Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let's ditch the skirt and paint our nails...

For once I ditched the skirt and the waist belt and was quite tempted to wear all black like so many of the fantastic bloggers out there. I couldn't quite do it and had to sling on this drapey purple T-shirt for a bit of colour. Maybe I will wear all black one of these days and with some deep red lipstick!
I'm Wearing...
Cardigan (H&M)
T-Shirt (TopShop)
Black Skinny Jeans (Cheap Monday)
Necklaces (Silver Chain- H&M, Pendant- HK)
Bangle (HK)

(OPI- We'll always have Paris, Nails Inc.- Saville Row)

I really want to get hold of some dark nail polish. Right now I constantly wear navy or a dark red but I want some dark purply brown polish which is completely on trend right now.
After work I have to catch the bus home and unfortunately my bus stop is located opposite Urban Outfitters. I often pop in to have a quick browse if my bus hasn't arrived yet and this quite often leads to me missing my buses. I spotted this suede fringe bag with gold chain in the store, I really love it but it's priced at a scary £48 and I couldn't quite justify spending almost £50 on it...even the VAT reduction doesn't make it any more appealing. I wish us Brits didn't have to pay double US prices! Oh well, I guess I will have to keep an eye on it just in case it goes down in the sale...but for now I have to walk away!


  1. You did well: Resist the all-black-wearing urge!

  2. those dark nails & lips r perfect for the season... no matter what wearing all blacks is still fab!

  3. It's a cute bag but I wouldn't say it was worth that much! It does bother me that we pay so much more than those in the US for UO stuff (and other things too...) though I suppose we have a better deal with Topshop and so maybe it balances out? I do love dark red nails though (except how scruffy it looks when it chips!), so glamourous!

  4. I really like the detail of all the necklaces as a contrast to the purple shirt.

  5. fringe bag is cute cute!

    love your style!!

    a kiss girl :)

  6. Lovely outfit. Over black is overrated...the term boring comes to mind. :)

  7. whoa everything's expensive there huh?

    yes, u did good! :) i kinda laughed about the "ditch the belt and skirt etc." :):) the all-black urge is so tempting, but i'm still working it one step at a time! :)

  8. Great nails and top, Winnie. I love wine colours and purples the best! :)

    Thanks for dropping by and for leaving the sweet comment. I could tell my Grandmother was a little giddy over the compliment I received on the dress. Aw, she is so cute. I love grandparents- and how sweet and funny they can be.


  9. I envy your inability to wear all black! (As you well know haha)

    I love the purple top - it looks great with the black.

    That bag is hot! :)

  10. Hi there-the purple top looks lovely on you! thanks for your well wishes too!

  11. Excellent nail colour choice and loving the fringed bag. You look adorable!


  12. i am thinking darker nail polish too. did you see the chanel ones?

  13. i adore your necklaces and your tee.

  14. i LOVE that fringe bag.. that would be perfect for going out :)!

  15. i hardly ever manage to wear all black. i feel you. lol.x

  16. Love the bag and I adore your outfit!!

  17. I have the Nails Inc polish in that shade, I love it.

  18. Hi! I really adore your blog and I was wondering if you would check out mine? I'd love to know what you think.

    Thanks so much and happy holidays!

    - M

  19. me too, i don't like wearing all black and will try to colors to the outfit! :)



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