Sunday, January 04, 2009

We're onto a winner...

Today I wore one of my favourite necklaces which is by Tatty Devine and made especially for the Tate galleries. Other necklaces with an art theme included 'Modern', 'Artstar' as well as charm necklaces with colour swatches featuring art movements. I bought the necklace on a whim when I was last down in London to see the Francis Bacon Exhibition at Tate Britain. The exhibition was as I expected it to be, intense, moody, schizophrenic and thought provoking and it was completely worth visiting. Unfortunately the Turner Prize was less exciting. It is still on until the 18th Jan unlike the Bacon which ends today. I could write so much about the Turner Prize as there is always so much debate and media attention surrounding it. It is always intrigueing, puzzling and sometimes you walk away feeling a little empty. This time round, it was more on the empty side but I did agree with the winner. Mark Lecky was announced early Dec and his video installations were probably the easiest to digest compared to the other candidates.
I had a purple day today...well it is my favourite colour after all.
Dress (French Connection)
Scarf (Gift-H&M)
Belt (TopShop)
Necklaces (Tatty Devine for Tate and DIY)
Tights (TopShop)
It's been so cold lately and my trusty coat has come out to play again. I've been meaning to put up a photo of it for ages. It was a 21st birthday gift off my parents last year and it's Vivienne Westwood (Anglomania). It's warm, a classic peacoat shape with pretty pleating on the back. I love it and you know you're onto a winner when It's been a year and you still get excited about wearing it, not to mention I am a lucky girl with an awesome mom and dad!

On a side note, I was also pretty happy today in HMV, when I noticed a woman in front of me buying Jeff Buckley's Grace (only £4!). It was strange having Jeff's Version as number 2 over Christmas and X Factor's Alexandra's version as Number One. Not to mention, Cohen's version in the top 40 too! Must be a nice Christmas present for Leonard Cohen as well as gaining Jeff lots of new fans.
I hate queues but I was queuing to buy the Flight of the Conchords dvd. I love the Hiphopapotamous episode!


  1. The necklace is so cool - and I also really like your coat.

  2. love the purple colour scheme and your necklace!! :)

  3. I like your coat! I hate lines too, but love flight of the conchords :)

  4. I love the Tatty Devine necklace :)

  5. Cool necklace. Tatty Devine has some winners. I like the colors of your outfit too.

  6. Hi there-I have serious coat envy, you lucky girl, haha!! I'm into purple too, I raided my wardrobe and unearthed 2 vintage purple dresses I want to wear soon! Purple is very much your colour too, looks lovely!

  7. Just adore the necklace, lady. Enjoy your FOTC DVD - I'm partial to the David Bowie episode myself. ;)

  8. Love that necklace and your coat, Winnie!


  9. The necklace is great, kinda like a name necklace but done in a fresh way! I like Tatty Divine's random collections, the one they did for Robots in Disguise was fab but now had sadly disapeared from their site! I love all your purple too and Flight of the Conchords is hilarious, especially the hiphopapotamus episode! Char x

  10. Wow! Vivienne Westwood coat! I love the necklace aswell, i do enjoy tatty devine. I couldn't believe the Alexandra did Hallelujah, its some kind of blasphemy. However I hear it's about bondage, wonder if she knows...

  11. I love those necklaces!!!

    a kiss for you my friend :)

  12. thankyou for my comment a longwhile ago
    it helped me
    i have a new post and i decided to check your blog out
    its amazing
    i adore the untitled necklace!

  13. Ahh I just spent WAY to much time on the Tatty Devine site just now. Everything is so quirky, I want a ton.

    I really like your coat!

  14. Hi,

    Wow, I love your coat!

    xoxo: Janet

  15. rhymenoceros! they're so funny.
    i love tatty devine, and both your necklaces.

  16. Oh wow I love that Untitled necklace and the purple dress looks super :)

  17. untitled name plate necklace is genius
    feelin it
    and how much do you love flight of the conchords?!

    happy 09!




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