Floral, Movies and Cocktails.

31 May 2008

Yesterday I wore my new dress to see SATC with a couple of my housemates. In the photo I'm wearing the River Island Dress with a Lime Oasis cardigan, Accessorize belt and Flower pin borrowed off my housemate. I'm definitely looking quite floral! Sorry there is no full length shot but my mirror at uni is a nightmare. I lean it against the wall and always end up with photos that make me look even shorter than I really am! I guess I don't need to put up with it for much longer as I will be back home with the parents quite soon!

The film was good and even if you're not much of a fan you'll like it just for the extensive wardrobe changes! Yes it's predictable and suitably girly but that's what you want from a tv show turned movie, right?
I enjoyed it and the night was finished off with a meatball calzone and cocktails. Good times.
Anyway I'm off to plan New York with the housemates!


Mighty Fine

29 May 2008

Yesterday was a mighty fine day. After all those days of rain, it was lovely to see the sun make an appearance! I decided to go into town with my housemate as she had to get a haircut. Unfortunately that meant I would be browsing the shops idly while I waited. So off to Topshop I went but bought nothing. Even though the bag below did catch my eye.

Next door to Topshop was River Island. I never usually find anything in there as it always seems to have clothes that are on more of the tacky side. A perfectly nice top can be ruined by too many sequins or glitzy fabric. I love sequins but when they grace every single top in sight in a store, they are definitely less appealing. However on the odd occasion you do find something nice! I found a cotton, floral tiered tea dress (I have been looking for a nice Tea dress for ages). Yes it's tiered and floral, so thats my Luella contribution to the blogosphere. I pulled off the buttons though because they were a bit too much, but left the little blue ones because annoyingly, they were sewn on really tight and would have left rather large, gaping holes in the material if I had continued to prise them off the dress. I need to keep away from the shops now because at this rate I will have no spending money for New York!

We also went to to New Art Gallery, Walsall (about 20mins out of Birmingham) which had an enormous collection of sculptures by Jacob Epstein, a British expressionist sculptor which were wonderful. I loved how they did not have a chronology to their display, so a Renaissance piece was happily exhibited next to a 21st century Light Box Painting. Bizarre, but definitely refreshing! They had a 'celebrity' themed exhibition and Alison Jackson's photographs were rather amusing. The one of George Bush looking a bit perplexed over a rubix cube cracked me and my housemates up. Definitely check out her work, some of it is a bit controversial such as the Diana or Michael Jackson photos but some of them are just hilarious! Just so you know, she uses Lookalikes and is currently recruiting look-a-likeys for her next set of photos! So if you look like Lily Allen/Gordon Ramsay drop her an email!
Off to watch SATC tonight and then having a lovely meal with a couple of my friends! Oh the excitement!


Rainy Days and Magazines.

28 May 2008

It's a horrible rainy day and me and my housemate were going to visit a bunch of art galleries today but the rain has kept us indoors. Here is my rainy-day indoors outfit where I will be spending the rest of the day watching episodes of SATC in preparation for seeing the film on Friday. I will also be reading for pleasure instead of reading books that require a hammer and chisel in order to break down and understand! I will be reading my magazines which have been sitting on my bedroom floor for ages! As well as reading another book (The wind up bird chronicle) by my favourite author, Haruki Murakami whose surreal works are always a mind-boggling treat! Oh, I feel so lazy.

It seems all my clothes in this outfit are from Topshop! Navy T-shirt, Wool Vest, Long Marl Cardigan, Black Leggings, Pink canvas flats.
Necklace- Miss Selfridge

One of my other housemates had her last exam today and we decided to go to the pub to celebrate! So out came my New Look belt which is going through a 'it's new so I'm going to wear it everyday phase', Some Topshop heels were added to dress it up a bit! Though I did swap the shoes for a different pair in the end because it was still raining and needed a more practical pair!
I'm also over the moon that you all approve of the dress I bought for the soiree, makes the purchase even more worthwhile!

It's also a bit strange knowing some of my friends have just discovered my blog! I obviously haven't been telling the world I have one, but a few more people know now. I hope I don't come across at all vain! Blogging is just so much fun! Hello if you're reading....


Soiree Splurges.

27 May 2008

So I went home for two days and went shopping yesterday for a bit of a post-exam treat! I found a dress for the soirée which I'm really pleased with. It was £45 and is described on their website as a tribal print triangle dress and is from Urban Outfitters. I bought a bandeau bra for it because it's quite low cut. In the photos I'm wearing them with some Navy Topshop heels, which I left at home and had forgotten all about! I will however be posting my complete oufit for the soiree next week as I'm going to be wearing some black open toed heels and probably jazzing it up a bit with a vintage belt, a little black clutch and I think some pink lipstick is in order! I've got to go shopping for materials for my carnival mask too....

I like how the dress can be dressed down and In the 'casual' photo I'm wearing a Navy bib-detail T-shirt from Topshop, Black Cardigan from H&M, Navy Belt from New Look and Sequinned KG pumps.
Below is the shot from the back as well as the little patent black bow I thought I might wear with the dress. I did consider buying pink but I think I'll keep it more classic with black accessories. Photos courtesy of my little 10yr old sister, bless her- she actually offered to take the photos for me!


I've gone all Polka-dotty

26 May 2008

I meant to post this a while ago but promptly forgot about it when exams came around. I was browsing Urban Outfittes a while ago for possible dress options and I found this dress by Sarah Berman. It was lovely and had an open cowl back. Problems did arise however as they didn't have it in a small. In all, as student budgets go, it didn't quite stretch to the £98 price tag which is a bit steep! It's avaliable on their website.On the otherhand, I did go shopping today and will have to post my pictures of the dress I decided on when I'm reunited with my laptop tomorrow! (Currently at home rather than at my student house!)


All Chilled Out....

25 May 2008

My exams are all over and done with! It's a really weird feeling because I'm obviously glad I'm done with exams but it signals the end of my time at uni! I feel a bit hollow, no more education unless I decide to take up a postgraduate course. The exam wasn't too bad and I was surprisingly calm and focused but I feel it was due to a few drops of my housemates rescue remedy! I no longer need to stare at piles of notes and marking numerous pages in books. No more studying theories of postmodernism and postcolonialism! No more staring at the images below. Yayy! (Isn't it funny how vogue and dazed also become part of the pile of revision books?)

We celebrated by having lunch then going out for some yummy japanese bento boxes later that night. Though I am sure to carry on celebrating until my contract at my house runs out. Uni wise I've still got the summer soirée, results day and graduation. Oh, and of course my trip to New York will be in exactly a months time! On June 25th, me and three friends are jetting off to NYC!

Above is a photo of the daffodils that I said I bought for my hair. Cheery little things :)

As you know, I am constantly on the look out for a dress to wear to the Summer soiree (my university department ball) which is on the 6th June. Oasis have some lovely floral dresses which have just hit their online store. I love the the pretty watercolour illustrations they've used to accompany the dresses. The dresses all have names and the only one I really like is the one called Lily Lane, a pretty white dress with a yellow floral print. They all seem to be £80 which is more than I mean to spend. Still, the hunt is on, but at least I can concentrate on fun stuff rather than spend hours buried in books and a pile of notes.


Revision Break

21 May 2008

Yes, I have an exam on Friday and Saturday but sometimes you have to take a little time out! I don't even know why I bother saying my posts will be slow this week! The exam went OK on Monday but you can never be totally happy with what you've written, it was particularly horrible walking out and seeing a girl in floods of tears- I hate the pressure of exams, especially as these are finals and are possibly my last ever exams!
This morning I got up early to accompany my housemate into town to the chinese supermarket to help explain what certain foods were. She is obsessed with chinese culture at the moment, mostly because she is going to Beijing for a year to teach! How amazing huh?

We made a pit stop in the Bullring Shopping centre and checked out TopShop and Office. Of course I couldn't afford anything apart from some Daffodil hair clips (which I will have to show you guys soon-flower hair decorations are my latest obsession!) as of course my new debit card hasn't arrived yet (after last weeks disaster with the cash point!) Anyway, I really want the dress and shoes below. I was a bit surprised that the dress I picked up was Kate Moss. I really don't want to buy into the brand of Kate Moss but I can't help what I like!


Purple Haze

19 May 2008

Here is an outfit post from today. I couldn't decide between the first or second but ultimately decided on the first one. This was because the butterfly belt in the second picture is a bit impractical for sitting at an exam for 3 hours!(Thanks for all the good luck wishes!) The first outfit is apparently my Veruca Salt outfit according to my housemates. All that purple! I'm wearing a Red Urban outfitters Pirate T-shirt, TopShop jersey dress, Urban Outfitters elastic belt, H&M black cardigan and Topshop purple tights, Faith Flats. (I've been so lazy with shoes lately, I keep wearing the same ones but I guess when it's exam time, comfort is key!) Lastly in this collage, I'm wearing H&M black cardigan, Urban Outfitters Skull Detail Top, Urban Outfitters Blue Jersey Skirt, TopShop purple tights, Belt (a gift from my sister, but I think it was from Pop Boutique in Liverpool) I have to wear the butterfly belt more often because I really love it!

I realise that I really do have a fair amount of belts to play around with! It's always sad when you break one (like the purple one in the last post) but it always gives me an excuse to buy a new one! They really do finish off an outfit sometimes don't they? Right, I'm off to bed!


I've had Better Days...

17 May 2008

I have been having a string of bad luck lately. Firstly I lost my watch then a faulty cash point swallowed my debit card, my speakers for my laptop have just died and then the belt I'm wearing in the pictures below decided it was on it's last days too. One of the metal clasps fell off, my dad might be able to weld it back on (as Dads do!) but I'm not sure if It can really be saved. I went home for the day for my grandma's birthday meal (she owns a little Chinese restaurant called the Shirley Temple, it was named without the connection to the child star and amused lots of people when it first opened way back. It's in an area called Shirley.) I brought along a skirt and some tights to transform my outfit for the next day.

On the right I'm wearing a TopShop bib detail T-shirt, H&M purple dress, KG shoes (love how these are like tap shoes)
Left, TopShop bid detail T-shirt, Urban Outfitters Skirt, TopShop Navy Tights, KG shoes.

I'm so exhausted from all this revision, so my posts really will be a lot slower for the next week. My last exam is next Saturday (can you believe that? Who wants to sit an exam on the weekend?). Over and out!


Losing Time...

14 May 2008

I have to admit that even through this stressful exam period I can't help but take some time out and make some collages. For my eighteenth century french art exam I wore the following...Background Image: Antoine Watteau, Embarkation for the Isle of Cythera, 1717
Square print dress by Hooch, Blue Shrug from Topshop, Vintage Belt and a blue satin headband from Miss Selfridge. I have to admit I am glad to see the back of that century, it certainly wasn't the most exciting of modules I have taken this year.

I've also discovered that I have misplaced my watch somewhere and have been annoying my housemates all day by constantly muttering to myself about it and tearing my room apart. I guess it had sentimental value as I've had it since I was 17 but then again I was planning to replace it this Summer anyway because it was beginning to fall apart. Plus, I know that these things have a way of coming back to us when we are least expecting it. It's funny how you don't miss something until it's gone! This leads me onto Swatch watches. They're so expensive for a bit of plastic but there is something very nostalgic about them. The cheapest ones are about £35 while other designs can reach £60. I had a look but was only drawn to the kid's watches, particularly the one with the smiling face!


Feeling Fruity

12 May 2008

I've taken 10 minutes from my revision (I have an exam tomorrow afternoon, number 323 in the great hall- scary huh?) I thought I would post up my purchases from a couple of days ago! I went shopping and bought two lovely dresses! The first is a lemon yellow dress from New Look, it's very sweet and girly. Even though I'm not one for ruffles, they do look rather lovely on this dress. I have been wanting a yellow dress for a long time, and I've finally found a shade that actually suits me and doesn't wash me out! I also bought a little blue rose hair clip from Accessorize, I want to wear flower hair clips all through the summer! Next is my favourite purchase and is a jersey patterned dress with coral coloured crochet detail on the upper section. I do love the vintage-quirky feel to the dress. The dress was from Joy and by Danish label MbyM Unfortunately there does not seem to be a decent website for the store or the label. It was in the sale but it wasn't until I arrived home that I noticed that the dress has slightly more material on the right which isn't hugely noticeable according to my housemates (sorry no photos to show this!). I would wear it with a belt anyway so it really doesn't bother me and don't plan on returning it. I'm wearing a leather plaited belt from Accessorize with the dress and antique-gold flats from Faith Anyway those are my purchases and hope you guys like them as much as I do!


Stalking the Fashionistas

10 May 2008

Yesterday as I was minding my own business and technically on a shopping break from revision. I looked up thinking that the guy must be very hot in his skinny jeans. It's a terrible assumption but I instantly thought he was gay (seeing as he didn't look like an indie kid) and it turns out that he was, it was Gok Wan! He was wearing skinny black jeans, a chain, leather jacket and it was the instant I clocked his hook earring I realised it was Him. I felt a little star struck! For those of you who don't know, he is very popular in the UK in his television show, 'How to look good Naked' and is based on body image and fashion. He is very cool in real life but didn't get to say hello mainly because at the time I wasn't 100% sure that it was him (I'm too shy anyway!) But my suspicions were confirmed after I emerged from Topshop and saw hoards of screaming girls following him down the escalator. I later found out that he was filming his upcoming show set for our TV screens in the Summer and is generally about him hunting down fashionistas and doing catwalks.
Aside from this, I bought two dresses which I will have to post about a bit later! I don't know what's wrong with me, Blogging on here is so much easier than revision!


Inspired by the Bluebells

09 May 2008

Inspired by the beautiful blues of the bluebells from my garden and the woodland areas from yesterdays post. Here I am wearing a Long Top (works as a dress on someone as short as me) from Oasis with blue skirt from Urban Outfitters, Vintage belt and Shoes from Faith. Loving the warm, sunny weather we're having at the moment!


Where the Fairies Live...

08 May 2008

Yesterday I spent my lunch hour at the university botanical gardens. Suprisingly, very few students realise that our University boasts this little Edwardian gem of a garden. While the summer blossoms were not quite in bloom, we discovered that a separate nature reserve (usually closed) lead to a lake and lovely wooded areas filled with bluebells. So magical and fairy like, and makes me recall the lovely flower fairy illustrations by Cecily M. Barker! I love the different shades of bluebell, so pretty, I should look for bluebell-blue the next time I go shopping! Being out the house on such a sunny warm day, in such a pretty garden definitely lifted the spirits which have been somewhat dampened by the sheer amount of revision for exams in the upcoming weeks!

I'm wearing a pink dress from New Look, Turquoise Shrug from Hong Kong, Turquoise Flats from Topshop, Flower Hair Clip from Accessorize, (very battered)Bag from Urban Outfitters. I felt so bright and summery! According to my friends I looked like a little manga character. Hmm really? Here are a few photos from our own garden, which in all it's wild glory, is just as beautiful as the university botanical gardens!


London Exhibitions

06 May 2008

Things are going to be a little slow for the next few weeks as I need to put all my energy into focusing on the exams!
However, here is just a little update! One of my housemates was going home to London for the day and was going to do a bunch of exhibitions while in the city, so I decided to pop along too! I found out that London College of Fashion is right on Oxford Circus which is quite worrying if I do decide to study there! As I will be constantly broke (home of UK flagship TopShop). We then went to the V&A (one of my favourite museums in the world!!) to see the China Now exhibition which was pretty good and had the best afternoon tea there.

We chose to sit in the Victorian Tea rooms sipping our tea and eating cake. So good! We then got back on the tube and went to National Portrait Gallery to check out the Vanity Fair exhibition which is well worth it. Some fantastic, iconic photography! Some very memorable photographs by Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Lastly we went to the Tate Modern. We originally wanted to check out the Duchamp, Man Ray and Picabia exhibition but for £9.50 we thought we would go round the permanent exhibition instead and save our pennies. It was a pretty fantastic day and which ended with a lovely meal at Wagamamas at London Bridge! Phew!

I bought a sewing themed button set that I think was for those who make their own greeting cards. I instantly saw a brooch in the set and decided to make it this weekend. I haven't been creative in such a long time, it was nice to finally make something again. I sewed the scissors button on to the ribbon and added a bunch of seed beads. In the pic I added a couple of 'Vanity' badges which I bought from the Vanity Fair Exhibition! Hope you guys like it!

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