Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daytripping it LFW style!

Before the 22nd is over, Happy Mid Autumn Festival! to those who celebrate it! Here is the famed mooncake that is eaten during this festival.
Oops for the blurriness...wrong setting!
Typical filling=Lotus seed paste with double egg yolks
Anyway, onwards to a run down of what I got up to yesterday at my one and only day at LFW. Bit weird only being there for one day this season but it was still good fun soaking up the LFW atmosphere!
LFWSS11Somerset house
I hung out with Jazmine from Jazzabelle's Diary...who the street photographers absolutely adored!
Jasmine's Outfit
We also hung out with Kristabel from I want you to know who is a familiar face on this blog now. I am totally loving the knee socks and we discussed the very apparent need for some sock glue! Popular with Irish dancers as well as Japanese girls dontcha know!
kristabel Outfit
I never take good outfit shots for other people, I get all fidgety and giggly. Fail.
Faux vest (H&M) Top (Heattech by Uniqlo) Lace Top, skirt (Topshop) Shoes (Office)
We explored the exhibition together (more on the exhibition in the next few posts).
Louise Gray
Louise Gray prints
Very luckily and courtesy of Village Press, Kristabel and I made it into the Ashish show (big thanks to Alice). As soon as I stepped out of the tent I heard some pretty scathing reviews but I thought there were some fun pieces amongst the crazy mish mash of colours, prints and fringing. Personally, I'm not a fan of cowboy hats, boots and trucker hats but I did see some great pieces! I'll be posting up more some more pics on this and some of my favourites in my next post.
Ashish flame dressAshish walk
LFW is always a fun place to hang out with fellow bloggers. We chilled out in the press tent with Shini where we indulged in Vitamin water and scones! I also finally met the ever so lovely Clare from I like Tweet, Yishyene aka Smallcrazy and had a brief chat with the ever-so busy Susie who was constantly being asked for interviews and papped by admirers.

After all the LFW madness, I met up with my friend for some good ol' Pizza Express...
I very luckily managed to get a night time tour of the houses of Parliament seeing as she works there. I never visited on school trips but it was really cool (and actually a bit eerie) wandering along the corridors and soaking up the history. Fraid I couldn't get any photos because of the strict security policy!
So that was my brief visit for LFW SS11 over and done with!
See you next year!
See you next season!


  1. ohh, such a great post! hehe, don't worry, i look giggly in all of the outfit pictures kristabel got of me! don't you just love how the shot you got of me is landscape and the one of kristabel is portrait? you know us too well! :)

    i'm writing my post now, rambling away, i better get on with it before i fall asleep!

    it was lovely to meet you! hopefully i'll see you both soon. xxx

  2. Ahhhhh it was such a great day, one of my faves! It's a shame your visits go far too quickly, but we sure packed a lot in and met a lot of people! It will be interesting to see what happens when the roles are reversed and I'm in Brum, can't wait to see what the city's like and to have more blog-related gossip!

  3. Winnie you look fab, I love the outfit and the tights rock. Oh how weird by BF work's there too, he took some photo's of when the pope came (still yet to post). Oh wow I really wish I could have gone this year :( next year I am so there with bell's on. Oh I do love live catwalk, but even better is street style (win's hands down). Look's like you had fun xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. i agree- not really feeling the hats, and some of the ensables in that picture just look messy a bit.. but that's so great you got to watch the show! :)

  5. Hey I missed you again! Glad you've had a fab time at LFW.

  6. hi lovely. thanks so much for sharing all these photos.
    you look so lovely in the streetstyle shot ;)
    im so sad i didnt see you! next time we need to grab a cuppa. ok?
    hope youre having a wonderful week. i cant wait for the next lfw..


  7. You guys all look great !
    And I seriously need to go to London asap ! :P

  8. The Ashsish show looked quite good. Glad you had such a great time. I loved walking aroung and bumping into other bloggers.

  9. I am so tremendously jealous of everyone who went to LFW, will have to get my bum into gear for next year for sure! And that top cake looks a little like a porkpie... haha! jazzy ♥

  10. Great pictures, I love your lace top. And that cake looks delicious. :)sarahD

  11. AHH WISH I WAS THERE! Next year maybe. You look fantastic though (the lace dress is so pretty), and love your friends Jazzabelle's outfit!

  12. im so jealous! wish i lived in london! must have been awesome. following you! follow me too if you like :)

  13. Really great post! It's such an exciting time in London!!

  14. I'm so jealous of your LFW adventures! Glad you had an awesome time :)


  15. love those telephone booths <3

  16. love your purpleish outfit!!! great snap shots of the show^__^i'm catching up now. i'm doing a series of asian-american designer review in NYFW lagging behind of all the shows....xoxo from california, gabrielle

  17. thank you Winnie, you are too sweet.

  18. Urrg, by reading this post (and seeing the new Harry Poter trailer) makes me start to miss London... a lot. It's just going to get worse!

    Oh and now I'm going to be up all night hunting down that GORGEOUS VEST OF YOURS. Sheesh, it is PERFECT and looks great with long sleeves... the outfit ideas are flowing already.

    Peace out Boosh buddy ;)


  19. cute outfit photos ^^ and i love mooncake without the yolk :p ^^

    i wanna see london ^^

  20. Awesome post! So loved your outfit for the show. Such a beautiful cake too.

  21. Great pics!
    You have an award on my blog (^_^)

  22. Such great pictures! Love your outfit :)

  23. This cake looks so good ^^ It looks like you had a blast

  24. The three of you look so cute! I love how you paired the girly, lacy tunic with that biker jacket!

  25. This makes me want to go to London and LFW so much! It must've been great to be there in person and everyone looks fantastic :)

  26. lovely photos!
    how lucky u r,
    i envy.


  27. Hi there-you all look so stylish and wonderful, sounds like a fabulous day out too!! x

  28. Awesome pictures and you look so cute! :)

    I'm holding a giveaway over on my blog make sure you check it out

    Have a great weekend! xxx

  29. I know it is very non-fashiony, but my favourite bit is the special tour of the Houses of Parliament - what a great treat!

  30. just wanted to stop by to see if you have a new post - but no ;(
    hope youre busy enjoying your weekend darling


  31. so much awesomeness in one post! lovely stuff, sweetie!

    xo Alison

  32. Yum! I love mooncake, but this year, my mom was a little late on buying them, so we got weird ones with peanuts or something inside it. It was pretty gross!

    And you look amazing as always, Winnie. I love your vest and how you paired it with such a feminine dress and a bold purple. I'm guessing it's pretty cold now, in England? Haha.

  33. looks like you had a great day!!

  34. Hello There! How u doing?

    Great post! Looks tres exciting!

    Love Heels?

    I really think that you will enjoy viewing my shoe designing BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn too! I Hope that my illustrations will help me get a step into the shoe designing industry! Let me know your opinion? Take care x

  35. wow my bf told me mooncake is not yummy anyway but i like it so much

  36. Sounds so amazing, Winnie! I feel like I can live vicariously through your fashion adventures ;)
    Sadly, there is no Atlanta Fashion Week, so Cath and I are stuck wishing we could be in London (our favorite city in the world) or NYC, or Paris... etc.
    I'm really intrigued by this night-time Parliament tour... sounds amazing!

  37. Im SO jealous of both things LFW and Moon Cake D; lol. i cant wait to see london again when im back for xmas!! Hopefully catch you in Brum too ;)

  38. london fashion week sounds so harmoneous this season! looks like a gorgeous day, and it seems bloggers are nicely accepted now! love all your outfits, and the sounds of a press tent!xx



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