Paddy Fields and Vintage Scarves

30 April 2008

Today I have absorbed a lot of interesting information. Not only did I revise but I went to a guest lecture on Neuro-Art-History. Sounds interesting? Well it was and the lecturer was definitely engaging (he's a bit of a bigwig in the British Art History world) He even launched into an American accent as he described a trip to a billionaire's house and had dinner with the likes of Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns and Phillip Johnson. Subtle name dropping no? What did make me raise my eyebrows was his sweeping comment on the fact that Chinese artists paint on flat surfaces (rather than on an easel like westerners) was solely down to paddy fields and rice gathering where they are hunched over in the fields. Apparently the westerner chose to use a palette and brushes because it reflected the shield and sword of a knight. Please, did the Chinese not use swords too? Aside from this it was thought provoking and we got to sample some yummy snacks afterwards at the reception.

Also, plans to go to London this Friday to check out some exhibitions. I'm getting my hair cut this weekend too as the bob and fringe has grown out! Seriously, maintaining a hair style can be expensive business! It's scary because I noticed lots of people at the lecture with bobs...I hope it's not too much of an Art History thing! In my photo I'm wearing my favourite purple H&M hoodie and a vintage paisley print scarf which I wear so often in the Summer months that it has to be my best vintage find! The scarf section is definitely where I've found most of my treasures!


To buy or Not to Buy?

28 April 2008

Should I?? It's in the Topshop sale and it's a perspex box necklace designed by Husma el Odeh for Marious Schwab (Topshop) that I remember reading about when the collaboration was first unveiled last year. Since it's no longer ridiculously priced (now £20) should I take the plunge and buy myself a bit of unusual jewellery? I wonder if it actually opens as I spy a hinge. I wonder how practical it is, will it be too heavy to wear? Decisions decisions...



27 April 2008

I've been tagged by the lovely Unwise Pedestrian and here are the rules!

  • Link the person who tagged you
  • Mention the rules in your blog
  • Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours
  • Tag six following bloggers by linking them
  • Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

So here are my 'quirks'...

  1. I wish I still owned my crazy black and white leggings complete with smiling daisies from when I was about 10.
  2. I love kitsch and own Gingerbread hair clip, heart shaped mirrors, A nodding pig and teddy bear paper clips to name a few…
  3. I wish you really could jump into a painting like in Mary Poppins (her bag was cool too) I would jump right into Serusier’s The Talisman.
  4. Sometimes I wish I was doing a Fine Art degree instead of my Art History one.
  5. My parents are from Hong Kong and I want to live there for at least 6 months at some point in the future with my relatives.
  6. I forgive and forget far too easily.
So I'm tagging....
Daddy I want a pony
Skip Skip Style
Hand It Over
Boheme Musings
(yes I know...thats only 5 bloggers, but some have been tagged already!)

Left, Paul Serusier, The Talisman 1888


Fun Illustrations

26 April 2008

Just a quick post today as I really haven't got the time as I'm packing all my things to go back for the last month of Uni! I also have to fit in some revision and reading over an essay somewhere today too. It's lovely and sunny and warm (yes thats right- warm in April in England?) and it makes me think of the wonderful illustrations by fellow Brit, Matt Sewell whose works can be found graffitied on walls, commissioned in shops and in the form of fab art prints. His images are fresh and energetic and fun and make me smile. I think I randomly found him when I was researching graffiti artists when I was doing my A level art nearly 5 years ago. It's great when you 'discover' an artist without any input from teachers/friends or lecturers and I thought I would share him with you guys! He's more well known these days. Anyway here is a link to his website. I think he's fantastic and for me, I get just as excited with his work as I do when I come across my favourite poster artist Alphonse Mucha. Check him out and enjoy!


Going back in time..

23 April 2008

I'm a firm believer that dresses are the most versatile form of clothing for us girls. So as ever, in my brief break from revision I surfed the internet for various lovelies! I like ruffles, but I can never pull them off, i've tried on a couple of those tiered tops too and they make me look square and shapeless. So this dress might be a welcome compromise.

In all its 50's retro polka dot glory, it's something I can see the lovely Regina Specktor wearing. However I suspect that if I were to try it on in real life, it would be too long as well as probably making me look a bit too momsy. The dress is £25 from ye olde toppyshop.
Internet surfing also allows you to browse items that are just way out of your price range. This means you can safely rummage away in the safety of your own home rather than having some eagle-eyed shop assistant watching your every move. However, I have to admit that when I do go to my local Selfridges, I don't tend to get stared at too much, I wonder whether it's because there are always quite a few chinese girls browsing the Vivienne Westwood area (all with Louis Vuitton/westwood or chanel bags) and then there is me with my less expensive but practical bag. Anyway I found the following dress by Jovovich-Hawk priced at £320.

I haven't really warmed to much of the offerings from the model turned actress turned fashion designer, but I like the simplicty of this dress. It has a vague Edwardian feel to it. I like the fact that all the detail is in the upper part of the dress and for a someone who is quite short (I think I'm about 5'1" but i refuse to find out my real height because I suspect I may be shorter) this is a great dress as it takes the attention away from possible shortness and towards the upper body.
So moving from the 1950s, the 1900s and back to my revision on C17 France. Oh the joy.


New Wave Icons.

20 April 2008

I adore French cinema and 1960s New wave is definitely a favourite. This post features two of my favourite films of all time which also feature New Wave star, Jean-Luc Belmondo who always seems to be smoking a big fat cigar, there is something very watchable about him! Anyway...one of my favourite films of that decade include 'A bout de souffle' (directed by Jean-Luc Godard) which featured the American actress, Jean Seberg. In 'A bout de Souffle', Jean Seberg has her trademark cropped blonde hair and at one point wears an amazing striped dress, which I managed to find a picture of! She makes me want to scour thrift shops for a similar dress and a big wide belt and actually give into nautical fashion.
The second part of this post is on one of my favourite actresses, Anna Karina (who was friends with Coco Chanel back in the day!) Anna Karina features in many of the movies directed by the New wave legend, Jean-Luc Godard (they eventually married) She is fantastic in 'Une femme est une femme' and I particularly love her style in this film. She influenced my choice of wearing liquid eyeliner and blue or red tights when I watched this film for the first time, years ago. I'm still on the hunt for a beret that suits me! Both these ladies are incredibly stylish and influential in these movies but...I think it might be a blue tights and eyeliner day tomorrow!


Purple and Green.

18 April 2008

I've got to take a break from my revision and what better than doing some 'window' shopping on the internet?

I love the purple skater dress from American Apparel. Though I would probably find it more wearable if it was less shiny and perhaps even jersey. I'm also after a green dress and spotted this sleeveless number off the Topshop website. It's more lemon-lime green though and I want a deeper green. I like the style though as it's quite good for layering. Still on the subject of green I got some eyeshadows in the post the other day which I had ordered from the MAC mail order service as I wanted some Pro colours. They arrived in a huge box which was ridiculous but I guess the idea was to stop the eyeshadows from shattering. I was after some green eyeshadows as it is one of my favourite colours to wear. The actual store doesn't have a great selection to choose from either which was surprising and I ordered the two green colours a couple of days ago. They're Lime and Biogreen and they're amazing. Lime is a matte colour and Biogreen is a yellow-green with gold shimmer. Together they make quite a fluorescent duo, but I have been toning down Lime with brown eyeshadows like Wedge. Biogreen was in a pot while Lime was a pan refill and as you can see I accidently nicked the Biogreen while I was depotting it (to fit in my palette) which was annoying. I keep doing this to all my depotted shadows due to using tweezers to pry them out of the pot (see youtube's Enkore on depotting). So yeah, the hunt is on for a green dress to wear with my lovely green eyeshadows!



16 April 2008

I am beginning to freak out about exams, the stress is slowly creeping back again after the last panic about the dissertation. It's so silly how over 50% of my degree rests on my finals. I left the music on my computer playing today and suddenly Paolo Nutini kicked in and not only made me feel all summery but the one song, 'Million Faces' reminded me that it will all be over in a month and I'm literally free to do whatever I like. Yes it's a little scary but at the same time I can't wait. Of course I will miss Uni and I can see why people end up doing masters and PHds, which a few of my friends are already set on doing. It's so hard to say goodbye to a place where you've only been a part of for three short years, surrounded by some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet! However....before I can truly reflect on my time at Uni, I need to return a library book which has reached a fine of around £5 (ouch) and pass these exams and get a decent degree. Over and out!


Spot the Chavette...

14 April 2008

Earlier in the week I mentioned how I loved the colours that the girl in the centre pic was wearing (taken from FaceHunter )and today I pulled a few things out of my wardrobe to get the same kind of colour scheme. Slightly limited as to what I could wear as most of my stuff is back at Uni, I wore my favourite grey jersey dress (with a grey t-shirt underneath) and leggings. Due to a lack of green accessories I pulled on a green cropped cardigan and pale turquoise flats. The pink ribbon was substituted in the form of a printed pink silk scarf. The cardigan (not really anything exciting but I love the colour) was actually a sale find in West One, and if any of you are UK readers, you'll all know it as the Chavettes favourite high street store. The quality is probably little better than Primark but I have to admit that on the (very) odd occassion you really can find some things that can work in there. Right, off to go and do some of that dreaded exam revision...


Bow Bag

13 April 2008

Facehunter is definitely a daily stop and a good source of inspiration and today it reminded me of a bag from Topshop that I have found myself drawn towards every time I go in to have a look. It's a suede bow shaped bag that works as a giant clutch but also has attatchable patent straps. Unfortunately it's on the more expensive side as I really can't afford to part with £40 (however with the 10% student discount, £36 sounds so much better) It is cute though and the girl in the photo has the light pink version which I prefer, but on their website, only the red one is avaliable. Still, there's no harm in looking is there? Sigh.


More Pink...and Dolce Latte?

12 April 2008

I realised after reading Style Bytes Thrifted Bow ties that I had infact bought some stuff recently that wasn't make up. In fact a couple days ago I went with my mom to Matalan. It's good for cheap kid's clothes but everything else in there was just poor quality. Sort of like Primark but even less fashionable, obviously I wasn't very impressed but I did leave with a pink bow hairband for £2.50. It was too cute to let it pass by! Keeping with the pink theme I painted my nails with Barry M's no.272 pink nail polish. All that pink Heatherette stuff really has gone to my head.

I went for a meal with my friend yesterday. I found some shoes that I bought around Christmas but were slightly on the small side. I don't know why, but maybe it was too cold for my feet to register any pain...aside from this my friend also had to reassure me that I didn't smell at all 'toiletty' (my mom bought one of those air fresheners that squirt scent into the air every now and then and I swear thats all I could smell on the bus) we went to Bella Italia, an Italian resturant. I ended up ordering a dish with chargrilled chicken with a white sauce. For some reason I overlooked the fact that Dolce Latte was on it, and since then I've realised it is one stinky cheese. It's safe to say I definitely won't be ordering that again. I'm just glad it wasn't goats cheese because I probably wouldn't have touched the whole dish...now that is some stinky cheese!


Outfit changes and Hot Pink Lippy.

11 April 2008

So today I decided to wear my blue t-shirt dress that I got from the French Connection Sale in the summer and was all ready to go when I noticed a mark on the top. So I put it into the wash basket and changed into a purple French Connection dress (again, a sale purchase) and layered it with a purple top that I found in the UO sale in January. Luckily I was going shopping on my lonesome so wasn't rushing to meet anyone. I actually prefer to shop on my own because I like taking my time over the things I'm going to buy whereas you often can't hang around for ages with friends. Having said that, if someone wants to go shopping, I am totally there. I guess the main problem is that I'm easily influenced, if someone says I look great in something it will probably end up draped on my arm ready to pay at the cash desk! I am getting much better at making my own decisions though these days.

Again, I didn't buy any clothes but I did spot some shoes from Oasis that were lovely but were a little out of my price range at £35. Topshop was looking a lot better though but after I made a stop at MAC Selfridges I headed home as I didn't want to spend any more money.
As you have probable gathered, I love MAC make up and Heatherette for MAC was out on Thursday. I got the Hollywood Nights (hot pink lipstick) and Style Minx Lipglass. These were the only wearable colours of the collection for me as everything else would have made me look dead. I am so in love with the packaging, its so tacky that it's just fabulous! The make up artists were all wearing pink sequinned cowboy hats (very camp, very Heatherette!) and had a pale pink lipstick on (called Melrose Mood) which made them look like strange spacey space-cowboys. Very strange, but fun!


27 Dresses

09 April 2008

I went to the cinema today with a friend and watched the movie, 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. It was the typical chick flick and I do have a bit of a soft spot for them. Yes, it was predicatble but not overly so, there were still elements that left me feeling suprised. In all, it was a pretty decent chick flick filled with plenty of laughs and sweet moments. I absolutely loved her wardrobe of 27 dresses, so colourful and crazy much like a 5 year olds dream dressing up box. It's definitely a film for those girl's nights in with pyjamas and a big bowl of popcorn. Yay!It makes me wonder though, what would I make my bridesmaids wear? Clashing colours or classic neutrals? I joke with my friends that I would make them wear crazy stuff, but I wouldn't really.....I'm not that mean...!


Scarfy People

08 April 2008

I've been home from Uni for nearly three weeks now and brought a handful of clothes back with me thinking I would be fine with the things I left in my wardrobe at home. It's been fine clothes-wise but what I have been missing are all my scarves! My sister and I are very scarfy people and while I brought home my favourite lime pashmina and cotton purple scarf, I want my little neckerchiefs and ribbony scarves! Thankfully I remembered that I had my Vivienne Westwood neckerchief (it was a birthday gift but it was only £15, I'm sure it's the cheapest thing of her things and was bought at the Trafford Shopping Centre in Manchester) and it has cute skeletons and teddybears on it. You can never have enough scarves (but then don't we all say that about clothes/shoes/bags?) I always feel something is missing if I'm not wearing something round my neck, be that a scarf or a necklace. On a side note, I also can't believe how much I like Paramore at the moment, yes they are a sceney-trendy-emo band, but damn they are catchy and I'm not ashamed to admit that!


Cables and Flowers

On my wall there are these photos that were taken from an exhibition last year at Wolverhampton Art Gallery. The artist was Carolyn Godsiff and the work made from core copper cable, cable clips, extension leads, sockets and wire was 'Untitled' from 2005-6. The exhibition was held in it's own room and as you entered the room, it was eerily jungle-like, with low lighting among a mass of white cables on the floor. The cable ends have been twisted to resemble beautiful new plant forms. The act of reusing wire or tin is nothing new and the artist adapts a South African craft where women and children have traditionally made toys and trinkets from discarded wire to make a living. I remember feeling quite overwhelmed at the feeling of peace that the tangle of electricity cables could bring. I loved the 'roots' of the flowers and the organic shapes that were made, I really loved this paradox between nature and the man made material. A very strange but great experience!



06 April 2008

There are some colours that just go so well together. For example these two girls snapped by Face Hunter have some great colour combos. Orange and brown can look so seventies and dated but the first girl makes me want a 50s style skirt and a brown leather jacket. I have found myself drawn to pastel orange lately!The girls hair does complete her outfit though, she looks fab!
We all know that pink and grey are a great combo, and the second girl really demonstrates this! I want to get hold of some pink ribbon and wear it with a grey shirt or dress and accessorise with some green. Maybe inspiration was what I lacked the other day when I didn't spot a single thing while 'clothes' shopping. Note taken...


The Non-Shopper

04 April 2008

It's funny how sometimes you can walk into a store and want everything in sight...while other times you want absolutely nothing. This is what I've been like for the past few weeks. None of the things in the shops excite me at the moment, maybe it's because it's that wierd transitional period between Spring and Summer. There were several things that I tried on today. A green dress from Miss Selfridge which looked nice on the hanger but ultimately It wasn't a flattering shape. I put it back and I'm glad I did, because I looked on their website and it seems it was meant to be tiger print...and just doesn't look the same and a bit tacky looking. I then headed to Topshop and tried on a pink swirly embroidered top which I thought would be good for layering. I realised that this particular colour pink was soooo not me. It reminded me of pink blamonge (does anyone still make that stuff?) I also grabbed another dress that I had seen earlier in the year but in a different colour. I couldn't find the image on the website but it was essentially a black and navy, vertically stripped, knitted dress. It had red edging and it was all too Nautical in the end for my liking, plus the stripes made my eyes go funny. This realisation and the fact it was knitted meant that I wouldn't be able to wear it in the summer. So everything was handed back to the girl at the entrance to the changing rooms. I can't believe I actually saved my pennies today but I do hope the shopper in me reveals itself the next time I go shopping.

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