Carousel me away...

30 October 2008

Earlier in the week I took my youngest sister to see the cheesefest that is High school musical. I had promised to take her after she had constantly talked about it for months. I did find it quite amusing at various points in the film when they broke into song but I've got to admit, in some ways I was curious to see how the final installment would work on the big screen. Judging by the audience (average age about 6) it went down well and through all the cheesiness it wasn't too hard to sit through! I might even have to admit that I didn't hate it, it was ok! Yes I said it...and it's in writing for all the world to see. Shame on me.

Anyway, swiftly moving on! After plenty of popcorn we ventured outside to the square of my local town centre. In the centre of the square, a carousel had replaced a fountain that used to stand in the same spot. I doubted it's authenticity but it was in the style of an old fashioned Victorian carousel. I love carousels and especially the enchanting yet ghostly charm that they have. I found it odd that no one was sitting on the carousel but the baby carousel next to it which features a bus, motorbike and fire engine was super busy with excited children. Maybe it's because when you're older you learn to appreciate things in a different way but frankly, if I wasn't wearing a short dress then I would have hopped right onto one of those gorgeous pastel painted horses.
I'm wearing...
Dress (Hong Kong)
Purple Cardigan (Oasis)
Shoes (KG)
Necklace (Urban Outfitters)

I also spotted some boots today which I might just have to buy. They're nothing special but I've been looking for a pair similar to these for a while for every day wear. They're from Dune and are £80.



26 October 2008

I love the colours of Autumn, especially the beautiful shades of orange in the trees. Though for me, Orange is a colour I rarely wear, mostly because it's just one of those colours where you just have to find the right shade. I am the same with red too and up until recently, yellow. However last Summer I bought two yellow dresses hoping to break the cycle. Maybe I can do the the same with red? Are there any colours that you find hard to wear?
I'm wearing...
Cardi (Urban Outfitters)
Dress (HK)
Belt (Vintage)
Navy Tights (Topshop)
Oxfords (Topshop)
Necklace (HK)

I have been looking for some black Oxfords for a long time and I couldn't let this pair from Topshop pass me by. They are a teeny bit too big but nothing that an insole hasn't sorted out for me! I'm off to work in a bit for a meeting (on a Sunday?!) but at least I get paid for it. They offered me a full time job working in the stock room but I told them I would rather work on the floor with people! Imagine being cooped up in a warm stockroom with only the generator for company!


Morning Sunshine and Grandma's Cardi.

20 October 2008

Knowing that you have to get up and go into work in the early hours of the morning can be pretty tough. Especially when you know your day consists of waiting at fitting rooms, finding shoes and tapping on the tempermental tills all day long. It's not all bad though, the staff are lovely and it's nice to arrive at a completely silent and empty shopping mall. The Selfridges building has never looked more appealing in all its scaly glory. The Neo Gothic church that is St Martins, who has found itself in the midst of an area which has been complelety regenerated, stands proudly, sihouetted in the morning sunshine. It's actually quite nice!

I have been quite busy the past few days and so my day off today was much appreciated. My computer was at the evil clutches of a virus and I despaired of not being able to use it for days. Luckily I got rid of it but unfortunately the cost was to reboot my computer to it's factory settings. So my laptop now believes it to be 2005 and is brand spanking new again. It made me realise just how much I use my computer! Ahh..technology, it's definitely a love hate relationship!

I'm wearing...
Cardigan (It was my grandmas)
Belt (New Look)
Jeans (H&M)
Necklace (Miss Selfridge)
Shoes (Barrats)

Sorry about the lighting, I must remember to take photos in the daytime! It is getting so dark again already and the recent wind and rain that we've been having assures me that Autumn/Winter has definitely arrived. I really like the cable knit cardigan that was given to me by my grandma when I was in HK. It's so comfy and warm (like a big hug!) and of course reminds me of my grandma. It's always that much nicer when your grandpa (or in my case grandma) cardigan is the genuine thing! I have been considering taking the toggle buttons off but I don't want to attack it yet! Hmmm....


Just my cup of tea...and more pudding.

14 October 2008

No work on Monday means Winnie has far too much time on her hands. Yesterday I planned on going shopping for a few necessities but in the end I couldn't be bothered to travel out to the mall where I work everyday on a day off. So instead I stayed in with my mug of tea and assortment of cakes and desserts that have been left behind by the skilled cooks that are my aunts! I'm going to turn into a fatty (at least the AA sweater I'm wearing is roomy!)

Above is Sago pudding which is made from tapioca and red bean, and this is the jelly form. I also like it in the soup form too which is flavoured with coconut and taro. As I gobbled it up in the kitchen I could smell the gorgeous scent of these lilies. Yum Yum!

I'm Wearing...
Grey sweater (American Apparel)
Shorts (TopShop)
Leggings (Topshop- I swear I am always in leggings!)
Belt (Izzue, Hong Kong)
Necklaces (Metal Chain-H&M, Owl Chain-Hong Kong)

The Owl necklace came with one of the dresses I bought in HK (I think it was a way of charging customers that bit more for their dresses) I wasn't that keen on it because I thought it was a bit tacky. Funnily enough the poor sod has grown on me and I find the the big, slightly alarmed eyes endearing and It's nice layered with the other chain.
The past few posts have become more of a photo diary and I quite like the change and hope you guys like the snippets from my daily life! I'm going to try and carry my camera everywhere with me and change it up a bit from the usual routine!

Also...check out my 2 posts in a week, I haven't done that in a while!


Please sir, can I have some more?

12 October 2008

Today I bid farewell to my aunts and grandparents who have been such wonderful company for the past 3 weeks. They head back to Hong Kong tonight and everyday after work I have been spoilt with all kinds of dishes they have cooked up! The last few days were no exception and they even made Shark fin soup which was more than just a treat. It's a soup that is usually reserved for wedding feasts or special occasions in the Chinese tradition. However it is a dish that is not held with the same kind of fervour with the western world which is completely understandable. It does make me think twice but is too deeply ingrained with what I've grown up with. It's a bit of a paradox.Today it was my youngest sister's 11th birthday and we celebrated with a lovely lunch. We had homemade congee, sweet potato dumplings (each with a little piece of Chinese rock sugar inside) and other dishes that I don't know the translation in English such as 'ma tay gow'' which is a sweet glutinous jelly dish that has been pan fried and 'Lor bak gow' which is a pan fried (Chinese)turnip dish. The latter is really yummy dipped in chili sauce! Delish!
Also not forgetting the lovely Black forest kirsch that was the lucky girl's birthday cake!
I realise these last two posts have been heavily food related. There is no surprise that other than fashion, food is definitely one of my passions! I am sure you don't mind and it's nice to change from the usual routine but let's balance it out a bit with an outfit post! The photo was taken in the birthday girl's room and it's not a secret who her favourite cartoon character is. To be fair, I still have a soft spot for the oddly proportioned cat too.

I'm Wearing...
Dress (French Connection)
Belt (TopShop)
Leggings (TopShop)

The house is going to be a quiet place without them! Though, at least I no longer have to share my room with my sister when she returns for brief visits during term time at Uni!



07 October 2008

My aunts returned earlier in the week from Paris and managed to bring back several (very pretty) boxes of the yummiest macaroons from the very well known Laduree. I can't believe they survived the journey back because the sure didn't survive for long once they reached my house! Each one is flavoured differently from coffee, caramel, strawberry jam and lemon curd. I am partial to all things green and it's no wonder that my favourites were the little pistachio ones, yummy!

Earlier in the week I'd spotted these fringed boots in Topshop but in a lovely tan colour and I've seen many a blogger who have also commented on these. I'm glad I didn't make any rash decisions as I found a similar pair in New look (unfortunately no picture) for £35 which is a much healthier price tag than the £60 from Topshop and are also available in both black and tan. I didn't buy them though...as I would love them in a chocolate brown colour. I'm hoping I don't regret this decision of not buying...but I need to learn some self control.

I traveled up to Liverpool yesterday but severe train delays meant a trip to the Tate at the docks was out of the question. So we went straight to Liverpool one which really isn't a shopping mall as I thought it would be! It was more of an extension of the high street so it was all outdoors. Still they had American Apparel there and my sister also took me to a few cute shops like Boudoir Boutique, Pop Boutique and a really nice (but expensive) vintage shop next to it which I thought were all amazing. I wish I had taken photos for you all to see! Next time I go up I will definitely bring my camera!

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