Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hello to you too

Seriously, one of the best things after a day at work is coming home to find that the awesome people at Solestruck have sent you a brand new pair of shoes. Amazing!
I was so excited but a little worried because I have such awkwardly sized feet (a UK 3/4 depending on the brand) but these Jeffrey Campbell Mary Janes fit me perfectly and are so comfy! Of course I had to whip out my clashing teal tights to show off the burgundy-purple colour to it's full effect!
Oversized Vest (Topshop), Cardigan (Handmedown from Grandmother), Belt (Vintage), Tights (Topshop) Hair Bow (Accessorize) Shoes (Jeffrey Campbell at Solestruck )

Thank you so much to Danielle and all at Solestruck !

I was also tagged by the the awesome Emma for this humungus quiz.

[1] What are your current obsessions? Black and white graphic tees, dark nails, Hello kitty for MAC big bow lipstick
[2] What is your weirdest obsession? I don't think it's particularly weird but I do drink green tea all day long. My friends also think I'm odd when I pull out my camera all the time to snap pics for the blog! I can't help it, inspiration is everywhere!
[3] What are you wearing today? Still in my clothes from my part time job. Floral Skirt, tights, Grey vest top and a purple cardi.
[4] What’s for dinner today? Mom's cooking which consists of rice, stuffed peppers and pak choi. Sounds much fancier than it really is!
[5] Why is today special? The sun is shining which is good news for tomorrow's BBQ at my friend Hannah's!
[6] What would you like to learn to do? I would love to learn to knit...but I should really get round to learning to drive.
[7] What’s the last thing you bought? A skirt from work which I will have to take a photo of, it's actually really cute...and you can check it out here
[8] What are you listening to right now? 'Because I'm stupid' by SS501. I'm not usually a fan of Korean pop but I really like this one.
[9] What is your favorite type of weather? Breezy summer days, perfect cardigan weather!
[10] What is your most challenging goal right now? Hopefully getting accepted for a marketing masters and ultimately getting a real job and not being a SA for the rest of my life!
[11] What do you think about the person who tagged you? I love her grungey style and her recent Dellal inspired hair! Emma, you are pretty awesome!
[12] If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Hong Kong so I can be closer to my grandparents.
Becky, Me, Hailey and grandparents.

[13] What would you like to have in your hands right now? A big fat cheque so I can worry less about funding my masters.
[14] What would you like to get rid of? All the clutter in my wardrobe....that I can't seem to part with. I need to learn what is worth keeping and what isn't!
[15] If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Tokyo without a doubt!
[16] Which language do you want to learn? I've taken a short course in Japanese and really need to continue learning so I can actually understand all the Jpop I listen to.
[17] What do you look for in a friend? Easy going, honesty and fun.
[18] Who do you want to meet in person? Vivienne Westwood, she's so eccentric I bet she would be fun to chat to. Or maybe weird. I'd like to find out.
[19] What’s your favorite type of music? I listen to so much. From Incubus to Regina Spektor to Canto/Japanese pop
[20] What’s the favorite piece of clothing in your own closet? Kind of hard to choose but right now, I love my Lion tee that I bought recently at UO.
[21] What is your dream job? I still don't know. Hopefully fashion related though.
[22] Any favorite models? To be honest I don't pay too much attention to models but I've always liked Coco Rocha and Du Juan.
[23] What would you mostly likely spend $100 on? Clothes!
[24] What would you like an endless supply of? Plane tickets, so I can travel to my hearts content!
[25] Girl crush? Hmmm...probably Zooey Deschanel? She's adorable.
[26] Do you admire anyone’s style? Too hard to name just one but I get a lot of inspiration from all you bloggers.
[27] Describe your personal style. I do like a bit of colour and have attempted to wear head to toe in black...but I couldn't do it! My staples are t-shirts and brightly coloured skirts.

Phew...that was mammoth. You can all breathe now.
I'm going to go and tag..
1. Cassiopeia
2. The girls at SOS
3. Joelyne
4. Eeli at Aphex Nation
5. Phuong at $oulphate


  1. Those are fantastic, lady! Love 'em with the teal tights.

  2. I don't think I have had a pair of purples shoes, but these are cute.

  3. Darling! I believe it is spelt BOK CHOI! haha LOved your answers. I feel so bad not doing them now lol but oh well :P THanks for your taggy mctaggerson though! :D

    The people at Solestruck are lovely to have sent you these. They are pretty pretttttttttty :P

  4. what a cute message :) amazing shoes too, even better that they're free! loving your chunky knits too, xx

  5. Great shoes -- good combo with those tights.

    Green tea is good for you, so that's a good obsession!

  6. aw cute shoes! and thanks for tag. don't think i'll be able to do it with all the study tho :( sorry! ..
    and i wanna be decluttered too.
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  7. haha one of these tag things..thanks for the comment! i love goofy model pics too :) you should totally send me a pic of you/you and your friends goofin off for my next post!

  8. I love your outfit! Very cute.

    I'm also curious about the altar in your family picture - are you a buddhist by any chance?

  9. Good thinking pairing those Jeffreys with your teal tights. that combination really punches up the outfit and the shoes look perfect on you :).

  10. Sweet Mary Janes! All the best on the marketing masters, too.

    Thanks so much for the note.

    Really fun to read your answers. I'd like to listen to more Korean pop.

  11. Thats cool about having your camera around for inspiration for your blog.

    Great vest, too.

    Thanks so much for the note.

  12. Lov'n the color of those shoes..and they go perfectly with the tights. with your help..I'll know what I should be looking for out there..graphic T's.

    Its good to hear from you.

  13. Those shoes are awesome! I'm glad they fit!

  14. Those are adorable. Great purchase and they look so comfortable, what is really important thing. ;)


  15. Hi there-Love your answers, thats a fab picture of you and your family! I adore your new shoes too!!

  16. Oooh lucky you. They are reallyyyy nice. Like your answers too :) x

  17. Luv my teal with purple combo! Your grandparents are have such a warm family! XO*

  18. OH you're so gorgeous. thank you for tagging me. divine new shoes! and you showed them off well with the colour combination.


  19. ah, great shoes!!! MUST get round to doing that tag by the end of the week... MUST! Easier said than done... Ah, how is it 11.30?!?! ;-D


  20. love the shoes with the tights - purple & teal is a great colour combo

  21. Wah lovely shoes ( I wan't the same !!)
    lucille a little french girl

  22. I love the contrast of the shoes & the tights! You pull them off so well!

  23. Hi there,

    I saw your blog from a friend:)
    You have a really nice fashion style... I love your blog :)

    Would you like to swap links?


  24. Love the new shoes and that colour clash is so fantastic! Oooh you should totally learn to knit, it is relaxing and you actually get a scarf or jumper out of it lol. Learning to drive is pretty fun too, although I remember being pretty scared the first few times! Aww and the photo of you with your grandparents is adorable :)

  25. The shoes are so great! Its so great to recieve great things at home! I love it too!

  26. ooo gma got style! love the cardigan

  27. the clashing colors are perfect together!

  28. Even the packaging of those shoes is cute. I love the color particularly against the blue tights. Lucky!

  29. I love the lace top! Was it on sale? Ooooh shoes :) xoxo

  30. What's not to love about new shoes...feel free to borrow my Helly Kitty swine flu mask it will complement your MAC lipstick.

  31. those shoes ROCK !! love them !



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