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I have to admit that I've been quite lazy with the blogging routine lately and I guess the Christmas festivities is a valid excuse! So without further ado, here is what I got up to over Xmas and Boxing day!

First thing Christmas morning the family opened their Christmas presents and we all got stuck in preparing our Christmas lunch.
PresentsChristmas Lunch-2
We all wore our obligatory party hats from the Christmas crackers which are as ever, full of bad jokes and useless plastic surprises (but we wouldn't be without them!).
Christmas Lunch
me & grandma
Grandma needed no persuading to don her party hat...
After lunch we chilled out in our living room. I've always liked how our house is a mixture of traditional Chinese and festive!
We all had our fill of Irish Coffee. We were gifted SO many bottles of Baileys this year!
baileys time!
Just looking at all the boxes of chocolate we were given makes me feel fatter!
My nails were a sparkly turquoise for the day.
Barry M (Cyan Blue) and Butter nail (Henley Regatta) polish.
We received my aunts' Christmas parcel in time and my sister and I were really excited to find Shiseido Maquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour (lip colour/gloss) among their gifts. I love this brand and really do think their lipglosses are the best as they are super moisturising. It's a shame the younger Maquillage line is only available in Asia. I will definitely be stocking up when I visit next Summer.
However there was barely any time for resting as my parents, sisters and grandma all had to prepare for our hot pot on the evening when more hungry family members would arrive! So off to make lots of won tons...
won ton making
Peeling the 'thousand year old eggs' which look gross, smell gross but actually taste pretty good. I like them best in congee (rice porridge).
Thousand yr old egg
Hot Pot is always so much fun and once the soup is flavoured, everyone cooks whatever they like. Some of the foods we had were skewered prawns, tofu, beef, squid, noodles, beancurd skins, salmon, halibut and fish balls. Oh and plenty of my dad's special satay sauce. Nom!
hot pot
After plenty of food and drink, we were pretty thankful for the dishwasher. There were so many bowls!
So many!
After hot pot we all chilled out in the living room where we all took turns playing with the Wii.
Wii playing
Christmas day was definitely tiring but it was so much fun! The following day was Boxing day and we hit the shops pretty late in the day but still managed to buy a few things.
Boxing day sales
Sadly no bargains for me. I bought a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in Caress Pink that I've wanted for a while and the RMK Recovery gel which smells like oranges. My skin loves the stuff.
Boxing Day purchases
Me and my sisters...
Sisterly love
I still have some outfit photos that I've taken of Hailey that I need to share in future posts!
Hailey & Me
Hailey- Blazer (Zara) Snood (House of Fraser) Top, Jeans (Topshop)
Me- Shirt, Jacket (Topshop), Grey Tee, Jeggings (UO) and Ribbon
Later on in the evening we returned to the restaurant that my family has been visiting since before I was born! It's the same place that I took Kristabel in her post here. All 14 of us had our fill of yummy Cantonese food.
Boxing day dinner
The night was pretty much identical to the night before. We all drove back to our house where we had traditional chinese soup (tong) made by my grandma. We played on the Wii and stuffed our faces with more chocolate!
Before the night was over, I got one of my cousins to take a photo of me, my parents and my sisters.
Thanks Cuz for the lovely family photo!
The final photo literally marks the end of my Christmas due to the fact my parents only get 2 days off a year. It sounds crazy I know, but it's definitely the norm for most Chinese families, especially first generation Chinese like me whose parents own their own businesses. I definitely had one of the best ones this year as our house was bustling with so many family members. Even though Christmas day was tiring, it was worth it and I can't wait for next year to come along already! However, with 3 huge meals in the space of two days, it's time to think about the post-xmas diet haha. Although that's rather difficult with so many boxes of chocolate everywhere.

I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and hope you all have a fantastic new years!


  1. So warm and festive! =))) I heart Christmas so much!!!! Looks like you had a great time at home. The family pic is cool and you look very much like your mother =)
    Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Look like a delicious christmas! I love the pics of you and your sisters especially.

  3. Looks like the perfect Christmas, and nice to learn even more about your family. Your parents seem amazing and so dedicated what with working so much. That hot pot looks amazing, brings back HK memories! When you move to London you need to somehow recreate this (or at least bring your Gran to help cook)! Ahhht this post has made me hungry...

  4. Merry Christmas Winnie! Sounds like you had an amazing day with your family. xx

  5. Looks like you had an amazing xmas with your family. I haven't had a hot pot in AGES it's my favourite thing, I'll have to get our pot out for New Years Day.

    I've yet to hit the sales although there's noting I really want LOL!

    Have a great New Years xoxo

  6. When I first read 'hot pot' I thought you meant like a lancashire hot pot! The chinese version sounds nice though, although not sure about those thousand year old eggs though... I love seeing different families Christmas traditions from different cultures!

  7. tell me about having 8947598275 boxes of chocs!

  8. Your Christmas looks lovely, I'm craving celebrations now!

  9. Your Christmas sounds amazing! I've never heard of hot pot but I really want to try it now. So cool to see the different ways people celebrate Christmas!


  10. lovely pictures:) love the mixing of traditions too, that food looks too good xx

  11. awe everything looks so wonderfl.
    looks like you had an amazing time.<3

  12. Christmas festivities is definitely a valid excuse!:) Fantastic pictures! Chocolate is my life at the moment!! haha


  13. Ur Xmas times sound like wonderful!


  14. It is so amazing of you to share your traditions on your blog! I always love reading about them :) I'm glad you had a good time, but I wouldn't worry about a post chrismas diet if I were you XD

  15. all that food looks delicious! i love seeing how different people spend their christmases but i was with you on the wii playing. wii bowling is the way to go

  16. Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas. Love the party hats: that's what christmas is all about!

    And your sisters are both so pretty and look like they both have great style.

  17. absolutely loved reading this and having a peek at your days! so glad you shared, you've made me craaaave chinese food and soup omg please share some recipes with us!!

  18. aaah i love this post!
    your and your sisters are so incredibly stylish, you have a beautiful family!
    your christmas sounds lovely, glad you had a wonderful time!

  19. Looks like you had an excellent Christmas! Love the photos of you with your family,I've got two sisters as well but it's IMPOSSIBLE to get them to pose for pictures - plus we spent most of the day in pajamas so they probably wouldn't be too happy about a photo popping up on the internet.

  20. This is a really fun peek into your christmas. Your nails look really pretty and it looks like you had a really nice family day.

    merry christmas!

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  21. Well looks like it was busy and super fun. I love Baileys in coffee :).

    <3, New Follower (or Awesome Person)

  22. Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas..
    Love your style..
    Have a fab 2011..

  23. Reading your post makes me miss Christmas, haha. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT! Documenting your entire day like that? I always get caught up in the moment and when it passes, I realize I didn't get a proper photo. But everything looks so delicious! Except for the thousand year old eggs. I never really enjoyed their taste or texture. I think the name is really off-putting, haha!

    And I wish my family hot potted! We're not that in touch with our Chinese side, haha. But I love your dress! It's so cute. And it's so funny how your dad just towers over everyone in the family! ♥

  24. You guys have such warm and yummy meals. Love the pics of you and your family. Wishing you a wonderful new year. Thanks so much for being here.

  25. Happy happy happy 2011!!! keep up your lovely style and rock into 2011^__^ love from california, gabbie

  26. What a fun holiday!

    Love Grace.

  27. hope you had a lovely christmas :)
    happy new year!! x

  28. Great pictures!!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment :) It meant alot to me! Snickerdoodles are so yummy -they are like a sugar cookie with cinnamon.

    I'm your newest follower! Come visit again soon :)
    Happy New Year, doll!!!


  29. very lovely picture..

    Happy new year!

  30. Love the blog! Very good ♥
    Following each other? What do you think?

    Kiss Kiss Van ♥

  31. Happy New Year kitten your Christmas looked EPIC !!Awww got to love the dish washer ...we don't have one but as Barry my bloke cooked my mum washed up :)
    It's all about the Wii me and Baz played Guitar Hero (it was a crimbo pressie from Baz) anyway I hope you have a fab year and here's to 2011 kitten xxxxx

  32. Lovely photos :) Hotpot is so much fun. Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

  33. looks like you all had a wonderful time...and, yes, thank goodness for dishwashers!

  34. Happy New Year, darling! Food and family is so important for chinese families. :) We are blessed.

  35. Your Christmas looks lovely!!!
    happy new year darling!!!

    xx marina

  36. Happy New Year :-)


  37. What a wonderful Christmas and all that food yum yum yum. I wanna go out for Dim Suuuuuuum!!! Loved the aviator jacket you're wearing and all your cracker hats =) I'm glad you had such an amazing time and hope NYE was fab too. All the best for 2011 =)

    Hannah xx

  38. The food looks absolutely yummy. Thanks for sharing the photos of your fun times. And drop by me too when you have time.


  39. Happy New Year! mhhmmm yummy hot pot! :)
    oh my god, are you taking pictures with your polaroid?

  40. Christmas Cracker hats are great, although my mum will never wear one!

  41. That really sucks that your parents only get 2 days off each year... but at least it looks like you have a lot of fun in those two days! I really enjoyed all the family photos you included. Happy New Year!

  42. aww the da bin lo looks so cool! went a hse party and had the exact same thing for NYE ;) sucked we could't meet up, hopefully I'll be back for summer since my husband is egging to spend new year with him instead (new year is the most important celebration date for the JApanese).

    Ohhh i really want to get a volupte lipstick too. Holding out for the duty free ;) Heard a lot about the RMK recovery gel too - nice buy!

  43. Looks like a lovely christmas!

    Love the stuff you got from your aunt. You will have to tell us how you get on with them.

  44. Awww it all looks so nice :) Seems like you had a great time with your family :))
    And hope you had a kicking New years ever too :)

  45. Such fun and festive photos. I love your nail color, and I am such a Bailey's fan too!

  46. you seem to have had an awesome christmas celebration with your family winnie !!
    and great gifts you've got as well :)
    i love the polaroids !

  47. irish coffee, eh? EH?
    i miss you. get your pretty self back to london some weekend soon.
    x fi

  48. thank you for sharing all these nice pics. looks like you had a great time.
    wish you a year 2011 full of blessings,
    best wishes dear

  49. This looks like so much fun! You and your sisters are so pretty and I am jealous of all that chocolate ;) We DEFINITELY have to meet up this year, I am dying to meet you :) Happy new year!

    Maria xxx

  50. Looks so much fun!

    juliet xxx

  51. Love the photos! I love Baileys, YUM!! x

  52. i want to spend xmas with your family, that hot pot looks amazing! my nonna (italian grandma) was also straight in there with the party hat, haha xx

  53. What a great way to spend Christmas! I love having hot pot (we call it steamboat here) with my family too! And pei dan is definitely my favorite thing have with congee! Your nan looks so cute with the party hats! And those nail polish looks amazing! And no; we do NOT have Macquillage in SG):

    If this is what Christmas is like in your family; I can't imagine how Chinese New Year would be like!!! It's only been 4d since New Year and I can't wait for CNY now!

  54. I feel as though I have shared Xmas with you, looks like you all had such a lovely time! Gorgeous nail polish as well!

  55. Winnie! It looks like you had an amazing holiday. You look SO adorable in every single photo. And can I pretty please come over and eat dinner with you sometime? hehe all the food looks so delicious.

    Hope all is well, Winnie!

    xx Bonnie

  56. It sounds and look like you had so much fun !

    Oh .. nice libertines poster too :p



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