Friday, July 16, 2010

Contrasting colours

Sometimes my camera hates me and decides to go all blurry and sometimes, all I want to do is wear contrasting colours...
purpleandred detail
Cardi (Oasis) Top (Dress-AA) Skirt (Thrifted DIY) Bangle (Gift) Shoes (Topshop)

Currently I'm busy typing up my dissertation but here's some food for thought!

1. Why do you read blogs?
2. What is the role of the blogger?
3. Do they (or have they) influenced any of your purchases?

It's all in the name of research so let me know what you guys think!


  1. That skirt looks so amazing!

    I read blogs because it's like having a conversation with someone about something they are really enthusiastic about. Regardless of whether the blog is about cooking, clothes or carrot shaped pillows.

    I don't think there is any definite role for a blogger, they should just post because they want to share something they feel passionate about.

    Not so sure I've been influenced by blogging in terms of clothing purchases, but I have been from forums like Stylezeitgeist.

  2. I love pink and purple, they go so well together <3

    1. Why do you read blogs?
    I love the interaction with the writer it's more personal than magazines and also you get a more unique look at subjects and also I enjoy the pictures people take and the insight you get into their lives.

    2. What is the role of the blogger?
    I don't think bloggers have a specific role, just to share their personalities with us.

    3. Do they (or have they) influenced any of your purchases?
    I think in some ways they have as often I notice things I really like or brands/shops I've never heard of before and I'll go and check them out even if I don't make a purchase.

  3. interesting questions!

    i started reading blogs way before i even thought of keeping one myself. I find it really interesting reading about what other people think about fashion- you can't get the same "no strings attached" honesty from most magazines because of the money involved. I also don't have many friends who are interested in fashion to the extent that i am so it's kind of nice to share things with other people, even if it is just through the internet. also, im nosy!

    i don't think the role of the blogger can be defined, because all blogs are different. some are strictly "this is what i wore today" which means their analysis of anything beyond their personal style is likely to not be shared- to each their own, but i don't find that kind of blog all that interesting. some champion new designers, or focus on editorials, or runway reviews- i almost go to certain blogs if i'm in the mood for what i know they do best. although saying that, my own blog is a mish mash of everything... :s

    to the last question, it might be weird to admit this but yes they really have! often i've seen something in a shop and thought "hmm i really like that but how would i style it/can i pull it off?" and then i'll see another blogger wearing it well, and that gives me the courage to take the plunge! it's also great when fellow bloggers alert you to sales and discounts which you otherwise wouldn't have found.

  4. i love the bright colors!

    1. For inspiration, cool DIY ideas and to pass the time.
    2. To be themselves and to share what they are comfortable with sharing.
    3. Definitely. I've only recently started getting into blogging. I used to be part of livejournal but switched to blogger because I felt that the blogger community was more vibrant. Also, I love the idea of having a blog to support an etsy store. I have bought way too many things on etsy.

  5. Love the colors!

    And I read blogs because I love connecting with people who share a love of fashion and styling with me. It's also great inspiration and it gives me motivation to get dressed every day!

    The blogger's role is to inspire and participate in a community :)

    and they have definitely influenced my purchases. Maybe not directly but there are things I never would have bought had I not seen a similar idea on a fellow blogger! And I know this because my friends will think what i'm wearing is weird, and I'm like, but everyone is wearing it! and they're haha but what i see and what they see are very different because i read blogs!

  6. Gorgeous outfit - I love the colours together!

    1. Why do you read blogs?

    I'm nosy .. love looking at what "real people" wear and getting to know other people from different backgrounds and seeing there own styles and what I can use with my own!

    2. What is the role of the blogger?
    Ummmm to provide us with snoppets of there lives?

    3. Do they (or have they) influenced any of your purchases?

    All the time - I think about what other people where, how they would style it .. and have even copied a few outfits outright!!

    Good look with your dissertation and have a good weekend!

    Sal xXx

  7. I read blogs for inspiration and for the community/social aspect. Bloggers can do anything they want and write anything they want, and it's about real people, not the imagianary people that I feel like magazine photoshoots and articles are for. That's what I really love, ordinary people with ordinary lives which are beautiful.

    Good luck with the dissertation!

  8. Your outfit is gorgeous, I love the colour combo!

    1. I read blogs to get inspiration for outfits, discover new fashion brands, to get DIY/recipe ideas etc. I also love the social aspect of it as blogging allows you to build up friendships with people you would otherwise never come into contact with.

    2. I think the role of the blogger is just to be themselves!

    3. Bloggers have certainly influenced my purchases (or, well, wishlists at the moment!). For example, I would never have thought about wearing clogs, but I've seen so many bloggers rocking them I'm currently looking for a pair!

  9. Hello, beautiful skirt! I love it!!
    I follow blogs because they inspire me and I find friends in other bloggers :)

  10. Reading blogs kills me boredoms feeds my creativity and makes me happy :p
    I guess blogger helps let off steam
    They dont really influentce in wat I buy I dont think...

    I wish I asked those questions they are so good ^^
    and i love ur skirt/dress :3

  11. I. I read blogs because I have nothing better to do and it's also something voyeu-ish.
    II. I guess the role of the blogger is to entertain. It certainly is a role, as you can pretend to be someone you are not.
    III. Sure, if I see something which I think looks good I'll try and find something similar. Many of the books I've read these last few months and films I've watched are due to blogs.
    What do you think, Winnie?

  12. I loove all the colors! You look adorable.

    1. Inspiration
    2. Spreading one's personal style
    3. Sometimes. It can make you aware of new ideas that are taking place across the world. They really can inspire you!

  13. 1. Why do you read blogs?

    Its interesting to really see the global world's interests. Plus I've always loved meeting people from places far from where I live.

    2. What is the role of the blogger?

    They are so much more influential than maybe they even know. I love the aspects of them being themselves and what works for them.
    3. Do they (or have they) influenced any of your purchases?

    Most definitely. Its fun when friends ask me..why are you wearing that? Its so adorable. I had no idea that was even in your closet & I'll just smile and say..well, there is this girl named Winnie..and....

  14. Love the colours: love the skirt.

    And your shoes are adorable.

    Hmmm, answers:

    1) I actually read them as an alternative to magazines now. It's a great way to learn about new trends and products, as well as seeing what people are wearing and how. Blogs are so much easoer to relate to than actual mags.

    2) Hmmm, I think bloggers are definitely a new way for companies etc to advertise/showcase products. People do use them to gain information.

    3) Yup: I have been influenced. I've bought things like make up, shoes that people have recommended.

  15. (im currently having camera issues too! I feel your pain!)

    1. Why do you read blogs?

    I am inspired so much by blogs, wether it be photography, fashion, cooking….im constantly being linked to other peoples sites for even more inspiration - and best of all, theyre free! What isnt there to like!

    2. What is the role of the blogger?

    I guess each blogger shows off a side to themselves that other bloggers dont have. We all with hold something unique, and thats what makes each visit precious.

    3. Do they (or have they) influenced any of your purchases?

    Of course - there have been many times I have been inspired by bloggers, not just in fashion, but with things like my passion for Raw Food, and have been linked to other websites that I regularly use now that I would never have known about if it not had been for other bloggers.

    Hope this helps!


  16. i read blogs for daily inspiration, mainly because i find inspiration in anything. even if particular outfits may not be "my style" per se, individual pieces may capture my attention. yes, bloggers have influenced several of my purchases. the role of the blogger, i feel, has solely to do with the documentation of personal style... a progression of evolution between trends and the fashion world. it shouldn't be about influencing others' perceptions of how they define themselves or their style.

  17. Cute outfit, as always! Reena and I were discussing a pilgrimage to Brum for the F21 store opening, but that might be too far off in the future! Anyways, love the idea of your dissertation, so I shall give my 2 cents worth.

    1. Why do you read blogs?
    To inform my fashion choices with that which is accessible and realistic as well as inspirational. Of course I'll drool at the latest Miu Miu prints but I want to know where I can get a high street alternative or see someones vintage finds. My eyes have been opened so much and my shopping now comes from all over the place. There is also a two-way street of communication, I can get almost instant answers to questions and I've built a network of like minded friends and indulged a passion not everyone shares.

    2. What is the role of the blogger?
    The role is to display and document a mostly unique lifestyle that may or may not be accessible. They are often relatable (as you tend to follow a few with similar styles as your own) and can be reached easily for further discussion.

    3. Do they (or have they) influenced any of your purchases?
    Hell yeah! Too many times to mention, but if they show off a recent purchase that I can afford and would have otherwise bought if I'd seen it first, then I will buy. Likewise my blog has influenced a few purchases and we can advise each other on how to wear tricky items. They can often alert us to sales and new brands, which helps my wardrobe but isn't the best for my bank balance!


  18. I'm really loving the colors!!! Pink? love! purple? love! pink AND purple together? EXPLODES! hehehe :) so cute!

    oooo to answer the questions...

    1. I read blogs to feel inspired and also to possibly learn something new. I always seem to learn something new from each blog. But I mostly read blogs for inspiration. Oh and to make new friends too!

    2. There are many roles a blogger can have. It just depends on what kind of blogger you are. Bloggers can be there just for personal uses like to document everyday happenings, reviews, etc. It's also a way of saying "hey I'm going through this and I'm pretty sure someone out there is going through the same thing, you're not alone!"...if that makes any sense! lol

    3. yes, a lot of blogs i've read influence what i buy! I hope i do the same too! sometimes i would go to a store and see something i like but not too sure on buying...and then when i see it on a blog and just the way they utilize it, it helps me decide for sure to buy it or not! i guess it's sort of like looking through a fashion magazine :P

  19. cute outfit once again ;3 I want a bracelet like that >< I don't really have any that's why.
    and 1. I read it to keep up with my English and to learn new things about beauty and even about the news.

    2. There's a lot. I think it's mainly to just show a person's personality through words and pictures and designs.

    3. I think I tend to buy products that people recommend because I'm a sucker for those ;)

  20. hey thanks !
    love your outfit . look fresh :)
    mind to follow&link each other ?
    come check my new post :)

  21. I love the contrasting colours on your outfit and this look is so effective. I hope that everything is going well for you right now Winnie. I like to read blogs because I enjoy catching up with my blogger friends and seeing what is going on in their lives and I like to draw inspiration from things such as outfits and DIY projects. I think the role of the blogger is to represent themselves and share their personal thoughts and interests. And yes, bloggers have influenced many of my purchases because I find so many inspiring outfits. This year I have been influenced to buy skater dresses.

  22. You look fantastic.

    I read blogs for many reasons. Some are for pure entertainment, while others are to get news and insights from.

    I think the role depends on what the blogger is trying to do with their blog. It may be just to entertain their readers. Others are trying to educate.

    Yes, I've bought things based on what I've seen on blogs.

  23. so cute skirt Winnie and the cardi is also so great!

    You look cute :))



  24. Love, love, love the mix of bright colors!

    Bloggers have definitely influenced my purchases - especially online purchases.

    Good luck with your dissertation.

  25. you look so adorable! i am in love with your skirt! so cute!

    1. i read blogs out of pure inspiration (certain blogs have a great influence on me), then for some entertainment and i just want to meet people from allover the world!
    2. the blogger's main role is to express oneself, in a wide variety of ways - by fashion, for example. i am a blogger, becasue i'm vain lol
    3. sometimes ceratin bloggers influence me when it comes to purchases, but rarely, thankfully.

  26. Thanks for your amazing comment, I loved reading everyone's tips and I'll certainly take them into account :) And I have to say, sushi is yummy! I love this outfit too, the colours are beautiful.

    1. I find blogs inspirational, I've found new books, music and fashion through them and I've also met some lovely people too.

    2. I think the role is to deliver inspiration, share new things and even talk about past experiences so others who've experience the same thing can talk about them, I also think they're like an online journal.

    3. Some blogs have influence my purchases, for experience I bought a very cute, vintage hand-mirror from Etsy.


  27. Cute outfit, love that bangle!

    1. Why do you read blogs? I read blogs because it's interesting to see what people are interested in & I like seeing different styles.

    2. What is the role of the blogger? The role of the blogger is just to share what interests them or inspires them, or even just to vent.

    3. Do they (or have they) influenced any of your purchases? In general, yes, but not one specific person has. For example, I've seen a lot of lace in a lot of outfit posts which made me want to have my own lace item :)

  28. thanks for your comment darling!!
    i love your nails! incredibles but true jeje

    the answers to your questions are:
    1- because i love stay in other worlds.
    2- it can be the same as your personality (i think)
    3- i think each person is one world, so anyone can be influenced for my purchasess

    very kisses from

  29. Hope I'm not too late; but here goes!

    I read blogs because; everyone has different ideas, personalities and different lives from me! I'm from the tropics so it's so much fun to read about all their travels, their inspirations; and not forgetting the outfit posts they do; in the different seasons;

    I guess bloggers do not have any roles; but they're definitely a good platform for marketers to get to US who are reading their blogs! It goes without saying that more and more bloggers are getting so influential; which brings us to the next question;

    One great example would be Karla from Karla's Closet; she designed a clutch for Coach; which I'm sorely tempted to get; and that's only one of the many incidences in which bloggers had influenced my purchases!

    Like you; all your Vivi scans have definitely inspired me to get my own Vivi; although it's the TW's edition!

    Bloggers are definitely a huge part of our lives now; and the blogging community have really brought the world a lot closer together!


    PS/ I loved your questions too much that I had to answer them! Good luck with yrou dissertation!

  30. I think the majority of blogs are honest while the majority of print media has never been.

  31. You look super cute! Love the colors you're wearing.
    1. I don't know...b/c I like them
    2. I guess it depends on who is looking at the blog and what it means to them...
    3. definitely!

  32. perfect color combo. I love it. And my car is being fixed now via insurance company. : )

  33. I'm happy to help if I can! :)

    1. Why do you read blogs?
    To inspire, to find out about other people's lives, and to be a part of a wicked community (got chatting to so many lovely people!)

    2. What is the role of the blogger?
    I don't know if they have an intended role as such, but to spread the love, their opinions and creativity I would say. An appreciation for whatever it is they blog about - I have found out about the most wonderful shops, brands, eateries and artists this way!

    3. Do they (or have they) influenced any of your purchases?
    Possibly, though not in a sort of -wellallbloggershaveclogsthereforeImust. More, hmm I never thought maxis could sort girls with an average not 6ft tall and stick thin body. I look at the beautiful curvaceous/slim/tall/small ladies and it makes me see how fashion works on the real consumer!
    Claire @ Jazzpad

  34. 1. Why do you read blogs? because they give me inspiration for clothes and I find them interesting. They are more personal than magazines and the people who write them are real.
    2. What is the role of the blogger? It depends. The role of some bloggers is marketing, promoting a particular product or selling advertising space. Others provide independant views on fashion and style.
    3. Do they (or have they) influenced any of your purchases?
    Yes definitely. I am always seeing things on blogs that I want to buy. Unfortunately I can't buy it all but I get plenty of inspiration.

  35. Hi Winnie love the dress you look so amazing and you are so beautiful, you look so good in everything you wear.

    love Chris xx



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