All good things come in small packages right?

30 June 2009

This post mostly features my two sisters! Here are a couple of pictures taken on Sunday after our weekly fix of Dim sum and yummyness with the family. Little sis Becky discovered Hailey's camera and there was an impromptu photo shoot in the car park next to our car!
Hailey Playsuit (Kate Moss for Topshop) Shoes (Carvela) Belt, Cardigan (Primark) Me Top (Topshop) Belt (Oasis) Skirt (H&M) Shoes (Topshop) Necklace (Bexy Lady)
Hailey and Mom!
Hailey's playsuit is from the Kate Moss collection. I've never been really that interested in the collection but this little number is definitely cute. It's actually a size too big for her but we made sure the ties were tied tighter and the belt definitely helps. She's off to Bennicassim (Spanish festival) soon and it is definitely festival chic.
Becky's Sweater (Ki La Ra for Sanrio)
Becky in her awesome little short sleeved sweater. She has a whole collection of these and my family in Hong Kong keep buying them for her. They're really cute and even better that they fit me too...but don't worry, even I know that they are a little too childish for me!

Look how tall Becky is now! Hailey is 20, I'm 22 and Becky is 11. It won't be long until she grows wayyy taller than us. We're all short in our family and my Grandad on my dad's side is the only anomaly because he is about 6ft tall. Clearly we inherited all the short genes.
Hailey's wearing...
Sweater, Necklace (Topshop) Sandals (Carvela)
Her necklace is pretty awesome and a lot cheaper than Givenchy! Also, both the playsuit and sweater were some of her new purchases from Friday.

The weather has been so gorgeous lately. It's been super sunny and at times a little humid but It's finally starting to feel like Summer and almost makes up for me not being in Hong Kong this summer. I am so desperate to get away and go on holiday but there is a little thing called money which annoyingly, gets in the way! I will have to plan some more random day trips to make up for it...


Out and About...

27 June 2009

So yesterday, Hailey and I managed to avoid the rain in Birmingham and have a bit of a shop in London town. I didn't take many photos but I did manage to take this one which made us smile. A band was playing and lots of old couples were dancing away at Spitalfields market.
Pics of Hailey and I having lunch in the Garden Cafe on Newburgh Street. Hailey looks so cute!So what did I end up buying? I didn't go crazy, I left that to Hailey (maybe I can convince her to show you guys her new purchases?) I bought a necklace from Bexy Lady in Kingly Court and a Shu Uemura eyeliner from the revamped beauty hall at Liberty. I have to say that the beautiful Tudor building never gets boring...even after so many visits.
It looks great layered with a vintage chain I have already.Sweater (AA)
Tee (YourEyesLie) Skirt (Topshop) Shoes (Converse) Necklace (Miss Selfridge)
I also bought this cropped tee by YourEyesLie from the Laden Showroom. YourEyesLie have a great website and actually do some pretty cool tees and really great jewellery. Definitely worth a look!

I have to recommend that people visit Public Beware if you are ever around Brick Lane. I've never noticed it before and don't think it was open the last time I visited. The Japanese store reminded me a lot of the style of clothes in the shops I usually frequent in Hong Kong. No doubt because a lot of the stock is sourced from there, Korea and Japan. Prices are decent too and even better at the moment because they have their sale on (from what I could see, the entire store was 30% off) I had a lot of fun trying on various things but didn't find anything but it was my favourite shop of the day. Asos sell a teeny tiny selection but of course if you can go to the actual store, it's waaaay better.


Lazy Sunshine

25 June 2009

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today. I have had the week off work which means I have been lazing about and enjoying the weather instead of being stuck indoors, stuck behind a till all day. Which is great!
Dress (MbyM) Belt (Topshop) Shoes (Carvela) Bow (Made from a broken hairband)I love the pretty crochet lace detail on this dress. It's such a cheerful colour too!I went shopping with my mom today but didn't return with anything. However I discovered that COS whose brand ethos is to bring, "design flair and quality of high fashion at ground level prices" is opening on August 25th at the Bullring (Birmingham's shopping mall) which I am excited about! Especially as Susie only had good things to say about the first stores that opened in London.

When I am in Hong Kong, my parents love to frequent the department stores so I have spent many a time browsing the cosmetics that aren't usually available in the UK. Such brands include Shiseido's younger line called Macqulliage (which do the best lip glosses- non sticky and unperfumed), Anna Siu make up and the pricey, SKII. So I was intrigued to see that Japanese cosmetics, RMK has opened a counter in Selfridges. One of the things I like about Asian make up is that the focus is on the skin and colours are usually subtle peaches and pinks. However, I don't wear much make up anymore so I will most likely be browsing rather than buying!

I'm going to hop on a train to London tomorrow with my sister to have a bit of a shop. It's only 1hr 30mins away and It seems like an age since I've last been down! I don't really plan on buying anything in particular and I'm just really looking forward to getting out of Birmingham for the day!


Shades, Music and Specs!

23 June 2009

Blazer, Jeans (Topshop) Tee (Silence and Noise @UO) Shoes (Converse) Necklace (Topshop)

I think I've mentioned it before on this blog but I've had the blazer since I was about 17. I hope that some of the things I buy now, I still wear in another 5 years time!Me and my friend Hannah being a little silly trying on sunnies in Boots. Yes we're in our 20's and sometimes it seems like not much has changed since we were 13-14yr olds!

The fantabulous Pink Bow tagged me to list my personal playlist.
I listen to quite an eclectic selection of music and my favourites change all the time but these are some of my favourites...
1. Ayaka- Okaeri
2. Incubus- Dig
3.Laura Marling- New Romantic
4.Utada Hikaru- Flavour of Life
5. Stereo Total- L'amour a trois
6. Ladytron- International Dateline
7. Le Tigre- Cover of I'm So excited
8. Clor- Love & Pain
9. The Libertines- Don't Look back into the Sun
10. Jeff Buckley- Last Goodbye
11. John McLaughlin- So Close
Oh and at the moment I am listening to The Fray on Spotify...
Did you know that I wear glasses? I usually wear them for computer/tv/movies which leads on nicely to an email I received from Jam. They contacted me and a bunch of other blogs about the Specsavers Spectacle wearer of the year awards which stylist, Gok Wan judges in October.

Do you guys have any questions that you have always wanted to ask Gok? (See Selina's interview from last year) Chosen questions could mean a possible interview later in the year. While I am definitely not pinning my hopes up, I see no harm in having a good think of lots of possible questions for the lovely Gok!


So sweet and juicy!

21 June 2009

Today I feasted on juicy cherries and strawberries. My favourite fruits ever....this is why I love Summer. Yum Yum.
I went to my friend's Birthday celebrations but the weather was not sunny and actually kinda chilly which was not so good seeing as it was meant to be beach themed and all.
Dress, Bandeau, Cardi, Sunnies (UO) Shoes (Topshop) Belt (Vintage)Hair slide (Topshop)
My friend's said it reminded them of the Marie Curie charity. Both fashionable and raising awareness for a good cause is not a bad thing in my books!
Me and little sis, Becky!
Despite the cloudy weather, we still got into the spirit of Summer...none more so than the birthday girl, Sally! I managed to covet a flower garland off a friend...
Of course it wouldn't be birthday celebrations without cake. Chocolate cake and Coffee cake. Both delish!I've only just arrived home and am in need of some much needed sleep! Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


The floral is here to stay...

17 June 2009

I had a lovely day catching up with my friends at Wagamamas (Japanese style noodle bar) and the pub for my friend's birthday. It was lovely because we all managed to get together which is often a rare occasion because we have either been away studying hard for the final year of uni or have work commitments.
Tee (Topshop) Belt (River Island) Skirt (Brick Lane) Shoes (Faith)Earrings (Accessorize)Necklace (Warehouse)Bag (Vivienne Westwood)
I'm looking forward to the weekend already because I have another friend who is also turning 22 and is having a BBQ which is to be beach themed! I hope the weather stays lovely. I've definitely been to my fair share of BBQ's over the past two months! Yum yum!



13 June 2009

Inspired, or rather reminded about how great floral dresses look with denim jackets from April's issue of Vivi magazine.
Seems all I need is a fringed bag, fedora and much longer legs. At least two of them are attainable. Though I have never been one for hats...aside from the much needed woolly ones come winter time. So, I will take the hair bow instead!
Dress (River Island) Denim jacket (Asos)Bow (Beyond Retro)Sandals (Carvela)
The magazine is very cute and I really love how Japanese magazines cram as much as possible onto a single page. It means that it doesn't matter if you can't read hiragana/kanji because
there is plenty to look at instead!

Right I must stop procrastinating and go and get my fringe cut! Ciao for now!


Sweet 'n' Shoey

10 June 2009

I saw these Irregular Choice shoes and couldn't resist sharing them with you especially as food and fashion are recurring themes of this blog, as well as looking not too unlike those cupcakes in my side bar. While I'm not sure if I can see myself wearing such a patterned shoe they are definitely something to behold. Overly cutesy and er, cakey in general, these shoes don't just scream ice cream (OK I'm sorry, I couldn't hold that one back) they are so much fun and would definitely brighten up any outfit.

I just got back from an open day at Uni for my masters in marketing. Apparently the Msc Marketing course is suited as a conversion course, so I was reassured that holding an Art History degree rather than a business related degree was not a problem. I spoke to a guy who had a degree in geology, another who studied History and Politics and another guy had a degree in medical sciences...so there are quite a few of us with quite varied backgrounds! I feel more confident about my choice to return for postgraduate study and I'm really looking forward to starting the course in September now. Yay.


Rain rain go away.

08 June 2009

This is definitely my favouritest and comfiest sweater. However, AA don't seem to have them online anymore but I know that Illustrated People have been using the same sweaters to print on, so I think they are the best bet to get hold of one of these!
Sweater (AA) Skirt (Topshop)Bow Necklace (Warehouse) Silver Chain (H&M)
I suppose I should be used to the British weather by now. Last weekend it was glorious sunshine at 27 degrees and this weekend it's been pouring down with rain and is cold again. Crazy. It's definitely a good thing that Wimbledon (which starts in a few weeks) has finally finished off the roof. That was most certainly a sound investment!
Hooded Jacket (Urban Outfitters)
This photo turned out really bright but I kind of like the result.

Boots (Blowfish)
I have also spent some of the afternoon browsing through the Bonhams auction of over 250 items from The Angels collection of TV and film memorabilia. The auction takes place on Tuesday 16th June and there are some fascinating pieces. From Jarvis Cocker's furry coat from his brief cameo in 'Harry Potter'' to an amazing bull fighter's jacket worn by Johnny Depp in the film, 'The man who cried' (I've not seen this, is it any good?) as well as lots of costumes worn in the 'Doctor Who' TV series, 'Stardust and' Blackadder'.

It's worth a quick browse to have a look see at all the costumes. It would be so awesome to have a good old rummage at the Angel's warehouse, so many treasures! I would have loved to have gone to the sale which took place last December which was well documented by the awesome Susie here and here!

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