Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shades of Green and Siblings.

I went shopping with my mom today but it wasn't very successful. I wanted a new book to take with me to Hong Kong but nothing took my fancy in the bookstore. So I plan to make a shortlist of books tonight by checking out some reviews on Amazon and go in tomorrow with a list. Are there any books that you guys have read and think that I should consider?

The only thing I did manage to buy were some tights. I considered getting the ones with the seam running up the back with the sweet little bows. I didn't get them and opted for a spangly gold pair instead but I might return and get the other ones seeing as they were only £3 in the in sale at John Lewis but only a very light grey pair were left.

Both pairs of tights were Emilio Cavallini and you get get hold of the seam pair from but unfortunately they aren't in the sale on that website.We all know that layers make all the difference to old clothes. So I layered a top over a black dress. The really old topshop top which has a cute babydoll shape to it, has a little bow detail at the front and has a tiny leaf design all over it which influenced the choice of the springy, leafy background. I wore a lighter green cardigan to brighten up the duller green and black.

I'm wearing...

Black dress (Vila), Top (Topshop), Cardigan (Oasis), Shoes (Barrats), Hair clip (Accessorize) Bag (TopShop)

I have been asking my sister if I could photograph her because she is quite the stylish lady! Finally she agreed and hopefully we'll see more of her on this blog, so here she is...

Shes Wearing...

T-shirt (TopShop), Deep V Top/dress (TopShop), Belt (River Island) Shoes (River Island)



  1. Those bow back stockings are so hot!!

  2. i can only recommend teen books about boys/bitching! i would head to that section and you might find something appealing, i like carolynn mackler at the mo, the earth, my butt and other big round things is good. your sister is super cute too! i wish i could spend five minutes with mine but she's off doing who knows what all the time! shes only around when i give her money for ebay haha

  3. Your sister is very stylish!

    I love your layers, I'd never have thought to do that.

  4. I LOVE the black bow tights!! You must get them winnie!

    Both yours and your sister's outfits look great! You two are so cute!

  5. wow i love the tights! :):)

    and ur sister is soo cute like u! she's soo cute!! i want to take her home! :)

    btw, i just discovered e-book from my office mate, and instead of reading, u listen (i dont know if u already know this, but i just happen to know! hehe) and she gave me "He's just not into you". pretty nice & comic, but stopped cos im still recuperating *pft* anyhoo.. iLOVE - LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF STYLE by NINA GARCIA. title itself is superficial, but hey, we are shopaholics right?? :)

  6. I love the tights you actually did purchase and your outfit is great!! Hello Winnies sister, you look fabulous too!!

  7. I missed your great outfits!

    Hugs from Angel.

  8. Oh wow... your sister is as stylish aus you!

  9. books my dear, books (ps. outfit is lovely):

    'May Contain Nuts', John O'Farrell
    'Mr. Pip' Lloyd Jones
    'I Capture the Castle' Dodie Smith
    'A Thousand Years of Good Prayers' Yiyun Li
    The 'His Dark Materials' Trilogy - Philip Pullman (don't know if you've already read it or not?)
    'The Kite Runner' Khaled Hosseini

    and many more... have fun!!

  10. get those tights. they are gorgeous! sadly for me, i like socks far too much to invest in statement stockings :)
    i miss my sister, she's all the way in london. you and yours have good taste!
    i'm not allowed to go in waterstones anymore...too much book manhandling.

  11. Those goldish tights are awesome. I'm rather afraid of seamed tights, they might look a bit...hookerish, no?

  12. I'm currently reading A Thousand Splendid Suns and enjoying it! Mybe you should check out richard and judy's book club? They will have lots of reviews on new books out.

  13. I love any look with tights and of course you are so amazing!

    a kiss!!

  14. wow that big belt is awesome!

  15. never heard of river island, but i might have to check it out...this belt is superb! btw, thank you for your sweet comment and i'd be beyond flattered!!!

  16. i love the tights with the bows and your t-shirt is amazing!

  17. Wow, the stockings wit the bow at the back is so awesome!! & you have a very stylish sister!

  18. Providing you haven't read it I must strongly suggest you readThe Beautiful Fall: Lagerfeld, Saint Laurent, and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris by Alicia Drake.

    Trust Imelda on this one!

  19. I LOVE those black bow tights, they are so cute!
    And I love both of your outfits - they're so chic!

  20. You&your sister are both so cute! love the layering in your outfitxx i always rely on richard&judys book club for a good read!xx



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