Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carousel me away...

Earlier in the week I took my youngest sister to see the cheesefest that is High school musical. I had promised to take her after she had constantly talked about it for months. I did find it quite amusing at various points in the film when they broke into song but I've got to admit, in some ways I was curious to see how the final installment would work on the big screen. Judging by the audience (average age about 6) it went down well and through all the cheesiness it wasn't too hard to sit through! I might even have to admit that I didn't hate it, it was ok! Yes I said it...and it's in writing for all the world to see. Shame on me.

Anyway, swiftly moving on! After plenty of popcorn we ventured outside to the square of my local town centre. In the centre of the square, a carousel had replaced a fountain that used to stand in the same spot. I doubted it's authenticity but it was in the style of an old fashioned Victorian carousel. I love carousels and especially the enchanting yet ghostly charm that they have. I found it odd that no one was sitting on the carousel but the baby carousel next to it which features a bus, motorbike and fire engine was super busy with excited children. Maybe it's because when you're older you learn to appreciate things in a different way but frankly, if I wasn't wearing a short dress then I would have hopped right onto one of those gorgeous pastel painted horses.
I'm wearing...
Dress (Hong Kong)
Purple Cardigan (Oasis)
Shoes (KG)
Necklace (Urban Outfitters)

I also spotted some boots today which I might just have to buy. They're nothing special but I've been looking for a pair similar to these for a while for every day wear. They're from Dune and are £80.


  1. Thank you.

    Aw I love carousels too. And your outfit, very cherry and stylish indeed! :)

    ♥/ fashion chalet

  2. I love these carousel photos, they're lovely. I agree with you about them, there's something very special about a carousel.

    I love those shoes, Winnie! They're very cute. I hope you'll get those boots, too, then model them for us!

  3. My english is poor.

    Goodbye and one kiss.
    Visit my blog.

  4. Hi there-your outfit is great, I love the colour combinations!!

  5. Wow you had a carousel fun!!!! Fantastic tights )))

    Happy Halloween!

  6. everybody has sweet memories at a carousel :)

    love your style sweetie :)

    a kiss!

  7. my 6 year old niece is into this thing but she will just have to deal with dvd for now.

  8. oh those pictures are so wicked !! nice idea !!

  9. Those are some sweet boots. I haven't been on a carousel in ages. Nice post.

  10. The KG shoes are perfection,refreshing change from black.

    aww shoulda just thrown caution to the wind and hopped on one of the painted horses. They look fab!

  11. You look so great--I love the colors and those shoes especially!
    You know what's sad, some of my friends here (college students) went to go see this younger siblings in tail!

  12. You shouldn't have let the skirt get in the way. I would have ripped the dang thing off and ridden the carousel in those gorg tights you had on....

    and yes I'm not going to mention the whole first 'HSTM' paragraph - let's pretend it never happened :)

  13. I managed to laugh my way through the first HSM, but couldn't quite get through the second...

    I envy your ability to rock coloured tights!

  14. Love the colors in your look - and your shoes :).

  15. Your shoes are adorable and I love the purple tights
    I use to love the carousel, it's too bad i'm too old for it now.



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