Resisting the call of the coat.

28 September 2009

In the UK, it is definitely starting to get colder and wearing a coat is definitely something I'm going to have to wear soon. However, like the blog title suggests, I am resisting it and am either layering up instead or wearing this over sized cardigan. The cardigan was given to me from my grandma and is just as good at keeping me warm as a coat.
Tee, Shoes, Tights (Topshop) Skirt (Oasis) Belt (River Island) Cardigan (Grandmas) Scarf (Hong Kong) Hair Bow (H&M)
I seem to have forgotten over summer (what summer?) that I do indeed own some nice coats and jackets for winter so I will definitely be needing to fight into my wardrobe and dig them out from hibernation. I just can't be bothered!

My grandparents and aunts are visiting again from Hong Kong and made my studying a little more bearable with lots of cute Hello Kitty stationary! Oh and no, I'll never grow up!They also bought me MORE magazine which isn't as amazing as Vivi but still pretty good. It has a great little booklet on hair and another on bento. Yesss!
...and there is an article about Arashi (see my chosen music video on the side bar) who I can't help but love. They make me smile but I do wish I could read Japanese...no matter the pics will have to do!
I've also just featured in Chicisimo along with a bunch of other bloggers including Nic from She's dressing up which is quite fun. The site is a bit like a street style blog and they choose all their pics from bloggers. I'm told it will be more interactive in the future but do go and check it out!


Let's call this one pink lemonade

25 September 2009

This marketing masters is already tiring me out and term doesn't officially start until Monday! I have been running around campus looking for books and discovered a Starbucks that has opened. Very bad as It's definitely a place I will spend hours sitting in and pouring over class notes. I am living at home this year which means a daily commute of about 45 mins requiring two buses. It may be cheaper but it makes things awkward. Especially if I find out that I have a lecture in the morning then a seminar in the afternoon. I guess I will be living in Starbucks, the library or the Student Guild!

I also found that my course has a huge percentage of international students which are mandarin speakers. Very confusing as they try to speak to me in mandarin until they realise I am British born Chinese (something they find fascinating which makes me laugh) and whose only other language is Cantonese! This is something that has confused our lecturers too as me and another girl are British but we obviously blend in with the international students. Never judge a book by it's cover as one of my lectures laughed after speaking to my friend.

The International students are also the most eager and lovely people I've ever met! I am a little bit in awe of them as they've travelled so far to study here and I've travelled a mere 45 mins away. Haha. I know that a few of you readers are studying in countries away from home too, and I definitely think it's an amazing thing!Right sorry for rambling (I'm guessing most of you skipped that anyway) let's get back to fashion. I was sorting out my tights (all rolled up and in an overflowing little drawer) and came across this pair that I don't recall having ever worn. Silly me.
Woolly Dress, Lace Cropped top (Topshop) Cardi (H&M) Shoes (Topshop) Hair Band (Sheena Holland)
I've been layering all my jewellery like this lately...
Necklaces; black and gold chain (Aldo) Pendant (Vintage) Long gold chain (Vintage)
Yes I feel a bit like a big pink marshmallow in these colours but sometimes you get up and just have one colour on your mind. So much so that tomorrow, I will not be wearing any pink whatsoever!
Also...aren't these Kurt Geiger boots lovely? They're really chunky and heavy in real life but I cannot afford the £150 price tag. Boo. I'm beginning to think about buying new boots for A/W!

Anyway, it's been a busy week with uni starting and also my grandparents and aunts from Hong Kong have come to stay for 3 weeks. Hectic to say the least! I promise to start catching up on your blogs this weekend...first time for a nap!


Lucky thing

22 September 2009

Very occasionally my sister, Hailey makes an appearance on this blog. She's probably partying away in Liverpool as it's Freshers week at the moment and she likes a party or two.

We've always recognised how different our styles are. While I opt for bright colours and a more cutesy vibe, she always goes for more neutral ones. Though lately things seem to have swapped round as I've been trying to wear more neutral colours and she has introduced several bright coloured things into her wardrobe!
Top, Jeans (Topshop) Jacket (Marc Jacobs) Shoes (H&M) Belt (ASOS) Jewellery (Miss Selfridge)
Oh and yes, she's smart, photogenic and to top it all off, she has this amazing jacket (Sigh) I've always loved her little cropped jacket which has this cute 'icing' detail on the sleeves. My aunt had a friend in Hong Kong who had a shop which was a showroom for retailers. On one of our visits, Hailey very very VERY luckily scored this jacket which was at an extremely low, wholesale price. Unfortunately my aunt's friend closed her shop but Hailey was so lucky to get this. I've only just remembered she has this and I think this is hanging up in her wardrobe. This means I will be borrowing it lots!

Hailey also has a very generous friend who bought her this amazing Topshop clutch as a belated birthday present!
Lucky thing!
A bit of exciting news for you, I enrolled at uni for my masters in marketing yesterday. Judging by the timetable I've been given, it's going to be a crazy busy year. So expect my posts to be a little bit slower than usual from now on!


Baby Baby...

20 September 2009

Inspired by a photo one of my cousins put up, Hailey and I decided to rummage through some old photos. These photos I put up on my FB account proved to be such a hit with friends that I thought why not share them on here too?

Me and Hailey

The hairband and bow trend was totally mine. Way before Blair Waldorf! I'm clearly trying to perfect the blogger pose and showing off my awesome faux leather/gem studded skirt!
Digging the big hair bow!
I would wear this tomorrow if I could...I want to wear white tights now...Also remember that post about the Aquascutum campaign images? I found this one of me, my Grandad and Hailey. I don't look quite as scared as I remembered!They make me laugh because I feel as though not much has changed since then as I still have a love of tights and hair bows!


Christopher day!

18 September 2009

As we all know, today was Christopher Kane day (or Christmas Day as I almost typed!) The 39 piece collection hit the Topshop website and stores around the country were allocated their selection. Some pieces online sold out almost instantly which include most of the mirror-eyelet dresses. I took my chance and did not set my alarm for 6am and instead wandered into my local Topshop at 4pm after work. I was surprised at how little my Topshop had stocked and the nude skater dress which I really wanted to try on was not to be seen. Having said that, it's not on the Topshop website either so do any of you know if it was online at all today?

I tried on the one shouldered lace dress which was very lovely but realised I wouldn't get the wear out of it. It's a gorgeous, unique dress and a little more transparent than I realised as parts of it was mesh. Going by the prices, I wanted to buy something that was a little more versatile. If I had the money then I would definitely have taken this home with me to save for a special occasion! My sister approves of this pic and it hurts a little to look at what I walked away from!
So onwards to the tees that er...kind of scream Christopher Kane. After all, his Gorilla dresses are iconic. I loved the tee...
But I adored the dress! ...and so I bought it and it came home with me.
It goes perfectly with my H&M vest. I wear this thing to death as you've probably noticed! The dress is a little longer on me as I am so petite but it still works.
Faux vest (H&M) Shoes (KG) Patent Bow (UO)
A last thing before I go...an update on my nails!
Ring (V&A gift shop) 031 (Kesalan Patharan), Beiged Bliss (MAC)
I received the Kesalan Patharan glitter polish from my aunt a few years ago. It's a Japanese brand and I'm really into Japanese make up at the moment. I don't wear a whole heap of make up these days but I found my perfect foundation from RMK It's perfect for Chinese/Korean etc skin. It also helps that me and Ting (the SA) who was wearing a giant satin hair bow bonded over our mutual love for Vivi magazine!


I'm taking you guys (window) shopping!

16 September 2009

It seems like high street shops are really upping their game. After being super impressed at all the AW collection from the Arcadia blogger event a couple of weeks ago, I received some press images for New Look. I was particularly taken by this gold cardigan...
After work, I headed for New Look and tried on the glitzy number. It's very gold and very lovely! Unfortunately it stayed in the shop as £50 is a little too much to spend when I know that Christopher Kane for Topshop is due to hit stores on Friday. I actually don't know whether I will buy anything from Kane as I'm about to become very poor as I start back at uni on Monday. I don't know how many of you are Birmingham based (probably none at all?) but the Bullring Topshop is stocking the majority of the collection!I also hit Topshop to get my fix of all things floral. I really love this blazer.I like the dress too but I have a pet hate for things that I deem 'lazy' clothing. In this case, a jumper with an attached skirt. It is CUTE though so I'm on the fence about this one. I DID however, buy some shiny new shoes. I spent my Topshop gift card from the Aussie Treasure hunt on these purple flats. Hello new shoes. Finally, a quick thank you to the lovely YSL people who sent me the manifesto and tote! I had the hugest smile on my face when the postie handed me the package. I love it and it's going to be the BEST book bag for uni. If you haven't checked out the micro site (it went live last Saturday) then go check it out! I thought I would share this with you guys! My best friend ingeniously explained the concept of window shopping to her boyfriend.

Dan "I've never understood why girls shop without money"
Chrissy "Well...Why do you watch football games when your team (Sheffield Utd) isn't playing?"
Dan "Because it's not quite as good but I still enjoy it.....oh!"

The penny drops, brilliant! It's so true!


I'm back in Liverpool and everything seems the same...

14 September 2009

So here is a slice of real-life action accompanied with some random photos taken on my brand new pink camera. I broke my old one last week and it's hard work being a blogger without a camera! Luckily I was able to borrow cameras until I replaced mine.

As I said in my previous post, I went with my dad and sisters to take all my sister's belongings to her student flat in Liverpool. I'm yet to visit the The Beatles Story at the docks but I feel as though I must! Every time I head to Liverpool in aid of the sister, I think of this song by the Wombats which all Liverpool students adore!

Hailey wanted us to help her paint her mint green walls into a more soothing shade of magnolia. Becky was quite excited to help, especially when given the mini paint roller.This photo makes me laugh as Becky and Hailey seem enthralled at my dad 'testing' out the paint. Sooner or later though, we all got stuck in and ended up with plenty of paint splatters all over the place.
Not so much of an outfit post for me but I did find it hard to pick old clothes to wear! I chose my old university hoody and some tights which I decided wouldn't be that bad if they became paint splattered! My hoody put everyone off their painting as when the sunlight hit me, the whole room turned a shade of green and it looked as though we had not been painting at all!
Hoody (Birmingham University) Skirt (Good one) Tights and Shoes (Topshop)
Here is Hailey peeking out from behind the wardrobe and my dad in his painting overalls. Overalls=smart idea! Hailey is in her final year of her Law degree at Liverpool University. After graduating she's planning on moving back home to Birmingham, taking a gap year to work and travel. After that, she will study for the year long LPC (Legal practice course) which leads on to two more years of training which will eventually mean that she will be a qualified lawyer. I never realised that being a Lawyer required the same dedication as a med student! Crazy.

After the painting was complete, we all hopped back into the car and made the 2 hour journey back home!


Last days of summer

13 September 2009

These days, I love nothing more than tucking in an over sized tee into a skirt. Yesterday, I suddenly had an urge to wear knee highs so dug them out and layered them over tights. I'm sad that my polka-heart tights are so delicate and have a few pulls in them already! My mom took one look at me and said I looked like a little Japanese girl. I'm guessing it's the knee highs...
...and maybe the bow and Vivienne Westwood accessory? The girls from Fruits always seem to be toting a Vivienne Westwood accessory or two.Tee (UO) Skirt, tights, knee highs (Topshop) Hair Bow (H&M) Necklaces (Black Pearl and Aldo) Bag (Vivienne Westwood)
Anyway, I went to see 500 Days of Summer at the cinema yesterday with some friends. The film was kooky, beautiful with a fantastic soundtrack with the lovely Zooey Deschanel. It wasn't quite as epic as I imagined it would be...but it's definitely worth seeing!
If you follow me on twitter then you'll know that my Henry Holland 'Alphabetights' came today! My sister, Hailey's first words were "You're funny", smirked and walked off. Becky on the other hand loves them so we all know who is the cooler sister, even if she is only 12. They're not quite as sheer as they appeared in the images but I'm really impressed with the quality. I think they will last a lot longer than my polka-heart Topshop ones!

Right, I'm off to Liverpool in the morning to help Hailey move into her flat at Uni. Apparently we are painting her room so I have to have a bit of a rummage in my wardrobe for something that I don't mind getting paint on. Hmmmm. This is going to be tough!



12 September 2009

These Christopher Kane for Topshop pictures are probably all over the blogosphere at the moment. In case you haven't seen these clearer images of the collection already, I thought I would share just 6 of my favourites out of the 39 piece collection! I had already gone through the Look Book on the Topshop website but when the press images found it's way into my inbox, my wish list became longer! Realistically I don't even know how I'll even be able to afford just one piece! Sigh. The prices in dollars scare me too. Roll on next Friday hey?

Mesh Eyelet leggings
£75 ($220)
Nude Skater Dress
£95 ($300)
Croc T-shirt Dress
£55 ($150)
Black Mesh Mirrored body
£75 ($220)
One Shouldered lace dress
£75 ($220)

Navy Eyelet Mirror Baby Doll
£150 ($400)

So, who else is tempted?

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