Studs and new tees.

28 May 2009

I'm off for a Nandos now and I'm running super late. Here are a couple of photos before I ruuun for my bus.
Tee (River Island) Skirt (H&M) Belt (New Look)I love this bag from Zara. I had to buy it and made them reserve it and bought it as soon as I got paid! I attached a chain to it so I can wear it in the day too.

Also, my Danny Roberts for Borders and Frontiers tee came through the post today! It's awesome and definitely satisfies my obsession with black and white graphic tees.
Necklace (Topshop)


Sunny Sunday

25 May 2009

What a gorgeous day with the smell of BBQs lingering in the air. I think these pictures speak for themselves!
Tee(Miss Selfridge) Lace top, shorts, shoes (Topshop)Becky's Shoes (Topshop)My Cousin Lauren, Youngest Sister Becky and me.
Becky wearing my Hairband(Beyond Retro)...it seems to be on her head more often than mine!
Sunglasses (AA, Topshop and Urban Outfitters)
We made cupcakes again and I let my cousin and Becky decorate them. The frosting was not quite the same as last time. I think I softened the butter a little too much but they were still yummy!


It's the weekend!

22 May 2009

Top (H&M) Necklace (Topshop) Skirt (Miss Selfridge) Cardi (H&M) Belt (Izzue, Hong Kong) Oxfords (Topshop)Hairband (Sheena Holland)

The hairband by Sheena Holland always gives me a headache but given it's pretty-ness I still wear it anyway. I guess it's like wearing the most amazing pair of shoes that have to come off as soon as you hit the dance floor because they kill! I bought the hairband when she still sold her wares at the Custard factory's flea market She seems to have moved on to bigger and better things now selling much more elaborate and expensive hairbands to independent boutiques up and down the country. So I am glad I managed to procure this one and one other before she left her stall!

Work has been interesting for the last few days. The Bullring mall I work at part time, was closed for it's second day as it is now declared a Crime scene due to chemicals found in the ventilation system, which has been making people ill. Bit scary as they think it was deliberately put there. This is obviously terrible for the bank holiday weekend for the huge loss of trade. I was still made to work though and they transferred me to House of Fraser where I spent four hours solidly finger spacing the rails of clothing because I couldn't do anything else. Yawn.

Also Dujour magazine mentioned my cupcakes in a post! Yay. I plan on making some more this weekend!


Brummy Architecture

19 May 2009

My favourite art gallery in Birmingham is on Oozells Street. I think I love it more because of the fantastically named location. The Ikon gallery is a contemporary space which holds many temporary exhibitions. The building itself is lovely and is a converted Victorian School. Aside from fantastic exhibitions it also has a great little cafe which does awesome Tapas.I wore one of my skirts I made with some material I bought ages ago. This print is so bold and fun!Cardi (UO), Top (Topshop), Skirt (DIY), Belt (River Island) Necklace (Topshop) Shoes (Faith)I really adore this bag from Dune. Useful as both a clutch and as a little purse, it's amazingly beaded and so pretty.
I thought I would finish off with a couple of shots I took on the way to my visit to the Ikon gallery. The fantastic buildings were built in the 1800s and are Victorian. Below we have the detail from the Council House which features a relief on the pediment of Britannia.
The Birmingham Museums and Art gallery which is linked to the Council house.
A final shot of some of the buildings grouped together. The museum, town hall and a Neo-Gothic memorial fountain. Birmingham really is home to some great architecture. It wasn't until I studied Art History at Birmingham and had a brief course on local architecture, that I realised I should look up more often and really take notice of the fantastic surroundings.


Designer Collaboratives

15 May 2009

High street stores are really getting into the action of collaborating with up and coming designers. With Topshop regularly unveiling collaborations which includes the current Barbara Hulanicki collection, we have H&M which manages to secure high end designer after designer. The latter has caused shoppers to queue up outside stores and for them to eagerly hand over their cash, forgetting about the recession (if only for a little while!) With the Mathew Williamson collection now fully stocked at most stores, what did you all think of it? I didn't buy anything and can appreciate all the pretty prints but at the end of the day nothing called out to me.

UK High street store, Oasis have just unveiled their 'designer collaborative' collection which is something that will be launched each season and aims to support new talent. The following are collaborations with print graduates and have hit shops today but will be available online from the 18th. While it seems that Oasis is trying to up their game, just from the blogosphere alone it seems that not too many know about this collection which was the same for last years RCA collaboration. This strikes me as a shame and something that Sir Philip Green would not have let pass by if it were for Topshop instead.

Firstly is Hannah Reid's feather print kimono shift dress. At £95 it has had a huge waiting list in some London stores. It is gathered and draped in a way that makes it the most unique dress in the collection. The one on the bottom right is by Reid too and is a playsuit using a similar, vibrant pattern.

Next is Sarah Bird's dress (£90) which is represented by the yellow flower print dress. She incorporates her love of cross stitch and actually adds yellow stitching to parts of the design. This touch sets apart from the rest of the dresses as it adds that personal, hand stitched appeal.

Lastly is my favourite print by Clare Caudwell. It is a digitally produced image of a white rose and is printed on a shift dress and a maxi dress. The maxi dress (£130) is really really long but on the right person it would be so beautiful on. I definitely feel that the shift dress of the same design will be the one which sells out first. It's more wearable and at £90 is actually the cheapest one of the lot!

All of the dresses are silk and are a little pricey. I wasn't particularly impressed with them either, especially because silk is one of those awkward materials to wash. Though if you do fancy one of these for yourself be sure to hurry. The stores did not get many in stock! At my store, only 8 of the Hannah Reid playsuit were sent out and within the first hour, 4 maxi dresses were sold to buyers on the phone!

Right...now on to an outfit post which is poor quality because of the pouring rain outside! I'm debating whether to keep this Zara Blazer or not. It's fitted, and like a tuxedo jacket because it is so long, hmm decisions decisions! I think it's a keeper...
Blazer (Zara) Bow (accessorize) Skirt/Dress (AA) patterned Dress worn as Top (Miss Selfridge), Belt (Vintage) Leggings and Oxfords (Topshop)


Strawberries and Tennis.

14 May 2009

Still from Babia Alexiadis's Animation

I am terrible at playing tennis but love watching it especially during the summer months when Wimbledon takes over the BBC . This is also when I can happily munch away on strawberry's and cream until I can eat no more...yum yum!

The sports brand, Ellesse has had a long tradition with tennis and the brand turns a grand old, 50 this year and to mark the occasion they launched the competition, 'Create Tennis Art'. The aims are to commemorate the brand and it's roots in tennis and the applications can range from fine art to street art. Unfortunately the closing date for entries has passed already so we can only wait until July on the outcome of the winning entries which will be found on ttp://www.ellesse.com/50thAnniversary/.

The sports brand also collaborated with illustrator, Si Scott, animator Babis Alexiadis and artist Kate Gibb to further promote the competition.

Illustrator and typographer Si developed a flyer.

Textile print artist Kate produced this pretty silk print which captures the energetic movement of the tennis player.

Greek animator, Babis Alexiadis came up an animation using such materials as textured paper and textiles. The end result is fun, colourful and youthful.

Create Tennis Art- ellesse from Babis Alexiadis on Vimeo.

To further promote the competition, Ellesse commissioned LCF students from BA Fashion Contour and BA active sportswear students to design garments that reflect the brand's heritage in tennis. The following are the winning designs from this special LCF competition.

The winner of the first prize is Eva Lai who is studying BA (Hons) Fashion Contour. Her design reworks the iconic tennis dress. The contour of the bodice echoes the curves of a tennis ball while the white lines of the tennis court sculpt the body. I really like how it captures the energy and quick movements of the tennis player and how the pleats reflect the 'timeline' of the brands history with the sport.

The second price was won by BA Fashion Contour student, Diana Auria Harris. Diana’s design is a structural dress with an exaggerated silhouette. It was inspired by the ellesse logo but quite clearly has a fun element with the dress taking the shape of the tennis ball. For all the attention Sharapova's wardrobe gets on court, it would be quite something if she decided to wear this but somehow I don't think she would be able to play in it!
Third prize was won by Alex Green whose design was influenced by futurism and the fantastic Hussein Chalayan. The idea incorporates knitting and even incoporates the craze of 'scoobies' (which my youngest sister was hopelessly addicted to making) which are essentially plaited plastic friendship bracelets. I'm quite intrigued to see how these would be look in the actual, realised garment. Oh and to finish off...here is a little strawberry cupcake inspiration from Flickr's Hannah of Honey and Jam
I must have a go at making my own soon!


Grey skirts and cheesy dance moves.

11 May 2009

I bought this Jersey skirt from H&M the other day. I've been on the lookout for something grey and this was just the ticket.Cardi (Topshop) Tee (UO) Skirt (H&M) Belt (Vintage) Shoes (Topshop) Scarf (Hong Kong) Hair Bow (Accessorize)

These dumplings are my favourite things to cook if I'm being lazy and I think they've made a couple of appearances on this blog already!
But for now...this video for Japanese boy band, NEWS made me laugh. Japanese boy bands have the cheesiest dance routines. Wait for the chorus, it's so worth it for the Saturday night fever moves.

I am doing lots of overtime this week at work so I apologise in advance for my slow replies...!


BBQ's and Lace

09 May 2009

After work I popped into Topshop and was very tempted by this purple blazer. I didn't buy it but did buy the little lace cropped top which I can see myself wearing over lots of tees and dresses this summer!As soon as I arrived home I got changed, ready to head over to my friend, Hannah's house for a BBQ. Of course I had to wear my new purchase!
Dress (AA) Cropped lace top (Topshop) Denim jacket (ASOS) Shoes (Topshop)Necklace (Topshop)Bag (Yeah Yeah Yeah's Tote)

Luckily the weather held up and it didn't rain! It was a little windy and scarves still remained a must! Hannah was in charge of the BBQ of course.
Chrissy and EmmaHannah pulling a strange face and me looking crazy happy.
We tried to play Guitar Hero but it seems that the disc didn't want to work for us.
So instead we all sat back and watched the DVD of the comedian, Michael McIntyre. He is soooo funny. We were all in stitches and it was such a fantastic night in!

I can't believe it's the weekend already, how time flies! My hair needs some serious TLC and I'm off for a haircut today (nothing major just a trim)...damn fringes grow out so fast! Have a great weekend everyone :)

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