
Blouse (Topshop via Style Compare) Jeggings (UO) Shoes (Carvela) Hair Bow (H&M) Necklace (Vivienne Westwood)
Seeing I'm glued to my laptop typing up my dissertation everyday, I've found myself spending a stupid amount of time surfing ebay. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the site after having a bit of an issue with it a few years ago when someone hacked into my account, selling FAKE Burberry scarves. This meant I ended up with crazy seller's fees and it took me a while to get it all sorted out in the end. If any of my uni friends are reading this now, they might laugh at the memory of the drama of it all back then, not that REAL scarves would have made much of a difference but chavvy replicas dented my ego a little bit! Ok, well maybe a lot!

Anyway, I was not a happy bunny and I've stayed away ever since....until er now. I've been wanting to get this eyeliner for ages and at 2am sometime last week, I gave in and bought this eyeliner! It's the Dolly Wink eyeliner by Tsubasa Masuwaka (Japanese model/gyaru/icon).
dollywink eyeliner
dollywink eyeliner detail.
I'm no make up guru (and no one wants to see my face THAT close to the camera) but I had to post this up because the packaging is soo cute! I do love my eyeliner and this one is pretty good so far. Oh ebay, it looks like I'm back!


ViVi Round 2

10 August 2010

Is it too soon for another ViVi post? Never! It really is the happiest magazine I own and the models are so cute. My favourite is Mitsuki who always has the biggest smile in the magazine! Here are some that I didn't include in the last ViVi post. The first two scans are based on DIY or 'deco' as they are referred to here.
Aug Vivi DIY 2 2010
Aug Vivi DIY 1 2010
I also realised that I forgot to post July's scans so I might as well put them all together here. The beauty of these magazines is that they never get old.
July ViVi 5 2010
July ViVi 4 2010
I adore Miliyah Kato's style.
July ViVi 3 2010
July ViVi 2 2010
July ViVi 1 2010
July ViVi Yukata 2010
As ever, the step by step make up guides are so easy to follow.
July ViVi Chikako make up 2010
This one is scanned in super size because it's so interesting! (click on the image to see it in flickr) The majority of the mascaras are only avaliable in Japan but it gives you an idea of the type of brushes and formulas. If you wanted to get hold of them, I'm sure you could find them on ebay.
july vivi 10 MASCARA
Anyway I better get back to my dissertation...


Blogger Fun

08 August 2010

At the beginning of the week, Selina (Flying Saucer) and I hopped on to a train from Birmingham to London for the day. Rebecca from The Clothes Horse was in town and we were excited to spend the day catching up with such a familiar face. I remember talking to Selina a long time ago about how Rebecca was one of the bloggers who I'd love to meet and thinking it was unlikely, seeing as she lives on the other side of the pond. Then again, I did meet the lovely Wendy B last month, so anything can happen! It's awesome meeting bloggers in real life and as expected from a blogger meet up, we spent a few hours at the Hummingbird Bakery catching up over a cupcake or two.
Red Velvet
Red Velvet of course!
Kylie from Nice and Shiny also joined us, as well as Kristabel from I Want You To Know who has only been back in London for 2 weeks since she interned in New York for 6 months. We could have easily spent another few hours chatting away but it was time we moved on to the V&A. Outside, we stopped for a few photos, possibly the clearest outfit photo of mine to ever grace this blog. Thanks Kylie!
Polkadot blouse (Credit-Nice and Shiny)
Photo by Kylie.
Blouse (River Island) Jeggings (UO) Belt (Vintage) Shoes (Converse) Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
It was fun watching the girls get their photos taken!
Kylie http://niceandshiny.blogspot.com/
Rebecca http://theclothes.blogspot.com
Candid bloggers shot
We tentatively all crammed into a telephone box as us Brits were quite wary how er, not so nice these phone boxes can be! I've never posed inside one of these before.
Telephone booth bloggers (Credit- Nice and Shiny)
Photo by Kylie.
I've mentioned the museum a few times on this blog and it's by far, my favourite in London.
V&A Foyer
One of my favourite rooms is the jewellery room which was refurbished not too long ago. Photography is forbidden but I managed to sneak a photo of one of my favourites, the Lalique orchid brooch.
Lalique Brooch
Nothing like a bit of Art Nouveau jewellery. I must write a post about Art Nouveau at some point, it's always been a passion of mine. We also went to the Fashion galleries and I love how with each visit, they seem to procure some more iconic pieces. This sixties dress was new and I wish it was mine!
Sixties V&A dress
We ventured out into the courtyard and took some silly blogger themed photos with Rebecca's fancy camera. Serious camera envy!
Group photo bloggers (Credit- The Clothes Horse)
Photo by Rebecca
We finished the day off browsing in TopShop and ending up in a restaurant just off Carnaby Street. We tucked into yummy food and some 'posh fries' which were chips with sweet chilli sauce and guacamole, an awesome combination which I must try at home!
Posh Fries
The day ended far too soon for our liking and it wasn't long before Selina and I had to head back to the Midlands!

I'm so behind on this post but the girls covered it over on their blogs too, check out Rebecca, Kristabel, Kylie and Selina's posts!


Vivi August 2010

05 August 2010

I'm already an issue behind with Vivi but here is the August issue of my favourite magazine with Kana Nishino on the cover who is super popular over in Japan right now. I have to admit, some of her songs are really catchy...not that I can sing along to them, but hey!

Anyway, I'll let my scans do the talking!
VIVI AUG 2010 1
VIVI AUG 2010 2
VIVI AUG 2010 3
VIVI AUG 2010 4
VIVI AUG 2010 5
VIVI AUG 2010 6
I know you guys can get hold of these scans really easily over at Vvshu (which takes forever to load but it's pretty immense!) but I'll definitely keep scanning in my favourite pages to share on here. I still love the tactility of the magazines and I love browsing through the stack of Vivi's in my room whenever I'm in need of some fashion inspiration...


Hailey's Graduation

02 August 2010

It was my sister, Hailey's graduation not so long ago and we travelled up to Liverpool to see her bid her final farewell to the university.
Getting the official graduation photo done.
I guess it's time for the older sister part of me to come out, but I can't quite believe that university life is all finished for her.
Shirt (Zara) Skirt (American Apparel) Cardi (Urban Outfitters) Belt (River Island) Tights (Topshop) Oxfords (H&M) Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
Unfortuntely I ripped my tights. It's funny how a little hole can turn into the most spectacular ladder. Completely unsaveable but I need to find some replacements because I love them so. Luckily ASOS have some so I will have to clickety click for a new pair.
All the family, I can't actually believe how my 12yr old sis is as tall as us in flats! We're all so tiny!
Me and HaileyPhilharmonic
Hailey's graduation took place in the Philharmonic hall. Unfortunately I didn't get to go in, as there were not enough tickets for us all, so lil' sis Becky and I had a wander around Liverpool instead!
Hailey grad
She still has to complete law school which means another year of studies for her LPC. I may have made a few jokes about free legal advice but having a lawyer in the family will certainly have it's benefits! But for now, she's taking a year off from the books to earn some money and go travelling. Kinda envious of that last part actually! Also, now that she is free from studying for a while, expect to see her more often around here!

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