Thursday, May 08, 2008

Where the Fairies Live...

Yesterday I spent my lunch hour at the university botanical gardens. Suprisingly, very few students realise that our University boasts this little Edwardian gem of a garden. While the summer blossoms were not quite in bloom, we discovered that a separate nature reserve (usually closed) lead to a lake and lovely wooded areas filled with bluebells. So magical and fairy like, and makes me recall the lovely flower fairy illustrations by Cecily M. Barker! I love the different shades of bluebell, so pretty, I should look for bluebell-blue the next time I go shopping! Being out the house on such a sunny warm day, in such a pretty garden definitely lifted the spirits which have been somewhat dampened by the sheer amount of revision for exams in the upcoming weeks!

I'm wearing a pink dress from New Look, Turquoise Shrug from Hong Kong, Turquoise Flats from Topshop, Flower Hair Clip from Accessorize, (very battered)Bag from Urban Outfitters. I felt so bright and summery! According to my friends I looked like a little manga character. Hmm really? Here are a few photos from our own garden, which in all it's wild glory, is just as beautiful as the university botanical gardens!



  1. love the is beautiful!!!

  2. hi!

    so amazing pictures and you!
    love your ideas!
    you are already in my blogroll!

    a kiss and a hug,
    see you,

  3. ohh wow! This is beautiful. I was going to go to birmingham but instead i'm going to leeds. Im moving from Australia!

  4. Beautiful pictures, they make me feel all happy :) I actually have a flower fairy tattooed on my back, I love them x

  5. oh, I love her illustrations!! when I was a kid, I used to believe in fairies.. heh, and I still collect books about them. Really like the photos and thanks for sharing. Make me want to take a big breath and relax just a little.

  6. Wow, those pictures are amazing. I would love to take a wander down those bluebell filled woods!

  7. stunning it looks so lush and magical...I wish I was there...anywhere that winter isn't about to be!

  8. It was absolutely beautiful and so serene. I felt like I was in one of my favourite books as a kid, The Secret Garden!



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