It's always the way...

31 August 2009

OK, so I realised that I am a bit of an idiot. I keep writing on here about how I want something floaty and lacy and suitably girly to wear with this vest. Well? I realised that months and months ago, I owned the very thing. The catch? I dyed it blue! I've got to admit that blue lace is far more unique so it's not all bad.
Dress (DIY-River Island), Vest (H&M) Tights (Topshop) Shoes (Topshop) Belt (River Island) Earrings (Topshop) Necklace (Black Pearl)
I was chatting to Selina (aka Flying Saucer) on twitter and we both ordered the Henry Holland alphabet tights (looks like we both share an unhealthy liking for fun tights) I can't wait for them to arrive! I also really like the look of the ones on the right which are the Burn-out rose tights from Urban outfitters...one pair at a time I think!


Floating away

29 August 2009

I was busy making some sushi for lunch for the family and suddenly got all excited about the forthcoming fashion weeks and in particular, Japan Fashion week.

I refreshed my memory and had a look at the pictures from earlier in the year. These photos from the label The Dress & Co by Hideaki Sakaguchi really cemented my craving for something floaty or lacy to wear with my faux leather vest from H&M...
Oh and if you're curious, here is the sushi I made!
PS. I finally started using photobucket for the blog and what a difference BIG photos make!


Le Toppy Shoppy...

28 August 2009

I was super flattered when Arcadia invited me down to their HQ for a blogger press event to preview their AW '09 collections. I still can't believe that they wanted me there, it was a bit surreal and so strange having to introduce myself as 'Winnie from Diamond Canopy'. Wierd, for someone who started this blog out of procrastination during the last few months of uni...

The event was so much fun and the whole set up was a bloggers dream.
They had an old school style photo booth which turned out to be like the wardrobe in Narnia, except waaaay better because it led to rails of clothes which included key pieces from the Arcadia brands (Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Evans to name a few) a photography area and plenty of accessories.

Fun shoes to play with...

Painted white props...
Once the outfits were chosen it was time to let the photographer snap you!

After a little detective work I found Miggy's blog. She looked absolutely stunning in all her outfits. I also need that lace dress in my life.

I got to know the lovely Emily from My Fashion Life. We were both early to the event so we ended up browsing Urban Outfitters and H&M, of course.

This was a little daunting at first, especially when my photos are usually taken in the comfort of my own home...but we soon embraced it!

The photos were then transfered to a computer where you could either upload them straight onto your blog or take a complimentary USB port and take them all home! Of course, I chose the freebie option.

I look like I am enjoying whatever I am pretending to listen to. I couldn't actually hear any of the directions from the photographer, the headphones muffled everything! I was also quite surprised that the dress and vest I chose were from Miss Selfridge. I should definitely pay more attention to that shop.

Emily and I had a joint photo together, she is so tall that even with heels I am STILL midget-sized.

Even sitting down she was still taller but I guess that the foreshortened look in this picture isn't too great either. Damn my short legs.

Here is everyones favourite blogger, Susie getting in on the action.

Gemma and I discussed our wardrobes with Susie and I may just have to take Susie's advice and roll up my entire wardrobe to avoid creases...

Aside from the trying on of lovely spangly new clothes, it was just amazing being in a room full of bloggers and knowing that they are all as enthusiastic about fashion as you are. It was fun meeting fellow bloggers including Michelle from Cheapskate Chic, Gemma from Gem Fatale, Alice from Reflection of Alice, Emily from My Fashion Life, Scarlett from Little Bambi Boots and of course Susie. So a big thank you to Arcadia for a great night!


Jolly Skeletons

25 August 2009

So my attempt to be a little less girly wasn't all that successful. I decided I would not wear pretty pastel colours today. While a skeleton print top and some Gothic lace leggings are quite tough on paper, I failed...I couldn't help but add a little silver bow in my hair and wear shoes with bows...
Even the top I'm wearing fails in the tough department. Among the flowers, the skeletons look rather jolly and have stars and hearts for eyes as well as cute little red hearts. Ahhh.
I adore this skirt, because of the way the skirt is cut and where the pockets are, I am always tempted to walk along doing this....and er, generally receive funny looks from strangers.
Top (UO) Skirt (Bread and Butter, HK) Lace Leggings (Topshop) Shoes (Carvela) Necklace (H&M)
You guys must be tired of my nail shots, but you may have noticed that I'm kind of addicted to using two colours on my nails.
Nails; Gosh (Wild Lilac) Barry M (Mint Green) Rings (L-R; Market and Mom's)
Anyone off to Arcadia tomorrow to preview AW collections? I'm going to be there!


Wasabi cake

23 August 2009

Is there anything better than hanging out with friends and eating good food?
Dress (Topshop) Belt (Topshop) Shrug (Hong Kong) Bag (Vivienne Westwood) Necklace (Miss Selfridge)Shoes (Carvela)
We had yummy chocolate fudge cake at Wagamamas. The dark chocolate sauce is meant to have Wasabi in it but the only thing that I could taste was the ginger in the icing of the cake.On a side note, I made a header for my friend Claire's Blog, Slightly noodles which she is using until she unveils her newest creation. She recently arrived back from a year long teaching post in China and will be off to au pair in Milano in September! So her blog is definitely one to check back on as I'm sure she will be keeping it updated whenever she can. I love it when bloggers, blog from other countries so it's very much a way of visiting these places, vicariously through their blogs, just like Selina who is off to study in Sweden (looking forward to her posts) and over at Picked Pics who is studying in Japan.

Anyway, I spent the day with Claire in London a month ago but here is one of my favourite photos of us two, taken about two years ago at our Universities Summer Soiree.
Those giant polo looking things are the counters for a giant connect four game!


Studding it up

20 August 2009

In my last post, I said I was off to see a friend from work who was having leaving drinks at the pub. This is what I wore! I really like toughening up girly dresses and skirts with studs so out came my belt and clutch! I quite like the unexpected kimono looking sleeves when belted this way!
Cropped Tee (Youreyeslie) Skirt (Brick Lane market) Belt (River Island)Without even realising, my nails go perfectly with my skirt!Clutch (Zara, with added chain) Amber Ring (Random jewellery shop)Shoes (Topshop)
I feel super lazy today but at least it's almost the weekend. A month to go before I start back at uni for my masters. I'm itching to start and get stuck in and cannot wait until the day when I get a real job rather than my part time retail job...A photo of some yummy sweet almond dessert that my mom made...good old Cantonese dessert! I need to learn a few tricks from her so I can perfect some Cantonese dishes too.

Oh and for those of you who asked about my nails...the trick is sellotape/masking tape etc (make sure it's not too sticky) paint half your nail then peel it off before it dries then paint the other colour. A topcoat is essential!


Not just for kids!

18 August 2009

I have a love for all things cute, kitsch and linked to the 80s... in fact my friend Sally commented that during my trip to London I looked more 80s than she had ever seen me. It made me chuckle. I think it was the lace and the leather vest.

I have always been a fan of the cute designs over at Swatch whose popularity really soared in the 80s and still remains part of popular culture today (with lots of collaborations in the past including the iconic Keith Haring and Vivienne Westwood ones) Too often have I gone into Selfridges in Birmingham and looked at the lovely watches on display only to realise that I really shouldn't be on that floor in the first place as it means I would have been browsing the pretty make up counters (aren't they like grown up candy shops?) testing perfume and lusting after Ray-Bans. Ahhhh.

OK, before I get lost in a shopping daydream, the point of this post is that I remembered I had blogged about Swatch and their kid's watches a long, loooong time ago here (my blog was still a baby then) and now it appears that there are some pretty funky designs that aren't just for kids!
Snuggle Bunch, Floating Away and Germaholic
The artist behind these designs is Matthew Langille. His designs are inspired by his upbeat and humorous view of modern society. His personality and style definitely shows in his swatches and are so much fun! Telling the time doesn't have to be boring when you have one of these on your wrists. It would certainly bring a smile to anyones faces! My favourite of these three designs is the Snuggle bunch one, could you have guessed?
Onwards to more colourful things...here are the pretty colours on my nails this week! Remember when I said I was looking for a Lilac polish? Well I found one from GOSH which is way cheaper than Nails Inc!
Gosh (Wild Lilac) Barry M (Pure Turquoise)
Right...my mom is cooking Pork chops and fried rice. Smells delicious (I wish we had smell-o-vision) and then I'm off to bid farewell to one of my friends at work who is leaving and having having a bit of a celebration at the pub!


What a whirlwind!

16 August 2009

Yesterday we made a trip down to London for Hannah's 22nd birthday. It was a lovely day which went from being exceptionally chilled to the last 30mins which was a crazy whirlwind! I didn't document the trip fully but here is what I managed to snap(during the chilled out moments of course!)

Here is the birthday girl...she is a fan of Vans shoes (I think the tee gives it away) and I made her a Van's themed birthday card!
Chrissy and Sally in St. James park.
Me and the birthday girl (pulling a face as always) Yep, I'm wearing my leather vest!Hannah, me and Georgie
My new polka-heart tights went on it's first outing!Random shoe shot. Georgie had some awesome red docs!
Too many times in the past, have I wished I would 'get growing' and grow taller!
Lace top, Leather vest, Skirt (H&M) Belt (Vintage) Tights and Plimsolls (Topshop) Belt (Vintage)
We ended up in another park and had a picnic in Regents Park. We were a little bit naughty but this 'Singria' was part of our picnic. It was scarily neon pink and looked like cherryade.
Sunnies (UO) Plimsolls (Topshop)
Walking back to Camden...
We ended up browsing some of the markets at Camden and then we went to Leicester square to the pub for a much needed break. Little did we realise the time! We missed the train we were planning to get and decided to get the 10:10pm train. An hour before our train left, we were still at a lovely little Thai restaurant (Soho Thai) There wasn't much time to savour the food as we were literally in and out of the restaurant in 30mins. I think the staff were a little surprised at our hurried meal! We must have been the perfect customers.

As soon as we paid the bill we had 30mins to race from Soho to Marylebone station. Completely mad but we managed to get our train which turned out to the very last one of the night. Let's just say that now, I completely understand those people who have to run onto trains and have had to jam the tube doors open!

When we arrived at our train station at home, the staff locked up for the night right after us! I still can't believe how lucky we were. I think I am only beginning to digest my Thai green curry and catch my breath! I can't help but laugh about it now but at the time it was complete mayhem! Definitely a memorable birthday for Hannah, phew!

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