Sunday, April 26, 2009

Food and Shoes!

Bit of a food review today! I went to an all you can eat buffet at The Mailbox in Birmingham for only £10 a head at Shogun Teppanyaki. It is a little further out from the centre of town but only about a 10 minute walk.The food was lovely and like my favourite Japanese restaurant in town (Mount Fuji) it was authentic. Fresh hand rolled sushi is so much nicer than the machine packed Sushi found at the likes of Yo! Sushi (don't get me wrong, I still love that place). However there was little choice and even though it was yummy, the service wasn't that good. I was quite put off by a guy who appeared to be the floor manager. Upon returning with my mum's refilled green tea, I asked if I could have mine refilled too. He answered with an unsmiling face, "Why did you not tell me?" and looked quite annoyed. It would have been fine if he had said it with a smile but it came across as unfriendly and lazy. It's a shame because the food was really good but that one small remark really tainted my visit and I doubt we would venture out there for Sushi again. Perhaps their other restaurant in town (Brindley Place) will prove to be a better experience as I really want to try the teppanyaki that they offer too.
After, we went for a browse around the shops and both my sisters came home with new shoes. Becky scored some silver flats from Topshop for £10 and Hailey bought some killer heels which my mom disapproved of...believing she would break her ankle in them. Here they are, I think they are quite gorgeous and the platform means that they aren't nearly as high as they look.
I really liked these too and I am hoping that these will eventually come in black rather than the orange.
Apart from Becky (far right) these are a bunch of my cousins who randomly all showed up at the same time at our house. The house was suddenly full of screaming kids, all competing to be the loudest. I'm quite surprised I managed to get them to all sit still.
My youngest cousin, Harry is completely adorable. Awww.
Becky and me! She's 11yrs old and soon she'll be taller than me. I will have to take to wearing heels permanently soon.
Becky; Cardi (HK) Hello Kitty Tee (HK) Skirt (Adams) Shoes (Topshop) Bow (Brick Lane)
Winnie; Tee (H&M) Skirt (UO) Cardi (Topshop) Shoes (KG)

Hailey couldn't help herself and bought a dress for her law ball a few days ago. Normally I am not keen on Lipsy dresses but this one is really cute and I like the origami pleated detail. Plus teamed with her new heels. It's a perfect combo!
Dress (Lipsy) Shoes (Topshop)
Wow this was a mammoth post. I'm off to catch up on my crazy google reader which has far too posts I have to read. Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Harry looks awfully cute! And Hailey's dress very pretty! Killer heels are awesome too.

    B xx

  2. Your family all look so cute! Love your outfit too (:

  3. Those sandals are awesome! What a great find! :)


  4. I adore that dress! Also that sushi looked really good.

  5. oh god. i dont know what i can say. the shoes are gorgeos... wonderful, amazing ..totally nice!

  6. haha u use google reader too? my sister uses it... i don't. i just either look at twitter or my blog list on the dashboard thing. I think really organized people r more likely to use reader. (ie, u and my sister ha).

    BTW - - - u go to the best food places. seriously. i'm happy with little junky snacks off the mcdonalds dollar menu. =P

  7. Your cousins are so adorable! Love the shoes and the red dress!


  8. That is such an amazing price for those Topshop shoes!! =]

    La C.

  9. :-) got to love all you can eat hehe. yum sushi! know what u mean re mammoth google reader... was looking at my "trend" info, and it says "from your 128 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 2,437 items"... THAT'S PSYCHO!!! And shows how much procrastinating i do ;-D

    Murakami is a god. Reading Wind Up Bird chronicle at the mo. Love. It. Working backwards through his stuff, occasionally getting distracted by other things: i usually have about 5 books on the go at once. Hehe.


  10. ohhhhhhhhhhh little harry is so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

    loving your dress! the detail is beautiful.

    thanks for pointing me out to the hot orange shoes on your post. they are amazing!

    i'm glad you like my sketches :)


  11. I know, I felt I had to much to be thankful for. I could continue even more.. :)

    Oohh, I loove sushi ! And how cute are the kids ! Adorable !
    And the pinkish dress-- loove it !

  12. Killer heels? to die for! They look great! !

  13. mmmm that sushi look simply delish (as do those shoes!) hahaha. so many babies!

  14. that lipsy dress is gorg. and harry is such a cutie! i want to take him home with me.

  15. the shoes are amazing!! goes so well with the dress!

  16. hi winn!

    the kids are too cute! seriously... i'm not too big on kids, but when they're as cute as your relatives, my heart just melts! =)

    oh, and those are incredibly cool shoes that hailey got! they look like kirkwoods. very hot!

    much love


  17. you are soooo cute!!! I loveee the dress with those shoes

  18. You look so cute! Plus, your cousins are adorable.

  19. Hi there-Its a shame you didn't have better service when you went out to eat my dear:-( Loving your sisters buys, fabulous bargains!!

  20. Great eye on those shoes! Loooove them- sounds like an awesome weekend ;)

  21. Love those shoes. So pretty.

  22. what cute shoes... and cute family too. your youngest cousin is sooo darling.

  23. I LOVE your red dress! You look gorgeous in it. Also, both pairs of shoes you're rocking in this post are fantastic.

  24. this red dres is beyond beautifull!
    so hot.
    loooooove it!

    i want the same :D

  25. The food looks delicious. Love the shoes :)

  26. The photos are your family are so sweet! And I'm amazing at all you can eat sushi for £10, I want to go! Although perhaps not if there are mean waiters... x

  27. I so love the dress..Oh..they are all so sweet..the cousins. Its great to have them all livly..for abit..but I know it can be not fun after a very long while.

    The building has such beautiful colors..and the food looks great too.

  28. Great Post! Yum about the food. & you have some very sweet cousins! Thanks so much for the comment.

  29. Fun!
    I love your sister's dress along with her shoes!

  30. Wow! Those shoes your sis? Hailey bought are gorge! And they actually DOOOOOOO look quite long despite what you say! haha

    Sorry for the absence. The internet boogers are being so horrible lately :*(

    She's doing law too? My flatmate is also hehe. I don't think I've ever asked you what you are studying?

    Anyhoo kisses:)

    Eeli x

  31. those topshop heels are gorge !
    i love the bright pink/coral/orange dress .
    & sushi = life .

  32. Aw! I love your outfit, esp. the Topshop heels. And your family is so cute!

  33. aww it sounds great! i love your cousisn hello kitty tee, and your orange dress! so lovely.

  34. What a killer selection of shoes, and I love the color of that dress!


  35. yum sushi! it's usually my default food when i can't decide what to eat when i go out. and hailey's shoes look amazing!

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  37. Why thank you! I made the cushion myself :) That manager sounds like such an idiot - I'm a waitress at the weekends and I would never say such a thing! If you had a good meal somewhere then you might only tell a few people out it if they ask, but if you have a bad one you tell everyone (thats what we always get told in work and it's true) so he definately hasn't done the place any favours! I love those orange shoes! :) x

  38. Cutness must run in the family! Those heels are fierce...LUV! ~XO*

  39. love your skirt on that pic !

  40. What a wonderful building, and it's a shame when rubbishy service gets in the way of fantastic food. Oooh loving those grey heels and that Lipsy dress is so fabulous!!! Annnd love your skirt dear :)

  41. Becky and you look so cute! and yes i think she'll be taller than you soon, hehe. you two look stylish, i think it runs in the family. hehe. your cousins are so many and so cute!! adorable kids! and props to you to be able to managed them to be still for like 5 seconds. haha! :)

  42. Your cousins are so cute! I love the orange heels too, I'm obsessed with that colour right now!

    Good luck grabbing that orange Topshop dress - it's in stores today *excited squeals*


  43. So beautiful cousins!!! I love kids, they always are adorable!!!!!

    About the shoes, they are gorgeous!!!!!

    I am happy you had a great time!

    Kisses and hugs,


  44. Heck I've seen a lot of Canto babies in my neck of the woods lately (must be something to do with living in China, hmm...), but your liddle cousin has got to be THE cutest lil' thing I've ever seen! teehee *Claire goes all gooey* me wanna be a mama (^-^) is he for sale?

  45. aww adorable cousins!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  46. great post! cute family ^^ and the shoes your sis bought are very cool, i hope you two got the same size hihi! xoxo

  47. love the shoes hunny!!!



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