27 November 2009

Like many bloggers, I am a frequent visitor of Drop Snap. Here are a couple of images that I've saved in my inspiration folder!
Captivated by the red tights...This one is my favourite, it's as if she is straight out of an anime!Source: Drop Snap
Also, regarding the Aussie competition. I've no idea what the results are yet and let me tell you, there is some pretty tough competition! So with the small possiblity of winning a prize, I asked for readers to submit an entry. I only got one...but it was from the gorgeous Kira from Kira Fashion! She looks sooo happy in her Uggs! Brazil must be a little hot for them right? I love the how happy she is in this photo.
Kira is one of the sweetest bloggers out there and chances are you already know who she is. If not...go and check out her blog! I will let you all know how the Aussie Angels competition goes and update you all in due course. Fingers crossed!

I also have a group presentation on Monday and without realising, volunteered myself to discuss a large section of the presentation. I've always hated public speaking and the thought of presenting in front of 80 students terrifies me. I contemplated swapping with my friend but I'm going to bite the bullet and just get on with it. I'll never learn otherwise right? Wish me luck for that too! I am going to make sure I have a good nights sleep...any more recommendations to calm the nerves?


Aussie Competition

22 November 2009

So for the last couple of months, hair brand Aussie have been running their Aussie Angels campaign and really having some fun with bloggers.

You may have noticed this competition running on some other UK blogs with the prospect of an amazing prize for both the winning blogger and a lucky reader. This is actually the first competition to feature on this blog and it's quite exciting. The challenge is to come up with an outfit that best describes Aussie and can be whatever interpretation you like.

As it's a competition I decided to have a little fun with the photos and return to the days when I used to collage most of my outfits and bring a bit of Art into the mix too.

Aussie shampoos have a yummy scents ranging from a fruity to a bubblegummy scent. I think the brand is quite quirky so what better than to have a fun, colourful outfit set against the quirky art of Yayoi Kusama?
Yayoi Kusama, Dots Obsession, 2000
Cardi, Hair band (Oasis) Dress (River Island) Belt (Vintage) Tights (Topshop) Shoes (H&M)
However, I think I think Aussie can also be a bit more sophisticated and edgy...so out came that iconic Christopher Kane for Topshop dress set against the moody painting of Rothko. I love this dress!
Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1969
Blazer, clutch (Zara) Dress (C.Kane for Topshop) Leggings (Topshop), Shoes (KG)
But it's not just down to me, you guys can get in on the act too and get the chance to win a prize! So think up some outfits, take some photos, collage, make a video, write a song etc. I'm not fussed what kind of entry you send me!

The deadline is actually quite soon (completely my fault for being slow with this competition) and is this Friday 30th November. I'll post up all the entries and choose the lucky winner. Please don't forget to tell me the name of your blog and send your entries to...
Good Luck!

>>Update! As far as I know, the competition is open to everyone and not just limited to the UK!

>> Update! I've not had a single entry yet. I doubt my entry would win because I am competing against lots of great bloggers...but if I did then any entries on here would have a high chance of winning a prize too. So go doooo it (^_^) please? Theres only 2 days left! xx


The call of the sea...

19 November 2009

I'm a sucker for seascapes and these wonderful photographs by Patrick Smith are just breathtakingly beautiful. I had to share these with you guys...
I could get lost in these and make me feel a little calmer after stressful days at uni! Check out his Website or Flickr where he provides a bit of a commentary on how each composition came to fruition.


Shades of Violet

16 November 2009

A very quick outfit post today! I somehow managed to go and snap these shots outdoors even though it has been raining all day! Remember that tee from this post? Well I bought it and of course from all the positive comments you guys had for it, you all definitely played a part in convincing me to go back. I love how it's long enough to wear with tights or just leggings. In this case, I have my cotton tights on, nice and cosy!
Tee (Topshop) Frill Vest (Hong Kong) Cardigan (Oasis) Shoes (Keds)
I have so much work to do for uni (only 3 weeks until the end of the first semester) and then we finish for the Christmas holidays! I can't believe it's come round so quickly. My friends and I have already been allocated our secret Santas. How do you guys buy presents for friends at Christmas? Do you do the same?


Sparkles and Lace

13 November 2009

OK so strictly speaking, the last birthday post wasn't really the last one. In fact last night marked the finale of my birthday celebrations! A bunch of us at uni had birthdays in the last two weeks and to celebrate, we headed out to a jazz club in Birmingham, The JamHouse which is owned by British musician/presenter extraordinaire Jools Holland and even better, it was big band night!

So what could me more appropriate than wearing my sparkly gift from New Look? I felt quite jazzy!
Sequined cardi (New Look) Lace Top (Topshop) Grey dress underneath (River Island) Shoes (New Look) Belt (Topshop)
I love this little lace top that I came across in Topshop. I'm short enough to be able to wear it as a dress. It's the prettiest thing and I plan on wearing it in the day with leggings and flats because it's too pretty to sit in my wardrobe! I actually don't have any real 'dressy' clothes because I wear everything in the daytime and dress them up a little bit for nights out. Do any of you guys have the same issue as me?
It was an epic mash up of our birthdays and it was such a good night! My feet really hurt from dancing the night away...those scholl party feet pads do not help in the slightest! Right, I'm off to catch up on my blog reading!


Birthday part 3!

08 November 2009

Right this is the final post about my birthday week! On my actual birthday, I spent the daytime with my mom, grandmother and sister. It was a lovely day, very chilled and relaxed...
Long sleeved tee (Heattech by Uniqlo) Lace crop top, skirt, belt and shoes (Topshop)
On the evening I went for a meal with friends who came bearing gifts! It was the funniest thing because they had not told one another what they had bought me. As I opened the gifts, they realised that they had all gone with the same theme and it was hilarious! Check it out!
I now have so many cupcake storage boxes, candles, ornaments and kits that it makes me giggle. Right now, I'm using the big cupcake as a jewellery box! So pretty, I love them all!

After we went for a drink at the pub where I succumbed to my old age and chose to have a nice Baileys Latte!I saw Thursday as an extension to my birthday and as it was Bonfire Night we went to uni to celebrate. Every year the uni puts on a spectacular free fireworks display.
Despite the rain, my classmates and I spent the night watching the fireworks, getting wet and having a thoroughly good time!
So that's it for one year! I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful birthday this year. A big thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. You're all amazing and thank you so much for still coming back to read my random posts!

>>A very quick update to tell you all that should you be in London Town, get yourself to the SHOWStudio exhibition as there is now one live shoot per week until the end of the exhibition. Last week Natalia Vodianova was in for a special two day shoot and I'm told that there are lots more special events happening too...

So on Thursday from 10am-8pm there is a a shoot for a new fanzine 'Re-Bel' photographed by Bella Howard (has done shoots for iD, Dazed and Nylon to name a few) and styled by Rasharn Agyemang. Check out her blog here and if you're not in London, check out the live Streaming from 12pm!


Birthday part 2!

07 November 2009

I've done so much over my birthday that this is just part two of my birthday posts! On Tuesday I went out with my friends to party to cheesy 90s pop...and this is what I chose to wear but I did change into oxfords instead of these boots in the end.
Tie Dye Tee (French Connection) Belt (Topshop) Shoes (Blowfish)
I love this over sized tee which is long enough to wear as a dress. I love how the Tye dye looks like lightning and a bit stormy!
Our journey to the club was funny because our taxi driver attempted to drive me and my sister, Hailey to Subway for sandwiches...rather than Subway city the club! However, after we pointed him in the correct direction, I met my friends and we headed on over to the pub!

Here is a picture of Hannah, me and my sister. I don't have any normal photos of Hannah on my camera. All she ever does is pull silly faces. I'm sure you all have friends like her haha!
We celebrated my birthday with shots at midnight. Yum...apple sours!
We later headed over to the club and danced the night away! Unfortunately there was a distinct lack of 90s music for a 90s themed night. Even so, I was happy because at least I got to dance to Hanson, Reef and a bit of The Libertines!

I look so pink in this photo compared to everyone else. Alcohol goes straight to my face...it's a constant source of amusement for my friends!
I had so much fun. I'll post the last set of photos a little later!


The Big 23

04 November 2009

It's my birthday today and I'm determined to make my birthday last this year and this is just the beginning!

I may have mentioned this before but I share my birthday with my mom!
I partied until the wee hours of the morning yesterday and had a fabulous time. Today I'm out shopping with my mom and then a meal with friends tonight!
Stay tuned for more photos ^-^

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