Sunday, August 24, 2008

Boring black and Jewel tones!

Getting back into the outfit blogging mode hasn't been easy this week as I have been at work which means I wear the typical department store uniform- all black. Not at all very exciting but it means that colour is an important element in my non-work outfits. So here is my outfit from the one day I didn't go to work and went to see Wall-E with my sisters instead. It was better than I expected it to be and leaves me anticipating Toy Story 3 whenever that is released. Fun!
I'm wearing...
Turquoise Tee(H&M)
Grey Dress (River Island)
Jersey Cardi (Hong Kong)
Leggings (TopShop)
Belt (Accessorize)
Shoes (Stark)
Necklace (Miss Selfridge)

I wanted to pair two rich jewel tones together and so the purple and the turquoise was what I chose in the end. The Ruffley, jersey cardi (or whatever you want to call it, I'm not actually sure myself!) is a Hong Kong purchase and from one of the many little shops within the 'Youth Malls' in Causeway Bay. I like the fact it is by a local designer, it may not be anything too unusual but there is something nice about supporting the local designers. The colour is a rich cadbury purple colour but unfortunately the camera just didn't want to capture it. More HK purchases in the next post!


  1. i bet the purple jersey top will be so versatile!

  2. very nice, gotta love jewels.
    and i really liked wall-e! but i'm a sucker for robots, i have been known to cry in parts of short circuit.

  3. Fabulous outfit-I particualrly love the ruffly cardi!!

  4. You did the color combo/layering very well, as always. I love this look.

  5. Lovely way of matching different colors!

  6. Oh, I love the colors and layers. Those pieces have really nice drape to them as well.

  7. i used to put them on my tongue and tell my grandparents i'd had my tongue pierced.
    i love that they pretended to believe me and be horrified.

  8. Love the layers and the jewel tones are fantastic.

  9. I'm totally in the groove about getting back into the swing of things...I can imagine how the vibrant colours are in the flesh.

  10. Love this outfit <3 I can never seem to work two bright colours myself but you do it so well & it looks effortless too!

  11. Really cool mix of colors!

    I love your original and cool style friend!

    a kiss for you!

  12. Glad your back and enjoying my blog too haha

    Love your looks, I missed them.
    always fun and bright!

  13. i almost fell asleep watching wall-e, but it turned out to be a great movie.. and eva was soo cute :)

    anyway, thanks for posting this pic! i actually purchased an almost-similar cardi from HK 2yrs back, but in grey, and totally forgot about it until i saw urs! i really love it :)

    and about work outfits - i totally can relate here! it bores the hell out of me! :)

  14. Oh yeah girl!
    It's nice to be back here and find such an elaborate and gorgeous outfit! Good work!


  15. such unusual colour combination ) nice

  16. i never know those colors can look good together before

  17. Ooh lovely outfit =]. I'm still waiting to see Wall-E!

  18. you're one of the most talented color-combiners i know! it's a shame they make you wear all black for work :)

  19. Cadbury purple is my new favorite color!



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