Friday, May 28, 2010

Post exam fun.

After exams, I had planned to blog lots more but as always, celebrations take over and time certainly flies when you're having fun! So here is a haphazard post filled with various photos taken in the week!

I went to a friend's end of exams party and the weather was a little chilly so the leggings came out to accompany this milkshake print dress.
Milkshake print
Cardi (H&M) Dress (Reko for Topshop) Belt (Accessorize) Leggings (Topshop) Shoes (Nine West)
It's such a happy dress, I love it.
Milkshake print2
We snacked on lots of party food. My friend bought her amazing card game called 'Bang!' with her. It's essentially a card game with a Western theme, lots of sheriffs, renegades and missions to complete. My friend is from the US and unfortunately, the game can't be bought over here...unless you want crazy import fees.
Card games
I also had a catch up with one of my best friends and we had yummy Mexican food and sipped on cherry cocktails. So perfect for a hot, summery day.
My grandma loves cooking and made lots of Zong(Zongzi) and dropped them round my house. These are rice parcels with various fillings. You could say they were like Chinese pasties. They're really yummy!
I bought some bobbi brown gel eyeliner after needing some more eyeliner. However, I think MAC Fluidline is much better, lasts longer and smudges less.
Bobbi Brown
Lastly, it was another friend's birthday party on Wednesday and it was sunglasses themed. I've wanted some heart shaped sunnies for ages but didn't want the thick plastic rimmed ones. What luck to find these ones in H&M.
A final shot of me and some friends at the party. Every single person in this shot is from a different country, China, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan (and that's just the Asian countries as I have classmates from the US, Europe and India too). I have to say, that I've made some really great friends on this course and I literally have friends from around the world.
Lots more planned next week!

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