Tales of the sewing machine...

27 April 2010

These photos were taken a week or so ago. I made the skirt last Summer when I saw this fun fabric in the haberdashery (I love that word) department in my local John Lewis. The elasticated waistband is a bit messy (hence the belt) due to my skills having not much improved from the time I destroyed all the needles on the sewing machines, when I took textiles at school. I remember my teacher's look of disbelief that was only ever reserved for me when I broke yet another needle. Luckily, my sewing machine emerged unscathed!
Purple and Blue
Cardi (Oasis) Tee (Gap) Scarf (Select) Skirt (DIY) Belt (River Island) Tights and Shoes (Topshop)
Purple and blue 2
purple flats
I've been in a wierd daze today, possibly a combination of being stuck in-doors studying, the glorious sunshine and sound of children playing outside!.

On a side note, I've just booked to go to Marrakesh (flights were only £80!) with friends at the end of June for a few days. Has anyone been and got any recommendations? Excited!


gogatsu vivi ♥

24 April 2010

I know you guys like my Japanese magazine scans and it's grown into a regular feature on this blog. These are some of my favourite pages from the May issue. As ever, click on them for the full size pics!

Regular Vivi model, Kiko Mizuhara looks cute in her little dress with the jewelled collar. I so love those Navy Vivienne Westwood winged sandals.
Vivi May Kiko
I am far too short to ever wear maxi dresses and I'll stick to my skirts and above the knee dresses...but one can dream. I'm not the hugest fan of pale pastels and paisley but it just works on this page!
Vivi May Peace
I need to wear my scarves like this more often. I've only ever done it with little scarves, but I will definitely be digging bigger ones out this summer. Time to go and thrift some big vintage silk scarves...
Vivi May headscarf
I've always been one for phone charms. My absolute favourite was one with my name and a big hello kitty bell on it which I made in Hong Kong when I was 14, when they were first all the rage in Asia. I know some people who have the craziest phone charms but the Japanese always take it further. Way bigger than the phone in some cases!
Vivi May Phone charms
Miliyah Kato is a bit of a pop-star, fashionista in Japan. Vivi love her and she features in every issue!
Vivi May Milliyah Kato
Anna Sui is huge in Asia, her make up line is quite young but has the cutest packaging, her stores are girly and boutiquey and fun to browse. Over in the UK, she's only known for her perfume and as far as I recall, I've never seen these campaigns in British magazines. The very last page features the SS10 Anna Sui campaign featuring model, Nimue Smit.
Vivi May Anna Sui ad.
Finally, my friend Cait is a huge SATC fan and has entered a competition to go to the London premiere. If you guys have a spare second then please click HERE and then click Allow and vote Cait Spencer. It would be amazing if she won!


Capes, Cows and Coffee.

21 April 2010

Seeing as Selina from Flying Saucer and I are both from the Birmingham area, we decided that a shopping trip to the Bullring was in order. I decided to wear this Nasty Gal cape which, until looking at this photo, I never realised looked could look a little like a graduation gown.
Black Cardi
Cardi (Nasty Gal) Tee (Zara) Skirt, Tights, Socks (Topshop) Shoes (UO)
The back of the cape is super cute. I remember that the Nasty Gal model wore it hooded but I soon realised that on me, I looked stupid, like some kind of wierd nun.
So our first port of call was Cow Vintage (Sadly no website that I could find, just a fanpage on facebook). I hadn't returned for a long time and it has completely changed...for the better!
Cow Vintage
Everything was amazing quality with not a bad bit of vintage on sale. The prices were really decent too, with an amazing £3 sale rail to dresses around £20, with a few no more than £30.
Cow Vintage boomboxCowVintage Pink dress
So many prints and patterns! Alas no photos of me and Selina but if you look hard enough in the photo below, there is a familiar red head with a cute white bow in the background!
CowVintage RailsCowVintage ShoesCowVintage Rails1
This dress was £22. The dress looks OK in this photo but in real life, it didn't fit that well. Plus, I don't really have time to alter any dresses at the moment and it wasn't that painful to put it back on the rail which is always a good sign!
I also tried on these £10 shorts. I loved the pattern and colour but it reminded me far too much of what my mom used to wear on holiday to the beach when I was younger. I couldn't see myself wearing them so I was awesome and put them back on the rail. I'm definitely going to be making more regular trips back to Cow now that the quality has improved so much!
Selina and I stopped off for some coffee and muffins at Starbucks. I am a sucker for anything cinammon and apple flavoured. Nom nom.
I had a hair appointment half way through our little shop (the fitting room photos were taken before I had my hair cut!) I really love Umberto Giannini in Selfridges. I also have a little points card with my salon and I managed to score an amazing hair treatment.
Apart from my haircut, I got this awesome sheer black blouse at H&M. I love it and will be wearing it a lot during the warmer months as a sheer cardigan or buttoned up like this over quirky t-shirts.
Sheer Blouse
Wierd flash induced lighting...but here is the blouse! Love!


I like cute food.

19 April 2010

I was excited to be able to wear my shades again this weekend. I spent a lot of it just chilling out at home, dabbling in a bit of uni work and revision...nothing too stressful!
Sunnies and leather vestTee (Zara) Vest, necklace (H&M) Jeggings, shoes (Topshop) Sunnies (UO) Headphones (AudioChi)
Chilling Out

Remember when I made Kyaraben before? (character bento) well I tried it again but I think that they definitely look better in bento boxes rather than on these sushi plates. Still, art work that you can eat as you go along? Awesome.
tiger bento drawing
Ahh poor lighting but here are the photos. Unfortunately only one of the heart-egg moulds actually worked...
tiger bento
tiger bento2
I left lil' sis Becky to her own devices but it looks like she had one eye on my bento all along!
becky's tiger bento
This is the little copycat in question!
Becky_1 Becky1
Lots to do this week with uni work but some fun stuff as well!


All the fun at the fair

16 April 2010

A few days ago, I went to the Black Country Museum ('Black Country' is defined here) which is essentially a heritage park full of buildings from the Victorian era and the early 1900s. These buildings were originally from around Birmingham and have been saved from demolishment, rebuilt brick for brick and preserved as a little bit of history.

As a school kid, I've been on a lot of school trips here...but this time, I went back with some friends and armed with a camera, I was able to capture some snaps!
Off to the village!
The actual museum is constantly expanding, with the local heritage trust gaining new buildings all the time and they're currently rebuilding a 1930's high street from the local area. There are also actors aplenty who wander around or sitting in the houses, but it's weird wondering whether to respond to them in the present day...or whether you should pretend to be Victorian too!
Cardi (Oasis) Dress (Mina UK) Belt (Vintage) Shoes (Converse) Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
I took a crazy amount of photos, far too many to share on here but here are my favourites.
Victorian Village
Victorian Hardware
Victorian Shop
Empire Lamp Oil
Now it wouldn't be right if I hadn't chosen to sit next to the painted picture of a narrow boat with 'Diamond' on it.
Name sake.
For readers abroad, this is a narrow boat which used to be used when waterways (canals) were essentially the roads of Britain. In the present day, some people still live on them but canals are not really used anymore.
Narrow Boat
We visited the old Victorian School which featured rows of desks, chalk and slate and if you were old enough to use them, inkwells! I remember being at primary school and having inkwells at school, unfortunately they were the places to store erasers and pencil sharpenings and not filled with ink. I've never taken part inEaster Egg Rolling before...shame we missed it! Sounds like fun!
Random Egg rolling sign
My favourite photos of the day were of the old, Victorian fairground.
Victorian Fairground Sign
'Bostin' is Black Country Slang for 'Cool'. I didn't know this word until I came across a particularly Brummie housemate at uni.
Funny Mirrors
The Amazing Helter Skelter.
Helter Skelter
The Brooklyn Ride
Victorian ArcadePot Luck
We all handed over 20p and hoped we got a good fortune from the creepy fortune teller. It reminds me of old 80s film, 'Big' starring Tom Hanks. Anyone remember that film?
Victorian Fortune Telling machine
My fortune was creepy too. Mainly because according to friends, this is true...apart from the whole strange bald comment. However, unbeknown to them, going bald is a minor fear of mine. Ahaha, which makes this super scary!!
If you want to see more, check out my Flickr!

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