Thursday, June 05, 2008

Folky-Summery Vibes

Yesterday was a pretty fun night. I spontaneously made the decision to accompany one of my friends from Uni to a gig. The band in question were Noah and the Whale which were supported by Slow Club. Both were absolutely fantastic and they are so much better live, it must be part of the visual spectacle of the variety of instruments used by both bands. From the ukulele, glockenspiel and a strange Accordian box looking thing. If you wanted to narrow them down to a music category then I guess both would sit in the folk category.

Slow Club

The girl has a beautiful voice and it's such a cute video!

Noah and the Whale
The music is the perfect soundtrack for the summer and I will definitely be adding their CDs to my collection. So below is my outfit for today, influenced by all the summery cute vibes of the gig!

Leopard print T-shirt, Miss Selfridge
Strapless Dress, New Look
Pink scarf, Oasis
Black Tights
Gold flats, Faith
Marl Grey Cardigan, TopShop
Hair Flower, Accessorize

I'm off to go see some galleries and exhibitions in town and maybe for a quick browse round the shops. Hmmm...will I return with anything new I wonder?


  1. The only one thing I am able to say: WOW!!! This bow is adorable! Fantastic look!

  2. Fun mix, I like the bright colors together.

  3. what a damn fine outfit lady! i love your bow,so cool xx

  4. the pink scarf tied as a bow is CUTE!

  5. the glockenspiel! Now's that's a much neglected instrument, innet?

    You look as cute as the signers voice!

  6. is it really "glockenspiel" in english? funny! love your bow!

  7. This is so cute I adore the bow around your neck!

  8. that outfit is fantastic.
    and i love noah and the whale AND slow club, how lucky you are!
    cute blog.

  9. love the little bow tie darling

  10. glockenspiel would literally mean "bells' play", but we use it to describe the same as you do in english. i just thought it was funny, didn't know about that translation although i though i knew most of the words that are borrowed from german like zeitgeist or doppelganger. thanks for your help ;)

  11. love the Cardigan and the dcarf!

    great look =]

  12. I like how you tied the scarf as a bow! Very nice, I love all your outfits! I wish I can pull off such outfits as well as you! You're so inspriring.

  13. not only is this outfit adorable, but i'm now obsessed with that pink colored wall!

  14. wow~ I love what u're wearing!! awasome!

    Thanks for the music video clips.
    That video was very cute!

  15. Love the pictures you have posted. you HAVE DONE AMAZING WORK them?They are fabulous!these are gorgeous illustrations!Very nice,Lovely pictures

    you are fantastic!!!

    a kiss for you, my dear friend!
    god bless u dear

  16. I LOVE anything with a bow around the neck so I think your outfit is fab!!

  17. Wowwwwwwwwww! That scarf as a bow is just adorable! It highlights the colour of your outfit! I love it xx

  18. Hi, have just discovered your blog and i'm going to add you to my favourites list... just so you know!

    One of my only claims to fame is that i'm in that slow club video! Although it really is a blink-and-you'll-miss-me kind of thing. but the guy at the end with the green hands is one of my best friends! It was such a fun day.

    p.s. love the pink bow :)

  19. New Look is doing cool dresses, apparently! The colors on this one are really unbelievable. :D

  20. likey likey the dress so much! i can also wear it on the beach *jealous*

    but the pink bow and clip totally rocked it!



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