Monday, September 22, 2008

The Bare Essentials...

What is the one thing that you wear all the time, the one thing that you can pull on because it goes with absolutely anything? All my friends have something they always wear from belts, scarves or that one necklace they can't bear to leave the house without. For me, it's my cheap black h&m cardigan which I bought years ago. It's simple, does the job and goes with everything and for that reason it's why it so often features in so many of my outfit posts.

I went out for a meal with the girls/ladies from work and of course this cardigan made yet another appearance. It was actually a much better night than I thought and it's funny how some people come out of their shell once they've had a few drinks or just out of the work enviroment. I found out things about my boss which I never wanted to know in the first place! I'm not a big drinker myself as I go horribly bright red when the smallest amount of alcohol enters my system...which is not a good look even though it never ceases to amuse my friends and family. Though, it has to be said, it's in the genes and all to do with my Chinese heritage!

I wore...

Black Cardi (H&M)
Ruffle Dress (HK)
Belt (TopShop)
Leggings (TopShop)

The dress is quite versatile because it buttons up and unbuttoned, it works as a sleeveless cardigan so I plan to layer it up in an outfit one of these days!

I helped my sister move into her halls yesterday in Liverpool (she's a second year Law student) and she filled a suitcase with clothes and my dad was very thankful there was a lift. He said the case was easily 40kg. I on the other hand, agreed that everything she took up with her was essential and I am sure you all do too! I want to visit her one of these days as Liverpool is currently the UK's city of culture with a brand new shopping centre. Of course there is the culture itself, and I might make a trip to Albert Docks to Liverpool Tate! Shopping then Art I think...


  1. Its always good to have a trusty item on the go, the dress looks lovely with the cardi :)

    and I get red everytime I drink too, damn my Chinese genes...

  2. I have one thing I wear every day without fail: my wedding ring.

    Everything else is negotiable.

    I can easily believe your sister toted 40kg worth of clothes to school. I did the same. You've got to have your favorites on hand, right?

  3. One might argue that shopping IS art or at least an art-form. I think you best put this test and shimmy up (or down) to Liverpool.

  4. Hi there-You look lovely in this outfit, the blue is a gorgeous colour on you! Liverpool sounds an exciting place to visit, I haven't been there yet either!

  5. i have a trusty cardi too.i wear it all the time.loving your dress,the colour is beautifull xx

  6. Oh Winnie! You must tell me who this Style bubble girl is because you're not the only one to make that reference lol.

    You look very nice here. I like ruffles and your ruffles are cooooool. Two 'o's' are just not enough hehe :)

    As for my trusty item its not actually a piece of clothing. Its my wallet but it has a wicked design on it from and independent artist. Its like my fashiuon statement from the mainstream 'fashion statements' hehe

  7. I think a trusti cardi should be in everybodys wardrobe. I am off to liverpool to look at the university. Hopefully I will have lots of time to go shopping. x

  8. One thing I can't live without is my phone )))as to clothes and accessories - I change them everyday ) And at home I can't live without my warm morning gown

    Hugs from Angel

  9. The dress is lovely =]. My trusty item is a pair of black skinny jeans - so easy to style!
    Liverpool One shopping centre is quite good, except for when it is raining as its not covered in, boo!

  10. I love your frills, so well match!

    a kiss!!

  11. That colour really suits you! I have a couple of necklaces that I wear all the time, and I guess I wear my Levis waaaaay too much. I'm trying to collect rings so I can wear rings on all my fingers on a daily basis!

  12. my go to piece now is a grey sweater dress i got from barneys. i can layer it or wear it alone. i am like you, i can't drink. one glass of wine and i am gone.

  13. love the richness of the blue from your outfit

  14. cute dress.
    get down to liverpool, you'll love it. i suppose it's up from birmingham though...
    my friend's at university there too!

  15. oo love the colour of the dress with the brown belt! you look so cute with your head next to the camera, you should get a tripod!

  16. That dress is so pretty!
    I don't know if I have "one" thing I can't live with out...there always seems to be so many I don't want to leave behind.

  17. I don't uusally feel cold so I don't wear cardigans. My essentials are, EYELINER, mascara, concealer, headbands, tons of bangles, my name necklaces, 2 rings. Hahah yes, 2!


  18. That dress is really beautiful! Great thinking pairing it with the brown belt - those colours work so well together! Oh, and I'm not a big drinker either...mainly because I hate the taste of alcohol.

  19. Love the dress & belt together.

  20. love to read your blog, hope it´s ok if i put you on my blog list ;P
    (check out mine blog sometime, maybe you can put mine blog one your list ;P)

  21. Eep: this is a double post sorry. I checked her out and i can see the resemblance it must be that darned blunt fringe haha. I'm in the midst of growing mine out now so hopefully it won't be too long now :)

  22. That dress looks lovely with the cardigan! Cute, cute, cute. In fact, I'm obseessed with cardigans as well (hence my current post) :]

    Tina {Your Everyday Style}



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