Let's go for a wander...

30 July 2009

On Tuesday I made a quick trip down to London for the day to meet up with my friend Claire! We managed to pack loads in and here is a condensed photo-diary of what we got up to that day!

We stopped for tea and cakes in the gorgeous Victorian tea rooms at the V&A

I love this place...
We went to the Telling Tales exhibition which was free admission and marvelled at all the Norwegian furniture and objects on display.

We then went on check out the Future Fashion now exhibition (Royal College of Art) that was on at the same time as well as check out the fashion exhibits.

In the permanent fashion exhibits we spotted a few gems such as the infamous Chanel, Piano dress...
...but also spotted this Juicy tracksuit that has managed to worm it's way into fashion history. We both bought the same rings...which were completely unnecessary but that adds all the more to the fun!We hopped off the tube at Leicester square and headed to China town for dim sum...Walked off the dim sum with a stroll around St James park, look it's Buckingham Palace in the distance...oooh. Tourist attractions never get old...even after so many visits!I attempted to peer into the allotment scheme that they had in the park. I'm so short, these photos make me laugh...
Neither of them were at quite the right height...Denim jacket (ASOS) Belt (Vintage) Skirt (Good one) Tights (Oasis) Shoes (Converse)

Walked through the Horse Guard at Whitehall...
...and I adopted the typical tourist pose..We also went to the National Portrait Gallery which was really good. We went to see the BP Portrait awards 2009 which was free admission so that was even better! Before we went home we stopped off in Covent Garden for Mochas...

...and Claire had a yummy ice cream and waffles! It looked sooooo good!
Oooh and guess what. I am off to London again tomorrow for the weekend and so I must go and finish packing!


Rhubarb and Custard

28 July 2009

I've not had much of a chance to take outdoor shots lately as British summer is terribly unpredictable...so sticking to my bedroom shots for now!

Blazer (Zara) Top and Skirt (Topshop) Tights (Oasis) Shoes (Jefferey Campbell via Solestruck)

I bought some new tights! I wore the purple leopard print ones today and had to get my hands on the stripey ones which I first spotted on Selina a year ago and they also feature on her awesome video of her tights collection. I have loads of tights too but nowhere near as many as she has!

Tights (Oasis) Purple Shoes (Jefferey Campbell via Solestruck) Grey shoes (Topshop)

I had a little too much time on my hands and was inspired by Emma's awesome nail skills.

Nails Inc (Albermarle Street) Barry M (Colour 137)

Rings (Random gift shop and Mom's)
The colours me of old fashioned Rhubarb and Custard sweets.

Right so I better get to bed seeing as I have to get up in a few hours to get my train down to London to meet some friends for the day. It's actually the first of two trips down to London this week...as I will be visiting another friend for the weekend from Friday. It's funny how sometimes you can do nothing for weeks and weeks then end up with your diary full of things to do!

Ooh thank you for all your congrats for the last post. Elin is definitely an inspiration even if she doesn't think so herself!


Graduation Surprise

25 July 2009

Me and a couple of my friends returned to uni for our friend Elin's graduation as a surprise! Our favourite, eccentric art history tutor (who worships Michelangelo) let us hide in the seminar room, known as the 'photograph room' because it stores hundreds of old photos which are not used anymore since slides and PowerPoint presentations are far easier to use in lectures.
We all had to be very quiet!
I baked my cupcakes and one of the girls bought her the funniest chocolate ever, they were asparagus shaped filled with praline! Yup, that's right! My dear old art history lecturer told Elin he had something to show her and led her into the photograph room, only for us to shout, SURPRISE! There were quite a few tears of joy from our lovely friend!It was such a great surprise for Elin (Centre, Red hair) as Claire (blonde hair just behind her) had only returned from her year long placement teaching in China the day before! Here is a lovely photo of us all together!
In case you were wondering...this is what I was wearing...
Blazer (Zara) Vest and Skirt (Oasis) Necklace (Bexylady)

Graduation was a real milestone for Elin as she suffers from a chronic illness which has meant that the average 3 year course at University has turned into a long, drawn out 10 years. However through all the obstacles that have been thrown in her path, she has truely, battled her way through and managed to finally graduate. Not just with any old degree mind, she was awarded the highest degree possible, a 'first class' Bachelor of Arts in History of Art. She is definitely a testament to the fact that if you want something bad enough then you WILL get it. I am so proud of her, she is such an amazing person who has been able to achieve something she thought was impossible. And you know what? She's going back to study for her Masters degree! I am in complete awe!

I can't wait to see her around campus next year as I have been officially accepted for my Masters (Msc) in Marketing too! Yay.


Is 'froofing' even a word?

23 July 2009

Dress (Illustrated people) Waistcoat (H&M) Belt (Izzue, HK) Footless tights and Lace Leggings (Topshop)

OK, I know I have been cooking mad for the last few posts (all documented, so plenty more to come I'm afraid!) It's just that cupcakes are super easy to make and what with plenty of friends birthdays and celebrations coming up, they are a fun and tasty gift! My friend Amy is moving from Birmingham to Milton Keynes and I baked these to take to her leaving party yesterday. I just topped them with normal icing with a little yellow food colouring and a couple of m&ms.

Also the lovely people at Umberto Giannini (posh hairdressers) in Selfridges cut my fringe for free which was not expected...seeing as if you're not a regular they usually charge £5. They were super lovely and the salon was brimming full of creativity. When I walked in the stylist and his team was froofing, braiding and putting feathers in a Mohawk on one of those mannequin heads that they use for training. It looked amazing and it was apparently for a customer who was heading out for a festival at the weekend. I should have taken a picture but it's definitely a hairdressers I'm considering booking with the next time I need a cut! I loved it.


The Swinging Sixties and Kyaraben!

19 July 2009

I almost disappear into the background with this dress. I originally wore this with those white perforated shoes from Topshop that I bought not so long ago. The dress itself was bought from a Miss Selfridge sale years and years ago but I altered it so that it fit my more petite height!
The paisley and the cut of the dress always reminds me of the wonderful sixties dresses. Here are a few pieces that really caught my eye on the V&A website. I adore that floral suit!

Paper Dress (Slyvia Ayton and Zhandra Rhodes, 1966) and Suit ( Biba- Barbara Hulanicki, 1984)

Mini Dress (Biba- Barbara Hulanicki, 1967) and Mini Dress and Jacket (Emanuel Ungaro, 1966)
This post has definitely reminded me that a trip down to the V&A is most definitely in order.

Also I made a Kyaraben! It's super cute and I used Becky's Hello Kitty lunchbox and matching chopsticks! Kawaii ne?
Seriously, who said you couldn't play with food?



16 July 2009

It makes me laugh how many of my posts are food related, BUT hey, this is a girl that likes her food and wonders why she isn't the size of a house (yet?) Anyway, I attempted to make Bento (Japanese boxed lunch) yesterday. It was inspired by this hilarious but very informative Youtube Video!
I substituted the pumpkin with Sweet potato and Becky (Youngest sister) made me some cucumber Maki rolls. I had some cherry tomatoes too but couldn't fit them in the lunch box! Oh well, the Bento needs more work but it was yummy.

I'm slightly embarrassed about my attempt especially when the likes of plastiqgurl makes such amazing Bento. Also check out Just Bento for more fantastic photos of Bento boxes...which definitely show that it's an artform in itself. I want to try and make Kyaraben (character bento) next time because they are more fun to look at! Have a look, How cute are these?!!!! Wow wow wow.

Tamagotchi...Hello Kitty
So, these are almost impossible for me to make but they are way too cute not to share!


Searching for Lilac and Chocolate Oranges

14 July 2009

Moving away from my neutral post to a post filled with candy coloured nails!

Today I found the perfect shade of lilac purple nail polish (ring finger) The colour was called 'Brompton Road' and by Nails Inc whose nail polishes are all named after streets and landmarks in London. Alas purple nails and me were not to be today as the colour was limited edition and sold out! Oh well, at least I have pretty coloured nails...er, on one hand.
Rings (Bow- Accessorize) Leaf (Topshop)

What colour are your nails at the moment?

What's this I spy? Is that a Terry's Chocolate Orange...
Unwrapped......and in Cupcake form!
As you can see, I was busy in the kitchen today, trialing some cupcakes I want to make for a friend. Chocolate Orange cupcakes with orange butter cream...and yes more chocolate grated on top!

Oh yes, my master plan to fatten up my friends is definitely well on it's way...Haha.


Wait...no colour?!

12 July 2009

I have been carrying around my sisters Snoopy thermos for the entire week. I've been ill but it was definitely NOT swine flu in case you all ask! Though having said that, the midland area of the UK has now become a hot spot for the virus. Oh Joys.
Thankfully after the doctor put me on a strong course of antibiotics I am pretty much all better and today I actually have an up to date outfit photo for you guys! I was experimenting with more neutral colours seeing as it's a look I rarely attempt. So looky here, almost no black at all and there are definitely no leggings (which I know I seem to live in) It's also way easier to wear neutrals than to go all black. I've come to the conclusion that wearing entirely black just doesn't work for me. Oh and yes as you can see, I kept those shoes. They are super comfy.
Dress (Illustrated people) Sheer Blouse (Topshop) Belt (H&M) Necklace (Gift) Plimsolls (Topshop)
I attempted to make a cherry crumble today. I cheated with the custard but I need to work on the recipe. My family still cleared their bowls so it can't have been all that bad... More cooking planned for the week with more cupcakes on the agenda at some point. I plan to make some Bento during the week! See Yvonne's Blog for her version! It looks awesome! Ahhh can't wait.


Shades of Coral!

09 July 2009

I wore this sometime last week when the weather was humid and sunny with not a single sign of the dark rain clouds that seem have taken hold again. Oh yeah...you've probably noticed that I love wearing this lace crop top. It really is perfect for summer layering!
Lace crop top, Shoes (Topshop) Vest top (Miss Selfridge) Skirt (Miss Selfridge) Belt (Pop Boutique)
I remember spotting this a couple of years ago in the Vivienne Westwood accessory shop in the Trafford Centre (Manchester) and realising to my delight that at £20 it was affordable (plus it's the cutest print!) I used to wear neckerchiefs a lot but have now taken to wearing them in my hair....I have been wearing this coral nail varnish recently. It's a little more fluorescent coloured in real life.
Nails Inc- 'Drury Lane'
Shu Uemura- Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in colour 'PK 308'
When Hailey and I stopped at Liberty the other week, we spotted the Shu Uemura counter and she found this gorgeous shade of pinky-coral. It actually looks quite natural and I really want to get my hands on one of these lippies too!

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