Old Photos but happy memories.

25 February 2009

I finally got round to watching Slumdog Millionaire tonight and it is most definitely worthy of all the awards. I loved it!

I found these photos at my Grandmother's house and they bring back happy memories. The second one was taken at her house but she is due to move out in a couple of months. The photo reminds me of happy times spent in her garden, making daisy chains and spending the summer months with my cousins who up until recently, stayed there regularly for the entire summer holidays. Don't you love the power of old photos and the memories that they dig up?
I love the little outfits that my sister and I are wearing. I'm the older child in the two pictures. I love the sailor suit, little black bow shoes and fancy socks in the first photo. The second photo makes me smile because it is such a gorgeous sunny day. I also love the slightly curious look of my sister, who is clearly wondering what my mom is doing with the strange contraption that is the camera. Check out my sisters lace tights and me handing her (or perhaps my mom) a daisy in my awesome ruffley blouse. We were fashionable and we didn't even know it. We were so cute...I've got to admit though, that that is a word I have never escaped from in all my 22 years.

I was also tagged for a blog award not too long ago by Chester at Fashion Zebra Stripes, Tina at Luphia and Sharon Rose respectively. Thank you all so much for the awards! It definitely is a nice feeling when fellow bloggers think your blog is fabulous...makes all the hours spent blogging away all the more worth it!
I'm going to go ahead and nominate a blogger for each award...
Your Blog Is fabulous: Charmaine
Proximidade: Vintage Tea
Unique & Chic: Flashes of Style


Jazzing it up.

23 February 2009

Lace Dress worn as top (DIY River Island), Skirt worn as dress (AA), Tights, Oxfords (Topshop) Belt (New Look) Necklace (Tatty Devine for Tate)

Oh yes, I've finally had my fringe cut...but am actually willing my fringe to grow a bit longer. I think my hair looks a bit strange here because my hairdresser insisted on straightening my (already straight) hair. I need to fluff it up a bit!

I had an amazing time at the Jazz Club for my friend's birthday at the weekend and this is what I ended up wearing on the evening. You know you're in for a treat when you walk into a tiny club (just the one room) and there are break dancers doing their thing in the middle of the floor. These guys weren't being paid, they were just having fun and waiting for the Jazz band. The band, The Speedometers were amazing, and I definitely need to make trips back to this club because it had such a good vibe. Really chilled out and fun.

On a side note to LFW, I couldn't take my eyes off the sheer organza with black detailing from Christopher Kane. It was seen peeking out from underneath boyfriend sized sweaters to the structured, armour-like paneled dresses. Kane turned something that is soft and delicate by nature into something much tougher looking and not at all reminiscent of ultra girly prom dresses. It was a juxtaposition of the best kind.


Lazy Saturday

21 February 2009

Denim jacket (ASOS), T-shirt (UO), Skirt (UO) Scarf, shoes and Leggings (Topshop)

It feels so good not to have work today and instead get to be lazy and meet up with some friends this evening. My friend is celebrating her birthday at a Jazz bar later at Birmingham's Yardbird, so that should be fun! I keep meaning to go to the Jam House (owned by Pianist and presenter Jools Holland) which sounds like a lot of fun too! Hope that you're all having a wonderfull weekend so far!


Snobs and Silk are a no no.

19 February 2009

Blouse (Topshop Dress), Skirt, Leggings (Topshop), Cardigan (Oasis)

I've had the dress (worn as a blouse here) for ages, it's a really cute pussy bow silk dress. I made the mistake of wearing this for it's first outing to a club. Brummies will know Snobs nightclub really well and everyone knows NEVER to wear anything really nice to that club because it is always so full and drink spillage is always an imminent danger. I made the mistake of greeting my best friend with a huge hug and I was completely blind to the full pint she was holding. Yes, it went all over my dress. Luckily it survived but did I spend a fair amount of time worrying about it!

FYI. The background is of my wardrobe which is covered with a huge collage that is constantly being added to. I love the Libertines (which of course explains the poster) and below that is one of a few pieces of art I made during my A Levels, which seems like such a long time ago now! I remember being filmed for my sixth form and I had to talk about my work and I wore a striped purple cardigan and a spotty green skirt and looking back, I must have been a walking, talking version of my artworks. Haha. My art tutor commented that it was easy to spot who the work belonged to because as you have probably all noticed, I love nothing more than wearing bright, blocked colours.


Patterned Legs.

17 February 2009

I tried to go on a shopping ban this month but it really failed half way through. It started off as a nice day out with the sisters starting off at Yo! Sushi...where we were too hungry to count all our dishes and we were quite shocked at how much the bill came to. Luckily it was a treat to ourselves using a bit of our Chinese New Year money (laisee) Then my mom tells me about the £10 sushi buffet in a different restaurant (Shogun Teppanyaki in the Mailbox in Birmingham) which clearly, will be the better option next time!

Following this we tottered off to Topshop (with rather full bellies) and I decided to try on these grey gothic lace leggings that Topshop have had in store for quite a while now. They're pretty fun to layer up, especially to revive the collection of footless tights that I have not touched since Spring 2008.
Purple Dress (AA), Sheer Blouse (Topshop Boutique) Handknitted Vest (from Grandma), Lace leggings (Topshop) Blue footless tights (Probably Topshop too), Belt (Oasis) Necklace (Miss Selfridge)

I am completely in love with the crazily bright coloured tights and accessories from the Marc Jacobs show. No guesses as to which legs are mine. I am definitely inspired to try some bright colours underneath my new lace tights...



Knitted Goodies

14 February 2009

My mom was digging around in her wardrobe looking for some old jumpers and unearthed some real knitted treasures which my sister and I coveted. My sister got most of it seeing as I had already been given the cardigan in the photo below, from my Grandma whilst I was in Hong Kong last Summer. I've been wearing as a coat, cinched at the waist with a belt.

I did however, get this lovely little knitted vest! My mom told me my grandma knitted it for her when my mom was pregnant with either me or Hailey. It's a shade of brown-pink and actually, compared to all the other knitted things, this one is in absolute pristine condition. It's like it's never been worn!
My sister, Hailey chose this cardi which unfortunately has a few holes in and so needs to be repaired. I tried it on too and it's super warm and it would definitely be a piece to wear instead of a coat. The craftsmanship is amazing.

The cable knit red cardigan (**sorry I meant Jumper!) was knitted for my Dad by my grandma. It's amazingly warm and my dad found it hilarious that we were wearing his old cast offs. He insisted I send some of these photos to my aunt in Hong Kong to show my grandma who I know, will be completely over the moon. The red cardigan I am wearing was the only one knitted by my Mom! It looks amazing against my blue dress. This was when I felt slightly gutted that my mom found these while my sister was back down from Liverpool visiting...otherwise I would have snapped up that bold red cardigan long before she had set her eyes on it. I will of course, be borrowing this and the other knitted goodies a lot!

I can't believe that my Grandma knitted all of these. They really are beautifully knitted and I really wish I could knit. Unfortunately my grandma's eyesight is not as good anymore so she has not knitted in years and years.

Have any of you bagged any hand knitted treasures off your grandmothers?


Polaroids and New Bags.

11 February 2009

I love the Poladroid application as do all the other bloggers at the moment! I only ever used to own one of those mini sticker polaroids which were so popular when I was about 12 . I think I played with it for a couple of weeks until I ran out of the sticker film, only for it never to be touched again.

I bought a new bag, and it arrived the other day. It's from Marc B (sold on ASOS and Topshop) and yes it's a knock off Chanel-inspired bag but it's a handy size for everyday use. I have been lugging around a clumsy brown satchel bag from Topshop which really wasn't as practical as I had originally hoped.

Of course I am wearing purple...as ever. I didn't realise that I wear this colour so often until I started documenting some of my outfits. There must be a colour that you guys wear all the time? Maybe I should do a rainbow inspired post one of these days (*cue to favourite pre school tune, "I can sing a rainbow")....though I am a bit lacking in the red department. It does however, sound like an upcoming project!

Cardigan (Oasis) Top (AA dress), Belt (Oasis) Skirt (UO) Tights (Topshop) Bag (Marc B), Necklace (Miss Selfridge) Hair Bow (Accessorize)

I've been playing with photoshop and am deciding whether to keep the new header. I think I like it. It's definitely more fun and the colours are more me too. For those who were wondering, the bedspread belongs to my sister, Hailey (the birthday girl) It's Hello Kitty and incredibly cute....I wish it were mine!


The Sister's birthday....

08 February 2009

It's my sister's 20th birthday today and she arrived home from Liverpool (she studies Law at the uni there) and I presented her with my gifts! One of my favourite things to do is make cards for people. I have drawn/painted many before and collage is always a fun one. Plus you have probably noticed the enormous collage that are my wardrobe doors....which is ever changing.
I found this box on sale at Paperchase. It's an Easter gift box apparently but it did the job, plus it was cheap at only £1.75! I wrapped everything in yellow tissue paper and attatched little labels on them with little accompanying notes.
I got a little bag of the best flavoured Jelly Belly's- Chocolate pudding...plus a few other favourites. I stopped by Miss Selfridge on the way and found this bargainous bow in the sale. She is a huge fan of gossip girl and this is Blair Waldorf's little gang all over. I know she might now wear it, but at only £1 I couldn't resist.
I knew she had been after some of those lace leggings for ages but trouble is, both of us are so short they would never have fitted right. So I bought some lace footless tights from Asos. Though upon arrival, they are more of the fishnet variety but still workable!

Lastly, I got one of the Alphabet tees from AA! I wish they would do a 'Ww' one but I guess it's not all that popular. She recently bought some high waisted denim shorts and I thought this would look awesome tucked into them. I must photograph her when she wears this combo!

I love love buying presents for people, making the cards and wrapping it all up. It's even better when I am buying for my sister as it is very much like buying for myself! The only problem I find is sticking to a budget....

How huge does this slice look?

My mom went to the Chinese bakery and ordered this amazing Hello Kitty cake. We haven't had one from there in a while and it was nice to buy the cake from there instead of Druckers (of course their cakes are amazing too) Chinese cakes are much lighter, less buttery and decorated with fruits (melon, kiwi, peaches etc) and have a fruit or a sweet chestnut filling. Though there is a serious amount of cream! I'm guessing the light consistency of the cake might reflect the fact that traditionally, Chinese cakes were always steamed due to the lack of ovens.

I'm off to eat more cake!


The Souvenir Tee

06 February 2009

T-shirt (NY), Cardigan (H&M), Denim cropped jacket (ASOS), Skirt (Topshop), Belt (Zara) Wooly Tights (PrettyPolly)

I wore this outfit last Sunday, before the all the snowmen started appearing (I can't believe I haven't made one yet as work has been getting in the way!)

I bought the tee in the Summer when I went to NY (of course) but have failed to wear it since. Probably because it is so touristy and I always see people with them on, whether or not they bought the tees in NY or UO. I decided to wear it today regardless. At the tourist info centre in Birmingham they have 'I heart Birmingham' tees which I find rather amusing. Birmingham isn't really all that happening for tourists...but also because 'Birmingham' takes up far too much space on the t-shirts and 'I heart B'Ham' just looks wrong.

I have also been tagged by the ever stylish, Starr

A) Four places that I go to over and over:
  • The Bus stop (boring I know...where I stare wistfully into UO which is located exactly opposite...so tempting)
  • TopShop. I can't resist having a quick window shop after work.
  • Paperchase to buy materials for making cards and touching all the pretty paper.
  • Chung Ying Garden Cantonese restaurant in Birmingham (China town)
B) Four people who e-mail me (regularly):
  • Aunt
  • Uni friends
  • Facebook (kinda combines everyone I know)
  • Blogger/Amazon/ASOS/Bank etc.
C) Four favorite smells:
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Coffee
  • Baking cakes
  • New Books
D)Four places I would rather be right now:
  • Hong Kong, Causeway Bay to see my aunt's new apartment.
  • Japan...someone take me please!
  • Somewhere warm with a beach....like Australia.
  • At my best friend's house sipping tea and eating Nachos!
E) Four people I tag:
F) Four TV shows I watch:
  • Gossip Girl
  • 90210
  • Lost
  • Mei-chan no shitsuji (very cheesy Japanese drama. Hilariously bad/good. I'm not sure which!)



03 February 2009

A quick post on my day so far! I left the house early for work to allow enough time for the inevitable slow moving traffic today. The snow that had fallen yesterday was still powdery underfoot and I made sure to leave footprints in areas of untouched snow. Even if it meant going slightly out of my way to make my mark. I don't think any of us really ever grow out of playing in the snow.

Today as the title of the post suggests was somewhat bittersweet. I have been working part time in a High street fashion store until I begin my masters in September. We were told two weeks ago that the 13 staff that had started since September would be halved and only 7 of us would be keeping our positions. The UK high street sure isn't coping well at all in the recession. So basically, there were three of us going for the two of the positions...and I was told I was successful. Which is great but now I know that one of the girls has to go and I feel a bit guilty about it. It's just horrible having to compete with friends...but I guess it's just life.

When my shift was over a little retail therapy took my mind off the whole work situation.
I bought some heart shaped pearl earrings from Miss Selfridge and the Vendetta nail polish from Chanel. Chanel is quite pricy for nail polish but it is the best I have ever tried, it stays chip resistant for days. The colour is purple-black on my nails and it's awesome.

When I arrived home, the snow was mostly slushy and wet and not at all good for snow angels or snowmen. My mom cheered me and my youngest sister up by steaming some Chinese buns and pan fried dumplings for a late lunch. There are all sorts of fillings in the buns from Char Siu (Chinese bbq pork), Pork and Vegtable, coconut and the little pink ones are lotus buns.
My mom was unable to buy the normal ones (usually uncoloured) and got these pink ones instead. These are usually bought for birthdays, especially for the elderly. These pink lotus buns are 'peach buns' and are coloured pink to resemble peaches which in the Chinese tradition, are the fruit of immortality. Therefore it is no surprise that the idea is that once eaten you are meant to have a longer life. I've had several for lunch seeing as they are so small so I must be able to live to a ripe old age then huh?

So I now have freshly painted nails, newly adorned ears and a belly full of yummy goodies and most definitely, a job to last me until I decide when to leave...and the day isn't even over yet!

P.S. I promise I don't just spend my days just shopping and eating...haha, it does seem like it though judging by all my food related posts!

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