Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cupcake Crazy

Before we head into the New Year and before I forget about this post all together, I better tell you all about a brief trip down to London for a mini blogger meet up just before Christmas!

As Selina and I are both from Birmingham we hopped on the train together and successfully navigated our way to the Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden. There we met up with the lovely KB (who is currently in NY and about to start an internship) and we chatted for literally hours about the world of blogging. I'm sure you will all agree that usually, blog related chatter is confined to twitter and I rarely have the opportunity to talk about blogging with friends from home. It's so strange, we all decided it was like living a double life!
In the bakery, we feasted on pretty cupcakes. Yeah, you could say that I was more than happy to be there. Bloggers AND cupcakes? A perfect combination. Brace yourselves for the cupcake photos...
We also wandered further into Covent Garden and came across Ella's Bakehouse. Nom nom.
We couldn't resist buying the yummy red velvet cupcake with edible glitter. I bought a mini one but ended up wishing that I had bought a full sized one like KB.
Haha, enough of cupcakes! We wandered over to Anthropologie store on Regent Street. I hadn't visited the store since it opened and was eager to check it out. It's such a pretty store and we cooed over the statement wall, knitted props, yummy scented candles and pretty clothes.
We also managed to meet up with one half of SOS Save our shoes in the form of the fab Fi and spent a decent amount of time down Carnaby Street browsing unaffordable goodies in Liberty!

We braved the crowds at Topshop and to my amusement (and Selina's) I spotted this necklace. A 'Brummie' is someone that is from Birmingham and usually has a thick 'Brummie' accent. It's one of the least popular accents in the UK and it's the butt of a lot of jokes over here. I live near enough Birmingham to call it home, it's a great city but....I'm quite glad I don't have the accent!
Before I left London, I wandered into Waterstones and spotted these textbooks. I would love to read through some of these...even though my degree is not fashion related. Maybe I can work it into my dissertation in the Summer!
I also bought some cute Japanese magazines from the the bookstore in Mitsukoshi Department store (I never knew it existed before!) and the Japan Centre . I bought an old issue of Kera which is a brilliant, lolita magazine (a little young, but still entertaining) so stay tuned for some images in the next few posts!
I'm sorry if you're all craving cupcakes now!

Hope you all have a fantastic New Year!!! See you on the other side!


  1. i was craving cupcakes since i posted my last entry on my blog...but your post only made it worse:( :D they really look delicious...and now i'm going to search youtube for an example of the accent you're talking about^^

  2. Cupcakes are definitely the blogger meetup way to go :) I'll have to remember that one for my next blogger meetup!! :)

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. Yummy cupcakes, again!

    Happy New Year, darling Winnie!


  4. Omg Winnie... those look scrumptious! I want!!

  5. Those cupcakes look delightfully decadent! Yummmmm.

    xo Kinsey

    Kinsey Michaels

  6. cupcakes sure do look delicious! happy new year:D

  7. the cupcakes. That's fantastic about meeting up with other bloggers.

    Have an amazing new year!

  8. looks like lots of fun! yum :))
    happy new year, darling.

  9. Sounds like so much fun. I love Anthropologie's displays; I could live in their store!

  10. ohmygoodness, those cupcakes look delish. for some reason, cupcakes are so much more appetizing than regular-sized cakes??

  11. Those cupcakes look so tasty. The nicest ones I have probably ever seen. It makes me want to eat cup cakes now. Happy New Year Winnie!

  12. i wish you a happy new year

    the cakes look so tasty, yummie..

  13. P.S.: ♥Fresh start of 2010? Oh yeah, don't forget to join the Curious Sparrow giveaway!♥

    Good luck!


  14. slerrrp!
    i'm cravig when i'm see the third -close up-picture! sleerrrp! how about taste?
    anyway, happy new year!

  15. happy new year :)

    i looove cupcakes and these look so delicious!

  16. boy those look yummy!

    i love anthropologie. probably one of the coolest stores i've ever been in :)

  17. happy new year winnie :) tell me when you're next in london, i'm always around!! xx

  18. those cupcakes look so delicious!

  19. The cupcakes look too delicious. Eating them with fellow bloggers... great start to the new year! Wishing you a very 2010! Sabine x

  20. What fun! I'd love to meet Selina.
    Happy new year!

  21. Seems like a great time with bloggers ! I also can't talk about blog stuffs with my friends here . They won't understand and find it boring :( So the best way is to talk with the bloggers themselves . Haha . The cupcakes look so yum ! Aww ! I want one ! Haha . Happy new year to you Winnie !

  22. Oh my gosh, those cupcakes look delicious! Sounds like you had a super fun time!

  23. YUM!!! Seriously need to get baking. Hope you're having a fabulous 2010 so far :)

  24. Cupcakes, coffee and bloggy friends. That sounds like one fabulous day!

  25. It looks like a lot of fun and those cupcakes.. I really want one now!!

  26. Happy new year! This looks lovely!

  27. sounds like an amazing day, i really want the cupcake with the raspberry on top!!

  28. Those cupcakes look gorgeous .... and it's true that sometimes blogging is like living a secret life!!

    I don't imagine half of my friends know that I do it even, and I think I like it that way - It's my own special world that has all you fab people in it :D


  29. oh this looks like a fantastic trip, those cupcakes are to die for

  30. woop what a fab day! the japanese magazine i got is so crazy, all fake tan and lashes!

  31. Aaaaaaah I REALLY wish I could've made it to this! After all the planning me & KB did, I was so upset when I missed it :( & it sounds like you had an amazing time!

    Sorry about the late reply btw - I've had swine flu! What a perfect start to the New Year :)

    ♥ Hannah



  32. The cupcakes and mags look fab ! Glad you had fun on your meet up! Not many of my friends know I have a its always fun to meet up with other bloggers and realise they are the same !

  33. ahhh bloggermeetup it sounds like so much fun! and you got that right, made me crave for cupcakes they look too cute to eat!

  34. The blogger meetup sounds like so much fun and so exciting! Those cupcakes look delicious especially the red velvet cupcake. Those fashion books look like fun reads and you can totally add it to your dissertation!! What's your dissertation on? Sounds super cool. The necklace is so funny! :)



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