Saturday, February 20, 2010

Finally in London!

I booked super bargainous tickets for London which was amazing but the catch was that it was super early. So on very little sleep from the night before, I hopped on my train and began my 2hr journey to London.
Lots of pretty frosty countryside as I sped away from the midlands and towards the big smoke.
I finally arrived at my friends flat. She lives a stones throw away from Camden and look who we bumped into on the way. Pete Doherty was looking a little worse for wear, clearly back on the drugs. Such a shame!
I later spotted the much more beautiful looking Olivia Palermo at Somerset house...lots of street style photographers, heels and sunglasses and beautiful models lounging around taking smoking breaks.
I collected my press pass. It all looks rather fancy what with the UK PRESS emblazoned across it...but don't be fooled, it only lets you into the exhibition which is essentially a big press event with lots of clothes/shoes/accessories for you to snap and pick up business cards for.
All the press people got this canvas Mulberry print bag. Fancy.
Later on, I made it to the Freemasons venue where I finally got to meet the lovely Kit from Style Slicker and Shini from Park&Cube. I also got to know Helen from Everything Cherry Chan and we bonded over make up and youtubers. It's so awesome meeting bloggers in real life, especially ones you read on a regular basis!
Aussie got in contact with Miele for me and we were given front row seats for Jasper Garvida which was sponsored by them. I can't believe we were given front row, it was amazing. It might never happen again so I definitely didn't take it for granted. I hadn't really given too much thought about Garvida before, he was on Project Catwalk (UK version of Project Runway) and won but has always been off the radar, but I was quite impressed by his newest collection. I really loved the twenties theme, art deco prints and the make up.
The shoes were lovely. I also got to see first hand the pain that models go through. There were clearly models wearing humungus shoes but also this model below who was wearing shoes about 3 sizes too small and her toes are noticeably sticking out. Ouch. I understood her pain today since I had to replace my boots in the day with some emergency flats from Topshop. The TS Strand branch is raking it in on the shoe front as the sales assistant said everyone had been in to buy flats and changing into them there and then! Must take a photo of them tomorrow because they are cute! So yeah, below we have major toe issues.
The collection was very glam and I adored the hair and make up. The dark red lips were perfect.
I loved this dress. It looked like a comfy a good way! Maybe I had been standing in the cold too long but I really wanted to wrap up in the skirt of this dress...mmm comfy.
See it looks comfy, warm, soft and lovely.
In a blink of an eye it was all over!
So there goes my very brief run down of what I got up to today. Plenty more to come!


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  2. hmmmm i need to google this pete doherty character... i wonder why they'd wear shoes that r too small. don't they have the money to give em' shoes that fit?! jeez.

  3. ohhh i'll look forward to reading more on LFW.

    you should take more pics on what you wore :)

    and pete doherty, he looks like such a sleezebag on that image you caught of him, and he looks very drugged up. anyways, it looks like your having a fabulous time, and love the mulberry bag

  4. That black and white dress reminds me of the one that Jane Aldridge wore to the Annual Gala Vogue reccomended her for.
    I am happy to hear you had a good time at LFW.

    From Dolly

  5. Wow what fun!I adored Jasper on PR!Holding Topshop giveaway over @ My Passport to Style! Sharon XX

  6. Hey Winnie,

    It was lovely meeting you at last, so glad we sat front row - best view - best spot.

    See you around!!!

    Style Slicker

  7. That's so awesome that you got a press pass! Those shoes are gorgeous, but I feel really sorry for the model. That must have been painful.

  8. Now it's my turn to be jealous, so great you got to go to a show! I love the shoes, though that model does look a bit ridiculous...looking forward to more updates!

  9. Hi there-what a blast you're having and the Mulberry bag is gorgeous too, enjoy LFW!!

  10. Woooooow! Sounds like such an amazing time! And the Mulberry bag: gorgeous! Enjoy the rest of LFW, nad keep us updated.

  11. you're so lucky to get to experience all this!! im really happy for you , cus it sounds like so much fun =)!

  12. Wow this looks like an amazing trip and it sounds like you did some fun things. The fashion must have been quite an experience to watch. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos.

  13. Lucky you it looks like so much fun! I loved Jasper Garvida on Project Catwalk, looks like he's still amazing!

  14. glad you had a good day (and the front row show looks amazing!) I coundn't make it because I lost my debit card T_T. No money for London.

    Do drop me a line if you will still be around in LFW next week though x

  15. How cool. Love the post. Thank you so much for sharing the experience with us.

  16. hi hun
    just thought i'd drop by!
    nice meeting you last night x

    Helen x

  17. ah it looks so nice to go to lfw!
    hope next time you can do it again! :)
    great shoes in the collection

  18. WOW! Sounds so great! Enjoy!

    P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Schnappy Jewelry giveaway!♥

    Good luck!

  19. amazing, amazing, amazing,
    so jealous.

  20. You got a great bag, darling! I envy you!

  21. Really, so amazing. Love your coverage of this event!

  22. Love your headphone btw lol

    These images are awesome sounds amazing

  23. Awwwww Winnie, I am just so green with envy. That Mulberry bag is so cute.

  24. Salut Punky ! est-ce que tu pourrais aller jeter un coup d'oeil sur mon blog que j'ai commencé hier soir, je vais y mettre des idées deco, du bricolage DIY et des tenues peut etre ...ce serait gentil ! merci beaucoup, ne serait-ce que de donner ton avis marion

  25. bautiful blog i like your posts dear very intresting

  26. How cool! What an awesome post!

  27. i loved fashion week i had such a great time even though i was 0nly there for 2 days - how ppl do it for a whole week is beyond me - i was knackered xxxxxxxx

  28. sounds like a really fun trip!
    And very cool celeb spots too!
    Very cool blog!

  29. loved seeing what you were up to on saturday :)

  30. oh wow. that looks great. i wish you fun at the fashion week and hope to see more pics

  31. Wow looks like you had a great time and i'm very jealous of your front row ticket!

  32. Wowzer, sounds like you had a bloody fab time! I had the most unsociable time ever on Saturday, was all alone! Can't wait to see some familiar faces at the Topshop thing tomorrow!
    Can't believe you were front row, amazing! Glad you were representing good blogger behaviour unlike what we've been hearing about!

  33. ohh you got a press pass, lucky and i like that tote. i spy the chi's still in love with mine

  34. so cool:) waiting for the fashion week here and sad i cant make it to london

  35. oh, cool! dresses are beautiful! :)



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