Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's talk shoes.

Thank you for everyones lovely comments about Burberry, I was so lucky. I still keep pinching myself and wondering if it was all a dream! Unfortunately, I've returned to a harsh thud back to reality with university deadlines approaching imminently!

Since the last few posts have been very LFW focused, it's about time for an outfit post no?

My day started with a cup of tea and some yummy slices of hot cross bun loaf and toast smeared with Kaya (Coconut Jam).
Coat (UO) Tote (Mulberry for LFW)
I'm all layered up and everytime I wear these socks, I think of the days of primary school. I used to own the same socks but in white and they were a staple of my summer uniform. I wonder what my 10yr old self would think of these?
Cardi (Oasis) Grey Tee, worn underneath Blouse (UO) Sheer Blouse (Topshop) Skirt (H&M) Belt (New Look) Knee Socks (Topshop) Oxfords (H&M)
Surprisingly, nail-polish free today!
Ring (Alexander McQueen)
It's still a bit too chilly to go without I am wearing some skin coloured tights under the knee socks! My mother stared at my legs and poked them a few times to make sure I was layered up ha.
I went with my mother and little sister for some shopping. I amazingly resisted everything but a few things did catch my eye! I went into BHS which is a low cost department store in the UK. One I rarely ever venture into but I was oddly taken with these patent shoes. I can't decide whether they are ugly or pretty. Somewhere in between but they were super comfy. It also goes to show that you can find some nice things in places you would never have considered before.
However, they remained on the shelf but then I found these beauties at River Island.
I don't know whether to cave and buy them seeing as they're only £25. What do you think? You can never have too many brogues right? I know that KB from I Want You To Know would agree...especially this post!


  1. I think I would cave, they are really cute

  2. Love the brogues! I definately need a pair.

  3. i had that toast this morning too (m&s?) love your new header.

  4. I love your ring and belt. Stunning stuff... I'm considering these brogues from H! by Henry Holland -

  5. Those brogues are FIT! Both pairs have advantages, the BHS pair are so unusual and have a cute heel which makes them a bit different to the usual fare. The River Island pair are the perfect summer colour, I'm tempted to get hold of a pair at that price! Now I feel the need to buy some more...

  6. Lovely outfit ! I think I am goin to have to go ad track those lovel shoe down !

  7. coconut jam??? why have i never heard of this before? sounds so good.
    the river island shoes are very tempting, especially at that price

  8. ohman, i'm now really craving coconut jam - it's just too good! i might have to invite myself over soon to indulge.....the mug reminds me of uni days and i also love the socks :) xx

  9. Sure! Go for them. Even though I don't wear brogues I think they are a great buy for the money.

  10. I love those shoes! yummy food and great style- you are really lucky, girl! :))

  11. Oh my gosh!!! You look so amazing. The whole outfit is so well put together! The layering is amazing.
    Hmm, I'm not a fan of BHS, but I'm liking those shoes. I may have to venture in at some point and see what else they have.

  12. Love all the accents of purple in your outfit!

  13. I adore the belt you are wearing in these pics!

  14. Love your McQueen ring!!! And where do you get coconut jam??! Its sounds delicious:)!!

  15. I love that ring. It's the little things that count the most.

  16. Your socks and shoes are adorable!

  17. So cute dress! And your belt is beautiful! :)

  18. Hi there-love your outfit, the socks so suit you!! Do get the brogues, you'll wear them all the time in summer!!

  19. those river island shoes are enough to bring me out of my ban, in fact when i go back to london in april i'll be making a trip there me thinks. btw liking the new header :)

  20. I love your outfit as always you have amazing style. You should definately buy the shoes they are the best and seem like a good purchase. I like your new blog header and how it represents your love for cupcakes.

  21. great shoes, and nice overall style. the textured socks are amazing, they really go well with the overall outfit, esp. the classic coat!

  22. Food AND fashion: a killer combo.

  23. Aww love the purple socks ! :) no wait, let me rephrase- I love all the purple- and the whole thing ! You're always soo cute !

  24. I love the purples through out your outfit!

    Thanks for the comment by the way :)

    Yes it is a sad state of affairs here in leeds with the pirate boot explosion!

  25. Love those patent shoes, darling!


  26. i like those shoes! great find :)

  27. General Melchett (Stephen Fry): "It's not a dirty word Blackadder. 'Crevice' is a dirty word"

    *Claire interjects*
    "And 'smeared' is a positively disGUSting word"

    I think 'smothered' or #caked' would probably be a more suitable use of non-graphic vocabulary thank you Miss Winnie! Lol ;-)

    Claireypoos xxx

    PS: Nice shoes, woof WOOF!

  28. Cocnut jam - woo that sounds soooo yummy - where does one get that from?

    Love the purple tights and your belt!!

    CC xXx

  29. how cute are you.
    i love your style.

  30. Love that shade of purple!

  31. nice shoes and nice price :)
    25 is great price,sweety!

  32. loving this post!
    super cute
    as always, thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the lovely comments


  33. Thanks for the nice comment :D

    I love your ring!

  34. the shoes are superb !
    i dont own any brogues . i only have oxford heels ! heee..

    anyhow . i love kaya toast too !
    can u actually get kaya spread over there?

    thanks for the comments !
    visit - follow - comment me

  35. really like the purples in your outfit. the knee high scoks are great and very on trend for a/w, also, i love brogues!! you can never have too many, and £25 brogues, they are a bargain buy :)

  36. Really cute knee highs! I like all the purple ;)

  37. lovely shoes! and great blog you got here :)


  38. luv the shoes, brogues are the best!!

  39. cuute tights girl ! i love the pieces of purple in your outfit too

    xx lue

  40. yay love all the purple!

    and you definitely cannot have too many brogues! except i don't have any :( waaah i hate being broke :P

  41. I think everyone reading this should go out now and buy a pair. They are as versatile as black trousers.

    Coconut jam? Where can I buy it? It sounds delicious.

  42. I like how you put the outfit my taste! I want that ring!

  43. I like them, I always worry that being short means flat boyish shoes make me look a bit stubby legged though...thoughts? They are lovely however. I might start blogging about the inner sanctum of my extensive wardrobe. Its heaving. and I'm having a no-shopping month ready for Scandinavia/Paris (except the black pencil skirt I bought today for work, but that doesn't count). Posie x

  44. I love your belt and ring! Unique and statement pieces. Fabulous.

  45. Stunning outfit Winnie xxx

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