Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Noodles, Pancakes and Fellow Bloggers!

Before I forget to post this all together, I must go back to that lovely week spent in London and a day where I did nothing fashion week related at all. I spent the day catching up with a friend, saw the Ofili exhibition (which was amazing) and then met the awesome bloggers that are Fi and Reena and shared yummy pancakes and a good old chat!

Yes I am short, 4'11" if you must know, but I insist that this photo is a foreshortened view!
Blazer (Zara) Dress (Love concession from Topshop) Grey Heattech top (Uniqlo) Shoes (Converse) Scarf (gift) Bag (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
My friend Claire took the photo and she looked great that day. Her style has been changing a lot ever since she returned from her year teaching in China and it's fun watching her style evolve. It's definitely something that I've seen in myself when I look back at my old posts (cringe!).
Coat (Daks) Jumpsuit (Miss Selfridge) Shoes (Topshop)
We stopped for some Korean food in China town where I told her that she must watch my favourite Korean drama (so far) called My Girl. It's actually brilliant. My dish was a chilli octopus noodle which got more and more firey with every bite! I might have to choose something a little milder next time, I am clearly not made of the same stuff as part of my family. I have two aunts who eat chillis like they are sweets.
A few hours later I met up with the gorgeous Fi from SOS Save Our Shoes. I feel as though we are already old friends and we get on like a house on fire. It goes to show that through blogs you can make some awesome friends. One funny anecdote was when we decided to walk to Covent Garden...only for her to tell me that I was taking her via a whole new route and was very impressed. I was stunned and I had to break the news that in fact, I was following her which was hilarious. We were momentarily lost (in the right direction mind!) but we were soon back on track!

We eventually met up with Reena from Fashion Daydreams and after walking around in the cold for ages, we found this awesome pancake house, My Old Dutch just down from the the tube at Holborn. For future reference, on Mondays, all pancakes are £5!
The pancakes are huge but luckily I had Fi to help me finish my apple and cinnamon pancake! She could hardly refuse right? Yum!
The lovely Fi herself, I love her Wonderwoman tee! You have to check out SOS for her Luella purchase. It's gorgeous and well worth a look! On the topic of Luella purchases, Fab Frocks has also been lucky in finding a bit of Luella for herself too!
Reena is also gorgeous in person. I need to see these two girls more often!
One of the best things about my time in London was meeting all the bloggers. Every time I meet them, I feel as though I've known them a lifetime already. Probably because they're already a part of your daily life when reading their blogs and honestly all the bloggers I have ever met are the warmest and friendliest people ever!


  1. Winnie, your dotted dress is so pretty. I love it. And I watch My Girl too, it's one of my fave Korean series. xoxo

  2. nommm the pancakes look orgasmic! I wish I was there too, looks like lodsa fun fun fun!
    and by the way, love the new banner :)
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  3. Right. Those noodles looks lush. Screw the rest (nah, kidding, enjoying the layering as always!)


  4. awwwww 4'11, about the same height as me xD
    i love korean food too, it's one of my favourite
    and them pancakes look soooo yummy ^^


  5. Those pancakes are huge!!! I want to try one :) I think it's so cool you met fellow bloggers and hung out..I want to do that too!

  6. I agree- and I bet you have a lot of rainy days there, huh? :P
    such a cute polka dot dress you've got :)
    And how fun to get to meet all the bloggers, and the food looks delish !

  7. My god, how do I not know about these places in London? I've been wanting to try Korean food for a while, will have to be on the hunt here; I can defnitely take the spice! Love your dress too!
    I think sometime in August we shall recreate this day...


  9. ahhh...the pancake look yummy and i like your polka dot dress!

  10. ooo wow we're the same height! lol i've never heard of that, friends getting along "like a house on fire" interesting and funny! and omg dutch pancakes! i love how they're so easy to make and delicious! :D

  11. Hi there-sounds like you had such a wonderful time, the Korean food sounds just so yummy and so pleased you enjoyed your blogger meet up too!

  12. Hi there!
    What a lovely blog you have!

    Have a great day
    Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

  13. Oooh I love my old dutch! Looks like yummy fun! And thanks for the mention btw x

  14. Major blogger love going on here!! Those pancakes look TDF!

  15. Loved both outfits....
    Those are so chic!!!

  16. Hi! oh, first combo is very sweet, and these foods are very appetising! :)

  17. Love both outfits, but I'm crazy for the Claire's scarf. Soooo cozy!

    P.S.: I am moving my blog. (, but I have a big problem with DNS of and now the blog update is not working. (for example: google reader, bloglist...) I hope so the problem will be resolved soon. I want let me know this. Please don't forget to visit this blog because I can make a new post for everyday, will not break my habit.♥

  18. i <3 you winnie.
    we are new old best friends.

    love fiona xxxxxxxxxx

  19. Those pancakes look amazing!!!

    It is nice that you get to meet so many lovely bloggers, I wish I could meet some more up here. Perhaps I'll organise a bloggers meet up for northern bloggers!

  20. You have just made me sooo hungry! Sounds like you had a lovely day. I can't believe you are only 4ft11! That is the same height as my Nan and I often wear heels when I go round to hers which make me about 6ft so I tower above her haha :) I love your friend's style and congratulations on going to the Burberry show! That is so fantastic!! :) x

  21. Oooooh fun post!
    Love your polka dot dress!


  22. Looks like a rollicking good time. And highly caloric, to boot. ;)

  23. you are so adorable.
    i love the polka dots!

  24. I feel the same when meeting bloggers! Bloggers are just the nicest people, haha :)

    Looks like such a great week - but you've made me really hungry with that pancake photo...



  25. Nest time you're in London we must meet up!! :)

  26. Oooh that pancake looks super yum! I love pancakes- will have to pay that place a visit!!x

  27. You look so cute! It must be fun meeting all those bloggers :)

  28. I miss My Old Dutch.

    Your Friend Claire's scarf is really cool.

  29. what a fun post! you and your friend look great! and those food pictures are making me hungryyy


  30. Sounds like you had a great time. OMG, Reena is so gorgeous! Its true, one of the best things about blogging is all the bloggers you get to meet!

  31. cute dress x))
    i love it! the pancakes make me craving

  32. lovely dress
    /oh my god pancakes...i waaannttt
    it's actually really warm now. the weather here is so unpredictable agh
    and do send me an email or something if you do end up coming to hk! it would be super sweet to meet you


  33. That apple and cinnamon pancake sounds so delish, your making me hungry! I cannot believe you are that small I am 5ft 4in and I am just touching on my teen years.

    From Dolly

  34. love the pop of lime green in that first outfit! lovely blog, you might like mine as well :)

  35. I love your polka dot dress and the food looks super yummy too. Though those pancakes are HUGE.

  36. you and claire looked very stylish !
    its very hard to keep cool in the cold, but u too managed to pull the look very well !

    thx much for the comments in my blog .
    have a great weekend !

  37. Cute outfits :) And the pancakes look yummy!

  38. Those pancakes are massive! Look tasty though.

  39. looks like a great day & i love your spotty dress!

  40. I like your friend glasses, they really suit her. x

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