Super Cool

29 February 2008

Just a quick post today because I have been seriously neglecting my dissertation. I get the draft back on Monday and will have loads to change before the official hand in date...I'm even considering digging out Sims 2 and downloading it back onto my laptop but I thought better of it because my Laptop is allergic to the program!

My favourite Image of the day is this coat from Yves Saint Laurent. What a coat huh?
The super-futuristic bob add to the drama of it all, anyone wearing this coat means business. I absolutely adore the tailoring, the way the coat falls and the flashes of cornflower blue. The coat provides a lovely silhouete but not only would I have to be rich to be able to buy the coat in the first place, but would have to be model-tall too!

Right...back to work!


The Wishlist

28 February 2008

I don't know about everyone else but on my laptop is a folder I call my wishlist. Currently top of my wishlist is the teadress. While there was a huge craze over the Kate Moss teadresses that came out initially and subsequently sold out (especially the pansy print one) I never wanted one until now. The Kate Moss ones were hideous on me anyway. It's something that I can wear come Spring and also in the Summer on holiday. Me and the housemates seem to be shouting "this will be prefect for NY" a little too much lately. It is the perfect excuse to shop though, the pre-holiday shop, even though it ISN'T for another few months yet! Typical girls huh? Speaking of New York I can't get the song by the Wombats out of my head, 'Moving to New York'....it's annoyingly catchy. The result of listening to way to much Radio One lately. But hey, I like what I like :)

Dresses are prefect for me because I'm quite short so I have a much harder time buying jeans which I end up having to alter anyway. I like the versatile nature of dresses and is probably the one type of clothing I wear most of the time. The dresses shown are from Oasis (£50) and TopShop (£45).

I'm also digging these grey faded shoes from TopShop and are £35. I wear way too many flats and need a new heel to throw into the daily routine. I've got to go shopping for a birthday present for the dad and mother's day gifts on saturday so I might check these items out in real life.


Plaits and Earthquakes

27 February 2008

I'm reading about plaits everywhere and they have have played prominent parts in various collections. You could hardly miss them in yesterday's Vivienne Westwood Collection. Extensions with plaits are really popular in Japan too. I have the Fruits book which is so amazingly visually stimulating! I want the newer book, Fresh Fruits eventually! Just putting up the photo next to the Westwood draws more comparisons. I think it's the naive-childlike print that Westwood has used that you could see as reflecting the way some of the Harajuku kids dress. Mismatched and fun, like a toddler who doesn't care that their socks don't match and that kettles don't make good handbags...
The plaits remind me of those hairbands you have as a kid with attatched pigtails. At least I had them anyway sent to me from Hong Kong courtesy of my grandmother.
Sadly my hair is far too short now to have a go with plaits but I'm having fun with the little hairclip i bought the other day (note the chav earrings!)

There was an earthquake yesterday measuring at 5.2 on the Richter scale which is quite high for this part of the world! It was about 1am and I woke up when my bed was shaking and I could hear my jewellery box rattling. My heart was racing but I promptly fell back asleep, the last thought on my mind was that there better not be a mine under the house. I can't imagine living somewhere where earthquakes are quite common!


Gone Chav Shopping...

26 February 2008

After a horribly early start to the day me and the housemates ditched an afternoon of intensive work for a much more appealing, spontaenous shopping trip. It was so much fun!

I ended up buying loads of pairs of earrings including some Chav stylee ones. I only wanted the smaller ones but my housemate said if I was going chav, I should get the huge chunky ones and she's so right. It's a love hate relationship. They are hideous but at the same time I absolutely love them and enjoy the look of horror on people's faces. Especially one of my housemates who didn't come out shopping who immediately asked if I was going to a fancy dress party as well as another deciding that as long as I am wearing them I will be known to her as Pat...as in Pat Butcher from Eastenders(BBC Soap) who famously wears humungus earrings.
I didn't mean to buy so many pairs and I ended up with quite a selection! For the past year I've only been wearing huge studded earrings and now is the time for a bit of a mix up!

You might notice the little Gingerbread man hairslide which is so cute and I'm pleased I bought that in the end.

I also got a little ring made from twisted metal formed into a bow shape which was a last minute buy. Only because at Accessorize they had them at the counter which is such a good marketing ploy. They reeled me right in!



25 February 2008

I love Kitsch and cute things. When I saw these hair clips on sale at Oasis Market (shop heaven for Emo's, goths etc and a frequent haunt of mine when I was about 14) I had an unexplicable urge to buy one. I didn't...but they are just so darn cute that I might give in eventually. They remind me of all the cute little hairclips that my grandmother from Hong Kong used to send me and my sister when we were younger along with Sailormoon Pyjamas, Hello Kitty goodies and VCR recordings of Chinese cartoons. Ah, to be a kid again!

I also found an old friend over facebook which was exciting and she is so different to how I remembered her from a few years ago. She has a sort of Lily Allen thing going on with huge twisted gold rope earrings. Slightly chav I know but she looked good and I really want a pair now (much to the horror of my friends). I don't know if I really will give into the chav-tastic jewellery but who knows?


A Fine Line

23 February 2008

Bit of a late post today, as I am sitting in my Pyjamas typing this. Had a bit of a busy day as I was out late last night celebrating a friends 21st and then had to get up early today to go and meet some friends in town for some lunch and possible perusing the shops. While I walked to meet my friends I thought about the the clashing jade green tights and pink shoes that I had spotted earlier in the week and then this woman stepped in front of me in her 'striking' coat. I do really love the colours in it and it made me smile.

However it reminds me that while clashing colours can look great, it can look a bit too 80's and a bit out of date. It makes me wonder where the line is between good and bad fashion? When do clashing colours just look bad?
Incidently, I didn't buy those tights and shoes in the end as I realised I didn't feel much of a loss for them as I walked away from a busy TopShop.


Matching Shoes and Legs

22 February 2008

Flicking through the Pucci collection today I noticed one of my favourite combinations in an outfit and that is the matching tights/trousers/jeans with shoes which give way to the illusion of long legs. Plus it just looks really good. I dabbled in this combination yesterday with the blue tights and shoes. However the colours didn't match perfectly unlike these.

The orange and blue was fantastic on the Pucci runway and then there is
the image from Facehunter in the pink. Just how she managed to find shoes so spot on in a perfect match with the tights is a mystery to me!


Yves Klein Blue

21 February 2008

I read the fascinating Article which Flying Saucer mentioned yesterday written by Joanna Goddard on five New Yorkers who only wear one colour. I was especially intrigued by the choice of the colour blue by one, in particular the choice of Yves Klein Blue. A colour that haunts me because It was the subject of a group presentation in my first year at uni. It is a colour that was invented by Yves Klein after he sought to find a colour that matched best with his artistic notions.
He famously used the colour in his 1960 performance art piece called 'Monotone Symphony'. In this, several naked men and women dipped themselves in the blue paint and printed themselves on large pieces of paper. The body art image to the right is his Anthropometries from 1960. A sort of human potato print performance it was also accompanied by a full orchestra.
The messy unpredictable actions of the men and women who sprawled across the paper in front of them covered in blue paint were juxtaposed by the immaculately dressed Yves Klein who was in clean and orderly black and white and did not touch or get actively involved in the performance at all. He was simply the conducter who would direct the models. Klein was influenced by the imprints of the body on the mats used in Judo. It was in essence, an anthropological recording and an attempt to capture the energy of the body.
Not only did the article refresh my art history and at the same time a reminder of how quickly my time at uni has passed, but contributed to the decision to wear Blue today from head to toe! I recalled this image from Alexander Mcqueen's Spring 2007 collection which I had on my computer and have always loved this as a block colour.
I wore a blue oversized t-shirt French connection dress, navy tights and blue patent flats. Though, my shoes were a bargain in the Office sale a year or so ago, and are a teeny bit too small. My housemate tutted as we walked back home from uni when I told her they were pinching a little. Well, sometimes you have to suffer a little for fashion!
Off to a pub quiz later, hopefully we'll come first and get rewarded with lots of chocolate!


Lazy Day

20 February 2008

It's nice to have a lazy day once in a while, and today is one of those! I plan to do a little work later but right now I'm sipping tea and munching on buttery crumpets (how very English). Hot Chip is playing on the radio (I really love their new single) and I'm about to watch a bit of satc.

It's the lunar eclipse in the early hours of tomorrow morning and me and the housemates plan to walk to the park round the corner from us and (with countless other students) stare at the moon disappearing briefly (the next one won't be for another 2 years) The whole thing kicks off at 1:43am ending at about 3:51am GMT. Strange isn't it, how everyone around the world will be looking at the moon at the same time.


A Kind of Retail Therapy

19 February 2008

See, I told you I wasn't going to wear black today. My magenta tights and turquoise belt (a bargainous £1 kid's belt from a charity shop) made their appearance but then had to be hidden under my coat because it was hideously cold this morning. It was so frosty and it snowed a little. I began to regret wearing my KG shoes (which resemble tapshoes-hard to see because the photo is a little small) because I feared I would slip over and embarrass myself. Thankfully, I didn't fall over!
After my lecture, I decided on a little retail therapy with one of my housemates as a reward after working so hard on the dissertation draft. Plus we wanted to buy a friend's birthday present and buy mother's day cards.

Here are a couple of changing room shots. After my post about Tartan and checks I had to try on this checked shirt dress from Urban Outfitters and was £42. It's hard to see in the photo but the colours were blue, green and pink, and the magenta tights really picked out the colours. It was nice but not nice enough for me to splash out. Maybe another day.

The second dress is Peter Jensen for TopShop. I really liked it but it didn't look right on me and I wasn't in love with it but grey and pink go so well together. Just as well really as it was £75!

I don't know what came over me and am rather pleased I didn't need to get any cash out. Even though at TopShop I was seriously tempted by the much cheaper option of some Jade green tights and some pink t-bar flats (which clashed fabulously)I don't know how I managed to refrain myself, but I didn't buy a single thing....However, I am meeting up with some friends on saturday so I may be speaking too soon!


Spring is nearly here...

18 February 2008

Today was a lovely sunny February day. The roads and paths were prepared for snow with lots of grit sprinkled everywhere. Luckily there was no sign of snow just plenty of sunshine.

Feeling like Spring was in the air, I decided to tie a pink scarf around my middle, injecting a little colour to an otherwise all black outfit.
I want some new shoes but as tradition goes, over Chinese New Year I am not allowed to buy any until at least next Thursday as it's bad luck. I kind of like all those traditions so I try to keep them up. Though I might have a browse tomorrow when I pop into town with my housemate. Maybe I should leave my debit card at home....
After the dissertation draft was handed in and after my seminar in portraiture me and my housemates decided to go for a walk to the university botanical gardens. Everything was being replanted so there wasn't much colour to be seen, but there is something so lovely and peaceful walking through the gardens, away from the chaos and traffic of the city. It really is like being in another world and really de-stresses you.
The few colours I did spot here and there from the yellow daffodils, snow drops and purple irises encourages me to wear more colour tomorrow! Out with the Black! In with the Spring!


Back In Town

17 February 2008

Brrr...I'm back in the student house after a lovely week at home, sitting in my marshmallow pink room and its freezing. My fingers may actually drop off. I'm missing the warmth of home already!

I've discovered the warmest room in the house is the loo, and It's a wonder I'm not writing this in there right now!
I look out my window as i'm writing this and spot a girl cycling on a bike with a little basket and she is wearing the cutest patterned beret. Her boyfriend is walking beside her in a similarly coloured wooly hat. They look like a cute couple. I find that a lot of my friends who have boyfriends start to dress alike after a while, even if they don't notice it themselves!

I'm off to make some tea and then print out the first draft of my dissertation ready to hand in tomorrow. It's not at all at a finished standard but at least I've reached the word count (12,000). Let's hope I've got enough ink in the trusty printer...


TopShop Love

Oh my.
Marios Schwab for TopShop has arrived on the website.

I love these two dresses and are priced at £85 and £100. Ouch.

I really love the clash of pink and grey in the jersey dress. I would really love to be able to afford to buy it but alas, I guess it's not meant to be. I also love the silk, clasp dress too and there is something about it that reminds me of Vivienne Westwood dresses that hug the figure yet gathers and drapes at the bust.

There is no way I can afford them (sigh) but I am definitely going to try them on when I get the chance to go to TopShop sometime, that is if i manage to get my hands on them as they will surely fly off the shelves...It's Torture!



16 February 2008

So, I went to the hairdressers and came back with a hair cut...that wasn't exactly like the one in the picture. I didn't dare ask for him to go any shorter as it was the first time he had ever cut my hair. It's definitely not drastically different and I think few people will notice that I've had it cut. I'm happy with it though, especially as my fringe is longer in my eyes! Also, I had no idea how expensive their scissors were, he dropped his pair and they went all wonky and he told me he would have to pay £25 to get them all balanced out again. Crazy.

I'm wearing my purple sheena holland hairband in the other two pics, I left it at home, and I forget how pretty it is!

I also walked past the more high end (and more mature), high street store Hobbs today and they have really embraced yellow for spring. I really liked the look of the yellow mac that they had on display on the window. I am really drawn to yellow, it's so cheerful and sunny but as I've said before It's a nightmare finding the right colour and thats why I still don't own any yellow apart from the one t-shirt that is buried somewhere in the bottom of my wardrobe.

Right, 'reading week' is nearly over so I better go and pack so I can get back to my student house, my little pink room and my housemates!


Check out

15 February 2008

Tartan and checks are everywhere. At least, I'm seeing them everywhere.

I was watching the wonderful Jamie at Home and what was he wearing? A blue checked shirt. Aside from all the cooking and amazing salads that he was making I realised I don't own really own anything checked. I might need to sort that out! It was something I noticed after spotting the checks in Preen's collection at NYFW.

They're everywhere and were seen to the extreme with Agyness Deyn in a tiered tartan dress with antlers....oh and an eye patch (how could i forget?). It was so frivolous and fun and this of course was all in yesterday's House of Holland collection.

(Images from left to right, Checked Shirt TopShop £25, Western Shirt UO £35 and Aggy HOH, Style.com)


Oops I did it again...

14 February 2008

Well, a little trip into town resulted...in shopping. I bought i-D, then bought some stuff for my sister at Paperchase in Selfridges annd then I saw the MAC counter and it lured me in (actually the counter is two floors above paperchase, so I guess i knew where i was heading all along...) I got a Pinky neutral lipstick in LoveLorn which goes on sheer and glossy and the Blushcreme in Posey. Posey is super bright, a bit clown like even- that is, before you blend it in. I love it. Good job I've got a few days at work pencilled in, I think the extra cash will come in handy.

I also got Jules et Jim by Francois Truffaut from the library the other day, which has a great collection of world cinema and at only £2 a week, bit of a bargain. I wanted to watch the japanese film, Dolls too, but I couldn't see it on the shelf. Anyway I've wanted to watch this french classic in a loooong time. So hopefully I will get to watch it tomorrow once I'm done with the dissertation...


Hair Dilemma

Happy V-Day everyone, I woke up this morning to find the loveliest, pinkest bunch of flowers in the kitchen from my dad to my mum which was rather sweet and made me smile...she was stunned too and thought they were for me (haha, i wish) as my dad rarely buys flowers for her.

Anyway, I just found out my hairdresser who I've been to for the last 2 years has left! I have no idea where shes gone as lately I haven't been back for a while now, what with uni getting in the way...I might try and find out where or who shes gone to work for. Though she was getting pretty pricy so maybe switching to someone else will be better for the purse strings? Who knows, I'm booked in for 1pm with a stylist called Ben. Fingers crossed he will be just as good.I want something like the cut in the middle (from the Miss V article in the current Vogue). It's a bob (mine has grown out and is screaming to be cut again). Wow my sixties dissertation sure has brainwashed me a little. It's a bit annoying that I'm back to square one with a hairdresser again...but surely, no one can go wrong when it comes to the bob? I will find out on Saturday...

I'm off to catch a bus into the Birmingham because I want my monthly fix of ID magazine as they don't sell it locally around by me. I feel like that advert off tv, where a woman drives all the way from the country into London to get her fix of Hello Magazine (or something like that)....


Hobble in Style

13 February 2008

A ready to wear collection....that is not quite ready to wear. Unless you want to go for the restrictive look and want to shuffle (or hobble as style.com liked to put it) down the road in one of Marios Schwarb's latest offerrings. I can't really picture it myself. His collection at LFW was all about the silhouette with many long, tight tubular dresses with slits cut into the fabric to allow a peek of the jeans underneath or a glimpse of a victorianesque wallpaper print. I just want to ask the question, how is this going to translate for a commerical output?


(Brainless) Good Books.

I really want to read this book. I saw it sitting on the shelf in Borders the other day (I was killing time before I took my sister to see Penelope which i thought was really bad considering James McAvoy, Christina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon were all in it, still at least my little sister enjoyed it- she is only 10 after all)
Anyway It's by Sophie Kinsella, whose Shopaholic series is by far, my favourite easy holiday reads. I can read them over and over and they will always make me laugh, probably because it focuses on a shopaholic, and how I (along with many other friends who've read it) can relate to her irrational shopping experiences. Which reminds me, I do want to re-read them all.

The books aren't what you would call amazingly written and the plot is pretty easy to figure out. They don't require much brain power unlike some of the other novels i like to read...but I love them because they're fun. Remember Me is still only avaliable as a hardback, which is a bit pricy at £17.99 or £15.99 at Borders. Online, amazon are the cheapest at £9.99. I guess i will have to wait until it comes out in paperback...as the local library don't have a copy yet!

This story is about a girl (probably along the same lines as the Becky Bloomwood character who seems to be altered in different ways in non-shopaholic books) who wakes up from a coma after an accident and discovers shes married and is living the high life, but all is not as it seems and i am guessing she will be trying to regain her old life.

While I've not found her other books to hit quite the same spot (Can you keep a secret, The Undomestic Goddess) they are still enjoyable reads. Perfect for when you need something to distract yourself when you have a horrible dissertation looming over you.
They are also making the shopaholic series into movies, so I hope they will live up to the books...I will go and see them but I'm a bit sceptical when it comes to books into movies. However countless other books turned movies have done well. We shall see!


Betty Pepper

12 February 2008

My housemates and I love a local jewellery designer from Birmingham called Betty Pepper. It's probably not her real name but her jewellery is fabulous and has had her work exhibited at our local Birmingham Museum and Arts Gallery which was where i first came into contact with her beautiful jewellery. Locally, her work has been on sale at the
Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA).

Her work incorporates embroidery and produces delicate, beautiful and wonderfully detailed pieces. She often likes to include old books that she has found, these books are considered 'orphans' and takes inspiratation from them. The jewellery pieces are found sunken into the books as if they are the visual counterparts. As if they jewellery tell the story of the book and she has said of work, " I would like to believe that one day I could read the memoirs of a ring I once made". This is very much what her work appears to be, while her work is always displayed under glass they are very much tactile pieces and evoke the sense of touch as well as sense because of the expected old, mildewy smell of the books. It's a shame in a way that the books are behind glass as you can only imagine the texture and smells.
As the pieces are textile, they are able to carry the scent of the wearer, like a fond memory. This is precisely how she likes to view her work, imagining the jewellery having a long history and telling a story of those that wear it.

She envisions them gradually wearing with age and fading with time like a delicate old eiderdown.

While i don't think i could ever wear her pieces without the fear of snagging or ripping the delicate embroidery. There is something very magical about them and you really do fall under the spell she casts, believing that these pieces do tell a story of some romantic, long forgotten past.


Surfing USA....

11 February 2008

I need a break from staring at my laptop....yet what am i doing now, choosing to take a break by procrastinating on here?

Well, the dissertation is a slow process, another 5,000 words more to write on the wonders of Pop Art, Music and Sir Peter Blake's screenprint of The Beach Boys, 1964. I keep picking up books and realising that there is a load more to write. Which i guess is way better than having writers block.

I know this will probably bore anyone who is reading this...but i just need to clarify what my dissertation is about to myself and get it out of my system.

It's all about Mass culture, consumerism and the dreaded word, postmodernism which is so complicated i feel like chucking my laptop out of the window. Obviously as the print is about the Beach Boys, a large chapter is devoted to the influence of music which leads on to my final chapter on the status of the artist in a commercial world-is the artist recognised in the commercial world at all? This reminds me of James Jean's illustrations used by Prada or Kate Moross's t-shirt designs for TopShop which i've blogged about recently.

The large majority of buyers recognise the designs as part of the brand rather than making the link to the artist themselves.

Especially when i recently went into Topshop and spotted a top that had vague Prada influences. It features the colours seen in the Spring Summer campaigns and collection. While it's not a direct copy, it echoes the black lines and colours of the illustrations. The identity of the artist is further diluted in that people may recognise it for the Prada influence rather than the influence of an artist on/for Prada.

I'm a little bored by it all now, so can't wait to see the end of it. Even blasting a little bit of the Beach Boys Good Vibrations doesn't do it for me anymore, but what i wouldn't do to be on a warm, sunny beach right now with the ocean at my feet, splashing in the ocean.....and not stuck in my room surrounded by piles and piles of books.
On a slight side note, i read that Heath Ledger's wake was at his favourite beach in Oz, where his friends and family all gathered, splashed in the sea and generally celebrated his life. A really lovely goodbye, and was more joyful than sad and depressing. I think thats the perfect way to say goodbye...
Anyway, I better go back and write some more on the dreaded dissertation...


Stupid Sales

10 February 2008

Some sales are just bad bad bad bad BAD! I have just found out that the jacket I bought last week from UO has been slashed in price, by over 50% (the result of me perusing the UO site again when I'm bored so I am avoiding it for a while!) I am soo sooo mad! That purchase as well as booking the NY holiday has meant Shopping is off limits for a while.
I'm at home for reading week (study week) and so my receipt is back at uni. Even if I did go back and return it and buy it back again, whose to say they will let me? Working at department stores, this is generally frowned upon and no one likes doing those sort of refunds. It's all a bit cheeky somehow, even though there is nothing to stop the customer from doing so. I just don't feel comfortable in that position seeing as I've been on the other end too. Maybe I'm just being stupid.

This is really rubbish. I need some air...


Killer Heels

09 February 2008

Last night before I went to bed, I made sure I caught Vivienne Westwood on Jonathan Ross (a weekly talk show) Here's a short BBC Clip. What really amazed me is how the woman at 67 can still wear killer heels. I can't find any photos but they were lace up stilletoed platform boots. I know for a fact I wouldn't be able to walk in them! She was a kooky as ever, proclaiming her mannifesto and being all shiny in her all in one, glittery jodphur style outfit. Haha, you've got to love her eccentricity.

I worked today at the dept store which let me work occassional hours after i 'left' so I could have more time studying in my final year. It was fun looking after customers again, but i was told i no longer qualified for a store discount because i don't work a minumum of 16 hours. Which is really bad actually, as It's a huge incentive for any part timer...and I know plently of other stores that give all their workers discounts. It doesn't bother me personally as I'm not there very often, and a discount would only mean I would spend a lot more! (but it would have been nice) I guess I'm beginning to realise how much I used my discount before I had it taken off me...

So I guess I wasted precious time on my lunch hour staring at these shoes at work. They're a silly £110 (available on the Kurt Geiger. website) and It's not like i'm earning that sort of money at the moment! Oh...I can only dream....

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