Monday, October 11, 2010

Bubble Tea and Perfumes!

One of my favourite drinks in the world is Bubble tea. Something that I haven't had in the longest time but the other day my mom surprised me with a Taro flavoured one that she bought from a new Chinese cafe that has opened in town. It wasn't quite as good as what I'm used to in HK but it was still yummy!
bubble tea
I also went out at the weekend to a (re)freshers party which was animal golf super hero school themed. I avoided wearing a white shirt and stuck with my sheer one instead and found a pink tie from my little sister's room. I wish I was still a fresher!
october hkoctober
Yes, I'm still a sucker for Hello Kitty.
Sheer shirt (H&M) Skirt (Topshop) Socks (Topshop)
Anyway, like most girls, I love my perfume and I have a few favourites that I use regularly. I want to know what your favourite perfumes are! I'm always hanging around the perfume counters and testing out my favourites.
Lancome(Miracle So Magic) Ghost (Deep Night) Chanel (Chance en fraiche) Body Shop (Love etc) Lanvin (Jeanne)
In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the 'Be Delicious' fragrance and a special competition to New York over on the DKNY facebook page, DKNY kindly sent me their iconic green apple perfume which now sits proudly among my small stash of perfume.

However, it's not just me who has a new guys can have one too! I've got a 30ml EDT and a make up bag to give away!
This could be yours!
The giveaway is open internationally! To enter:
  1. Leave a comment below.
  2. Be sure to leave a contact email address.
  3. I'll randomly pick a winner Monday 18th October and I'll let you know by email if you've won!
Good Luck guys!


  1. Omg, YUM! I absolutely love bubble tea, though I've never been a fan of taro. I'm more into the fruity ones - like green apple!

    You look so cute! I love your outfit. Especially your skirt! WHY IS TOPSHOP SO EXPENSIVE HERE IN NY?! But I don't suppose it's any cheaper over there, is it? I've always wondered about freshers week, and I wish we had that in America. It seems like to much fun. It sucks that our drinking age is 21. :( You Europeans have so much more fun.

    Your perfumes are so cute! I love the DKNY Be Delicious one. It smells like apples, my favorite! And yay! Giveaways. I think I'll inconspicuously enter, ROFL.

  2. so love this outfit! Wow!

    The bubble tea sound quite intriguing. What a beautiful giveaway!

  3. You look super cute in that pink tie! & I've been looking for a fresh, every day kind of perfume. How awesome that you got the free bottle.

  4. I love bubble tea! It's just so difficult to find where I live. =( But the perfume sounds lovely! What a wonderful giveaway.

  5. Bubble tea and perfume. What a lovely day! I love your outfit, too. I wish I could pull something like that off!

  6. i love bubble tea. my favourite flavour is taro :)

  7. Ooh, thanks for the giveaway!

    bookworm396 at gmail dot com

  8. mmmhmmm the perfume looks like it smells yummy !
    i remember that dkny contacted me abt the sponsor too, but they cancelled it because i live in indonesia :(

  9. nice going with the tie for a pop of color :)

  10. Hello!

    By you mean freshmen in high school? Lol, sorry I'm a bit confused! >_< My favorite perfume isn't one that can be bought at a counter, lol. I'm not sure if they have a Bath & Body Works in the UK (I think they do...right?), but if they do, check out their White Citrus perfume. It's not too light, yet not too strong. Perfect for days and nights! I love it sooo much! =D

    Please enter me in the contest as well! My e-mail is: ciararae09[@]gmail[.]com

    Have a great day!

  11. I've never had bubble tea before but I really want to try it! Your outfit is SO cute, I wish I was a fresher again too :)


  12. Love the outfit. The skirt is super cute!

  13. Hi my dear-you look lovely as always and what a fabulous giveaway too, I do love your collection of perfumes! x

  14. wow.. seems like an unique and wonderful parfume.. nice giveaway ^-^

  15. Fantastic give away !!!
    Thank you !

  16. You're outfit is cute!! My favorite is definitely Princess by Vera Wang and Young Sexy Lovely by YSL and baby doll, too!

  17. I love bubble tea, I think it's soo yum, with the jellies!
    I have that skirt too, but in a different colour, it's so cute xx

  18. yay for bubble tea! I miss it a lot, since it's not available over here... :(

    My favourite perfumes are : Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden and Love by the Harajuku Lovers (Gwen Stefani's brand), though I have a bunch of perfumes.

    - Kimmy

  19. I've never had bubble tea. It looks delicious. I had never even heard of it before.

  20. I love bubble tea, I don't think I've had it since I was in China Taro is my fave to!

    I'm in love with all Dior fragrances it's all I seem to own at the moment but it would be great to try something new :D

  21. I have heard so much about bubble tea but have never acually gotten around to trying it...

    You really should sample Coco Mademoiselle, I wear it everyday and always get nice compliments :)

    Also, fantastic blog xox


  22. awesome outfit! :D
    and without the tie I even would wear it for common!

    The mirror effect in the last pic is awesome !

  23. That bubble tea looks amazing!
    Lovely giveaway and post as always Winnie!


  24. I love bubble tea! My fav is the watermelon one. Its annoying though as i don't live anywhere near a shop that sells it. Only whenever i get to go london. =(

  25. ive never tried bubble teaa but i really want to! loveee dkny perfumes too :) ps love your school night out outfit - very chic!

  26. Gorgeous giveaway!

  27. you look so cute, love the pop of pink!

  28. i really wanna try bubble tea ^^ and yaya i wanna enter too ^^

  29. You have a wonderful and quirky fashion sense, I have to say that I am a bit jealous!

  30. your posts always make me happy :)
    I love your sheer top idea an awesome alternative to your usual white shirt!

  31. I LOVE Taro bubble tea, I always get one from Cafe de Hong Kong at China Town whenever I pass by :)

    I have a obsession for perfume, my favourite is Britney Spears Fantasy as it reminds me of HK :P
    Thank you! xxx

  32. I've never tried bubble tea, but it sounds nice :)
    I love that DKNY perfume and the bottle is so cute!

  33. You make me jealous both with your perfumes and your bubble tea (it seems like ages the last time I had bubble tea u_u)

    Anyway I'm entering hoping that at least I could win that cute bottle! :D

  34. We had a super hero themed party in my uni at the weekend, it was great fun! Ooh and please enter me for the competition, my email address is

  35. Mmm bubble tea, I tried that for the first time a few months ago and loved it. My other half finds the texture a bit gruesome, but I think it's yummy!

    I'd love to enter the competition, that perfume's on my must-have-at-some-point-when-I-have-funds list!


  36. I'm quite a new reader, via Flying Saucer, and I just love it! Please enter me into the competition :)

  37. Aww thank you ^^
    You look adorable- as always ! And yummmm bubble tea :)

  38. I love that perfume! So fresh hmmm. I miss being a fresher too, sometimes i hear songs that remind me of freshers week and I'm like 'aahhhh'.

  39. My sister loves that perfume


  40. You look super cute! Hmmm, bubble tea is new to me - was in China but don't remember encountering this. It sounds fab. xx

  41. First of all thank you for your comment hun,just let me know what coat and I will let you know what shop.
    Oh hello sexy Winnie, you are rocking the pink tie, I hope you had fun at it ... loving your sisters photo wall.

    Oh how cool of DKNY, please ENTER me I need some new perfume.

    thank you hun xxx

  42. hello ! :D
    taro bubble tea definitely tastes great ;)

    i use DKNY perfume as well, and it's the red apple one. thnks for held this giveaway !.


  43. Burberry brit for life. :)

    Love Grace.

  44. Bubble tea? I've never heard of it, but I'm intrigued and a little doubtful. Basically, I'd be willing to try it if I ever came across it in a cafe now.

  45. Gosh, I love bubble tea too, I love vanilla flavour. Anyway, nice outfit! I hope I'm not late for giveaway.

    my email :

  46. ohh wow I cant wait to check out the bubble tea place when I am back!!

    I love DKNY blossom fresh!!

    Love to try that version:

  47. You have a lot of perfumes!
    & I WANT that perfume!

  48. I felt the same, miss being a student or fresher when i have graduated.

    May I win the bubble tea instead? lol. Really craving for it now!

  49. wow ;o i really like your blog ;)

  50. ur blog is amazing :D

    follow me if you want ;**

  51. I love Bulgari Omnia Amethyst perfume. Or Body Shop's Love Your Body.

    Please enter me for the comp! My email is

    Thanks lovely!

    Ps I had my eye on that topshop skirt for ages but missed the boat...gutted :) xxx

  52. I've never heard of Bubble Tea, but it looks delicious! Must find some here...

    You look adorable in those photographs - cute outfit, girl!

    I'd love to be entered into your competition - my email address is x

  53. My favorite perfume is Marc Jacobs's Lola

  54. what a nice party! Ever since I heard about bubbe tea (maybe here in your blog?) I've wanted to try it!
    what a nice giveaway!
    I've never tried this particular perfume but so far my favourite is Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf!

  55. I call it Boba, but Bubble Tea sounds so much cuter!
    And I'd LOVE to be entered, thanks!

    Love, Hannah
    xoxosweeet at

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. what a brilliant giveaway dear!
    im in ;)
    ediotshop at
    take care

  58. I have to admit I've never had bubble tea. What does it taste like?

    I have loads of favourite perfumes - Opium by YSL, Black Orchid by Tom Ford, L'eau D'Issey, Maitresse by Agent Provocateur, Dolce Vita by Dior, Kingdom by Alexander McQueen... I could keep going, I love putting on a spritz of perfume every morning!

  59. I love bubble tea! Here you can have rainbow coloured pearls :) never tried it in HK though, I'll have to remember next time I go!
    I used to have the red delicious version which I loved but it ran out ages ago. My favourite at the moment is Madame by Jean Paul Gaultier.

  60. i love love love that perfume but i'm not gonna lie, we don't really have enough money for me to get it :S
    oh how i would cherish it :P (am i sucking up a bit lol?)

  61. I've never had bubble tea, I've heard of it but I'm still not certain what it is!

    Wow that's quite the collection of scents! I have only two, one for day - Paul Smith 'Rose' and Dior 'Pure Poison' :)

    Hav you finished your masters?

  62. Gosh, I stay parallel to a street that has 7 (I kid you not) bubble tea cafes within 3 blocks! Pick me Winnie!!!! It's Nadine :)

  63. My favourite perfrume is the Chloe eau de parfum- it is such a yummy smell you just want to gobble it up (weird I know!) and it is perfect for layering :)

    Maria xxxx

  64. Perfume has the power to alter your mood too. It can be uplifting or comforting. I like all your perfume collections! That DKNY is I love the most! :)

    human pheromones



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