Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Outfits and Vampires?

This is what I wore for to a Christmas meal with my old work. It was so nice being invited even though I haven't worked there for a while now, my old manager has become almost like an Aunt which is so nice. I knew it wasn't going to be a dressy affair so carrying on from the last post, I decided to wear a bit of black but this time letting my skirt do all the talking. We went for tapas at La Tasca and it was so yummy and I will definitely be making a visit back there again with friends.
I'm wearing...
Black Top
All TopShop)
Socks (Happy Socks)
angle (HK)
Necklace (Graduation Pressie)

Last week I went to see Twilight with a friend. She's a huge fan of the books but I am quite aware of the mixed reviews and the huge hype thats surrounded it. I read the first book for curiosities sake but found the many grammatical errors in the book frustrating, I really hate having to read sentences twice to understand what the writer meant to say. So in my opinion, it is not a well written book and really lacks any real substance. I felt it skimmed the surface of the story and a little lacklustre. Some of my friends pointed out that it is a teen book but I don't think it excuses the shoddy writing. I can see why they're so popular because the idea is interesting although nothing new. It just did not fulfill my expecations!

The movie itself was cheesey, overly dramatic and mostly funny...even though it wasn't really meant to be. It made me laugh, so in a strange twist...I did enjoy the film afer all, perhaps for the wrong reasons.

On vampire themed books, I read a series when I was 14 called Night World by LJ Smith (whose final installment has been 10 years in the making!) or better still, Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire.
Moving on from fanged beings...

I have various other outfit images that I thought I would post...
Gold Top (TopShop)
Purple Frill Cardi (Hong Kong)
Black Cardigan (H&M)
Jeggings (Silence and Noise- UO)
Necklaces (H&M and Hong Kong)
Beret (Oasis)

This is what I am wearing now as I am off to spend the evening with my friends and swap our (not so) secret santa gifts. Also, trying to wear more black didn't last for long, The colour broke free again today!
Frill Cardi (Hong Kong)
Dress (American Apparel)

Tights (TopShop)
Necklace (Therapy at House of Fraser)
Oxfords (TopShop)
The following photo of my youngest sister was taken at the yearly German Market in Birmingham. The biggest outside Germany apparently and the crowds were bustling around little cabins selling mulled wine, garlic bread, hand crafted goods and german treats. She's wearing a knitted Christmas pudding woolly hat...I just realised I am strangely attracted by knitted goods in the shape of food! Haha. I have some knitted party ring brooches somewhere in my room which awaits going to a suitable recipitent! I will have to take a photo of them before I give them away!
This will be my last post before Christmas, so I hope everyone has a Fab Christmas and a very happy New Year! xxxx


  1. I'm quite excited to see Twilight just so I can have an opinion on it lol! I love your blue tartan skirt!

  2. ooo looking hot in colour, especially the american apparel dress, very nice!

  3. Love that frill cardi ... but might actually love your sister's hat a bit more. Don't hit me.

  4. Hi Winnie-your sister is just soo cute!! Love your outfit, and the 'jeggings'-I think I have these, a cross between jeans and leggings? Have a wonderful christmas my dear!

  5. i really love your second outfit.

  6. You really looks great, it´s so nice to still have good relations with old jobs :)

    A kiss for you friend and my best wishes for X-mas!

    you are fantastic!!

  7. Love the second one and the skirt you're wearing in the first picture!

  8. I really like your plaid skirt. The Twilight books suck people in. I read them (in one sitting)...bit like candy: so bad and yet so good.

  9. Merry Christmas to you & family!

  10. i'm in the middle of reading Twilight myself, isn't it a fab book? :)

    merry xmas

  11. I have no interest in Twilight...I did the whole Anne Rice thing back in the day. That's enough vampire books for me, I think.

  12. LOVE the second outfit! Hope you had a fantastic christmas dear :)

  13. Love you in that purple dress. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Winnie!!


  14. I love the first skirt!!! & you look great in colors!!! :) Merry xmas!

  15. The first skirt with the belt looks really nice! I also like the purple frill cardigan. I'm looking for one like that, but in black. I gave into the Twilight series. Yes, the actual writing is not of good quality, but I do enjoy the books. I have yet to see the movie.

    xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

  16. Happy Holidays! Love the plaid skirt.

  17. Haha love the last photo, how cute <3<3

  18. Happy holidays lady, love the first outfit. And I'm glad I'm not the only person who think Twilight is cheesy!

  19. I love the belt in the first outfit :)

  20. Oh, I love the purple frill's a lovely color!

  21. That American Apparel dress is amazing!!!

  22. i LOVE the skirt!! your blog is so cute



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