It's the Mona Lisa chav innit?

31 January 2010

This tee is the definition of kitsch, I really love it. I also realised that I must go into TopMan more often as they have some really awesome t-shirts and their XS sizes are perfect for girls too. Also, why are the guys clothes so much cheaper? This Tee was such a bargain at only £14 rather than the typical £20 paid for girls tees?
Tee (Topman) Faux leather vest (H&M) Gem studded jeggings (Oasis) Boots (New Look)
The Mona Lisa Chav tee really makes me chuckle. Complete with stereotypical tower blocks in the background, a hair bow (really?!) gold hoops, name necklace, sovereign rings and scary false nails. This tee has been going down well with my Art History friends too.
Rings (L-R, H&M, Market, Topshop)
As I said before, this tee lends itself nicely to Art Histoy and I'll leave you all with a picture of Marcel Duchamp's infamous L.H.O.O.Q, where he defaced a postcard version of Mona Lisa, causing much uproar when he presented it as art. Never without controversy, when pronounced in french, L.H.O.O.Q translates as "Elle a chaud au cul", or "She has a hot ass". I'll never forget the novelty of hearing my Art History lecturers say that out loud in class.
Marcel Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q, 1919

I hope everyone is having a really great Sunday!


Knitted Goodies

28 January 2010

I have such a backlog of outfit posts so I might as well group these two together! I really love this knitted skirt that my sister bought for my birthday last year. It's recycled from an old 80s jumper and so it's super warm, I love the pattern!
Tee (Topshop) Cardi (Topshop) Belt (UO) Skirt (Pop Boutique) Tights (House of Holland) Shoes (Topshop)
I snapped these pics last night (which explains the poor lighting) when my 12yr old sister finished knitting her scarf. I actually want to steal it because it's so awesome. It's a normal scarf but I doubled it over and wore it like a cowl scarf in these pics. Oh I need this scarf in my life. For once I want to borrow her things, rather than the other way round!
Cardi (Topshop) Grey long sleeve top (Heattech by Uniqlo) Dress (Primark) Belt (Accessorize) Tights (Miss Selfridge)
I'm going to make her knit me a red one because, 12yr olds have nothing better to do these days apart from playing on their Nintendo DS's, watch TV and chat to their friends about popstars. OK, I'm jealous, I miss those days.



26 January 2010

One of my lovely friends informed me that one of my favourite galleries, the V&A will have an amazing Grace Kelly exhibition running from April 17th till 26th September 2010. Grace Kelly: Style Icon will be an insight into her amazing wardrobe which traces the evolution of her style from a young style icon to Hollywood royalty. Exciting stuff!

Among the spectacular treasures on display will be the original, infamous Hermès Kelly bag, dresses from her films including High Society and the part which sets my heart racing, 35 haute couture gowns from the 1960s and 70s by Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Yves St Laurent. I Cannot wait and must see this as I missed the Golden Age of Couture exhibition many moons ago!

At the Oscars, 1955 (Audrey Hepburn in the background)

On a side note. While I don't plan on doing the awesome commentary that some blogs provide on the latest runway images (frankly, they do it much better). I thought I would leave you with these two pictures from the Alexis Mabille Couture show yesterday. I'm quite taken with the vivid, half and half designs!


Coral hearts and Trompe L'oeil

24 January 2010

While I might not be able to afford the real deal in the form of a Burberry trench SS10 or the Trompe L'oeil seen at Commes des Garçons AW09....
I can pretend and wear this fun Tromple L'oeil trench dress for Oasis by LCF undergrad, Rosalind Keep instead. Seeing as I work at the store part time, I couldn't say no to this when it came to choosing my 'work uniform', how could I resist? Susie has also been spotted wearing this dress and of course, wears it in a way that only Susie knows how. I decided to pair it with my new coral cardigan and the little hearts really worked with the fun element!
Cardi (TOPSHOP) T-shirt dress (Rosalind Keep for Oasis), Hair Bow (Internacionale) Shoes (Topshop)

So, I started a week of my new lectures, one of which was a class on E-marketing. It couldn't have been any more perfect. The lecture was on ASOS, Twitter and Facebook and the lecturer did a quick google search and we had The Sartorialist on the lecture screen! It was so interesting to be learning about something that we're already part of and to see the outsiders viewpoint. As bloggers, we've had to teach ourselves so much and it's very much still a learning curve. It's such an interesting time to be a blogger seeing as there are more and more opportunities becoming avaliable, with some bloggers reaching incredible new highs. I'm beginning to think that my dissertation should be on fashion and social media! Will be strange writing about something that is so relevant for once!


Banana Shampoo and Beards.

21 January 2010

A lot of companies send hoards of emails to bloggers with their random and quite bizarre freebies...it's a definite sign that they haven't read your blog when you start getting emails about sports bras, diamonds and left-handed men's boxer shorts hitting your inbox. Ahem, I DON'T know why that last email found it's way to my inbox but it did, and er....if you're interested, I recall them being sold at Debenhams. Though, if you think that's strange, wait till you scroll down to the bottom of this post!

So while I don't mention beauty products that often, obviously I do use them and when the Body Shop informed me that they were relaunching a limited edition run of their favourite products from the 80s, I jumped at the chance at trying out their banana shampoo and conditioner. Even more amazingly, they sent me a whole lot of samples to which I (and my sisters) are very grateful for. The 80s range is currently on offer and I would definitely recommend giving the shampoos a go. They're all yummy and my favourite was actually their LOVE perfume which they sent as an extra little post-xmas gift. It's a permanent product and It's been my go-to scent since I recieved it!
I should be tucked up in bed now but I was trawling through last years Japan fashion week (SS10) and came across my old favourites, 'The dress and co' by Hideaki Sakaguchi. Gorgeous soft layers and muted pastels. I love the look of those leggings that are just about peeking out under the romantic ruffles of the dress.
Pretty colours from Koshino Yuma, retro but with a good pinch of quirkiness too.
However, no amount of quirkiness could have prepared me for these bad boys. It brought a huge smile to my face and the images made me desperately want to know what went through the model's minds when they first saw their dresses/togas/blankets/beards and cardboard tubes.
I love fashion. Haha!


Green and Blue

18 January 2010

So after the exams, a bit of retail therapy was in order seeing as I had been cooped up at home for goodness knows how long, with only ASOS to turn to. I love ordering things online, anticipating the package but more often than not, having to sign for my things when I'm very bleary eyed in the morning. Yeah no one wants to see that. Poor postie.

However, nothing can beat the physical experience of going shopping and I did just that. Unfortunately I live near a big city, and even sillier, I chose to shop on a Saturday where the queue to go to the upper levels of the mall were 30 people long. Seriously. This is why I usually avoid Saturdays like the plague but the intense relief of exams drove me to it. I'd like to say never again....but I never learn.
So this is what I wore yesterday! So what's new? My circle scarf which I scored for a mere £2 from a store called Select, which is a value fashion brand that I've never been into. Sometimes you spot some great things from shops that you usually deem as 'tacky' and I'm glad I found this scarf which is far cheaper than AA.
I also got the Purple knitted Jumper dress from River Island and the tights from Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridge are doing a really great range of patterned tights at the moment and I want so many more of their pretty patterned tights! I also got that cute TOPSHOP coral heart cardigan from the post below so I will be sure to snap a few photos of it later!
Finally, I've got to show you this pretty ring that I picked up before Christmas at the German Market in Birmingham. Lovely!
The two little elephants are made from some kind of stone, I used to admire them when they were in my grandad's cabinet and my grandmother let me have them several years ago. I think they're jade but I can't be sure. They've always reminded me of the ivory elephants from one of my favourite films as a child, The Secret Garden Oh I want to watch it again now!


Goodbye books, Hello prints and patterns!

15 January 2010

After what seems like the longest time, I am back from the most stressful and exhausting exams ever. After a week spent drinking nothing but coffee, surrounded by thick textbooks and endless revision notes, I can now return to a normal sleep routine, browse all your fashion blogs and do a bit of shopping too!

This video of TOPSHOP's Spring Summer 2010 collection found it's way into my inbox and I am excited to see these things hit stores. I am loving the soft layers, florals, pastels and the grungy festival look that is beginning to hit stores now. It makes me long for the summer months which is a world away from the icy conditions that threatened to send me tumbling down on the way home tonight. I'm actually pretty scary.

I know my last post was all about Japanese magazines (I have a fair more I'd like to scan/photograph...so hope you guys don't get too sick of them). Anyway, here is a little collage I made up featuring some girls from DropSnap wearing a whole lot of patterns and textures. I would wear them all!

Seeing as I've not been able to take an outfit post yet...here is a wishlist of things that are taking my fancy...


Busy busy...

08 January 2010

So like I mentioned in a couple of posts ago, here are some snaps of Japanese magazines, KERA and PINKY! First up is PINKY which is your typical Japanese fashion magazine, suitably girly and on trend...
Japanese Idols are a regular feature. On the right is actor, Toma Ikuta who is hilarious in Hana Kimi - if you've never watched a Japanese drama before (subtitled of course) and you're a fan of She's the man or ridiculous comedies then watch watch watch! Funniest drama ever. On the left is the insanely popular actor/singer Yamapi. He's in Japanese boyband NEWS, I've linked this video before but the dance moves never fail to make me laugh.

So moving on, KERA is a completely different magazine and for a younger reader. I'm glad to pick up this copy which was discounted because it's a super old issue. It's a mixture of Lolita fashion...
The speech bubble says "I'm going to stroll in the forest"...if only!
And fruits style....
I've come to realise that the Japanese always have perfect hair because they love wearing wigs! Sometimes looking at street style, I am amazed at impossibly shiny and perfect bobs. Now I know...and of course, in KERA, the pink lolita hair is a dead giveaway.
My wish for snow in the previous post has been fulfilled and the UK has been getting plenty of it with more to come! I attempted to make a Totoro but I left it too late! The snow the next morning was too powdery to make a proper snowman but I managed to make this Totoro-cat -owl like creature out of the pitiful mound of snow I managed to gather. My parents couldn't understand why my sister and I couldn't make normal snowmen like all the other kids...
I have been crazy busy with lots of studying for my impending exams. So things will be a little quieter round here until I finally get them done and dusted and out of the way by next Friday. Seriously, I can't wait till that day comes when I can give up the late night coffees and making endless notes. Not cool!


Happy New Year!

03 January 2010

Bit late in the game compared to other more punctual bloggers but this is the first post of 2010!

I hate to go slightly back into 2009...but I managed to snap these before the rain washed all the snow away. I'm already looking forward to the inevitable snow in February, unlike my parents who sigh at the frosty car armed with de-icer and my insistence of walking around the garden making the first imprints on the freshly fallen snow. So satisfying! I saw images of this Totoro Snowman and I want to do the same! Possibly the best Snowman I've ever seen. More snow please!

Anyway before I get carried away with snowmen, I bought these trainer-heeled-boots from New Look and I looove them. They're so comfy!
Cardi (Handmedown from grandma) Scarf (gift) Jeggings (UO) Boots (New Look)
I really can't believe the holidays are over already. My main aim for this year is to complete this masters. I will! I will! My timetable for my second semester at Uni has been printed out and highlighted and revision notes at the ready for my forthcoming exams. 2010 bring it on!

I also realised that it's my blogs birthday this month! This little blog has been running for 2 years and most definitely has reached toddler stage. I can't quite believe it as I have always been terrible at keeping diaries. Thank you all for reading my random posts and keeping me inspired.

I really do hope that 2010 is awesome for each and every one of you!
Happy New Year!

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