Ain't nothing like a bit of retail therapy...

31 March 2010

Yesterday I handed in 2 assignments and then left university at 6.30pm. After 10 full days spent at uni (including saturday and sunday) a stop at the shops was definitely needed.

I also picked up a red cardigan today when I was shopping with my mom. I've wanted a red cardigan/jacket for a long time and found this one in River Island.
Red cardi
Cardi (River Island) Polka dot blouse, Jeggings, shoes (Topshop)
As soon as this photo was taken, it started raining and I had to retreat indoors. This was the pink outfit that I decided to splurge on last night. Plus I couldn't go wrong with a gift card that I hadn't spent yet (shocker I know!) which was courtesy of Aussie. The skirt is actually almost coral coloured but the photo couldn't capture the colour...maybe next time.
Pink and Denim
Denim Jacket (ASOS) Top, skirt and shoes (Topshop) Belt (H&M)
This is what I'm wearing right now which is a combination of some of my new things.
red cardi 2
Cardi (River Island) Top (Topshop) Skirt (AA) Belt (Vintage) Shoes (Nine West)
Probably same again this time next month as I have 2 more assignments due and revision for exams! For now though, I am taking the next few days off but first, a celebratory end-of-term hot pot dinner with friends!
Right, gotta run!


Feeling Dotty...

27 March 2010

Oh I cannot wait until Wednesday arrives, the majority of my deadlines will be handed in and I can get back into blogging mode. To be honest, It's been really getting me down and today was particularly challenging but luckily I have a group of friends who've really helped me through it...even if I stayed at uni until 8.30pm! No one ever said studying a Masters degree was easy.

Anyway, enough of my university woes, this was an outfit I wore for dinner out with friends a while ago but I forgot to put up on the blog. I'm a big fan of the colour contrast of the purple and the yellow of the bag.
Coat (UO) Scarf (Hong Kong) Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs) Headphones (Audio Chi)
polkadotty brights
Dress (LOVE -avaliable as a Topshop concession) Cardi (Oasis) Shoes (Office)
Thanks for your advice on the sweater dresses in the post below, I think I've made my decision and will definitely be treating myself to one of those next week! I mean, how can I resist, they are so cheery and fun!

Have a lovely weekend guys!


Lazy Oaf and all that Jazz.

22 March 2010

I've never actually bought anything from Lazy Oaf before but whenever I'm in London and around Carnaby St, I always stop by and check out their fun printed tees. I saw these sweater dresses on their website and I really want one. Bit of a dilemma though because I love both and my lowly student funds only stretch to one! I'm swayed more towards the sailor one, what do you guys think?

I'm also itching to read this book (once I've handed in my assignments) that was sent to me by the lovely people over at Aussie which was sort of part of the competition that I won with them ages ago (I went to Jasper Garvida and Betty Jackson through this competition). They took note of me mentioning it way back in December and I got a wonderful surprise in the post! Kind of shocked that they actually read my blog and did their research. Honestly, they are the nicest people ever.
To cheer me on from the dreaded work, I opened an email which made me smile, the amazing Jazz from Jazz Loves You More sent me another illustration! I loved the last one (see the side bar) and this one I love too!
Thanks Jazz! I might have to use this one in a future header!


All things Sweet.

19 March 2010

I finally got round to watching Alice In Wonderland today. I thought that the movie itself was so-so but I absolutely adored the costume and the visuals- in that respect, Tim Burton did not disappoint! I also had to balance a pair of 3D specs on top of my normal glasses which was interesting. Perhaps it's high time I gave contact lenses another go- but they just don't like me!
I'm not particularly excited about all the pastels that are in stores at the moment. It's not to say that I don't wear pastels, because I do, but seeing ALL the marshmallow shades all together (aka in TopShop) doesn't inspire me and is a bit too sickly. Then again, in a few months time when barely any pastels are in sight, I'll be wishing they were around again.

Still, here is an outfit with a few pastels but less of the the cotton candy tones.
Pastel Layers
Cardi, jeggings, cropped top (Topshop) Grey dress (River Island) Shoes (Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruk) Bow (Internationale) Necklace (Hong Kong)
However, come to think of it, perhaps my aversion is due to eating too many strawberries with melted chocolate. Possibly the best dessert ever- aside from my favourite Black Sesame ice cream which can only be found in Asia. On that note, I am hoping to fly back out to Hong Kong in October with my sister! Excited, fingers crossed it all goes ahead!
Strawberries and Chocolate
So to finish off, this follows on from the last post, I'm still obsessed with all the wig-wearing Japanese girls and I came across this Japanese Wig Video which unfortunately I can't embed, but from what I gather, it's a Japanese daytime program and in this particular segment they stop a bunch of random girls and ask if they're wearing wigs. Yes it's all in Japanese and I can't understand them either but that doesn't take anything away from the video and the pure entertainment!

It's BRILLIANT and you'll laugh at the girls that show the camera just how many wigs they're wearing
(esp the girl at 3:37!). If you ever wondered how on earth the girls have perfect fringes/bangs now you know!


The Big Red Bow.

16 March 2010

I love these flats that I 'just had to buy' after a painful first day walking around the cobbles of LFW a few weeks ago. They are a combination of things I love, bows and the colour red. I don't actually wear red as much as I'd like and I usually stick to accessories. I do, however, keep dropping hints to my 12 yr old sister to knit me a red scarf, before her obsession with knitting comes to an end and she moves on to things like make up (she's growing up too fast!). I've always been on the lookout for a really good red lipstick. Red is a tricky shade though and I would always go for a pillar box red over orange hues any day.
Bow and Lace
Lace Top, Vest, Belt (New Look) Skirt and tights (Oasis) Shoes (TopShop)
Big Bow
Rings (Accessorize, Alexander McQueen and Topshop) Nail Polish, Unnamed Beigey pink shade (Models Own)
Big Bow2
I'm kind of surprised how much of my outfit is from New Look. I've got to hand it to them, before I rarely went to New Look and if I did, it was only ever for their shoes. They've really impressed me lately and I've made sure to pop into the store to see what's new. Plus, compared to a lot of other brands, they've been fantastic with their blogger outreach.
I know I've been posting a lot of random pictures these days but hey, it keeps me inspired especially when I've got a crazy amount of uni work to do and outfit posts aren't always priority. Anyway, this Green Tea has been helping me through the workload. My dad replenished our dwindling supplies of Green tea which was a gift from when my relatives last visited. Japanese Green tea is a favourite in my house and this brand made me smile! I mean, check out the description, so cute and I definitely need to take heed of the recommendation and bring it along to a picnic! I'm sure a mass picnic with student friends post coursework deadlines would be easy enough to organise!
Finally, I forgot to post this beauty scan with my last Vivi post. This is the gorgeous Wantanabe Chikako who unlike the majority of the models in Vivi, is full Japanese. The coloured contact lenses, wigs and make up really do make her look as if she's half Japanese. I scanned this in because it was nice to see her before the make up and then post make up. She's stunning either way...but It would be nice to see her a little more au naturale one day!
Click for a bigger pic!
Magazines like Vivi always make me want to dye my hair a lighter shade. However the memories of roots and streaky hair from when I used to dye it when I was about 15 still haunts me. I can't bring myself to do it again. I should buy a wig like the Vivi girls haha. Isn't it strange to think that in Japan, wigs are so normal?



13 March 2010

The post title pretty much explains it all really! So here goes...I really love candid, backstage shots at shows. These are from the recent Giles Show in Paris.
Deacon models (New Look Photos)
The bags were awesome.
Deacon googly gonk (New Look Photos)
I can't decide which one I love more, the fluffy 'Googly Gonk' or this Gremlin one below!
Deacon gremlin  (New Look Photos)
Pics courtesy of New Look
New Look (Giles Deacon has produced the in-store range, GOLD for the past few years now) have a YouTube video on the event and Susie makes an appearance too.

My mom had these knits on the bannister to show a friend my grandma's handiwork. I thought the colours looked great together...despite having poor light for photos!
Some of you might have seen this if you follow me on Twitter. I was searching for books at uni and came across this title. I love it.
Pantaloons and Power
I was a bit naughty and I've given into the hype and bought Chanel's Particulière. I am loving all these neutral, nudey hues at the moment.
Though, I must save the best till last, this is my favourite photo at the moment and is of my friend Hannah. Such a gorgeous photo!
Have a great weekend guys!



10 March 2010

I feel so out of the loop these few days as I have been working hard on an assignment for uni that was due in today. Glad that it's over but I have more to come! Anyway here is a quick post on some of the treats that my dad brought back from Hong Kong for me.

First up is this lovely, vibrant teal knitted vest. My grandma knitted it for my aunt when she was a teenager about 20 years ago but it was never worn! My grandma doesn't knit anymore...but when she did, she was AWESOME!
Top (Heattech, Uniqlo) Knitted vest (Knitted by grandma) Skirt (UO) Shoes (Office) Necklace (Vintage)
hairband (Sheena Holland)
Other random treats include a whole bunch of Sushi plates, miso soup bowl and a nori (re-read this and realised I typed 'nigiri' before- I obviously have sushi on the brain!) heart shaped puncher. I cannot wait to make some cute bento with this!

It's nice to know that my aunts check my blog from all the way in Hong Kong to see what I've been up to. They said that now I can present my sushi on some awesome sushi plates!

Hello Karen, Esther, Ma ma and yeh yeh.
They also sent over this pretty bangle. I love the colour.
This is where my dads treats come in. He has a sweet tooth and always brings us lots of yummy goodies that you can't get over here. Some of these are from Hong Kong but included are some special Japanese Sweetcorn sweets too! Sound strange but they are really yummy.
More mochi type sweets. My favourite is the green one filled with peanut butter.
This is made me laugh. My dad isn't senile yet...but he brought back a bag of plastic fruit for fun. Make of it what you will. I'm still confused.
Finally...after a long day at uni today, I arrived home to my moms home made won ton noodle soup with plenty of chilli oil. Delicious.
Moms Won Ton Soup
P.S. Everytime I post up Japanese magazine pictures, I'm always amazed at the response. I have plenty more pictures to scan in from over the months, so glad that you guys are all fans!


Vivi March Edition ♥

06 March 2010

So my dad is back from Hong Kong and he brought me back Vivi magazine along with some other yummy treats (might have to do a post about the other treats later). It's not that I can't buy Vivi here...it's just painfully expensive for someone who no longer has a part time job. I left a few weeks ago because uni work was just taking it's toll! To be fair, I'm pretty happy about not working as a sales assistant any more...hopefully a job I won't ever have to step back into again!

The magazine is a fraction of the price in HK, no doubt because it's a short plane ride over to Japan. Here are some shots I've scanned and stitched together! Click them for full sized images!
Vivi March 10
I'm tempted to buy some fun shaped glasses this year. I never bought any last time around. I'm still wanting a pretty lace dress to wear in the lovely summer months. I really hope we get more of a summer here in the UK, everything is so much nicer when the sun is shining and the blue skies are here to stay. It's been so nice here the last few days, feels as though Spring has well and truly arrived.
Lace and pale denim/blue. That long lace cardigan is awesome.
One of my favourite things about Japanese magazines is the step-by-step make up pages. The Japanese love false eyelashes and obviously Shu Uemura is a prime example! I want to try the little half lashes one day, such a pretty look!
I laughed out loud when I saw this advert for KOSE mascara. I stared, confused at the mascara wand in MatsuJun's hand, until I saw that the opposite page had a female model with the mascara image below her, and my suspicions were confirmed. I love how in Japan mascara is sold to everyone and even better that one of my favourite Japanese Idols is the face of the brand, disembodied hand and all! So random.
Vivi Magazine
March edition, 2010.


Noodles, Pancakes and Fellow Bloggers!

03 March 2010

Before I forget to post this all together, I must go back to that lovely week spent in London and a day where I did nothing fashion week related at all. I spent the day catching up with a friend, saw the Ofili exhibition (which was amazing) and then met the awesome bloggers that are Fi and Reena and shared yummy pancakes and a good old chat!

Yes I am short, 4'11" if you must know, but I insist that this photo is a foreshortened view!
Blazer (Zara) Dress (Love concession from Topshop) Grey Heattech top (Uniqlo) Shoes (Converse) Scarf (gift) Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
My friend Claire took the photo and she looked great that day. Her style has been changing a lot ever since she returned from her year teaching in China and it's fun watching her style evolve. It's definitely something that I've seen in myself when I look back at my old posts (cringe!).
Coat (Daks) Jumpsuit (Miss Selfridge) Shoes (Topshop)
We stopped for some Korean food in China town where I told her that she must watch my favourite Korean drama (so far) called My Girl. It's actually brilliant. My dish was a chilli octopus noodle which got more and more firey with every bite! I might have to choose something a little milder next time, I am clearly not made of the same stuff as part of my family. I have two aunts who eat chillis like they are sweets.
A few hours later I met up with the gorgeous Fi from SOS Save Our Shoes. I feel as though we are already old friends and we get on like a house on fire. It goes to show that through blogs you can make some awesome friends. One funny anecdote was when we decided to walk to Covent Garden...only for her to tell me that I was taking her via a whole new route and was very impressed. I was stunned and I had to break the news that in fact, I was following her which was hilarious. We were momentarily lost (in the right direction mind!) but we were soon back on track!

We eventually met up with Reena from Fashion Daydreams and after walking around in the cold for ages, we found this awesome pancake house, My Old Dutch just down from the the tube at Holborn. For future reference, on Mondays, all pancakes are £5!
The pancakes are huge but luckily I had Fi to help me finish my apple and cinnamon pancake! She could hardly refuse right? Yum!
The lovely Fi herself, I love her Wonderwoman tee! You have to check out SOS for her Luella purchase. It's gorgeous and well worth a look! On the topic of Luella purchases, Fab Frocks has also been lucky in finding a bit of Luella for herself too!
Reena is also gorgeous in person. I need to see these two girls more often!
One of the best things about my time in London was meeting all the bloggers. Every time I meet them, I feel as though I've known them a lifetime already. Probably because they're already a part of your daily life when reading their blogs and honestly all the bloggers I have ever met are the warmest and friendliest people ever!

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