...and just like that she was off again.

20 July 2008

It seems like I've barely been back from NYC and now I'm off onto my second holiday. This time with the family. We often go back to Hong Kong because I still have family that live there which are mainly on my Dad's side. These include my grandparents and my aunts who live on Hong Kong Island, North Point which is a pretty good spot to live as it's pretty close to Causeway Bay where me and my sister love to shop. This time we are also visiting my Mom's extended family who still live in the New Territories but I don't know this side of the family at all. It may seem weird, but I'm looking forward to the smell of Hong Kong!

Before I leave, there is one more outfit post and that is the attire for the flight! Earlier in the week Cupcakes and Cashmere had a post dedicated to things that she would probably wear on a plane which was super useful and I agree, leggings are perfect for flights. The outfit is actually pretty much what I wore to New York. When comfort is key, who cares if you repeat an outfit?

I'm wearing...
Grey Leopard print tee (Miss Selfridge) Dress (River Island) Leggings (TopShop) Shoes (Oasis)
Long Hoody (Once upon a time for Topshop).

My bag which was a present for my 21st from my generous grandmother is a lovely mustard yellow Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. I don't use it very often because I have a tendency to bash my things around but inside I have my trusty books, sweets, mp3 player and most importantly my passport which includes the most hideous photo of myself. Well, it's not like I'm going to be posting that photo up but...I went through a phase of cutting my own fringe and it was not pretty, you get the picture-I'm stuck with that photo till 2015. Ha.

I can't wait, good shopping, good food and spending quality time with the grandparents....I couldn't ask for more really! I may or may not be able to access the internet, but really blogging is the last thing on my mind when on holiday as I am sure most of you will agree! So either way I will be back and blogging in no time. Speak to you all soon!


From Typhoons to Mortarboards.

19 July 2008

Yesterday I went into town for a bit of shopping with my mom and sister. I went into Waterstones on the hunt for a holiday book to read on the plane and also for the days when I'm simply stuck in my aunt's flat. It's Typhoon season and unfortunately Hong Kong has been raining for the past 6 weeks. Hopefully it will clear up and be nice and sunny for us when we arrive on Monday!

After realising I still had Haruki Murakami's 'The wind up bird chronicle' to finish reading, I bought a second book to take with me but one which required less brainpower to read. You know the type. So I ended up with Cecelia Ahern's 'Where Rainbow's End' for cheesy, easy to read chick lit. I have to say that some of my favourite books are the no-brains kind which includes the likes of Sophie Kinsella's great Shopaholic series. It's quite funny to see them sandwiched between the likes of Alice Walker and Emile Zola, ecclectic to say the least. Also, after Imelda suggested Alicia Drake's 'The beautiful fall' as a good read, I realised that I did indeed already own it but it lay forgotten among some of my things that I had brought home from Uni. So now I have lots of options for books for holiday!
Above is what I wore, I love the contrasting colours of green and purple and after pulling the purple dress out of my wardrobe I decided that the lime of the Popeye T-shirt was perfect.

I'm Wearing...
Popeye Print Tee (Urban Outfitters) Purple Dress (H&M) Belt (New Look) Tights (TopShop) Shoes (Faith)

Here is my sister again. I know we're both short but for some reason she looks super tiny in this photo. I'm about an inch or so taller and it's funny because my mom calls me the 'tall' one. Obviously I am very far from being tall in any way!

Shes wearing...
Top (Camden Market) Vest (TopShop) Belt (Vintage) Tights (TopShop) Shorts (Can't see, but from Topshop)

I also went to my friend's graduation on Thursday and managed to get a shot of them throwing their mortarboards up in the air. It looked awesome. I forgot to say that I didn't have a chance to do this at mine, as the Art History department was apparently 'too small' for an official photo which was a bit unfair. However we did manage organise a mini one with all my course mates but I didn't get it caught on camera, though I am sure that plenty of people did and well, facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to getting hold of photos! Right...off to finish packing!


Shades of Green and Siblings.

16 July 2008

I went shopping with my mom today but it wasn't very successful. I wanted a new book to take with me to Hong Kong but nothing took my fancy in the bookstore. So I plan to make a shortlist of books tonight by checking out some reviews on Amazon and go in tomorrow with a list. Are there any books that you guys have read and think that I should consider?

The only thing I did manage to buy were some tights. I considered getting the ones with the seam running up the back with the sweet little bows. I didn't get them and opted for a spangly gold pair instead but I might return and get the other ones seeing as they were only £3 in the in sale at John Lewis but only a very light grey pair were left.

Both pairs of tights were Emilio Cavallini and you get get hold of the seam pair from
Mytights.com but unfortunately they aren't in the sale on that website.We all know that layers make all the difference to old clothes. So I layered a top over a black dress. The really old topshop top which has a cute babydoll shape to it, has a little bow detail at the front and has a tiny leaf design all over it which influenced the choice of the springy, leafy background. I wore a lighter green cardigan to brighten up the duller green and black.

I'm wearing...

Black dress (Vila), Top (Topshop), Cardigan (Oasis), Shoes (Barrats), Hair clip (Accessorize) Bag (TopShop)

I have been asking my sister if I could photograph her because she is quite the stylish lady! Finally she agreed and hopefully we'll see more of her on this blog, so here she is...

Shes Wearing...

T-shirt (TopShop), Deep V Top/dress (TopShop), Belt (River Island) Shoes (River Island)


Into the New...

14 July 2008

I was meant to go down to the high street today to see if I could hunt out some good charity shop finds seeing as I live near a high street which have about 10 charity shops all close together. I guess that will have to wait another day as I was busy helping my aunt this afternoon.

As I am lacking spending money for new clothes I have been rummaging through my wardrobe and seeing what I could give new life, much like that old denim blazer I found a month or so ago. I found this silk shrug which I have never worn out the house before. Mainly because it was bought as a uniform for work a couple of years ago and as most of you will probably understand, work clothes just tend to stay as work clothes, destined never to be worn on any other occasion. Having said that, it's actually quite a pretty thing and I decided to wear it today and try and get out of that frame of mind seeing as it was bought a few years ago.

I'm wearing...
Silk Shrug (Principles)
Dress (French Connection)
Leggings (TopShop)
Shoes (Oasis)
Necklaces (Vintage)
Belt (Vintage)

For those in the UK, I work for House of Fraser on the Principles concession which started out as a part time job during my A levels. I think I am due for a change of scene so I am looking for a new job as soon as I am back from my holiday.

I have also been tagged by the fab Unwise Pedestrian for this blog award.

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The 7 blogs I'm linking are...

Strawberry Kitten
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All great things...

12 July 2008

It has been a busy couple of days! I graduated on Friday and it was a really amazing day. Graduation took place in our University's Edwardian great hall which dates back to 1900 when King Edward VII opened the building. The ceremony itself was quite fancy and over the top. Both Organs in the hall were put into full use and was quite dramatic. I felt like I was at some sort of coronation or something as Scepters and various important silver looking things were used to open the ceremony. It felt very prestigious and I felt very proud that this was my university that I was graduating from! I thought I would share some of the photos that were taken that day.

Above we have the clock tower which all students call 'Old Joe'. There is a superstition that if you walk under the clock tower while it is chiming you will never graduate. After we all graduated everyone walked under it, which felt strange but liberating! It was also quite strange walking out of the hall and then realising I was walking next to a girl who I've known since I was about 5. It felt a bit like fate, we both went to Nursery together and then we graduated together! Below we have a sneaky photo my dad took as I entered the Great Hall to find my seat.

Here is todays outfit post from your newest graduate! Quite a casual look today but I love the contrasting colour of the blue and the yellow on the belt.

I'm Wearing...
Top (H&M- actually a dress that I shortened)
Belt (TopShop)
Jeans (H&M)
Shoes (Barrats- very cheap patents for only £5 at a closing down sale, gotta love a bargain)

I can't believe that all I have to worry about now is packing for Hong Kong, which is in exactly a weeks time...3 weeks away means a lot of clothes to pack!


New Shoes and Emerald-blue.

10 July 2008

Tomorrow is my graduation. I am wearing a very plain blouse from TopShop and a black American Apparel skirt and then obviously everything all gets covered up by the gown. A part of me wants to wear fuchsia tights but obviously that is a big no no and I have to stick with the recommended black and white. I had to buy some new black shoes to wear and bought the cute t-bars below from French Connection which were in the sale.

I do hope the weather holds up tomorrow because it's meant to be heavy showers so I hope we get some intermittent sunshine as that seems to be how the weather is going today. It's especially important as everyone is eager for the outdoor shot of all the graduates bidding fairwell to Academic life and throwing their mortarboards in the air.

The skirt I am wearing in the photo was way too big and I've had to pin it on the side. It's such a pretty shade, sort of an emerald with a hint of blue. It is also cut in a full circle so drapes wonderfully. I am glad to be able to bring it out and wear it again.

I have had this long hoody for ages which is by 'Once upon a time' for Topshop. It's actually perfect for long flights because it's so comfy and with it all zipped up it's like a sleeping bag! So it was the perfect partner for my flight to and from NYC and it will definitely be coming with me on the flight to Hong Kong.

I'm Wearing...
T-shirt (TopShop)
Skirt (Somewhere in Hong Kong)
Tights (TopShop)
Belt (Urban Outfitters)
Shoes (Oasis)
Hoody (Once upon a time for Topshop)


Futurism grey to er...bird poo.

I really like Tatty Devine jewellery but am yet to buy anything from them. My friend owns the one shown above called the swatch necklace which is made especially for the Tate Modern Shop. It consists of several swatches that are removable and relate to certain art movements, for example Futurism Grey or Fauvism yellow. She liked to pop a different combination on for different outfits which I thought was cute. I popped along to their main website and found some of the necklaces that I liked...

Here we have the following...heart shaped glasses pendant £35, Horse and carriage necklace £54, Trapeze necklace £42 and the Collar Necklace £41. Not the cheapest accessories to buy I know, which is the main reason I'm yet to fork over any cash. Though if I do find some going spare (a likely story, I know) then I would opt for the horse and carriage or the collar one. I quite like the retro appeal of the collar necklace, yet somehow the clean shape makes me think it is also bang up to date.

I also couldn't resist picking two which I just thought were not my cup of tea at all. The popcorn necklace which is £61 is crazy. Ok sure they are made up of glass beads which does make it more interesting, but frankly I could dip some leftover popcorn into some resin or varnish and I might end up with something similar. Plus I could never buy it because I would be forever nibbling at it hoping for some yummy popcorn flavour! Next we have the bird poo brooch which fetches at £7. It is probably their cheapest item for a reason. It definitely made me laugh when I found it on their website. Well...each to their own I guess! They are having a sale now, so hurry along and see if you spot anything you like, please let me know if you opt for the bird poo!


Snap Happy.

08 July 2008

I had a hard time choosing what photos to put on this blog but here are some of my favourites!
Below we have Times Square in the daytime and a shot of Brooklyn Bridge.

I realised plastic ponchos can never be cool and that American take aways are huge!! I will also never get sick of the bright lights of Times Square. It puts London's Piccadilly circus to shame!

The view from the Empire State and the New York Library which was more like a museum!

Photos taken at the MOMA from the light installation by Olarfur Elliason. Very pretty! I really loved the interactive element where a lamp in the centre of the room created a pretty light effect and everyone had fun creating silhouettes with their friends. It was one of the best exhibitions I have been to in a long time. Though I have to say the best 'modern' art gallery is the one in Paris at thePompidou centre .

Amazed by the fantastic haberdashery shop which is a designers dream. Also the strange stores that sold wierd garden sculptures and miscellaneous objects. Below we have grand central and sipping cosmos at a bar in Times Square!

We couldn't leave the states without having a proper American breakfast. I only finished half of that plate of pancakes, it was a real struggle!

Hope you enjoyed my photos, I had so much fun taking them. If you live here then you're lucky to be able to call this city as home, I definitely want to go back one day!

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