Skirts and Small shoes...

28 September 2008

Well pay day came and went and I gots me a new skirt. It's from TopShop (surprise surprise) and it's checked with black and green. I also got a pair of shoes which I bought in the smaller size because the 4 was humungus. It seems the size 3 is a little on the small side...only time will tell if I can stretch them with my awkward sized feet otherwise my 10 year old sister already has her eyes on them. I absolutely adore the skirt and shoes but I really need to stay away from Topshop! So next week I will have to restrain myself and not set foot into the very large and enticing flagship store in Birmingham. I spend far too much time and money in there. I dug out an old bag from about 4 years ago which I customised...it's always nice when you dig something out from years ago to find you love it as much as you did when you first bought it.

I'm wearing...
Purple Cardigan (Oasis)
Band T-shirt (Reading Festival- The Cribs)
Skirt (TopShop)
Belt (Topshop)
Small Shoes (Topshop)
Bag (Accessorize and customised)

I also got some uniform for work today and I bought this skirt as part of it. I love the colours and the fact it is wool. UKers might be able to guess where I spend my days working!


The Bare Essentials...

22 September 2008

What is the one thing that you wear all the time, the one thing that you can pull on because it goes with absolutely anything? All my friends have something they always wear from belts, scarves or that one necklace they can't bear to leave the house without. For me, it's my cheap black h&m cardigan which I bought years ago. It's simple, does the job and goes with everything and for that reason it's why it so often features in so many of my outfit posts.

I went out for a meal with the girls/ladies from work and of course this cardigan made yet another appearance. It was actually a much better night than I thought and it's funny how some people come out of their shell once they've had a few drinks or just out of the work enviroment. I found out things about my boss which I never wanted to know in the first place! I'm not a big drinker myself as I go horribly bright red when the smallest amount of alcohol enters my system...which is not a good look even though it never ceases to amuse my friends and family. Though, it has to be said, it's in the genes and all to do with my Chinese heritage!

I wore...

Black Cardi (H&M)
Ruffle Dress (HK)
Belt (TopShop)
Leggings (TopShop)

The dress is quite versatile because it buttons up and unbuttoned, it works as a sleeveless cardigan so I plan to layer it up in an outfit one of these days!

I helped my sister move into her halls yesterday in Liverpool (she's a second year Law student) and she filled a suitcase with clothes and my dad was very thankful there was a lift. He said the case was easily 40kg. I on the other hand, agreed that everything she took up with her was essential and understood....as I am sure you all do too! I want to visit her one of these days as Liverpool is currently the UK's city of culture with a brand new shopping centre. Of course there is the culture itself, and I might make a trip to Albert Docks to Liverpool Tate! Shopping then Art I think...


Lollipops and skirtage.

17 September 2008

So the master plan has been put into action for this year. Job=check! I sent out applications to both retail and admin jobs and only the retail responded. I start sometime next week which is great. Next on my list getting hold of a marketing internship which I should be able to fit in around work and would look great on my CV.

Apart from using the money from this job to fund postgraduate study I want to buy a few things that I've been wanting for a while! First of all...I want a new mp3 player. Possibly the Ipod Touch. I have been using my very dated analogue Sony mp3 player for the past 4 years and it's beginning to give up on me. Maybe it is time I jumped onto the Ipod bandwagon!
I am also on the hunt for more skirts especially the tulip shaped ones but you can't walk into a store without eyeing up all the plaid skirts. I like the Luella inspired one from Urban Outfitters.
My grandparents and aunts all arrived this morning and they came bearing gifts! I am glad that they don't take any notice of my age and still buy me really cute presents! They got me the cutest lollipop mirror which is essentially a mirror on a stick. It's great. They also got me some make up from Japanese make up brand Kesalan Patharan in the form of a little eyeshadow trio and a glittery blue nail polish. Too bad the mirror is a bit too conspicuous to put in my bag, it's tempting though.


A Monochrome Wink.

12 September 2008

Yay my camera now has a new charger courtesy of my Dad who can't stay away from DIY stores for longer than a week. Seriously he is there all the time and comes home with stuff to fix things that don't need to be fixed in the first place. Dads are strange.

Here is the dress I bought from TopShop a week or so ago. I really love the winking eye graphic on it, it's just so fun! I actually don't own much white at all apart from the one obligatory I heart NY t-shirt I got while in NY. I think I need to start buying more whites/pastel colours as there is a distinct lack of them in my multicoloured wardrobe. My sister on the other hand has a wardrobe full of browns, beiges and khaki colours...maybe I should just rummage through her wardrobe and see what I can borrow next time.
I'm wearing...black and white..!
Cardigan (H&M)
Oversized T-shirt (TopShop)
Belt (Izzue, HK)
Leggings (Topshop)

I've handed out a bunch of CVs so hopefully I will get some kind of job to keep me busy until next September. I am determined to get onto the graduate certificate in fashion marketing at LCF...I just ordered a bunch of books of Amazon to read on the subject which will definitely be helpful!

I'm quite excited for next Thursday as my family from HK are visiting for 3 weeks. My aunts are going to Paris the following Monday for a week and promise to bring me back Macaroons. Yum! I don't know why most of us Brits don't make the effort and go to Paris more often as it's so convenient...definitely an idea to jot down in my diary!



04 September 2008

Hey guys. Sorry it's been so slow. I broke my parent's camera last week and was especially worried because it was bought in HK so it wasn't covered under the warranty here. Luckily my aunts are visiting and they will take it back to HK when they return and hopefully get it fixed under the warranty. I have my own camera so I am sure there will be photos up in no time (but the camera charger has died so I need to scrape some money together to sort that one out!) So unlucky!

Also, the t-shirt from Topshop came the other day and it fits fine. It seems to come up a bit small so it was worth the risk of buying a size bigger. It is definitely a dress too rather than an oversized t-shirt. I will have to post a photo when I can!

To be honest, I haven't really done much in the past week apart from work. I can't say we've been that busy as everyone seems to be staying away from the shops and everyones favourite phrase is 'yes, it's because of the credit crunch' but the gloomy news about the state of the UK economy sure isn't helping. So it has been a case of tidying tidy rails and finding interesting things to pass the time in the department store!

I have been on the job hunt too so hopefully I will find something better soon. Aside from this I found some notes from my Japanese lessons I took last summer and decided to refresh myself on the language. It is the one country I really want to visit and I especially want to take advantage of my uncle who currently has a flat in Tokyo. Unfortunately Japan is a little pricey, have any of you guys been there or would like to?
I watch a lot of the Japanese dramas and one of the things I have always loved (especially as a result of growing up with my grandparents sending me Cantonese subbed Sailormoon and other anime) are the school uniforms.
I've mentioned this before, but I bought a blue and a black satin bow from Topshop. I know for sure that everyone will be wearing them! They remind me of the little bows that are so often a part of Japanese uniform and so I couldn't help myself! I was so tempted to by a plaid one but I resisted. I really should try and make some myself and save some money!

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