The Black and White Tee.

28 January 2009

Cropped Denim Jacket (ASOS)
T-shirt (Neurotica)
Skirt (Topshop)
Knee Socks (Topshop)
Shoes (KG)
I have a thing for black and white t-shirts with interesting graphics. So when I read Selina's post and saw her amazing t-shirt with the Balenciaga shoes (wow, I want!), I decided to investigate the website she purchased them from. This site is a mecca for t-shirts and I can see myself buying lots of new t-shirts which is Baaad, very Baad. I really do love the Kime Buzzelli tee and really might have to buy it, come payday. Both the Millard and Buzzelli can be found at the Blood is the new black website.
I am a fan of the printed tees that are often on offer at Neurotica which is where the t-shirt in my photo is from. I went to check up on any new styles I saw these leggings and wow. I really could do with a pair of these...Also the lovely Janet from Janetteria has given me this blog award. Thank you!
Instead of following the 10 blog rule I have narrowed it down to just 3 because so many bloggers have received it already.

It's up to you whether you want to pass it on or just keep it and pop it on your blog. I am passing it on to these fab bloggers Nic, Sal and Lottie

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Happy New Year!

26 January 2009

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I had a huge meal with family that my dad cooked up and it was like Christmas all over again. Like so many other British chinese kids in this country, my parents own a take away and so my dad's best friend is probably a firey hot wok. Therefore he rarely makes a move in the kitchen at home and my mom usually does a lot of the cooking. So it is not suprising that in our house, if our dad does any cooking we know it is a treat. Above is a photo of the good fortune decorations we have around our house at the moment and below are the candied fruit/veg sweets that are tradition in most chinese households. I love the little red box we always have ours in.
Starting off the new year with a bit of an outfit session with more to come in the next post! Today's outfit session started in some comfy house clothes as I'm not at work and I rediscovered my love of my bright pink lipstick. I also disovered that my bathroom is the perfect place for good lighting.

Comfy house clothes!
Sweater (American Apparel)
Treggings (Silence+Noise@Urban Outfitters)
Necklace (Miss Selfridge)
Lipstick (MAC, Hollywood Nights- Heatherette collection)

I bought this top in the Topshop sale with the idea that I would be able to incorporate it into lots of different outfits and loved the puffy sleeves. Plus, I feel likeI really need some neutrals in my wardrobe.
Messing about with my new sheer top
Sheer T-Shirt (Topshop Boutique)
Purple dress (worn as top underneath-Topshop)
Jeggings (Silence+Noise@UO)
Bow (Topshop)

I couldn't help myself but try an outfit inspired by Luella. The colours have been haunting me lately, what with all the pastels in London but also the florals that are making their appearance in Topshop. The colours make me happy!

Inspired by Luella
Cardigan (Oasis)
Dress (MbyM)
Purple Tights (Topshop)
Belt (H&M)
Flats (Topshop)


Cakey Colours and Kitschy things

22 January 2009

Last weekend I went to London for my friend's birthday. It was such a good weekend which began with a houseparty, an attempted trip to the Roxy in central London but ended up buying pasties in the wee hours of the morning...culminating in a trip to wander down the Brick Lane markets on sunday...Most of my photos involve lots of friends in the pictures so these will have to do!

My friend lives in Chalk Farm and I navigated my way round to her house (after a few attempts at going in the wrong direction) and turned a corner to her street and actually had to stop to take it all in. Her street is so so so pretty! Complete with a street lamp at the bottom of her street which would not look too out of place in Narnia. She lives in the Pink house!
There are lots of streets complete with lots of pastel painted houses. I had to take a photo of a road I spotted, a little further down the road in Camden. To the right is a photo of my friend's choice of Birthday cake. A giant Frency fancy which looks quite fitting next to the photos of the houses painted in all those sweetie colours like the icing. The cake was delicious!
My friend's house recieves Turkish fanmail on occasion for Daniel Radcliffe. It was quite funny reading the letters, but worrying that some 17yr old girls really believe Daniel Radcliffe is just like Harry Potter. I wouldn't be surprised if my friend woke up one day to a bunch of Turkish school girls standing outside waiting for dear old Daniel to appear.
On Sunday we made a quick visit to Brick Lane. I should have taken more photos but I only managed to take a few photos of some cupcakes! Which were so yummy and pretty!
The market was so busy and I spotted so many girls wearing fur jackets. I could see why, as they were sold in abundance in each vintage shop. I suppose in Birmingham, it's probably a bit more unique as fewer girls wear them. We spent a couple hours browising the market stalls and were in and out the little boutiques on the bustling street. As most things are relatively expensive and also very busy, I only made it out with these earrings.
The handpainted Russian doll studs are so sweet and I couldn't help but give into their charm. The other earrings were a vintage find and made from brightly coloured shell pieces. I just realised that this whole post is made up of cakey colours and kitschy things....it's no wonder I can't get those colours from Luella S/S 09 out of my mind.

Also I was tagged by lovely Lottie from The Pelican and Me
1. go to the 4th folder on your computer where you store your images
2. pick the 4th picture in the folder
3. explain the picture

This was taken on my 21st birthday. My housemate bought these sumo suits and we thought it would be quite hilarious to have a go in them and play impossible games like Twister. It was a hilarious night and the sumo suit was wider than I was tall....In this image it's not been blown up completely, but I do love how my little gold flats are peeking out from beneath the sumo suit. I suppose you have got to do all you can to make a sumo look stylish. A few accessories here and there I think haha. That bow makes me look so young...but I must stay away from all things pie-shaped from now on.


Random purchases.

19 January 2009

As a treat to myself, I randomly splurged and bought some Japanese magazines. No I can't read Japanese but it's fun looking through the mags. Cutie came with a pair of gloves which was a nice surprise. Particularly as I lost two pairs within 2 weeks of each other. Which was a tad annoying at the time. In the future I may have to keep buying the same pair just in case! I also have Murakami's 'After Dark' which I had meant to buy for ages and I read most of it on the train to London and back again.

Staying with all things Japanese. I have decided that I want one of those wooly berets with the big bobbly pom pom on the back. I stumbled upon the J-pop artist, Ayumi Hamasaki's (I'm not actually a huge fan of her music) video for her single, Days and watched the video all the way through just for her bobbly hat and cute outfit. Maybe I should just make a pom pom and attatch it to my beret...hmmmm, I must add that to my list!
I am mostly in the stock room at work and unearthed these pretty beaded coasters amongst the forgotten sale items. I bought two sets, one to keep and the other to give to my friend for her birthday which is today! (Happy Birthday if you're reading!) Though I have more than enough coasters and have some novelty 70s ones (which seem to be mostly moustachioed men in their underpants lol) but they were too pretty for me to pass on! I now have 12 coasters in my bedroom...what to do with them?
I thought I would show you the present I bought for my friend. I've wanted to buy Murakami's 'Birthday Stories' for someone's birthday for ages. Luckily, my friend is a fan too, so it was perfect. The coasters are a nice little addition and I saved my pennies and made her a card! I had a fantastic weekend visiting her in good old London town and will post some photos in another post. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Turquoise highlights.

15 January 2009

I've been staying away from Topshop with it's scary, messy sale for ages. After working a manic Boxing day any sight of sale has really stopped me from setting foot into stores. So, I was surprised to find myself in the queue to buy one of those Topshop tulip vests that they seem to have in every single colour. Though I find it annoying and strange that the prices all differ depending on colour...or the ever so slight differences in cut, ranging from about £16 to £28. I don't quite understand it either.

Turquoise Tee (TopShop)
Tulip Vest (TopShop)
Belt (vintage)
Cardi (Urban Outfitters)
Scarf (Gift-Vivienne Westwood accessories)

I ended up buying this grey one with the leopard print. I wouldn't mind this vest in a nude colour too or anything neutral for that matter. I think there is just about enough room in my wardrobe for a few additions. It's funny because my sister's wardrobe is the complete opposite of mine. Little colour but lots of neutrals with the odd bit of blue or green. Hmmm, sounds like my wardrobe may need a bit of a sort out (My mother commented on this the other day) but I find it so difficult to part with clothes! I remember watching some fashion programme (probably Trinny and Susanna back in the day) and the recommendation that if you haven't worn anything in six months, to throw it away. It's not that easy!

But first, lets make one more addition. I am going to down to London for the weekend again for my friend's birthday and am going to buy this holdall from Oasis....I get 40% off (no guesses now to where I spend my days) and it's perfect for a weekend away, bags like these will no doubt come in very useful. I like the little compartment at the bottom, possibly for shoes and such. My youngest sister pointed out that it's not much different to her lunch box which has a similar compartment at the bottom for her sandwiches! Except it's not pink with a big hello kitty on it...


Purple Parcels

11 January 2009

I am off to meet some friends in the pub later for a good old catch up before some of them head back to Uni. Oh, how I wish I was still a student but I couldn't have handled all the deadlines due in after Christmas. However, if things go according to plan, deadlines over holidays could be very real and I could be slumming it on a student budget once again come September. Ha, truth be told, I am not so good at being a 'slummy' student.
Top (Urban Outfitters)
Skirt (TopShop)
Belt (River Island)
Leggings (Topshop)

A parcel arrived from Hong Kong today. My aunts were fretting about it for ages as it didn't arrive in time for Christmas. Though the way I look at it, it makes Christmas last a bit longer! Inside were all manner of treats. From a novelty hello kitty door knob cover (for my youngest sister, mind) to lip balm, tea leaves and this little purple cardigan. Unfortunately my camera is not of the highest quality and without flash turned everything orange. Though I quite like the unintentional sepia tone so I'm sticking with it. There is of course, one taken with flash so you can check out the colour of the cardi. It looks alright unbuttoned (as seen above) but looks quite cute buttoned with it's novelty large button. It's not something I would pick for myself but It's nice and warm and it's a real grower. I like it!
Cardi (gift-HK)
Boots (Blowfish)

Oh yes, I've changed the header. Change is refreshing no? I think I might miss the pink kokeshi doll header, maybe I will incorporate her again one day. Until then, she sits happily on my shelf looking down at me while I whirl away the hours on my laptop.


Desserts and Piano Keys.

07 January 2009

Last night I went to a friends for bit of a gathering and had some yummy Fajitas. The meal was a success and we even finished off with a mini chocolate fountain with lots of freshly chopped fruit. The fountain went a little crazy though and we made a bit of a mess. The result was a little arty no? Not quite Jackson Pollock I know but it was hilarious and had us all ducking for cover. My best friend managed to turn it off and ended up with a face full of chocolate.

It's so cold at the moment and the snow that fell a few days ago has now turned into treacherous ice. It's a miracle I didn't slip over when I came home from work! With the arctic chill hitting the country, I've got to layer up. So under my Coat I layered up two blue cardigans....and then reached for my wooly hat and scarf too.

Tee (TopShop)
Teal Cardi (TopShop)
Blue Vest Cardigan (HK)
Skirt (American Apparel)
Necklaces (Graduation Pressie + Key Pendant-HK)
Tights and Space Invader socks (Topshop)

When I arrived home my mom had made dessert. It was red bean soup which is one of my favourites (along with black sesame dessert) but it's rather sweet and I'm feeling a bit thirsty now...


We're onto a winner...

04 January 2009

Today I wore one of my favourite necklaces which is by Tatty Devine and made especially for the Tate galleries. Other necklaces with an art theme included 'Modern', 'Artstar' as well as charm necklaces with colour swatches featuring art movements. I bought the necklace on a whim when I was last down in London to see the Francis Bacon Exhibition at Tate Britain. The exhibition was as I expected it to be, intense, moody, schizophrenic and thought provoking and it was completely worth visiting. Unfortunately the Turner Prize was less exciting. It is still on until the 18th Jan unlike the Bacon which ends today. I could write so much about the Turner Prize as there is always so much debate and media attention surrounding it. It is always intrigueing, puzzling and sometimes you walk away feeling a little empty. This time round, it was more on the empty side but I did agree with the winner. Mark Lecky was announced early Dec and his video installations were probably the easiest to digest compared to the other candidates.
I had a purple day today...well it is my favourite colour after all.
Dress (French Connection)
Scarf (Gift-H&M)
Belt (TopShop)
Necklaces (Tatty Devine for Tate and DIY)
Tights (TopShop)
It's been so cold lately and my trusty coat has come out to play again. I've been meaning to put up a photo of it for ages. It was a 21st birthday gift off my parents last year and it's Vivienne Westwood (Anglomania). It's warm, a classic peacoat shape with pretty pleating on the back. I love it and you know you're onto a winner when It's been a year and you still get excited about wearing it, not to mention I am a lucky girl with an awesome mom and dad!

On a side note, I was also pretty happy today in HMV, when I noticed a woman in front of me buying Jeff Buckley's Grace (only £4!). It was strange having Jeff's Version as number 2 over Christmas and X Factor's Alexandra's version as Number One. Not to mention, Cohen's version in the top 40 too! Must be a nice Christmas present for Leonard Cohen as well as gaining Jeff lots of new fans.
I hate queues but I was queuing to buy the Flight of the Conchords dvd. I love the Hiphopapotamous episode!

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