25 June 2008

Right now I am probably in the skies flying across the Atlantic towards New York. I will definitely be taking lots of photos. I just can't wait to go on this holiday! I've always wanted to go to NY and a couple of my housemates and I made a pact that we would do it eventually. We booked it on a whim in February and got an amazing deal. We were also upgraded to a Suite at the hotel for no extra price! Anyway there will be lots of sight-seeing and shopping to be done I'm sure! In the words of Homer Simpson, "Woo Hoo!" Bye for now!


Last Minute

23 June 2008

Today I went to do my last minute shopping for my trip to New York which includes boring things like travel sized toothpaste and bottles. The plan is for me to travel down to my friend's house in Gloucester and then her parents are going to drive us down to our friend who lives In London. We're staying the night then we have our flight early Wednesday morning at 830am. It's going to be amazing fun!

This was what I wore today. The dress always reminds me of Cadbury's chocolate but unfortunately didn't photograph very well. I also realise that my mirror is in definite need of a clean!
I'm wearing...
Cardigan (H&M)
Dress (French Connection)
Leggings (TopShop)
Belt (New Look)
Shoes (Stark)

So ok, I said I was doing last minute shopping for bits and bobs. This stretched to the inclusion of yet another dress in a fab pinky-orange colour which was from the RARE concession in Topshop. I really like it belted with my thin brown accessorize belt. It was too cute to pass and my sister was a bad influence but I did put back an overly priced dress so I was somewhat restrained! Maybe you guys will see it when I next get paid!

Right, got to finish packing then I will be gone for a week yay!


Sleepy Winnie

21 June 2008

Yesterday I went to my friends 21st which was pretty tame to begin with because it was a family party. We then headed on to Subculture which is a 'rock' night at Carling Academy venue in Birmingham. It's not actually that bad and this is coming from someone who much prefers Indie venues for a night out. I used to be a bit of an 'emo' when I was about 14 and the music certainly brought back some memories. Even though it's meant to be a rock night, they still played a good mix of tunes from Indie, rock and a bit of drum and bass. Everyone loves pendulum so we all had a good old dance. We left at 5am and we were pretty shocked to see the daylight. We rarely leave clubs that late! My mom picked me up from my friends this morning which meant I had a shocking 2 hours of sleep.

I'm Wearing...
Daffodil hair clips (TopShop)
Gold/Black top (TopShop)
Skirt -worn as a dress (American Apparel)
Necklace (Accessorize)
Belt (Urban Outfitters)
Tights (TopShop)
Shoes (Faith)

I've also been tagged by Sharon Rose, Cupcakes and cashmere and cuervogirl

The rules: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your blog along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they’re listening to.

This was quite a fun one to do but also quite hard just selecting 7! Here are my 7 songs for Summer...

1. Alphabeat 10,000 Nights (so fun and happy!)
2. Santogold L.E.S. Artistes (such a great tune)
3. Jack Penate Got my Favourite (I was given a Vivienne westwood coat from my parents for my 21st last year and this always makes me smile because he mentions his own Westwood coat too!)
4. Guillemots Trains to Brazil (Definitely one for the summer)
5. Stereo Total L'amour a trois (I love this band and this is one of my favourites...even though it's about threesomes! haha)
6. Incubus Wish you were here (The lyrics are simple but so effective and you can't fail to imagine yourself 'digging your toes into the sand' on a beach somewhere)
7. The Libertines- Don't look back into the sun (legendary band)

In turn I have tagged the following 7 ladies for their tunes for the Summer!
Unwise Pedestrian
fashionista with ambition

Right, I think I'm off to have a nap!


Homage to the 90s.

So here are the promised pictures of my new hair. The length is pretty much the same but much shorter at the back. There are also a loads of layers chopped in which makes it a bit more interesting and I had fun with the hairspray today. Not the hugest change I know, but what can you do when you have short hair already? This was the outfit I was wearing yesterday. The dress reminds me of those 90s shows we all used to watch when we were little like Saved by the bell and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. My sister said I should have worn my black cardigan with it but I wore that the other day and wanted to tone the colours down a bit more. So out came my grey cardigan instead even though I know black would sharpen the whole outfit and make the colours pop. I was off to a friends 21st and we had a lovely barbecue and a chilled out evening sitting in her garden and reminiscing about when we all first knew each other which was 1o years ago!
I'm wearing...
Dress (Vintage)
Grey Cardigan (TopShop)
Tights (Topshop)
Shoes (KG)

I thought I would let you know that I got a 2:1 for my degree which is what I wanted and needed. I was so scared of getting a 2:2, it was such a relief when I got the results. Some of my friends managed to achieve firsts which was pretty amazing! So proud of them. So what now? I plan to work for a year and earn some much needed cash and go on to London College of Fashion to do Fashion Marketing. So watch this space!
I'm off to another 21st tonight! Will put up my outfit post either later or tomorrow! Ciao for now!



19 June 2008

Today I had my haircut but those photos, I am afraid, will have to wait until tomorrow. I had far too much product put in my hair and it would not have made a good photo (but at least it smelled nice). Plus you never really know what the hair looks like until you have styled it yourself. I like it even though my mom said she couldn't see that much of a difference. To be honest, she'd only notice a difference if I shaved all of it off. Don't worry, I won't be doing that any time soon!

I met up with my two best friends from home for a bit of birthday present shopping. I'd forgotten what they were like in many ways. I've always dressed differently to my friends but University has helped me find my individuality in many ways. One of my friends just laughed at me and said they missed me and my 'strange' fashion sense. This made me laugh because my outfits really aren't outrageous but I should buy one of those big Johnny loves Rosie hair bows one of these days and really shock them. You know...I really have to now that I've said it...

In my not so strange outfit...I am wearing..
Black T Shirt (TopShop)
Strapless Jersey dress (New Look)
Light blue footless tights (Oasis)
Black flats (TopShop)
Necklace (Charity Shop)

The Background is the Selfridges building in Birmingham. Some people hate it but personally I love it. I just want to run alongside it with a big stick. Haha, Well...I guess you have to see it in person to understand this strange urge. I might try and apply for a job there soon, I do fancy a change of scenery.


Bit of Purple Floral for you.

18 June 2008

Today I went out with my mom and my grandmother and while I was at it, I picked up my travel insurance from the post office. New York is only 5 days away! I also realised that Hong Kong is roughly 3 weeks away which definitely adds to the excitement. I plan to do most of my clothes shopping in Hong Kong because it is just so much cheaper. Outfit-wise, I bought this Topshop skirt a while ago and love the floral pattern with the little embroidered patches on it like the magic 8 ball. I spotted the skirt in my local TopShop so I guess it's going to be on loads of girls. That's the thing with TopShop, I love it but I know that everyone else loves it too. I'm wearing...
Green T-shirt (H&M)
Neckerchief (Vivienne Westwood)
Striped Purple Cardi (H&M)
Belt (Principles)
Skirt (Laura for TopShop)
Tights (Oasis)
Shoes (Carvela)

I'm off to get my hair cut tomorrow. Not really sure what I want yet but I am thinking of going for more layers and texture. I might even grow the bob out soon but that might have to wait until the Summer is over.


Back Home and (slightly) Organised

17 June 2008

It was has definitely been a strange couple of days. I managed to move everything back home and luckily everything found it's place back in my room at home. By home, I mean the family home and it's great to have all my things in one place again. It still feels temporary though, as if I am just waiting to go back to Uni in October. I reckon I will stick it out here for around two years before I can really afford to move back out again. Going to university is seriously crippling on the money front! I have also been back at my part time work (I work for House of Fraser) but I may have to find a more full time job soon. Anyway, after work I changed into this outfit...ready to go out and meet some friends but unfortunately it was one of those days when it just didn't happen. Well...perhaps I have to admit a bit of laziness on my part. I didn't really fancy a one hour bus journey for a 30mins catch up. I'm seeing them on Friday for my results day anyway (I am desperate for a 2:1 classmark for my degree!). Ok, gotta focus, you might be surprised that I am not wearing a belt! I do love the print on the t-shirt.

Floral Angel Motif T-Shirt (Urban Frenzy, no website but It was from the concession floor in Oxford Circus, TopShop)
High waisted Shorts (TopShop)
Tights (unbranded)
Shoes (KG)
Cardigan (H&M)

So seeing as I didn't go out in the end, I set about organizing my wardrobe which still needs a bit of a sort out. I need to get rid of some more clothes that I just don't wear anymore! I know many of you like the collage on the wardrobe doors, so here, I present my wardrobe! Ta da!


Busy Busy Busy

14 June 2008

The next few days are a a bit busy in my world. What with me finally moving out of my student house forever (it's sad taking down the posters and collage of photos I have around my room) and a gazillion other things I have to do before I jet off to NYC including all the graduation melarky which include sorting out photos and measurements for the robes! I found out to my horror that I am not 5 ft, but 4' 11" I'm tiny! oh well, good things come in small packages as many have told me... Anyway, here are a couple of outfit posts from the past couple of days that I just haven't been able to put up yet!

Floral Dress (Happie Loves it)
Leggings (TopShop)
Black flats (TopShop)
Belt (Pop boutique)

Print T-Shirt (Gift- River Island)
Marl Grey Cardi worn as a dress(TopShop)
leggings (TopShop)
Belt (Vintage)
Boots (Red or Dead)

Cardi (H&M)
Top (Urban Outfitters)
Belt (Urban Outfitters)
Skirt (Urban Outfitters)
Footless Tights (unknown brand)
Black flats (Topshop)
Scarf (TopShop)

Cardi (H&M)
Dress (Vintage)
Belt (Urban Outfitters)
Footless Tights (unknown brand)
Shoes (None in photo, but I was wearing my t-bar carvela pumps)


Fun Times.

11 June 2008

The past few days have been quite eventful. As the days of uni draw to an end, we have been busy making the most of the days we have left! On Tuesday was our university's yearly festival called The Vale Festival (held in an open park area on campus known as the vale) It's the biggest student lead festival in the country and all the proceeds go to charity. It was a fantastic day where I spent most of it buying strawberries, brownies and sitting in tents listening to some great music. Events like these, make me proud to have been part of such a great university. My friends and I all made wishes on the wishing tree and watched fire spinners spin magical patterns through the night!

I also took my friend to Stratford Upon Avon for the day as she has always wanted to go. It's not far from Birmingham and it really is a lovely town, very touristy but it is the home of Shakespeare after all. The photo on the right is Shakespeare's birthplace. For those of you who have never been to Stratford before, it's everything you expect it to be. Chocolate Boxy and very pretty!

We couldn't resist posing with our very hilarious 'GingerBARD' cookie outside the very house. Tourist gifts are funny. Unfortunately the icing nearly chipped my tooth and I resorted to nibbling the gingerbread instead.

We also stopped outside the Teddy Bear Shop where I was rather taken by the giant Tudor dressed bear which was stood outside. Haha, Can you tell? I look quite happy! Hope you enjoy the photos that I've shared! Things planned for the next two days...shopping and karaoke. By Saturday most of my house mates are off home for good and I will be packing up my little pink bedroom...onwards and upwards!

If you're interested I'm wearing...
Floral Dress (Happie Loves It)
Butterfly Belt (Pop Boutique)
Black Leggings (TopShop)
Cardigan (H&M)
Bag (TopShop)


A moment of Weakness...

10 June 2008

It's about time I showed you my new shoes. I bought them earlier in the week with that, 'it's for holiday' excuse, in this case New York but at a stretch might apply to my July trip to Hong Kong too. I just couldn't help myself, we all know that feeling! It's just lucky I still have a part time job that allows me to splurge on things that I don't really need every once in a while.

I'm Wearing...
Twisted Gold Rope Necklace (Miss Selfridge)
Black Dress (French Connection)
Green Cardigan (Oasis)
Turquoise Belt (Vintage)
Grey Footless Tights (TopShop)
Silver T-Bar pumps (Carvela)

I met up with one of the girls I'm going to New York with and we tried to find some bargains at the flea market but didn't spot anything. Sometimes it is full of gems, other times it's just a bunch of second hand clothing that are just overly priced cast offs from Primark. We did pop into the big yellow vintage shop and I picked this little cut out belt which I love which was a bargain £4. I am definitely going to try and wear it in an outfit for tomorrow! It's such a sweet candy pink colour and matches the pink wall in my bedroom in my student house! Yay!


Bangers and Mash

09 June 2008

It's two of my friends birthdays today and we are having cocktails in the garden then off to a restaurant called 'The Mash House' which specialises in all types of sausages and mash potatoes under the sun. So my vegetarian, vegan and meat loving friends can all sit together and eat good ol' British Bangers and Mash! I'm taking my new TopShop bag out (which I love!) and using it as a clutch. It's so cute!

I'm wearing...
Purple T-shirt (GAP)
Grey Dress (H&M)
Shoes (Faith)
Bag (TopShop)


Soiree Delights

08 June 2008

Friday was my soirée and it was a lovely night and I was quite sad by the time it finished as I realised many of my friends were going home for good this weekend. Hopefully we will all be able to keep in touch as some of the girls I've met are really quite amazing people. Here are a couple of my photos from the night as I promised...
First this is me! All dressed up and ready to go! I didn't have time to make a mask in the end...

I'm Wearing...
Sheena Holland Headband
Black Shrug (from Hong Kong)
Dress (Urban Outfitters)
Suede open toed heels (Lily Allen for New Look 2007)
Patent Clutch (Vintage)
Belt (Vintage)

Cakes and bags, what more could a girl want? For someone who can usually eat everything on her plate, I struggled and was forced to leave half of that custard tartlet and a bit of the brownie.

I was in love with my friends bag which is shown in the centre. It was a little 70's chain mail bag which belonged to her mother who bought it from Hong Kong. It's a shame my own mother didn't keep all her bags and shoes as I am constantly spotting some kind of gem in her old photos. The worst one was a pair of vintage white Gucci sunglasses that I noticed after watching an old holiday video which I've been told are long gone and either sitting in a rubbish dump or sitting in someones vintage sunglasses collection. I do hope it's the latter!

I loved my friends dress which was from a little boutique in Portsmouth. The orange was so vibrant and fun! I loved the ruffles that were vertically layered instead of the abundance of horizontally layered ones seen everywhere at the moment.
The shape was just fabulous and while not everyone can pull off orange, she certainly did and looked amazing! After eating the delicious finger buffet, dancing to the jazz band and taking hundreds of photos we went to the Uni bar and celebrated the end of the night with Baileys and Ice. Perfect!


Bumblebees and Sequins.

06 June 2008

Yesterday I had to go into town again to buy some birthday presents. While browsing for birthday presents, I got a little side tracked and I bought another yellow dress (this time from TopShop) and it's silly because not so long ago I owned virtually nothing yellow and now I own two dresses. It's yellow broderie anglaise and I also bought the little wicker bow bag which I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I ran with the yellow and black theme which is a combination I love seeing other bloggers wear!
Cardigan, H&M
Dress, TopShop
Necklace, Possibly TopShop
Belt, River Island
Shoes, KG tap shoes (even though you can't see them!)

I spotted a sequinned skirt in Miss selfridge today but it was super expensive and I'm not so sure on the fit. It's a shame really because I am loving the trend for black sequins! Especially from none other than Miss Bubble herself!
It's also my summer soiree tonight which is held in our History Of Art Department (also a gallery) which is a grade II listed building and has a beautiful art deco interior. I will be playing croquet and giant connect four on the lawn with all my closest friends. Don't worry I will be posting a few photos when I get back!


Folky-Summery Vibes

05 June 2008

Yesterday was a pretty fun night. I spontaneously made the decision to accompany one of my friends from Uni to a gig. The band in question were Noah and the Whale which were supported by Slow Club. Both were absolutely fantastic and they are so much better live, it must be part of the visual spectacle of the variety of instruments used by both bands. From the ukulele, glockenspiel and a strange Accordian box looking thing. If you wanted to narrow them down to a music category then I guess both would sit in the folk category.

Slow Club

The girl has a beautiful voice and it's such a cute video!

Noah and the Whale
The music is the perfect soundtrack for the summer and I will definitely be adding their CDs to my collection. So below is my outfit for today, influenced by all the summery cute vibes of the gig!

Leopard print T-shirt, Miss Selfridge
Strapless Dress, New Look
Pink scarf, Oasis
Black Tights
Gold flats, Faith
Marl Grey Cardigan, TopShop
Hair Flower, Accessorize

I'm off to go see some galleries and exhibitions in town and maybe for a quick browse round the shops. Hmmm...will I return with anything new I wonder?

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